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The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature


List of films in the selection

War horse (2011)

War Horse

Military, Historical, Drama, Adventure, Action

USA, India

146 minutes

One day the boy Albert sees a newly born purebred foal. He admires him and asks his father, Ted, to buy him. But a rich landowner is about to buy the foal. To defeat him purely on principle, Ted sets a higher price and finally the stallion goes to Ted and Albert, although they had to pay for him the money they kept to rent the land.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Two Brothers

Family, Drama, Adventure

France, UK

109 minutes

They are two brothers, tiger cubs, who lost their parents in childhood. Their mom and dad became the prey of poachers who left the kids in the care of mother nature. It would seem that they are small predatory animals, which will then turn into real hunters, but people turned out to be cruel animals in this situation. As a result, the cubs were separated: one gets on the circus stage and becomes the star of the stage, and the second, thanks to the rich owner, finds himself in the arena of bloody battles.

Eight Below

Family, Drama, Adventure


120 minutes

In distant Antarctica, a meteorite falls, and the workers of the Antarctic station – Jerry Sheppard and Professor Davis McLaren – go in search of him on dog sleds. However, an unforeseen event occurs along the way, due to which Jerry suffered from frostbite, and Davis broke his leg. To make matters worse, a storm approaches and the expedition is hastily evacuated.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

The Bear

Drama, Family, Adventure

France, USA

96 minutes

The events of the tape illuminate the beauty of the nature of British Columbia, where a real tragedy happens against the backdrop of these stunning landscapes. The baby bear is lost. He can’t find his mom. Wandering in search of bears, the baby can become a victim of hunters. A little later, an adult, wounded bear comes across on his way. Together, they will confront the threat posed by humans.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Charlotte’s Web

Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Adventure

USA, Germany, Australia

97 minutes

Farmer’s daughter Fern begged her dad not to kill the little pig. She became attached to the animal and began raising him as a pet, calling the baby Wilbur. After moving to a new farm, Wilbur made friends with many of the animals living on it, but the warmest friendships between him and the spider Charlotte. Surprisingly, these unlike animals found a common language and became best friends.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Turner & Hooch

Thriller, Drama, Crime, Comedy


97 minutes

Scott Turner is one of the police officers who are called “good cops”. When the detective is very little before a significant promotion, a murder occurs, the investigation of which falls on his shoulders. It’s not an easy matter, because the only witness to what happened is a dog named Hooch. Turner takes the dog home, and soon the pet turns the cop’s life upside down.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature




98 minutes

Lars and Ernie Schmunz, two brothers, are very unhappy in life. When one of them loses his job and the other loses his wife, they urgently need money. Fortunately, he inherited a house, although old, but of great value, which is why Lars and Ernie decide to sell it at auction. But there is a small problem in the form of a mouse, a longtime inhabitant of the house, who does not want to leave the house and leave his home.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Family, Drama, Comedy, Adventure


84 minutes

The owners of three beautiful animals – the dogs Shadow and Chance and the cat Sessi – leave their home for a while. They decide to leave the pets at a friend’s ranch, not assuming that something might happen to them. However, after a while, animals begin to worry about their owners. Chance, Shadow, and Sessie were deeply affected by the change of scenery, and far from home they felt insecure.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature


Military, Family, Drama, Adventure


111 minutes

Max is a military shepherd who serves in Afghanistan helping American soldiers, saving their lives and spotting enemy ambushes. Max is responsible for a soldier named Kyle Winkott, to whom Max is very attached. Once, during one of the operations, Kyle dies, and since then the dog has changed: it becomes aggressive, does not follow commands and may even pose a threat to others. The command decides to put him to sleep.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature


Family, Drama, Comedy, Adventure

USA, France, Ireland, UK

100 minutes

A small mining town in Yorkshire, a difficult time on the eve of World War II. One of the poor families living in the city sells their pet – the dog Lassie – so that the proceeds will help them make ends meet. The wealthy Lord Redling becomes the new owner of Lassie. The family yearns for a pet, but they understand that they have gone to a forced measure, although they will never meet the animal again.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

101 Dalmatians

Family, Crime, Comedy, Adventure


103 minutes

Crafty Cruella De Ville wants to make herself an unusual gift for Christmas: a black and white fur coat made from Dalmatian skins. It will take a lot of dogs to sew such a thing, but Cruella already knows where to get the necessary “material”. Recently, a guy named Roger married his beloved Anita, and their dogs, Pongo and Perita, played another happy wedding. In a dog family, adorable little Dalmatians were born, who instantly became the target of the bandits hired by Cruella.

