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Chic Glitter: 12 Ideas for a Festive New Year’s Manicure


A selection of New Year’s manicure designs will inspire even the most faithful conservatives to go to a beauty salon. After all, during the festive period, everything is possible (and even more).

The New Year period is the best time of the year, which warms with its special atmosphere and brings hope for a Christmas miracle. To fully feel the spirit of the holiday, you should decorate your home with festive decor and add “holiday" things to your work routine: buy New Year gifts for your relatives (and don’t forget about yourself), prepare your body for the New Year holidays by visiting beauty treatments, and make a to-do list and goals for 2022.

Another option for creating a New Year’s mood is a manicure with a festive decor. A trifle in the form of golden elements on the nails, echoing the lights of the New Year tree, will definitely cheer you up even on the darkest days, and the decor on the nails in the form of minimalist Christmas trees will make the expectation of a miracle much more pleasant.

The editors of have selected 12 ideas for a festive New Year’s manicure for every taste: from strict minimalism to bold decor with 3D design.

Manicure with playful chains

The pre-Christmas period is an ideal time for extraordinary decisions, including in manicure. If you want to make your manicure as original as possible, do not limit yourself to non-standard shapes and unusual varnishes – add playful chains or other 3D elements to it.

Manicure with silver glitter

Silver glitter, which resembles magical snow from a Christmas ball, will mysteriously shimmer in the sun and play with rays of light. A good mood is guaranteed with him.

Classic red manicure

Classic red manicure is always appropriate. It becomes especially relevant during the New Year period for those girls who do not like excessive decor and at the same time strive to add color to their images.

Decor in the form of a Christmas candy

The most important symbol of the new year is red swirling candies with white stripes, which we were waiting for with such spiritual awe in childhood. Add this print to your nails to nostalgic for these carefree times and uncompromisingly believe in the New Year’s miracle again.

Shiny emerald manicure

Manicure can be the highlight of the whole look, especially if it is done in bright colors and framed with a bright glow. Try a deep emerald manicure on yourself and you will see how much the appearance will change even in the simplest outfit.

Minimalistic design with golden holes

For lovers of minimalism, manicure service masters began to make designs only on the holes of nails painted in nude colors. Such seemingly small details contribute to the appearance, making it especially gentle.

French manicure with silver tips

French has long turned from a classic manicure into a basis for experiments. In the New Year period, try silver glitter on the usual white nail polish on the tips of your nails.

Wine almond shape

Conservatives to the core who don’t like to experiment with colors and designs can try playing with nail shapes. For example, you can ask your artist to make an almond shape and cover it with a dark, deep tinted polish. Why not a festive manicure?

Minimalistic Christmas trees on nails

For those who want to add Christmas motifs to their look, a minimalistic herringbone pattern on several nails would be ideal. Restrained, stylish and festive at the same time!

Manicure with galactic overflows

The playful design, referring to the landscapes of the galaxy, will be a great option for a New Year’s manicure.

Manicure with bright lines and overflows

We repeat once again: during the festive period, it is simply necessary to give free rein to fantasy. Because when else to be creative and experiment with sparkles, if not on New Year’s Eve? Layering multi-colored geometric patterns on glitter polish will make your look bold and very festive.

Metallic effect manicure

Metallic manicure will have a particularly original look in combination with a bright New Year’s look and festive makeup. And before that, it will become the highlight of everyday images, reminding you of the imminent arrival of the holiday.

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