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Digital printing: types and features


Digital printing is a modern production method that makes prints from electronic files. This includes your artwork being computer generated and then printed directly onto the material of your choice. Digital printing is an alternative to traditional methods such as lithography, flexography, gravure, letterpress and more. It eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for traditional printing, such as film and proof making, manual separation of parts, and plate making.


  • High Quality: Offers impressive quality and consistency compared to other options. Colors show up perfectly on prints and there are no issues with harsh lines. With digital printing, the quality of the last card, brochure, or flyer in a batch is the same as the first.
  • Timeliness: There are fewer steps in the printing process, resulting in the final product being delivered faster.
  • Cost-Effective: Because no printing plates are required, less investment is required to set up a single job.
  • Short runs: Digital printing is an ideal method for producing short and medium runs compared to traditional methods.
  • Personalization: Digital printing is the most affordable solution for personalizing marketing materials, direct mail and letters, business cards and more.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing digital images directly onto a variety of media. There is no need for a printed form, unlike offset printing. Digital files, such as PDFs or desktop publishing files, can be sent directly to a digital printer for printing on paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, cardstock, and more.

Digital printing: types and features

Advantages and disadvantages of digital printing

Digital printing technology is excellent for fast, cost-effective, short-run, on-demand production. Digital printing is also an ideal platform for personalization. If you want to easily modify images and messages with Variable Data Printing (VDP), then digital printing is your only option. With the improvement in print quality and speed, the old disadvantages of digital printing are rapidly disappearing, and digital presses are bridging the gap in offset printing.

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