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Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?


General concepts

It is very important to know what the erogenous zone is. When we touch these areas, we awaken a person’s desire for intimacy. He feels pleasantly aroused, attuned to sex. In these places there are many nerve endings, when stimulated, the brain receives certain signals.

Many areas responsible for desire are located in the same places for women and men. But there are also areas that only representatives of a certain gender have. In addition, the localization of the zones sensitive to affection is individual for each person. That is why it is recommended to unobtrusively check all the tips empirically. It is very important to know where the most sensitive areas on the partner’s body are. It helps to make intimate life more vivid and interesting.

Sexologists identify a number of the most common areas on the body of women and men. But in reality, the partner may remain indifferent to the stimulation of these areas.

Erogenous zones in men

If a woman’s erogenous zone is almost the whole body, then in a man these points are scattered chaotically. Of course, men get pleasure from any touch of a woman, but now we are more interested in those places from which the stronger sex just goes crazy.

Erogenous zones in men are breasts and nipples. Of course, this part in them is not as sensitive as in women, but most men excite the caresses of these zones, and no matter how you do it, with your tongue or with your hands, the effect will be one – stunning.

Touching the inner thighs and arms will be no less exciting for the stronger sex. However, keep in mind that you need to caress these parts gently and unobtrusively. Also, your partner will appreciate the light massage of the fingers and toes, smoothly moving to other parts of the body.

Remember that caress should be carried out not only with the help of hands and tongue, attach to them hair, teeth, chest, stomach … Men like to feel the touch of the entire female body. You can also try fondling your loved one with tassels, feathers, and other soft items specially designed for intimate play. All this, of course, will lead your chosen one into ecstasy and at times increase the sensation of pleasure.

The strongest erogenous zones in men

The most exciting male area is, of course, the penis. But it is worth noting that its sensitivity at different points is not the same. For example, the most sensitive area of ​​the penis is its head and frenulum, stimulating which can quickly and incredibly excite a man. Do not ignore the testicles, which also enjoy petting, and not only with the help of the hands.

You can enhance the effect by applying an interesting technique: bend close to the penis and blow warm air on its head, and then move a little further away and blow with cold air. It will look like a contrast shower. Nuclear effect!

You can help a man achieve an erection by massaging the prostate area, which is also an erogenous zone of the stronger sex. Many men also enjoy fondling the anus with their hands or tongue.

Men are strongly aroused by female kisses on the neck, the back of the head and the area between the shoulder blades. Iron, touch these areas with your fingers and lips. The main thing is not to get hung up on one part of the body – move slowly from one area to another, trying to touch all the erogenous zones of a man.

The earlobes are especially sensitive to caresses, although many men do not even know about this and do not consider them their erogenous zone. However, from such caresses they completely relax and get pleasant sensations. And if you still gently whisper something in your partner’s ear, he will simply melt with delight.

An equally sensitive area for the stronger sex is the back of the neck. Stroke her and kiss her gently, but do not scratch with your nails, otherwise, instead of arousal, the man will feel only tickling and irritation.

Interesting Facts

  1. Our saliva contains a pain reliever that is more potent than morphine – opiorphin. It is synthesized in small quantities only to reduce possible pain in the oral mucosa.
  2. More than 250,000 nerve endings are concentrated on the surface of human skin, which perceive low temperature (cold), and 30 thousand, which perceive heat. There are about one million pain-sensitive receptors.
  3. The tongue has 9 thousand endings, which are responsible for the definition of taste.
  4. A huge number of receptors are concentrated on the border of tooth enamel and dentin (75 thousand per tooth).

Typical location

The search for points of pleasure should be started from familiar places, each time exploring new areas. Among the most common erogenous zones are:

  • lips;
  • language;
  • neck;
  • penis;
  • the back of the head;
  • hands;
  • feet;
  • anal area.

The nerve endings at these points are maximally concentrated, and when stimulated, each man is excited to some extent. It is difficult to identify the most sensitive points on the penis, since the entire area is equipped with nerve endings.

A woman needs to determine the sensitivity of each area and highlight the most erogenous zones for foreplay.


Slightly fewer nerve endings are found in the thickness of the skin at the tips of the fingers. It is worth noting that tactile analyzers in the fingertips are the most ancient structures of living organisms, so their number has increased in the process of evolution. With our fingers, we perceive touch, temperature, pain, pressure, shape, features of the surface of objects. This is called touch.

