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Assistance in buying property in Cyprus from Prime Pro Investment


Assistance in buying property in Cyprus from Prime Pro Investment

            Where to start buying apartments in Northern Cyprus? How to choose a good investment property? Will I be able to get a mortgage in Cyprus? This is not a complete list of questions of foreigners from third countries considering the possibility of acquiring Cypriot property.

If your plans include a definite move to the country or long-term investment in local real estate, we recommend enlisting the support of local specialists in the acquisition of housing and registration of residence permits. And this is done by experts from Prime Pro Investment with appropriate experience in the industry.

The cost of apartments in Northern Cyprus 2023

You can buy a house in North Cyprus today at a still attractive price – the difference in cost with other EU countries (Austria, Italy) ranges from 16% to 27%. That is why local real estate is so attractive to investors who want to diversify their risks and add such an asset to their portfolio.

Support from Prime Pro Investment specialists involves:

  • selection of promising and profitable objects in the country;
  • assistance with obtaining an installment plan from the developer (if any);
  • recommendations for opening a bank account for depositing funds;
  • full support of the purchase and sale transaction;
  • organization of sightseeing tours and excursions with a personal visit;
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit;
  • accompanying the relocation of your family.

The sale of apartments in Northern Cyprus involves non-cash payments and cryptocurrency

Citizenship of Northern Cyprus for the purchase of real estate 2023

Many foreigners are interested in the possibility of obtaining a Cypriot passport for the purchase of housing, but the purchase of real estate in itself does not give the right to obtain citizenship. All property owners are provided resident cards. In addition, the residence permit covers your closest relatives, which is very convenient and especially helpful in today’s realities.

You can become a citizen of a country through the process of naturalization. You can renew your Northern Cyprus residence permit by purchasing a property annually. In this case, you will be able to obtain citizenship after 12 years of permanent residence, thereby proving real ties with the country. As for the documents, it is not a troublesome process compared to other countries.

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