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Women’s short haircuts after 40 years: the most fashionable options

6 has collected fashionable women’s haircuts after 40 years, which will allow you to always look fresh and stylish, despite the number in your passport.

Haircuts have no age restrictions. Any person of any age can and should wear the length of hair that he likes. At the same time, women over 40 usually choose shorter haircuts. Why? There are several theories about this.

The first is that the shorter the hair, the more practical it is to care for. With them, it takes much less time to wash, dry and style, which means that the fees go much faster. In addition to saving time and effort, it is also a kind of emotional release. Many women with short hair feel a hundred times more confident and free than with long curls. There is also a third reason: stylists say that after forty years it is better for women to switch to medium or short haircuts. This allows you to make the image younger, which many celebrities prove by their example – from Charlize Theron to Jay Lo.

We chose short haircuts after 40 years, which will add attractiveness to the image, soften facial features, hide signs of age and emphasize the main advantages of appearance.

texture bob

Is there a haircut that epitomizes the word "chic" better than a textured bob? Hardly. Victoria Beckham is a clear proof of this. A layered bob with textured strands of short to medium length is a versatile, stylish haircut that suits both young girls and women 40s and 50s Bob is different from other haircuts because of its elegant shape, attractiveness and amazing volume.Hair can be curled or straightened – in any case, the look is perfect.

french haircut 

A voluminous French-style haircut for short curls has long become a cult among mature ladies. One of the most famous owners of her super short variation is Kris Jenner. The head of the Kardashian family wears his trademark side-swept haircut, often styled in a deliberately tousled fashion. Such a dynamic hairstyle looks good in both light and dark colors, emphasizing the decisive disposition of its owner. 

Sleek long bob

A real phenomenon in the world of women’s style, because this haircut suits almost every girl and has not lost its relevance for many decades. It is the elongated bob (or, as we used to call it before, the bob) that is on the top of the most popular hair trends from year to year and is a favorite version of the image among the female audience of both 20 and 40 years old. Hair can be made in a classic even length or with a fashionable asymmetrical lengthening in front. Such a haircut looks especially perfect on obedient, naturally straight strands.

pixie haircut

Charlize Theron can be considered a real ambassador of trendy short haircuts. The star tried different pixie variations on herself – with and without bangs, with perfectly smooth and careless “torn" hair, and even wore a defiant “potty” haircut. However, what we liked most was her experiment with a neat short pixie cut in pearl blonde, which instantly made Charlize younger and emphasized the perfect contours of her face.

asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetrical haircuts are another justified and really good choice for women over 40 years old. Due to fashionable irregularities, it is possible to divert attention from age-related changes in the face, hide minor flaws in the form of wrinkles and emphasize the high status of the hostess. Such haircuts amaze with elegance and conciseness thanks to the right styling. The main thing is that the idea of ​​​​asymmetry should be understandable, and not just look like a crooked haircut.

Take Karlie Kloss as an example. Although the supermodel is younger than 40 years old, her asymmetrical bob and ultra-short legged bob haircut, with which she appeared at the Met Gala 2017, is perfect for mature ladies.

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