On one square centimeter of the surface of the skin of the fingertips there are about 1.5 thousand tactile receptors (touch), 200 pain receptors, 15-20 baroreceptors and 15 temperature receptors.

Marsili’s syndrome

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?A rare hereditary disorder that lacks a gene for pain perception. Patients with this pathology absolutely do not feel it under any stimuli. Pain receptors simply incorrectly transmit signals to the brain. Since pain is a defensive reaction, people with Marsili syndrome lack such protection and can easily break the bones of the limbs, constantly bump, burn, and receive other dangerous injuries. Ultimately, such situations can lead to disability or death.

Methods of exposure

The sensitivity of each erogenous zone is determined by the skin. In some places the skin is thin, in others it is a denser structure and contains a layer of subcutaneous fat. Areas lined with mucous membrane require the greatest care, since awkward movements can cause pain to the partner.

The methods of influence on a particular zone are described in the table:

Zone Description Methods of exposure
Lips and tongue Covered with mucous epithelium, have a high concentration of nerve endings. An area with a fairly high sensitivity, since it contains no more than 5 layers of epithelium Only light caresses are allowed – any intense impact will lead to unpleasant and even painful sensations. Gentle touching with tongue, fingertips, face skin is recommended. Light biting is allowed
Back of the head and neck, ears For most men, this area is associated with maternal affection and care. Not every man is capable of allowing him to hug his head, since in this case he loses control over the situation. Sexologists recommend starting foreplay exactly from this zone. Lightly massaging your fingertips and even your nails can induce moderate arousal. In the process, it is necessary to move on to a more intense effect in the form of rubbing with palms and kissing. Rubbing your earlobes with your fingertips can also stimulate your partner’s desire.
Hands In the palm of a guy, there are two significant places at once that will stimulate sexual desire. The first is located under the tubercles of the middle and ring fingers – in the area onto which the groin is projected. The second is located between the index and thumb on the back side, at the transition of the inner sensitive skin to the outer, coarser A palm massage will help a man relax, distance himself from important matters and immerse himself in a pleasant atmosphere. Starting with light strokes and gradually increasing the intensity of exposure, you can even provoke an erection. Less sensitive areas are the elbows and armpits. For many men, stimulation of these points causes a tickling sensation, which distracts from the arousal process.
Chest No more than 30% of men have sensitive nipples, often their stimulation causes unpleasant and even painful sensations It is permissible to use foreplay in the nipple area only if the erogenous zone is located there. In other cases, it is recommended to ignore this place so as not to provoke discomfort. If the man is pleased with the stimulation of this area, the woman can start with extensive movements, massage the surrounding skin and soft tissues, gradually approaching the nipples. During intercourse, to increase sexual potential, the degree of exposure can be increased by using biting and pinching
Stomach Abdominal caresses at a subconscious level are associated with the onset of sexual intercourse in men. Especially sensitive is the skin in the projection of the white line: exactly in the middle from the navel to the pubic zone The abdomen does not have a large accumulation of nerve endings, the skin on it is quite dense, so all types of exposure are permissible. To achieve strong arousal and stimulate an erection, a woman can stroke her partner’s torso, kiss, and caress her tongue. Movements should be started from above, gradually descending into the groin area.
Legs Sensitive places on a man’s legs are the feet and popliteal fossa. The latter are considered truly erogenous zones, since the skin in this area is thin and rarely comes into contact with anything. A large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the feet, and other parts of the body are also projected onto them. Through the stimulation of these points, relaxation, arousal and many other positive effects can be achieved. Stroking, tapping, rubbing, vibration and other methods of exposure are optimal for this area. During intercourse, it is recommended to stimulate the popliteal fossa with light touches, enhancing the libido of the partner. In the future, even in a relaxed atmosphere, touching this area will lead to a surge of emotions and help arouse a man.
Back During the day, the back becomes tense, the muscles become tight and prevent relaxation. It is often recommended to start the foreplay with a general massage, but the most sensitive points are considered along the vertebrae in the cervical spine, between the shoulder blades and in the lumbosacral region. The skin of the back is quite dense, so intense exposure is allowed. It is recommended to start the stimulating massage from the neck, gradually going down to the anal area. Pinching and rubbing the lumbosacral area will help activate blood circulation in the pelvic region.
Inguinal and perianal zones, penis The perineum has a high concentration of nerve endings and choroid plexuses. In all men, it is an erogenous zone. There are many sexual techniques that can give a man pleasure by stimulating this area. Oral caresses, stimulation of the perianal region, stroking, and so on are allowed. The methods of exposure and their intensity may differ for each individual man, so a woman needs to choose the most optimal empirically

Sexologists recommend making a so-called map of the partner’s sensitive areas, each time exploring new areas of the body. At the same time, it is important not only to find the cherished points, but also to choose the right methods of influence for them.

