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Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio – movies list


This guy’s life

Caroline’s husband left her for a rich woman and took her eldest son. Without a job, she and her youngest child set off on a journey across America in search of a new life. Soon, Caroline meets a pleasant man Dwight and starts an affair with him. But it soon turns out that she brought a real despot to the house, who turns her life into a nightmare.

DiCaprio was lucky to play his first serious role in the film, where Robert De Niro, already famous at that time, became his screen partner.

What’s eating Gilbert Grape?

Gilbert Grape lives in a small town where literally everyone knows each other. And it so happened that it was he who had to provide for the whole family: the mother stays at home, the sisters cannot arrange their personal life, and the younger brother is feeble-minded. Gilbert has no chance of getting out of the routine until Becky’s girlfriend stops in town. Now his dreams are connected with something completely different.

DiCaprio was not yet 20 years old when he starred in this picture. The role of the feeble-minded Arnie Grape earned him his first Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

Fast and dead

In a small town in the Wild West, only the speed of fire dictates the law. Once upon a time the bandit Herod seized power here, and now he arranges a competition of shooters. A huge sum of money is at stake, and many want to compete for it, including the son of Herod, nicknamed the Kid, and the mysterious Ellen.

Basketball Diary

The real story of musician and writer Jim Carroll, based on his autobiography. The main character is a sixteen-year-old teenager. He writes good poetry and plays basketball well. But drugs come into the life of Jim and his friends, and this leads them to degradation, and then to prison.

Romeo + Juliet

Rethinking the classic tragedy of William Shakespeare. The plot and even the text completely repeat the original. But the action itself was transferred to the present, where the story of the tragic love of two teenagers from warring families is revealed.


The story of the trip of the luxurious Titanic liner and its wreck. While sailing aboard the ship, a romantic relationship develops between a girl from high society and a poor artist.

It was this film that lifted Leonardo DiCaprio to the top of the cinematic Olympus. James Cameron’s picture received 11 Oscars, and although Leo himself was not even nominated, after the release of Titanic, the actor gained millions of fans around the world.

The man in the iron mask

King Louis XIV is confident that nothing can shake his power. He is afraid of only one person, chained in an iron mask and imprisoned. But when the king crosses all the boundaries of what is permitted, the legendary musketeers decide to free the prisoner.

Leonardo DiCaprio turned out to be one of those successful actors who happened to play two roles in one film at once. The images of the king and his twin brother turned out to be completely different, but equally interesting.


Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Hugh Glass
Cinema Search Rating: 7.8
IMDb Rating: 8.0
Year: 2015
Country: USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu (Birdman, Babylon, 21 Grams, “Bitch-love”)
Genre: adventure, action, drama, biography

The film is based in part on the biography of Hugh Glass, an American hunter and mountain guide who lived at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. He tells an incomplete story, for example, little is said about his youth, as well as about the past of the navigator (not counting a couple of flashbacks and a son from an Indian girl). The plot is more focused on the most famous incident in his life, when after a fight with the Indians, a group of hunters split into two parts, a bear attacked Hugh Glass and two comrades left him to die, killing his half-blood son. It is worth paying attention to the English title of the film – “revenant”. This word means a soul that returned back to earth to take revenge on the offender.

The definition just reveals the further development of the film and its direction – this is a movie about revenge and survival for her sake, and since the directors include Iñarritu, it is also about levitating women, ghosts and symbolic images. And let it be clear from the name that the main character will survive, but it is no less interesting to watch how he tastes raw fish, climbs inside a horse, admires the installation of “The Apotheosis of War”, more than once runs away from annoying Indians and beautifully stands in a ruined church.

Why is it worth seeing?

  • for the sake of Leonardo DiCaprio, who depicts all shades of horror, pain and despair on his face (it was not for nothing that he received an Oscar for this film)
  • because of Lubetzky’s camera work with a long battle plan, where the camera goes from victim to killer who becomes victim, with panoramic views of snowy Canada, swaying pine tops, and amazing footage that makes the viewer feel like flying into the abyss, crawling inside the killed animal and examine in every detail the endless starry sky
  • to see how the story of revenge turns into a philosophical parable about the meaning of life


Duration: 02:36


  • Oscar
  • Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • Best Director (Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu)
  • Best Cinematography
  • British Academy (2016)
  • Best movie
  • Best Actor
  • Best Cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki)
  • Best Sound


Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Billy Costigan
Cinema Search Rating: 8.5
IMDb Rating: 8.5
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Director: Martin Scorsese (“The Irishman”, “Vinyl”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, ” Island of the Damned “,” Casino “,” Nice Guys “)
Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Remake of the Hong Kong film “Castling Double” about a police informer in the lair of the mafia and the “son” of a mafia among the guards of the law. The first is Billy Costigan, who, after studying at the police academy, went to jail, then started selling drugs on the street and only after a while managed to get into the trust of the Irish crime boss Frank Costello. The second is Colin Sullivan, who at the age of 13 sold the soul of a mafioso for bread, sausage and comics and went to study at the academy at his behest. Former classmates, and now apostates, do not suspect that they are working on different sides of the barricades, but in essence they are doing the same thing – they are handing over the plans of “their” people.

