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“Supermodel nails”: a new trend in manicure about minimalism and tenderness


Nostalgia for the crazy nineties continues to turn the heads of trendsetters. Hence the bacchanalia of low jeans, cropped tops, panama hats, blue shadows and other iconic signs of the time that the most fashionable girls demonstrate. Now it’s time for another nineties-inspired trend – this time manicure.

“Supermodel nails" is a trend that has emerged as a counterpoint to the massive craze for lavish decor that we have seen in manicure over the past decade. Maximum length, complex shapes, dyes, pigments, stickers, rhinestones, beads… You can really get tired of this, which is already happening even to those who have chosen to work with nails and create fancy designs as a matter of life.

Tom Bachik, nail guru and favorite nail artist of stars from Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez, didn’t really like special effects anyway. All the years in the profession, he argues that the good condition of the nails and the correct form are much more important, which should be chosen based not on trends, but on how to improve external data. And now Tom is successfully introducing these very “supermodel nails” into manicure fashion, which, on the one hand, are easy to perform and non-traumatic, and on the other hand, decorate hands, giving them a beautiful, natural look, and tenderness to the image.

What are these nails? Quite a soft oval shape, moderate length, with a pink, slightly shimmering finish. The tips, which in the French manicure stand out with bright white varnish, are emphasized here with a natural nude.

And what about supermodels? During their career heyday (just in the nineties), Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Christy and Claudia showed just such a manicure. As you know, models don’t risk doing bright nails, because at any moment you can be called to the shooting, where a bright red or dark chocolate coating will be inappropriate. Therefore, a translucent pinkish varnish was considered the best option, because with it the hands look natural and at the same time well-groomed.

The latest version of the “supermodel nails” was demonstrated by Nicola Peltz at her marriage to Brooklyn Beckham. Her manicurist is naturally Tom Bachik.

"Supermodel nails": a new trend in manicure about minimalism and tenderness

As you can see, this style seems to be made for modern brides. However, modern actresses also favor him, who do not want to grow claws, like Kylie Jenner, and decorate them, like Cardi B. We are talking about another loyal client of Bachik – Margot Robbie, who was one of the first to try out the "supermodel" manicure and went out with it on the red carpet of prestigious film ceremonies.

"Supermodel nails": a new trend in manicure about minimalism and tenderness

French manicure 2022: new trends, techniques, secrets of a long-familiar design

Meanwhile, experts and trend specialists note that 2022 will be a turning point for the nail industry, because the demand of both clients and masters for a calm, “wearable” range and comfortable, environmentally friendly coatings for nails is increasingly felt. And what could be calmer and more comfortable than a transparent pink polish with a slight healthy sheen on your own nails?

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