Stimulation of the penis

When your partner is already aroused and ready for decisive action, move on to stimulating his penis. To do this, you need a lubricant because the penis does not give off a lot of lubricant. Touch this sensitive organ without sudden movements. It cannot be pulled, squeezed or tugged. Also, do not over-tighten the bridle. If you do not pay attention to these advice, the man will be hurt, the moment of intimacy will be ruined.

Interestingly, there are several techniques that can be used to stimulate the penis with your hands:

  1. Ask the man how he prefers to satisfy himself. Usually guys tell in detail what to do, or guide the woman’s hand around the penis.
  2. The second method is smooth movements along the entire length of the penis after preliminary application of lubricant to the hands. Fold your palms into the lock, spread a little at the base. So you get a kind of “tunnel”, then the penis is inserted into it.
  3. The next option resembles screwing in a light bulb with movements. First, the partner firmly takes the penis with her hand, then begins to move in the direction from the base to the head. Having reached the top, you need to turn your hand a little. Imagine that you are screwing a light bulb into the socket. Hands alternate in the process.
  4. There is another powerful technique. To implement it, apply lubricant to your palms, fold your fingers into a ring and pass the male member through them, moving from top to bottom. Hands here also need to be alternated.

When working on the perineal area, do not forget about the scrotum and testicles. These zones are also responsible for pleasure, so give them enough attention.


It sounds amazing, but in terms of the number of nerve endings, the lips are the second after the penis. They are very sensitive and react to the slightest pressure, stroking and even temperature changes.

In addition, kissing promotes the release of hormones involved in intimacy and helping to induce feelings of affection.

Muscle that lifts the testicle

The sensitive area in men is also the muscle that involuntarily raises the testicle within the scrotum. Its beginning is located in the region of the lower fibers of the internal oblique muscle on the abdomen and partially in the area of ​​the transverse abdominal muscle. This muscle then attaches to the inner lining of the testicles.

A large number of arteries, veins, and nerve endings are located on its entire surface. Stimulating this area with stroking and gentle tongue touches will give your partner incredible pleasure.


The male neck is often overlooked during sexual play. And it is completely in vain: many nerve endings are concentrated under the skin in the back of the head.

Try to lightly massage this area with your fingers – and you will feel goosebumps run down the man’s skin.


In men, many nerve endings are also concentrated on the feet. Massaging tired feet during the day is not the only option. For example, you can find a point on his leg, which in acupuncture is called “seething stream” (as it is called).

First, warm his legs by wrapping them in a warm towel and rubbing them. And then gently press down on a point just below his big toe, between the ball of his big toe and the “index” toe. It is believed that it is this point that can provoke a sudden sexual desire.

The prostate

The prostate is a small organ the size of a hazelnut. It is located in the area behind the penis, if you point your finger three quarters to the anus, and hides many sensitive endings. Often, girls do not know how to please a man by stimulating the prostate. But if you want to make your intimate life rich, learn how to handle it.

Agree with your partner about what you will do, get their consent. Relax, take a shower together, give each other an erotic massage. Use a lubricant, as dry finger touching this area can be uncomfortable. Massage the area near the anus, you can touch it with your tongue during oral sex, or stimulate the distance between the scrotum and penis. All of these are also methods of indirect exposure to the prostate.


Massaging, biting gently, stroking gently – any gentle touch on the ears increases arousal and helps men experience an orgasm. The reason, again, is the high concentration of nerve endings in this area.


There are especially many nerve endings on the thin skin around the lips. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to this area at the time of the kiss. Try running the tip of your tongue along the contour of your lips – this will create a pleasant tingling sensation in your body.

When you kiss your lover, slide the tip of your tongue over his upper lip. Then kiss the man again, switching to the area under the lower lip. Men subconsciously associate these movements with caresses of the glans penis and are excited.


This is another sensitive spot, although not as delicate as other erogenous zones. Massage, spanking, stroking – all this increases blood circulation in the pelvic area as well. Therefore, touching the buttocks can increase sexual arousal.


Many both men and women really like it when their hands are kneaded. Buy a su-jok massage ring, put it on a man’s finger and roll it over each finger.


