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What to do if a person is missing. The person is missing. How to find a lost adult in the capital


Reasons for the disappearance of people

Most of the “losses” are people who lead an immoral lifestyle. It is normal for them not to appear at home for several days – new friends, or the thirst for another “dose” overshadow their mind. It is this category of citizens who are at risk, because their loved ones do not always immediately seek help. Other reasons:

  1. Medical – a person can be suddenly “grabbed” on the street, passers-by will call an ambulance and the victim will be taken to the hospital. Another option – the person suffers from mental disorders, or from memory loss (for example, people with senile dementia). In this state, they may find themselves far from home and not even remember information about themselves: name, address of residence.

  2. Criminal – murder, assault (anyone can become a victim of a robber or street hooligans), kidnapping.

  3. Intra-family conflicts – quarrels, or the desire to leave home (this is often inherent in adolescents during puberty).

  4. Ideological motives or political views.

    Reasons for the disappearance of people

In particular cases, the reasons can be mixed: for example, if one of the biological parents abducts his child from the adoptive mother and father.

People at risk

There are people who are more likely to suddenly disappear from your field of vision. For example, they got to the ambulance in the hospital (accident, exacerbation of a chronic disease, heart attack, etc.), and they have neither a phone nor a notebook with information about their friends and relatives. Having a passport does not help: the phone numbers of loved ones are not indicated there. Even if a phone is found in a patient’s pocket, doctors most likely will not be able to use it to search for loved ones: most Muscovites have passwords on their mobile phones. In addition, in a stressful situation, the patient can forget not only the phone number of the husband, brother, son, but also his own name. And this is even if the person is conscious.

So, who can get lost :

  • elderly
  • people with alcohol or drug addiction;
  • people with mental disabilities;
  • citizens who were admitted to the hospital unconscious;

Every day, about 60 such “losses” get to the capital’s hospitals.

Search preparation

It is necessary to start looking for a suddenly missing person as soon as possible. The probability of finding him alive in the first 24 hours is 95%, and after 3 days – 50%.

The age of the missing person also plays an important role. If it’s a child, you need to act quickly.

Terms of application

The assertion that the search for missing people begins no earlier than three days later is outdated long ago. According to current laws, police officers are required to accept a statement regardless of the time elapsed since the disappearance of a citizen. In cases where the person is on his own, the search is stopped, and a criminal case is not initiated.

Application submission

The search for missing persons cannot begin without filing a relevant application. This can be done not only by relatives, but also by people from the environment of the disappeared person: neighbors, friends, employees. It is not necessary to go to the internal affairs bodies at the place of his registration or residence. You can apply at the nearest Ministry of Internal Affairs. Further searches will be conducted by the very body on the territory of which the last whereabouts of the disappeared were established.

What to do if a person is missing. The person is missing. How to find a lost adult in the capital

You can also leave an application by phone. In this case, the police officers themselves will come home or to the office, or will be invited to appear at the police station to give additional evidence.

After completing the application, he is assigned a registration number, and the applicant is given a notification coupon.

Deliver orientations to hospitals

An elderly person on the street may have a heart attack and be hospitalized. Once in the hospital, the old man may be undocumented and not give his details clearly, which is why he will be registered as unidentified. The search for a missing elderly person may take a long time, and he will be in a nearby clinic. According to generally accepted rules, employees of a medical institution are required to take a photo of an unknown patient and send it to the police with a full description of it. But, unfortunately, they are not always performed, since the medical staff believes that first of all they are obliged to treat. They can also transmit incorrect information by phone or refuse to provide information altogether. In this situation, the human factor plays an important role. Psychiatric hospitals are especially specific. The transfer of data from a medical facility to the relatives of a missing elderly person is a complex topic. Calling all hospitals once will not be enough, it is necessary to spread the orientation and continue calling during the entire search period, since the patient can get to the medical institution after your call. At the first opportunity to identify the lost person, you need to go to the hospital.

Terms of consideration of the application

Search activities should begin immediately after the registration of an application written in accordance with the established model.

