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What is a phosphor and where is it used


In the modern world, there is a powder component that is able to convert three types of energy, such as thermal, mechanical and light, into light radiation. The work of this powder during the day is to accumulate any kind of the above three energies. It is called phosphor. It got dark and in the dark such a component is able to emit light. For example, a green strong phosphor has the brightest and most noticeable glow within one and a half to two hours after the start of the glow. Gradually, the light from such a powder begins to fade.

Compliance with certain conditions prolongs the glow of the phosphor. One of the conditions may be time. The longer such a composition absorbed energy, the longer the glow process is possible. In addition, the brightness of the phosphor is related to its concentration. Accordingly, the higher the concentration, the brighter it will shine. The paint can glow for a long time due to its ability to absorb and emit light, which is very clearly shown by Noxton paint.

About thirty years ago, a powder was created that contributed to the elimination of phosphorus from certain industries. Initially, the phosphor glowed in dark rooms or at night, only green with blue or green with yellow tints. But later they began to add various dyes to its composition and its spectrum became much wider, with many colors and shades. Now such a composition is used as luminous paint for New Year’s toys, which is very relevant at the moment

The action of luminescent materials is very similar to phosphorescent materials, that is, those containing phosphorus. But the last element is hazardous to health, and its use is limited. Materials containing phosphor have multiple "non" particles: non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-explosive, non-flammable and not harmful to the environment.

The composition of the luminous paint contains, in addition to the phosphor itself, a colorless varnish, which will be the main basis of such paint. The parameters of such paint also depend on what type of varnish was used. Lacquer can be acrylic, polyurethane and other types. Such a variety of Noxton products can be purchased here

Luminophor is used in a wide variety of industries. Its use depends on its composition. You can use it for any surfaces, such as metal, plastic, drywall, concrete, ceramic, glass, wood and others.

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