When one person touches the chest of another, an intimate situation ensues, indicating the closeness and emotional connection between partners. Not all men enjoy nipple stimulation, but if your loved one is an exception, then take advantage of the situation. This can be an excellent part of love foreplay.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

You can touch the nipples with fingers and tongue moistened with saliva. When doing this, do not forget to stroke your breasts. If the nipples begin to harden, and the partner begins to breathe more often, you are doing everything right.

Whole body

Every person is different, so figuring out where a particular man’s hot spot is can be a fun and relationship-strengthening game. Here you should not concentrate on a limited list of the most promising erogenous zones, and here’s why.

The largest organ in the human body is the skin. There are millions of nerve endings under it, their “map” is unique. When we have sex, the skin is one of the most involved organs in this process and complements the sensations. She shouldn’t be ignored. Stroke your partner’s body, cuddle up to him, cover with kisses – this will make your erotic game even brighter and more dizzying.


The most sensitive areas of a man are the penis, scrotum, and perineal area. If you are embarrassed to caress these parts of your beloved’s body, then relax. First, gently massage the genitals, stroke the penis, moving the foreskin up and down, or caress it with your tongue.

Over time, you will understand which parts of the perineum are especially sensitive and which are not worth touching. Influence not only the penis, scrotum, but also the area around them. Many pleasure centers are concentrated here. First, you yourself must love the process, then your mood will be transmitted to the man.

Zodiac signs tell you about erogenous zones in men

  • Aries. Men of this sign love it when they stroke their face, ears and massage their head. And you can also apply gentle kisses from the eyes to the chin. Biting his earlobes will definitely drive him crazy and make him enjoy your every action. You should also pay attention to your partner’s cheeks, gentle kisses will not remain indifferent.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

  • Taurus. These guys will not be able to live their sex lives without gentle and passionate kisses on the neck. They are simply obsessed with this exciting feeling. You should first show shyness and tenderness, and after a couple of minutes you can turn on unexpected passion in order to get your loved one as much as possible.

  • Twins. These men are also very interesting, they are excited by the effect on the hands, fingers and palms. Even taking this man by the hand in a special way can make him feel aroused. But he will be especially struck by the gentle and deep licking of the fingers. This will delight him and make him convulse.

  • Cancers. These men will love passionate and hot kisses on the lips. A long and flawless French kiss, in which you can use your tongue, teeth and lips, will especially conquer your loved one. And also men of this zodiac sign will greatly appreciate the light nibbling of the penis and the touch of the partner’s nipples on it.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

  • Lions. Here you need to be extremely careful, since the men related to this sign are very domineering and incredibly love to subdue their women. It will bring incredible pleasure to them stroking and licking the back, lower back and priests. It is best to visit the bath before this so that the partner’s body is properly steamed in pleasant water.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

  • Virgo. In these men, the belly is the most erogenous place. Soft and gentle touches, strokes and light kisses from the chest area to the penis will bring the man the desired pleasure, which will play out in him a storm of elusive passion and direct everything caused in a sexy and hot direction.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

  • Libra. Men of this sign conceal hidden points of excitement in the areas of the neck and priests. To test this on your partner, you should accidentally touch his unimaginable waist or allegedly remove something from his sweet neck. At the moment of petting before passionate and unforgettable sex, you should make pleasant circular movements along his ass, do not deprive this place of attention with kisses, bites or even spanking.

  • Scorpions. It is also quite interesting with these men, because the most important and brightest point of hypersensitive influence is the genitals. But you can’t get off with a simple blowjob! It is necessary to select individual magical movements that will strike your partner on the spot. Lick, suck and nibble, add a hand, you can do two! Do all of this and keep an eye on your man’s pleasure.

  • Sagittarius. These men will enjoy unearthly stimulation of the erogenous points of the lower back and inner thighs with hands and tongue. Slow and sure touch of the base of the feet will lead him to real bliss. And he simply cannot resist imitation of sex by rubbing his penis against the female parts of the inner thighs. After such a pleasure, an incredible memorable intercourse will follow.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

  • Capricorns. They will be aroused by the continuous touch of the chest, abdomen and navel. The woman will bring him to bliss when she runs her nipples over his torso. Even such men will bathe in tears of happiness, if gently and preferable for him to influence his nipples.

  • Aquarians. Interesting erogenous zones have also been found in these men. The peak of their excitement is in such erogenous zones as ankles and calves. You can safely start playing with him from light strokes to active massage of these hot spots. You should start by simply touching your ankles with your palms.