Dolphin Story (2011)

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Dolphin Tale

Family, Drama

Canada, USA

113 minutes

Once an eleven-year-old boy named Sawyer found a dolphin washed ashore on the seashore. It turned out that this female dolphin was injured: she fell into a trap for crabs, and her tail was cut off. The dying dolphin was immediately taken to the city oceanarium, where employees and specialists cured him, but since it was no longer possible to return the fin, she was still doomed to perish. But the boy Sawyer did not want to give up.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Hotel for Dogs

Family, Comedy

Germany, USA

100 minutes

Brother and sister, Andy and Bruce, dream of their own little animal, but it is forbidden to have animals in their family. They, as they can, hide their foundling dog Friday, but when there are no more ways left, they have to come up with something urgently. And at this time, the brother and sister find an abandoned hotel, and a plan matures in Andy’s head.

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Disney’s air bud

Sports, Family, Drama, Comedy

USA, Canada

98 minutes

All because of Winn-Dixie (2005)

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Because of Winn-Dixie

Family, Drama, Comedy


106 minutes

Opal has no mother, she died many years ago, her father is a missionary, he has to constantly move from one forgotten town to another. Therefore, the baby has no friends at all, she does not have enough time to get to know the guys. The best friend for the girl is a docile dog named Wynn Dixie.

Spot Agent (2001)

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

See Spot Run

Family, Crime, Comedy, Action

USA, Australia

94 minutes

Gordon works as a postman, and Staffani helps him constantly in such activities. The guy is madly in love with his neighbor, but so far she is not available to him. Once the girl is urgently called to work, the young son needs supervision, and only Gordon can help. The guy doesn’t even think about the decision and immediately stays with James. Such a fleeting decision would turn the postman’s life into a disaster. Sitting at home, two get acquainted with the agent “11”.

Walking with the Dinosaurs (1999)

It is impossible not to recall the legendary film “Walking with the Dinosaurs”. To recreate the picture, the BBC channel used special computer technologies. The film includes six episodes that immerse the viewer in the world of prehistoric giants.

A realistic picture will take you 220 million years ago to New Caledonia. The unknown world of dinosaurs comes to life on the screen. The plot tells about the life, habits, nutrition and reproduction of prehistoric creatures.

Among them are representatives of the underwater world, flying lizards, as well as ruthless predators and herbivorous titans. The visualization is so clear and well thought out that it becomes unwittingly scary.

The success of the project contributed to the release of new parts of the film: “Walking with Monsters” and “Walking the Dinosaurs”.

“101 Dalmatians”

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Studio Disney has long been inspired from their own heritage. In the 2010s, she remade “Alice in Wonderland” and “Cinderella”, and 20 years ago she translated the cartoons “The Jungle Book” and “101 Dalmatians” into the traditional game form. The film about a giant brood of spotted puppies, whose script was written by the author of “The Breakfast Club” John Hughes, was more fortunate, as well as those who starred in it. Glenn Close expanded her portfolio with a striking image of Cruella de Ville, and British Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. Gregory House) played one of the first American roles here. In the sequel, the main villainess was accompanied by the extravagant fashion designer Jean-Pierre Le Pelt performed by Gerard Depardieu.

Ruthless Killers (2001)

The three-part BBC film tells about the most dangerous animals on the planet. These creatures are ruthless. The project will interest wildlife lovers.

Brave host Steve Leonard has prepared tests for the predators to find out who is the perfect killer. The film is replete with shots of real animal attacks and stories of victims who survived the nightmare.

Steve found out that the powerful claws of the harpy can easily split the human skull, and the poison of the black mamba instantly turns off the nervous system. In places it seems that these are excerpts from horror films. But no, just wonders of the wild.

The lion king

Production: USA / 2019 / 1h. 58m. / 6+
Genre: Cartoon, musical, drama, adventure, family
Cast: James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Oliver, John Cani, Alfrey Woodard and others
Producer: John Favreau
Plot: The Lion King is considered the best animal film by many viewers and experts. The adaptation of the cult cartoon was released in 2019 and immediately fell in love with millions of viewers.

The events unfold in the African savannah, ruled by the graceful lion Mufasa. One day he has an heir Simba, and he introduces him to the animal world. The lion cub’s uncle Scar, who is ready to go to great lengths to win the throne, is unhappy with this.

Ratings: 7.1 IMDb | 7.2 Film search


The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

The indefatigable John Hughes is also responsible for this iconic family hit, which gave birth to several more sequels. Under the direction of Ghostbusters creator Ivan Wrightman and director Brian Levant (who later directed A Present for Christmas with Schwarzenegger), it turned out to be a kind comedy film that can transform the average person into a keen dog breeder. At the present time, “Beethoven” looks somewhat old-fashioned, but that is why, it seems, even more charming.