Travel back in time

According to the stories of nursing home staff, habits and addresses from the past often come to mind in older people. For example, a grandmother with dementia leaves the room every morning to milk a cow she hasn’t had for a long time. If an elderly person with age-related disorders has disappeared, then, before starting the search, relatives need to remember whether he told about where he would like to go, since the old man’s route may be new and understandable only to himself or one of his paths in the past … For example, if an elderly person was brought from Penza to Moscow, and he periodically says that he wants to go back, first of all, it is necessary to start searching from this direction. If an elderly person is missing, it is worth checking the routes that were familiar to him earlier: the road to work, places of childhood, and the like. You should definitely remember all the information about the old man. In what place he lived before, even if it was in another city, where he worked, at what address. You need to immerse yourself in the memories of a missing elderly person, which will help to understand where and for what purpose he could go. Or thoughts of the old man’s request to take him to some place will come to mind. You may also remember the habits of youth – walks in the woods. Elderly people often want to go to the forest, but their relatives do not let them go alone. You may also remember the habits of youth – walks in the woods. Elderly people often want to go to the forest, but their relatives do not let them go alone. You may also remember the habits of youth – walks in the woods. Elderly people often want to go to the forest, but their relatives do not let them go alone.

How do you know if an accident has happened to a person?

If a person is missing, you need to contact the accident registration office. Police departments, medical institutions and morgues every day send here information about unidentified corpses, detainees, as well as people who have been hospitalized. Depending on the region, this department is assigned to a medical institution or law enforcement agency.

How to prepare an elderly person to go to the forest so they don’t go missing

  1. Before going to the forest, you need to discuss with your family the proposed route, take with you a supply of water, a whistle (your voice can disappear from long shouts of “Ay!”), Prepare bright clothes, a charged phone and matches packed in polyethylene.

  2. It is imperative to wear a bright signal vest, since camouflage clothing merges with the forest and makes it difficult to find a person.

  3. You need to take your mobile phone with you. Even if there is no cellular connection in the forest, the balance runs out or there is no SIM card in the device, you can always call the 112 service. Unfortunately, few people know about this. Specialists of the emergency service will transmit information to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the missing elderly person will be quickly found.

Recommendation! A SIM card in the phone of a pensioner with mental disorders must be registered with one of the relatives, since if he is lost, information on the number and his location can only be obtained through the courts, and this is a long procedure. The mobile model should be simple and understandable for the old man. It is also necessary to configure the shortcut buttons, in which the numbers of loved ones and emergency services should be recorded. It is imperative to connect all location services available from the operator.

  1. Often, old people go to the forest for a short time, without a supply of water, medicines and a mobile phone. Sometimes they have an attack that is caused by a chronic illness. It follows from this that the search party can find a missing elderly person in any condition, up to paralysis.

And if I am not a relative to him, but just a friend?

Any citizen can submit an application, no matter who he is. And they are obliged to accept it at any police station, regardless of the place of loss.

How to understand that in front of you is not just a passer-by, but a lost elderly person

  1. The first thing to look for is the dress code. If an elderly person is not dressed appropriately or for the weather, it is likely that they need help.

Light clothing in the cold season does not always mean that the old man does not have enough money for warm clothes. It can also indicate that the elderly person is missing and has problems with consciousness.

  1. Often, old people who are lost realize that they have forgotten where they were going, and ask passers-by to ask for help. Volunteers from the search detachments are convincingly asking never to pay the elderly people for travel, not to put them on trains and buses, as their search may expand to the entire territory of the country.

In cases where an elderly person asks to buy him a ticket for transport, first of all it is necessary to clarify whether he clearly understands where and to whom he is going, who is waiting for him there. Also, the reason that the old man disappeared may be a quarrel with loved ones (since retirees are often overly demanding of relatives), because of which he left home, and there is nowhere to go.

  1. If an elderly person who looks like a lost person turns to you on the street for help, you need to dial 112 and call a police squad and wait for him (an ambulance will not pick up anyone without testimony).

There is no “three-day waiting” rule

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, and the Investigative Committee of Russia have developed a procedure for accepting applications about the disappearance of people. According to the instructions approved by the departments, the application must be accepted immediately at any police department, regardless of the place of disappearance and residence. Any citizen can submit an application, not necessarily a relative – neighbors, colleagues from work, acquaintances, friends. Require registration of the application; find out his registration number and name of the received employee.

If you are denied acceptance of the application and they say that three days have not passed since the moment of the disappearance of the person, then it is illegal. Contact your superiors or the prosecutor’s office.

