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Floral manicure for spring: 10 ideas for a stylish look


In the spring, when everything around comes to life after hibernation, floral nail designs become a favorite among girls. To inspire you to new nail experiments, editors have collected a fresh selection of trendy manicure ideas.

With the arrival of sunny weather, you want to quickly throw off the heavy layers of outerwear, put on your favorite dress, put on bright makeup and leave a beautiful floral manicure for dessert in order to meet spring fully armed. If you are looking for fashion options, we are here to help. Ten ideas for your spring looks are ahead.

pastel jacket

With the onset of warm spring, light pastel colors begin to predominate in our images, and this trend is especially reflected in the choice of nail polishes. Get a French manicure with a floral pattern or a matte manicure with stickers in a soft blue shade – and you definitely won’t go wrong!

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If you want something even lighter and more elusive, a trendy “naked" manicure will come in handy. A combination of a transparent base and floral motifs, like these neat daisies, is the perfect tandem for spring.

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Another variation on the theme of "naked" manicure, but with a pink-flesh-colored main one, which will be a wonderful canvas for your floral fantasies. Embrace this beautiful combo design idea with two negative space accent nails.

Posted by Nails Magaziine (@nails_magaziine)

hot pink

If you meet spring brightly, then only with this color! Trendy fuchsia is on this year’s main palette list, so why not take advantage of it right now for a colorful manicure? Catch the idea for inspiration – abstract strokes that create an imitation of flowers that look very original and spring-like.

Posted by Violetta (@yeswhatnails)


Subtle minimalism in manicure never goes out of style. It is perfect for everyday looks and never gets boring. Try to repeat the motifs from the example below – floral patterns on a neutral glossy base. This option looks boring and rather concise due to the linear design.

Publication from MANICURE/TRAINING "TET-A-TET" (@kuz_nails)

Posted by Charlotte Herberts (@beautyspace_charlotte)


Where in the spring without juicy neon? Warm sunny colors certainly deserve to be at your fingertips. Acid yellow, light green, fuchsia or orange lacquer will set the mood for the whole day and become a bright detail of the image. And flowers or twigs of plants will harmoniously complement this juicy company.

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Posted by Charlotte Herberts (@beautyspace_charlotte)


If you are looking for a floral manicure for short nails, nail art with a velvet finish will be a win-win solution. The idea can be anything – from a monochromatic design to completely different patterns on each finger. Like, for example, this herbarium on a matte nude.

Posted by Nail PLACE (@nailplace.manicure)


A manicure with a floral print and one or more nails in a neutral color is a good combo for a stylish combined design. For bright and extraordinary girls, the option is suitable, as in the example below. Bright, juicy and just right for spring.

Posted by Sarah (@helunails)


Pair a sheer base with a couple of botanical accents in a vibrant range to brighten up spring days and spruce up your look.

Posted by Nail PLACE (@nailplace.manicure)

Posted by Charlotte Herberts (@beautyspace_charlotte)


Spring floral manicure is not only a tribute to light pastels or bright palettes. This is also a great occasion to confess your love to deep shades, such as, for example, bewitching violet or luxurious emerald. This spring, the green color is in trend, so it’s not worth talking about the relevance of manicure in shades of forest and grass.

Posted by Amy Rickaby (@beautyworksbyamy)

Publication from MANICURE/TRAINING "TET-A-TET" (@kuz_nails)

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