This game of thwarted operations is cracked when both Castello and Police Sergeant Dignam begin to suspect of a “rat” in their entourage. So the guys get the task to find each other and eliminate, and in the meantime, also fight for the heart of the charming criminal psychologist Madeline Maidden. But it turns out that they are not the only ones working for opposite organizations. And since with their investigation Billy and Colin threaten to rip off the masks from all the dummies, it will not do without hot shootings and mountains of corpses.

Why is it worth a look?

  • This is one of those films about the world of cops that does not try to look for a psychological background in the people of this profession and does not pretend to be a high message about an unfair reward for good and bad guys, but simply shows an entertaining thriller about an escape from death, but does it in such a way that it is impossible to take your eyes off the screen
  • for Jack Nicholson, balancing stand-up comedian and manic killer as Costello
  • because of the soundtrack consisting of songs by the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd

Duration: 02:31


  • Oscar (2007)
  • Best movie
  • Best Director (Martin Scorsese)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay)
  • Best Editing

The wolf of Wall Street

Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Jordan Belfort
Cinema Search Rating: 7.9
IMDb Rating: 8.2
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Director: Martin Scorsese (“Irishman”, “Vinyl”, “Isle of the Damned”, “Casino”, “Nice Guys”)
Genre: Drama, Crime, Biography

The film is based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street financial broker who was sentenced to three years in prison for fraud. The events of “Wolf” unfold in 1987, when a young and ambitious guy Jordan gets a job at an investment bank. But as soon as his business begins to creep up the hill after a series of failures, the collapse of the Dow Jones index closes the bank. His wife Teresa asks not to leave the profession, since Jordan has everything for her – the ability to manipulate clients, innate charisma and leadership skills. Soon, the man, along with a friend, the trader Donnie, opens his own company.

Capital grows, and after it the desire to “burn” your life. Endless parties with drugs, prostitutes and dwarfs instead of darts become part of Jordan’s lifestyle. He divorces his first wife and finds himself a new one – supermodel Naomi. And maybe he would have thrown lobsters at law enforcement officers, drove drunken helicopters and organized orgies in the office, but his too quick enrichment attracts the attention of the FBI, which begins to suspect Jordan of criminal machinations.

Why is it worth a look?

  • Leonardo DiCaprio worked with Belfort for many months in order to accurately convey all the moments from his life, all his feelings and emotions, and then also for a long time persuaded Martin Scorsese to make this film. The same Jordan walk down the stairs to the gym or a motivational speech in the office could be easily entered into acting textbooks. Subsequently, Leo’s friends noted that the actor could not leave this role for a long time and transferred some of the character traits of his character to himself. For the sake of seeing a gallery of beautiful but sickening, disgusting, but endlessly inventive entertainment of millionaires
  • The film tells in some detail about the brokerage life and even shows in action several incomprehensible words from the financial educational program, but, in general, the documentary component rests on how the boss advises the subordinate to masturbate to relieve tension and take cocaine to increase mental alertness


Timing: 03:00


  • Golden Globe (2014)
  • Best Actor – Musical or Comedy (Leonardo DiCaprio)

The Great Gatsby

Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Jay Gatsby
Cinema Search Rating: 7.9
IMDb Rating: 7.2
Year: 2013
Country: USA, Australia
Director: Baz Luhrmann (Annealed, Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet)
Genre: Drama, Romance

The film shows the world of America in the 1920s – the “age of jazz” or the decade between the First World War and the Great Depression. A young man Nick Carraway moves into a house on Long Island – New York Ruble. There also lives his second cousin Daisy, a charming, but narrow-minded blonde, along with her husband, an arrogant and envious bastard. But Nick is more attracted to the company of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, who throws parties for hundreds of guests in his giant estate. But it is not jazz that plays on them, but re-songs of popular pop songs, but this is already a question for the creators. Nick finds out that the rivers of forbidden champagne, chic and glitter of expensive jewelry are needed by Gatsby only to lure Daisy to his estate.