You can also file a loss report by calling 112.

What’s the first thing to do?

First, make sure that the person you love is not in one of the hospitals. You don’t need to call dozens of phone numbers. There is a hot line where they give information about people hospitalized in Moscow hospitals.

It is all devoted to the “waste” who are in the capital’s hospitals. Each “card” of the service contains a name (if the patient remembers it), clothing, special features (for example, tattoos), place of detection, address and telephone number of the hospital. You can even see a photo of a person. 

There is no person in hospitals, does the Accident Bureau also give a negative answer?

It’s time to go to the police. Remember, there is no mythical “rule of three days”. Anyone can apply.

Contact the missing person’s entourage

An independent search for missing people should start with ringing out their entourage. These can be friends, relatives, colleagues. In the case of children, classmates and their parents, teachers, section and circle leaders. Even if the person who disappeared is not near them, the actions will help to find out when and where he was last seen. Such information will help the investigation.

What to do if a person is missing. The person is missing. How to find a lost adult in the capital

If the phone number of the missing person is registered to someone close to him, it will not be superfluous to request a printout of the calls. Received and outgoing calls can also provide a lot of information about the events that took place before the disappearance. At the same time, it will be possible to find out when the person last contacted someone.

How are the search activities carried out?

The conduct of search measures is regulated by Federal Law No. 144. Measures are a combination of certain means and methods for solving crimes.

After a Russian interested in the search turns to the police and leaves his statement there, an investigation team can be sent to the place of residence of the missing citizen. The inspection of housing will be carried out in the presence of attesting witnesses. Other actions:

  • sending out orientations to train stations, airports, hospitals, morgues, police patrols, accident registration bureaus;
  • transfer of information to the transport police;
  • sending relevant inquiries to neighboring areas and international transport lines;
  • declaring a person on the official wanted list on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • questioning the acquaintances of the disappeared person;
  • establishing ties with distant relatives living in other cities and countries;
  • other events.

Note: it will take some time to check and find out all the necessary information.

If the investigation has suspicions that the missing man or woman could become a victim of a crime, a criminal case is initiated.

Who is looking for people?

Depending on who disappeared and when, there are many different organizations, services, public and private structures that search for people. For example, a missing person is a job for law enforcement officers (detective, investigator, etc.), a debtor who does not pay alimony is related to the passport and visa service, and a runaway lover is most likely your own task. And also often relatives are looking for people lost from sight, connected by blood or friendships. For such cases, there are various search teams, volunteers, and public organizations. So, organizations and portals that search for disappeared people:

  • Every day, information from all the capital’s hospitals is collected there – so that a person who has lost a loved one should no longer force himself to ring up medical institutions. You just need to go to the site and find the information you need. This site is also equipped with special access for those who have the right to do so by law – law enforcement officers and specialists involved in the search for missing persons.
  • Continuing the topic of Internet opportunities, the Data Search program should be noted. It helps you find distant or previously lost relatives, learn more about your own ancestry, or just see what information about your last name is on the web. Searches for a program developed by the best experts in Russia in the databases of maternity hospitals, reference books, address books, archives (military, census, etc.), social networks, even “looks” into the database of special services.
  • the organization helps to find Russians who have disappeared abroad, restores family ties lost due to military conflicts or natural and man-made disasters. In order for the red cross to start looking for a person, you need to provide his description, photograph, and information about the alleged place of disappearance.

When should you contact the police?

If a person is missing, you should immediately report it to the nearest police department, personally submitting a statement. In this situation, the promptness of information submission is extremely important. You should not be afraid of contacting, if you have doubts about your guesses about what happened – you can always pick up the application, and the search for a person will be most successful in the first hours, according to the so-called. hot pursuit.

The official search begins only after three days, but the notified police will keep the missing person “in mind”.

In addition to the application, you must attach a paper indicating all the features of a person’s appearance:

  1. Height, weight and hair color. Describe the gait and what age the person looks like.
  2. List any special features such as scars, moles, physical defects and tattoos.
  3. Provide information on teeth – absence, presence of dentures, etc.
  4. Description of clothes and personal belongings, presence of a backpack / bag and glasses.

Along with this, information is submitted:

  1. About the place of residence, actual and presumptive.
  2. Health features – dizziness, seizures, etc.
  3. The presence of material values.

