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Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos


Strengthening shampoo is a marketing term that includes several functions and can be considered from different angles. Often these are cosmetic products of complex action aimed at improving the hair.

Strengthening shampoos in the beauty industry is a very flexible concept, which includes the solution of several tasks at once: compaction, nutrition, saturation with vitamins and microelements, fight against brittleness and loss of shine. Moreover, the overall health of the scalp and hair depends on the right shampoo, therefore, when choosing a product, you need to start from individual characteristics and preferences, even a strong smell on a subconscious level can harm your hair.

If you are looking for a strengthening shampoo, you should pay attention to such components as: peptides, arginine, chamomile and aloe extracts, panthenol, adenosine, caffeine and argan oil. The editors of have selected 8 of the best strengthening and revitalizing shampoos for all types of scalp and hair. Your waist-length braid is in good hands!

La Biosthetique, Fine Hair Vital Shampoo

Strengthening shampoo for fine damaged hair Fine Hair Vital Shampoo from the French brand La Biosthetique gently cleanses and nourishes the hair. The main components of the beauty product are wheat peptides, naturally occurring ceramides, a condensate of coconut fatty acids and oat amino acids, as well as algae extract. In the complex, the components fill the damaged areas in the hair structure, strengthen the cuticle of the curls and protect against moisture loss. As a bonus, the shampoo has an antistatic effect and adds shine to the hair. The product can be used daily, brand experts recommend combining it with a firming lotion for the scalp. Volume 250 ml, estimated price 620 UAH.

Sea Of Spa, Bio Spa Shampoo for Strong Hair

Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos

The Israeli brand Sea Of Spa specializes in cosmetic products based on Dead Sea minerals. Firming shampoo Bio Spa Shampoo for Strong Hair is no exception, natural trace elements heal the scalp, moisturize and soften the hair. The composition also includes panthenol, chamomile and aloe extracts, sea buckthorn and carrot oils, which nourish the hair, retain moisture and create an invisible protective film against harmful environmental factors. Moreover, the shampoo facilitates combing and helps to style unruly hair. Volume 400 ml, estimated price 510 UAH.

Miriam Quevedo, Extreme Caviar Shampoo For Dyed Hair

Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos

Shampoo for colored hair with black caviar extract Extreme Caviar Shampoo For Dyed Hair from the Spanish brand Miriam Quevedo does not have the word "strengthening" in the name and description, but it is. In addition to the proprietary component, the beauty product also includes a complex of brewer’s yeast vitamins, derivatives of coconut and olive oils, quaternized collagen hydrolyzate + quaternized silicones, which form a protective film, restoring the damaged structure and preserving the color of dyed hair. The shampoo has a white pearly tint, pleasant aroma and excellent emulsification. Volume 250 ml, estimated price 750 UAH.

Leonor Greyl, Shampooing Sublime Meches

Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos

The French brand Leonor Greyl has created a special treatment-strengthening shampoo for bleached hair Shampooing Sublime Meches, which has a mild washing base and natural ingredients. The composition includes an extract of seaside katran, gluten-free quinoa protein, amoranth, which retain color, restore hair structure, nourish and strengthen the hair follicle. The shampoo does not contain coal tar, has a pleasant aroma and can be used daily. It is worth considering that the natural components of the shampoo do not allow the product to foam like the aforementioned analogues. Volume 200 ml, estimated price 1900 UAH.

Marlies Moller, Pashmisilk Vitality Vitamin Shampoo

Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos

Vitamin hair shampoo Pashmisilk Vitality Vitamin Shampoo from the German brand Marlies Moller not only saturates the hair with useful trace elements, but also protects against aggressive environmental factors. The main components of the beauty product are extracts of champagne, grape leaves, blackcurrant and the patented Pashmina-Silk Complex, which have an antioxidant effect, moisturize and restore the water balance of curls. The shampoo has a rich fruity aroma, emulsifies well and rinses off with plenty of water. Volume 200 ml, estimated price 1450 UAH.

Divination Simone De Luxe, Dixidox DeLuxe Keratin Treatment Shampoo

Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos

The Spanish brand Divination Simone De Luxe has developed Dixidox DeLuxe Keratin Treatment Shampoo, which solves two problems at once: reduces hair loss and restores the structure of curls. The composition of the product includes active ingredients, such as: royal jelly of placental extract, inositol, adenosine, cayenne pepper and caffeine, which strengthen the hair and give a noticeable shine. In addition to the ingredients listed above, the trinity plays an important role: panthenol, keratin and collagen, which are responsible for the process of restoring the damaged hair structure. Brand experts recommend emulsifying the shampoo with massage movements for 2-5 minutes, rinse and then apply a mask and scalp lotion with keratin. The volume is 200 and 500 ml, the estimated price is 1100 and 1450 UAH, respectively.

Melvita, Hair Care Expert Repairing Shampoo

Steel ropes: hair strengthening shampoos

The French brand of organic cosmetics Melvita has introduced an unusual tool – an expert shampoo for repairing and strengthening damaged hair Hair Care Expert Repairing Shampoo, which works on the basis of vitamins and amino acids. The composition of the product includes rosehip, camellia and calendula oils, black oat extract, arginine and guar gum, which thicken the hair structure, thereby reducing brittleness, prevent dandruff and give curls a natural shine. The shampoo is a fragrant elixir, similar in consistency to liquid honey, which turns into a soft foam when it comes into contact with water. Volume 200 ml estimated price 610 UAH.

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