Once he was in love with her and is now going to revive the relationship. Nick, imbued with a love story and having friendly feelings for his former brother-soldier, agrees to arrange a date for Jay. And although Daisy is also still not indifferent to a man, her husband Tom hinders her, who, despite the fact that he himself has a mistress, will by all means obstruct their relationship, including accusing Gatsby of breaking Prohibition.

Why is it worth a look?

  • to see a spectacular flight of the camera over a pool party with girls in elegant dresses and long pearls for the sake of a story not romanticized, but real love, which for some reason does not give enough strength to one soul, and therefore ruins the other


Duration: 02:23


  • Oscar (2014)
  • Best costumes
  • Best Production Designer
  • British Academy (2014)
  • Best costumes
  • Best Production Designer

Shutter Island

Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Teddy Daniels
Cinema Search Rating: 8.5
IMDb Rating: 8.1
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Director: Martin Scorsese (“Irishman”, “Vinyl”, “Aviator”, “Gangs of New York “,” Nicefellas “)
Genre: thriller, detective, drama

Shatter Island is home to one of the most secure institutions in the world, the Ashcliff Asylum for the Criminally Insane. The relief of the island allows you to go down into the water only at the pier, everything else is a cliff into the water without a single chance to survive. There are a lot of guards in the hospital, it is impossible for a person to get through the windows of the ward, but still one patient, who drowned four children, was able to escape from the closed room. The case is assigned to two federal marshals – Tedd Daniel and Chuck Oulu. They take away their weapons, then Teddy stutters about “contagious madness”, sneering at the guards.

But he will still remember these words when, in a manic rage, he searches for the arsonist of his house (instead of investigating the patient’s disappearance) in the corps for especially dangerous criminals, tries to find out from the ghost of his wife why she is always wet to him if she died in a fire. and will argue with the head physician about the advantages of pharmacological treatment over transorbital lobotomy.

Why is it worth watching?

  • because in this film you can not believe anything and even that logically consistent chain of becoming crazy, which Teddy Daniels goes through
  • for the escalating atmosphere of paranoia of the darkest picture in the entire filmography of Martin Scorsese, causing a herd of goosebumps


Duration: 02:18


Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Howard Hughes
Cinema Search Rating: 7.6
IMDb Rating: 7.5
Year: 2004
Country: Germany, USA
Director: Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, New York, New York, Raging Bull “,” Nice Guys “,” The King of Advertising “)
Genre: Drama, Biography

The film is based on the biography of an American aviator and film producer named Howard Hughes, who suffered from OCD since childhood and dreamed of “inventing the fastest airplane, flying it, and making the loudest film.” Hughes begins to fulfill his desires in 1927. Then he shoots Hell’s Angels. The film is well received in Hollywood, but Hughes wants more and therefore continues to work in the cinema. In parallel with this, the man finances projects in aviation and tests new aircraft himself.

The feeling of flight gives him freedom, makes him happy. In the sky, he is not so tormented by paranoia and symptoms of aggravated OCD. And in 1938, he manages to make the fastest flight from the United States to Europe. He buys an airline and gradually becomes a billionaire. Money burns his hands, and therefore he easily part with them, letting him into business. But the invention of the plane, for which the government has allocated millions, is delayed, and Hughes is being brought to justice for this.

Why is it worth a look?

  • the film reveals billionaire Howard Hughes from two sides (and, in general, says that “rich people are also people, and you should not consider them all darlings of fate with a golden toilet”): the first is a spoiled child craving female attention, and a terrible eccentric a boss who is ready to fire a worker for a wrong look; the second is an irrepressible dreamer who does not allow his carriage with complexes and fears to slow down its composition, heading for a happy future for the sake of jazz compositions of the 30s-40s, processed by Howard Shore of high-quality retro decorations with models of planes of that time, cafes and film studios


Timing: 02:43


  • Oscar (2005)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett)
  • Best Cinematography
  • The best decorations
  • Best costumes
  • Best Editing
  • Golden Globe (2005)
  • Best Film (Drama)
  • Best Actor, Drama (Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • Best Soundtrack

A collection of lies

Actor and Role: Leonardo DiCaprio – Roger Ferris
Cinema Search Rating: 7.2
IMDb Rating: 7.1
Year: 2008
Country: USA, UK
Director: Ridley Scott (“The Martian”, “Prometheus”, “Gladiator”, “Alien”, “Blade Runner”)
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

A large-scale political action movie with famous actors in the lead roles (Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio) and a well-twisted intrigue about CIA officer Roger Ferris, who is hunting in the Middle East for the leader of Al-Qaeda (an ultra-radical international terrorist organization; banned in the Russian Federation) Al-Salim. While Ferris is risking his life to win the respect of Jordanian intelligence chief Hani Salami, his boss Ed Hoffman is directing the operation via satellite from his home in Washington. Trust between these people is undermined when, through Hoffman’s fault, the operation is disrupted and Ferris is expelled from Jordan. Nobody cancels the capture of terrorists, but for this the main character needs to find out where the truth ends in the orders and the lie begins, and also to learn to be cunning himself in order to rub into the trust of dubious people.