When to start worrying?

There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation: it all depends on the specific situation. And from the usual behavior of a certain citizen: for one, daily absences from home are the norm, and for another, a half-hour delay after work is unusual. Therefore, the first sign of a missing person is his disappearance from the field of vision of loved ones, uncharacteristic of habitual behavior. Other criteria:

  • a person does not get in touch for a long time – does not answer calls, SMS, messages in social networks;
  • none of his friends and relatives have any information about his whereabouts;
  • absence from the workplace;
  • relatives confirm that all documents of the lost person are at home, as well as his belongings and money;
  • everything indicates that the disappearance that happened was not planned: beloved pets were left unattended at home, the car was abandoned in a wrong place, and so on.

Important: there is an opinion that the search will begin no earlier than 72 hours after the loss. It’s a delusion. The police accept the application immediately after the discovery of the disappearance of the citizen.

If we are talking about a child, then there is no need to delay the appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – practice shows that it is easier to find a missing minor hot on the trail, so the count goes literally for minutes.

Remember the signs

Find out what the missing person was wearing, what he had with him at the moment of disappearance (umbrella, glasses, wallet, bag, keys, watch). Remember his height and build, hair color and length, facial features. As well as special signs (moles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks), manners, gait, gestures. Find the last photo (preferably a few, maximum six months ago). It is extremely difficult to search for an 80-year-old person when there are only photographs of him 20 years ago.

Child tracing service: a separate topic

Lost children are indeed a separate topic. After all, they cannot stand up for themselves yet, they do not always assess the situation realistically, they may not even realize that they are in danger. Therefore, the effectiveness of the search for a child depends largely on the public – the more people learn about the loss, the more likely it is that someone will remember the necessary information and provide it.

This is the principle behind the Child Tracking Service. This is a social project created in the form of a TV program. The plots tell about children who have disappeared from families, give their signs and ask them to report everything that may come in handy in the search. These broadcasts are watched by millions of people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as Moldova – the audience really helps to bring the children back home. Thanks to the information from viewers, hundreds of parents saw their children again.

How to avoid missing a person

There are many aids that can help you avoid missing a loved one. The recommendations they contain are pretty simple. If it comes to minor children, then you need to adhere to the rules:

  • always know where the child is going to go, who will be with him as an accompanying person, and at what time the son or daughter should return home;
  • purchase a cell phone for a child (preferably an inexpensive model, since an expensive device can become a bait for criminals), install the “speed dial” option on the contacts of parents and the police;
  • take pictures of your children more often;
  • memorize the clothes in which children leave the house;
  • learn with the child his name and home address;
  • constantly conduct conversations with the baby about the observance of personal safety measures;
  • tell to whom a minor can turn for help in case of force majeure;
  • if the capabilities of the mobile device allow, then it is worth installing a special application that makes it possible to determine the location of its owner.

For older people, the rules are almost identical. However, there are some nuances:

  • it is better for elderly people to purchase devices that are as easy to use as possible – it is not easy for grandparents to master a “fancy” device;
  • relatives must have copies of all medical documents related to the health of the elderly person and the medications they are taking;
  • it is advisable to be aware of all the places visited by a pensioner, to have contacts of his neighbors, to agree with them about the importance of timely notification in case of any non-standard situation – for example, if an elderly relative does not leave the house for a long time, or the light in his windows is not turned on even in the evening;
  • if an elderly person has all the signs of incipient dementia, then make sure that there is a note in the pockets of his things (bag, purse) containing information about him (full name, contacts of relatives). But it is better not to indicate the home address, so as not to “tease” unscrupulous people.

If you are planning a family trip to nature, then in this case it is also worth adhering to certain rules:

  • pre-charge the mobile devices of all family members;
  • have a supply of food and water, change of clothes;
  • be sure to take a first aid kit with you for first aid;
  • have signaling means (flashlight, whistle, bright raincoats, etc.).

If, nevertheless, this situation happened (a loved one disappeared), then there is no need to despair and panic. On the contrary, it is important to maintain your sanity in order to act correctly. And also remember that most people are in the first 7-10 days. But even if the search drags on, there is always a chance that it will ultimately be successful.

