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What should be in a universal makeup kit


We will tell you how to create day and evening makeup with just five tools.

Multifunctional cosmetics is a new trend. Now lipstick, tonal foundations and mascara not only even out the tone and add pigment, but also take care of the skin. In addition, universal cosmetics allows you to create various images.

The trends of the new reality say that all decorative products are created to emphasize the individual characteristics of a woman. In this sense, makeup is a continuation of the natural beauty, character and history of a person. Therefore, it is worth choosing shades based on your personal preferences, but so that they are as natural as possible.


Although resort countries are beginning to open their borders, beach holidays still seem like a distant prospect. However, a healthy blush and a light golden tan is easy to imitate in the city: for this, you can turn to decorative cosmetics for this, for example, use a multifunctional tonal foundation, which will make you look like you just returned from vacation. Choose a product that is made using the “base-correction-tone" technology, thanks to which it will create an even matte finish and does not require the additional use of a primer, corrector and powder. It can also be used for long-lasting evening make-up.


What should be in a universal makeup kit

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Balm with pigment

Since in the near future we will still have to comply with the mask mode, lip makeup will still experience certain adjustments. Astringent glossy glosses (no matter how desperately manufacturers label them “non-sticky”) can stick to the fabric, while lipsticks that are not too long-lasting can spread under the mask during your shopping in the supermarket.

Therefore, we suggest giving preference to light lip balms or tints. The former will simultaneously care for the skin of the lips and give it a natural shade, the latter will provide a rich color that will last even after eating. If liquid watery tints seem uncomfortable to you, take a closer look at products with a gel or cream texture.


What should be in a universal makeup kit

We remember about various modifications of eye makeup almost every season. The trend for pastel shades continues to march on Instagram and Pinterest.

The number of colors within one makeup and their saturation is up to you. If you want – thickly cover the eyelid with shadows of the same color, and leave the eyelashes without mascara so as not to switch attention to them. If you want – try "watercolor makeup" with a few pastel colors. If you decide to experiment, paint one eye pink and the other lilac: yes, it turns out that this is also possible. Having at least one multi-colored eyeshadow palette on hand, you can experiment every day. 

Look for colors that are close to your skin tone. They will be easy to combine with each other. Daytime makeup can be created using nude matte tones, and for evening makeup it is enough to emphasize the eyes with dark shadows. 

Gel for eyebrows

If the trend for “soapy eyebrows” has passed by, now you have to quickly catch up. To reproduce the fashionable effect of eyebrows combed up, it is not enough just to put the hairs with a brush – you also need to fix them in this position. To do this, you can use Rihanna’s personal makeup artist Priscilla Ohno’s favorite technique and rub the eyebrow brush on a bar of glycerin soap or spray it with strong hold hairspray.

However, if you do not want to fix the eyebrows “tightly”, a transparent gel will suffice. A long-lasting effect of styled eyebrows can be achieved thanks to the salon lamination procedure.

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