Why is it worth a look?

  • for interesting filming of bird’s-eye chases, explosions, shootings, Leonardo DiCaprio groaning with broken fingers, as if he really had them broken, blood and sweat against the backdrop of desert landscapes and bustling colorful markets of the eastern city
  • the film reveals the essence of intelligence, where everyone has their own code of honor and their own limits, to which they can tell the truth, and then they begin to lie, even when talking with their own, even if with a partner


Duration: 02:08

Beginning (2010)

Jacob uses advanced technology and steals people’s secrets through dreams. In most cases, he gets his way, but there are also failures. Although the last mission failed, the object contacts the hero and offers a good deal. Jacob needs this time not to take information from the subconscious of a person, but to leave it there. Not everyone in the team believes in the reality of this, but agrees to try.

Django Unchained (2012)

Slave Django tried to escape, was caught, severely punished, and then sold separately from his wife. When transported by slavers, it is freed by the bounty hunter Schultz. They now work together and save money to find Django’s wife and buy her back from the new owner. There are no problems with the first part of the plan, but the release of the woman from Candy’s house is not so simple.

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Change Road (2008)

The Wheelers are happily married. They are raising two children and are devoted to each other. The everyday routine of Frank and April darkens the daily routine, duties to which they do not care and other everyday troubles. To change the situation, they are going to move to France, but there are pitfalls here too.

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Total Eclipse (1995)

The French poet Rimbaud wrote all of his works in his youth, until he was twenty. Then the hero closed the art world for himself and switched to commerce. During his creative period, he met his colleague Verlaine, who had already made a name for himself. Their relationship, tied to passion and absinthe, seriously influenced the poetry and perception of the world of both. As it happens, this attraction did not last long.

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Marvin’s Room (1996)

Bessie has been caring for her father, who was paralyzed after a stroke, for almost twenty years. Her sister Li acted differently – she got married and moved to another state. Bessie falls ill and has to ask her relatives for help: she needs a bone marrow transplant. The difficult situation makes the heroes look at many things differently. As it will not be before, it means that they also need to change.

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

The Fast and the Dead (1995)

Being already elderly, John Herod leaves the bandit trade and seizes the post of mayor in one of the towns of the Wild West. He rules here like a typical tyrant, relying on thugs and strength. Herod arranges a tournament for the shooters, allowing everyone to compete for the cash prize. John enrolls in the duelists himself and lists the name of the priest Cort, whom he plans to get rid of.

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Blood Diamond 2006

1999, Sierra Leone. Civil War. Blood and chaos. A clever smuggler whose specialty is diamonds is at work in this bleak atmosphere. But one day the smuggler meets a local fisherman whose son has disappeared – they say he was taken into the “children’s army” used on the fronts of the civil war. And two different people form an unnatural coalition.

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Country: USA, Canada

Genre: Drama

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Natalie Bye, Amy Adams

Budget: $ 52 million

Worldwide box office: $ 165 million

Awards: Oscar, Golden Globe, MTV Channel Award, British Academy Best Supporting Actor, Actors Guild Award

Ratings: 8.5 Kinopoisk | 8.1 IMDb



Frank grew up in a wealthy family. The father was confident in his business and gave his son valuable advice. But one day the head of the family was caught in tax evasion and financial well-being came to an end. Mother went to a more promising man. And now Frank is faced with a choice: with which of the parents he will live. The teenager chooses to escape from the family. He decides to be independent and help his father get back on his feet.

Thanks to his ingenuity and acting talent, the young hero turns scams, forging checks and changing his own biography. He successfully sports a pilot’s uniform, a doctor’s gown, or a lawyer’s business suit, and makes good money. However, an FBI agent tirelessly follows the trail of the young fraudster.

Beach. 2000

Top 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio - movies list

Director: Danny Boyle starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Virginie Ledoyen, Tilda Swinton, Guillaume Canet and more.

Based on the book by Alex Garland.

Richard goes to Thailand for new experiences, and he finds them – a stoned drug addict, a neighbor in the hotel, leaves him a map of a secret mysterious beach.

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