Useful services to help

Request a printout of recent calls, perhaps it will help in your search. The printout can be made by the person for whom the SIM card is issued. Call anyone who might know anything about the missing person. If this is a child, call classmates, teachers, parents of classmates, friends of the child, ex-husbands and wives, grandparents, teachers of clubs and sections.

Try to reconstruct the events preceding the disappearance. Write down everything that the person said shortly before he disappeared, in what mood he was. Information on the missing person’s computer may be useful for the search.

Use useful services of cellular operators and applications. All mobile operators have tariffs and services that allow you to find out the location of a person for a small fee. You can also put a GPS tracker mobile application on your loved ones’ smartphone or purchase a personal tracker for a child, your elderly parents, disguised as a bracelet, watch, pendant, keychain.

How to use the Find Me service?

Step 1. Go to and read the search instructions.

Step 2. Search. You can set the search parameters: name, signs, date and place of loss, items of clothing of the missing person, etc. The service also allows you to see a photo of a person who matches the description, but for this you need to confirm your identity in one of three ways:

  • personally in the service of one window of the N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine;
  • by writing an application in the center “My Documents”
  • using the “Services” section on (the correct link will be offered on the “Find Me” portal).

If the missing person was found on the “Find me” portal, contact a medical organization in a convenient way for you:

directly to the hospital where the found person is. The contacts of the medical institution are in the database of the portal “Find me”

How to “spread the straws”?

Many Muscovites have loved ones they worry about every day. And that disappear regularly. True, it often turns out that a person has forgotten to charge his phone (but the home one does not hear) or left for the dacha (without warning anyone, again – without a phone). Muscovites at a respectable age often sincerely do not understand why their children or grandchildren are so worried if they cannot get through to them for the second day. “I am of sound mind and good memory,” they say and ask them not to take care of them like little children. At the same time, they will forget their passports in the savings banks, let the fake social workers into the apartment and go to the supermarket at midnight, because “there are no people there at this time.”

What if someone with a mental illness is missing?

It is people suffering from senile dementia who are most often lost with mental disabilities. In addition, they are more likely than others to get into trouble, since they are quite vulnerable:

  • they need constant medical supervision and medication;
  • they are not always able to stand up for themselves, which is why they are at risk – it is easy to fool them and commit an act of a criminal nature over them (for example, sell them into slavery);
  • may become victims of maniacs, robbers or murderers;
  • an accident may happen to them.

Therefore, if such a person left home and did not return on time, then the algorithm of actions should be as follows:

  • notify the medical institution about the incident where the patient is registered;
  • call hospitals;
  • bypass places where a person liked to walk;
  • contact the police to draw up a statement;
  • involve volunteer organizations in the search.

Note: the presence of a mental disorder in a lost person must be warned by police officers, because in some situations such people themselves can become dangerous to others.

How to find the missing person yourself?

After contacting the police, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Personally call the entire social circle of the missing person to find him.
  2. Check the home, personal belongings of the lost person, try to remember any oddities in his behavior lately.
  3. Check all possible routes for this citizen.
  4. If a child is lost at message stations, you must immediately contact an information alert or security officer. Ask for an announcement over the loudspeaker. If a child disappears directly inside public transport, you need to contact the station attendant and police officers to check if he left the transport at one of the stops along the way.
  5. After more than 6 hours, it makes sense to use the help of a private detective. The service is not cheap, but it is highly efficient.

Is it possible to find a person on a mobile phone?

A smartphone is a great tool for finding a person:

  1. By phone number. This method is used by the police.
  2. With the help of a special program for tracking the location of a person (tracker).
  3. By indirect signs: a mobile bank and a linked card, geolocation in social networks, etc.

If a person is missing abroad

What to do if a person is missing. The person is missing. How to find a lost adult in the capital

Being abroad, people become more vulnerable: they usually have a poor command of the language of that state, do not know the area, and therefore can easily get lost while walking. Or become a victim of criminals (they exist in any country).

The search for fellow citizens lost outside of Russia will be engaged in:

  • local police;
  • diplomatic representation (embassy).

It is impossible to predict the timing of the search in advance. The tasks of the Russian embassy include:

  • coordination of the work of the local police;
  • maintaining contact with the relatives of the missing Russian;
  • assistance in drawing up the necessary applications and collecting documents.

Foreign police usually investigate cases involving the disappearance of “guests” of their state with special attention.

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