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Fill with paint: how to apply blush and create the desired effects


Blush is an ambiguous subject of makeup. Some are afraid of him. Others, on the contrary, act confidently, but overdo it. Still others really want to tame and skillfully apply. After all, with the help of blush, you can create a variety of image-improving effects.

Pale or too even tone makes the face somewhat flat and lifeless. Color can instantly transform it. And here a big role is played by the shade and the technique of its application. So, for example, to add freshness and health to the image, traditionally it helps to apply a small spot of blush on the apples of the cheeks with their shading in a circular motion. At the same time, this simple technique expands and brightens the face. But this is only one of the ways. As with lipstick and eyeliner, blush can be used to achieve different effects depending on how and where it is applied. Application technique is everything. Blush can create sharp contours for a dramatic make-up, a beach holiday effect with an imitation of a tan, a festive shine and radiance. Here are some ideas for you.

1 Freshness effect

Apply blush to your cheeks, two fingers from your nose and two fingers from the bottom of your eyes. So the blush will be harmonious. Available in a fresh, soft pink that blends beautifully with any skin tone and creates smooth tones. For dry skin, you can use liquid blush. If you like to experiment or are going to a party, try sticking glass rhinestones along your cheekbones. They can be attached with eyelash glue. The blush will become truly sparkling.

2 Brightness

The ombre effect is fashionable today not only in manicure or hair coloring. The gradation of yellowish and pink creates brightness and cheerfulness on the face, as after a beach holiday. To blend two colors, take a large fluffy powder brush and start with yellow, applying it in a C-shape around the temples and down from the cheekbones. Then apply pink to the apples of the cheeks and almost to the ears. Add some highlighter to them for a glow. You can use softer shades that should look washed out at the temples, along the hairline and cheekbones. While the bold color requires shading around the temples and lightly adding to the high points of the forehead, the outer part of the upper eyelid and the cheekbone.

3 Clarity without contouring

Want to sculpt your cheeks? For definition without contouring, blush is a great alternative. The best way to achieve this effect is to apply blush directly to the cheekbones and just above – almost where you usually apply highlighter. Blend them in an upward circular motion, outward and upward. This technique is suitable for powder blush and slightly elongates the face. Makeup artists recommend starting from the middle of the cheekbone and moving up to the outer corner of the eye. If desired, you can blend a little blush under the eyes to create a natural and even tone. For an off-the-wall, dramatic pop art look, try using bright eyeshadow and even brighter blush with a similar shade. Mix liquid and dry foods. Question to the expert: how to choose the perfect shade of blush?

4 Shine tan

Imitation of a beautiful bronze tan – blush can do it! Pair them with a bronzer and opt for creamy textures to easily blend with your fingers right on your cheeks. Be sure to apply a little on the bridge of the nose and bridge of the nose, as well as the eyelids, forehead and chin. This will help to give the image an absolutely authentic effect of a vacation spent in the sun, because these are exactly the points where the sun’s rays hit. And for more durability, apply powder blush over cream products.

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