  • Fish. These men are also serious, they will be fantastically excited by any pleasant touch of gentle female hands to the feet, toes and heels. It is also easy to delight him. You can kiss his feet and lick his fingers gently, and then suck them as if you were handling his penis.

During foreplay, show all your imagination and ability to caress a man correctly, use fragrant oils, feathers or erotic toys. Over time, you will feel a huge difference in your sex life together. Turn on the detective and start looking for erogenous points on the body of your loved one in order to bring both yourself and your partner an unforgettable experience.

How to determine where erogenous objects are located

Before identifying the points of greatest pleasure, you should create a relaxing environment. Ask how your partner would like to spend a romantic evening. Prepare the ideal conditions for her relaxation and start looking. With the help of kisses, touches, the man examines the parts of the partner’s body, identifying the areas that give the greatest pleasure. The main task of partners is to understand each other. The man is trying to determine, and the woman is trying to prompt, respond to his touch. Do not get hung up on physiological signs. There are unconventional sensitive areas on the female body, which are located from the tips of the fingers to the roots of the hair. All places are interconnected. Nerve endings run throughout the female body. If you skillfully follow the prompts, act with your hands and tongue,

It is recommended for a woman to massage the erogenous zones first with the help of gentle, smooth movements, then judge by the reaction and the desired sensations of the partner. A girl should not hesitate to voice her feelings. Mutual understanding between partners will lead to a successful sex life and new vivid impressions.

Find or create a permanent erogenous zone

You can become unforgettable if you train your boyfriend or spouse to the same affection. The addiction is done gradually and unconsciously for a man.

Find 2 areas not related to the genitals – this can be the buttocks, the index finger on the hand, or the foot. Each time, start the foreplay from exactly one place, and end with the second.

After 6-7 meetings, a habit will develop. If you break up, the man will feel that he is constantly missing something. And only you can make up for this something.

Tip: do not choose accessible or open areas on the body. If you constantly stroke your neck, then as a result, any touch of a stranger to the neck will cause involuntary arousal.

Stimulation of the second zone at the end of intercourse is a kind of signal indicating that everything is over. If you are out of sorts and not ready for intimacy, massage the area and your partner’s excitement will subside. For the method to work, the stimulation must be done continuously.

How to find and stimulate erogenous zones?

Understanding in bed should come from both the male and female sides. The main thing that any girl who plans to please her loved one in full, and not as always, must first do is to drive away all her fears and fears. The second is to start exploring your partner smoothly and gently.

The most accurate weapon of all true lovers is that they are never afraid and do not hesitate to experiment. After all, if you do not want to live your whole life with your loved one, doing this only in doggy style, but, on the contrary, want to turn sex with him into a special game, then you will have to step over fear and start really enjoying each other.

In order to find the fiery love buttons, you need to make various touches, kiss any zones of your man’s body, at first do a pleasant light massage and not hard stroking.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

To understand he likes this or that of your action, you just need to monitor his reaction. He himself will show you with his uncontrolled facial expressions and breathing: what he likes most, what is worth repeating, and what is better never to do again.

Gradually, you will find out all his desires and thoroughly study your beloved body. After a while, you yourself will be excited by what you do with your lover. Remember that you are a gentle and affectionate girl, do not make sudden movements, otherwise you can bring him tickling.

Unfortunately, just knowing where the erogenous zones are in men is not enough. You need to fully concentrate on the ability to apply theory. Stimulation of hypersensitive zones does not mean caressing everything and everyone. Stimulation is a correct and individual approach to pleasing one or another hot zone.

For example, for a penis and its smaller brothers, the usual gentle caresses with hands are suitable, you can also connect the tongue and smooth movements of the lips, which, by the way, will absolutely bring a genuine orgasm. In order to stretch the pleasure, you can adhere to longitudinal smooth movements of the mouth along the entire length of the penis, and if you want to bring your partner to the finish line as soon as possible, then you should switch to gentle caresses of the head of the penis and its frenulum.

For all other possible, already known, erogenous zones, you should apply decisive and confident actions so as not to accidentally make your partner laugh with a gentle and light touch on his armpit.

Erogenous zones in men. Erogenous zones in men: how to please him?

Use all actions confidently with your hands and lips, feel free to connect your tongue. Lick him in the places where the positive reaction is most evident, and you will see how pleasure will loom on his face. Such a reaction is simply impossible to fake.

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