“These Mysterious Animals” (2002)

Films about animals never cease to amaze the viewer with unusual facts. Sometimes the imagination draws scary creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean or in a deep forest. Where did these myths and legends come from? It turns out that nature has something to surprise us with.

The documentary film consists of six episodes that tell about the life of unusual creatures.

Director John Downer provided footage of the eternal confrontation between predator and prey. The peculiarities of hunting animals border on supernatural abilities, so quickly and skillfully they attack prey. It is a pleasure to watch the projects of the Air Force “Zhiva Nature”.

Hostile planet

People often forget how fierce animals are fighting for survival. Wildlife is far from a friendly place: drought, cold, constantly changing climate, lack of food and environmental problems.

Water for Elephants

Production: USA / 2012 / 1h. 56m. / 16+
Genre: Drama, melodrama
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, Paul Schneider, Jim Norton, Hal Holbrook and others
Producer: Francis Lawrence
Plot: TOP films about animals continues with the exciting film “Water for Elephants!”, Released in 2012. Events develop during the Great Depression in America. In the center of the plot is a veterinary school student Jacob.

In the course of the development of the plot, the parents of the protagonist die. He decides to quit his studies and joins the organization of the circus performance “The Benzini Brothers”. Here Jacob uses the skills acquired during his studies to launch a career as a veterinarian.

Ratings: 6.9 IMDb | 7.6 Film Search

Amazing 3D nature

The nature of the Earth is amazing: it is extremely functional and strikingly beautiful. The programs about her are fascinating, but the picture sometimes cannot convey all her splendor.

Animals, nature

7.5 The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

In the heart of the sea

Production: USA, Australia, Spain / 2015 / 2h. 2m. / 12+
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Biographical, Historical
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Killian Murphy, Brendan Glison, Ben Wishow, Michelle Fairley and others
Producer: Ron Howard
Plot: TOP films about animals will not do without the film “In the Heart of the Sea”. Rumors of a giant whale living in ocean waters began to appear in the world. A group of experienced sea hunters gathers to go in search of him.

The heroes did not suspect how dangerous and bloodthirsty their target would be. Most of the group died immediately. The surviving crew members had to wander the open waters in search of help.

Ratings: 6.9 IMDb | 7.2 Film search

“Hachiko: The most loyal friend”

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

A painting by the Swede Lasse Hallström about indestructible devotion, based on the film by Seijiro Koyama (the script for it, by the way, was written by the Japanese classic Kaneto Shindo). The owner of the dog Hachiko unexpectedly dies (Richard Gere), but the pet continues to wait for the deceased at the station, spending there year after year.

The Secret Life of Elephants (2008)

Kenya is a special land. Here life borders on death, torrential downpours give way to long droughts, and green fields give way to a scorched desert. Zoologists Ian and Saba do a great job of protecting and rescuing the elephants.

The Bibisi movie consists of three episodes that will tell about the life of the mighty giants of Africa. You will witness the birth of elephants, learn about the relationships in the herd, and also be surprised at the intellectual abilities of these animals.

The BBC team, whose films are breathtaking, have created a unique project. Incredible footage shows the care of mothers for babies, the merciless fights of males for the right to mate and the genuine joy of animals during the pouring rains. Enjoy watching, because elephants are somewhat similar to humans.

“The Way Home: An Incredible Journey”

The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

A soulful and fascinating story about the adventures of the dogs Shadow and Chance in the company of Sassie the cat. Coming Home, a remake of Disney classics from the late 1960s, David Lynch’s permanent editor Dwayne Dunham made his full-length debut. However, in his filmography there are tapes that are more pleasant for the general public, because Dunham edited Return of the Jedi and the sequel to American Graffiti.

“Polar Bear: Spy in the Ice” (2011)

The film is dedicated to polar bears. Thanks to special equipment in the form of a snowball camera, a snowdrift and an iceberg, the operators managed to capture the life of animals from birth to adulthood. In the process of filming, predators have repeatedly found equipment and studied new objects with curiosity.

Bibisi managed to capture intimate footage from the secret life of bears. These are the stories of two families from the moment the cubs were born. One mother with her cubs travels on drifting ice floes looking for profit. The other is closed on the island with almost no food.

How do bears cope with different situations, take care of their offspring and hunt? Everything is shown in great detail in the TV project. Over the course of two episodes, you will learn incredible facts from the life of polar bears.

The jungle book

Production: UK, USA / 2016 / 1h. 45m. / 12+
Genre: Fantasy, drama, adventure, family, cartoon
Cast: Neil Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Scarlett Johansson and others
Producer: John Favreau
Plot: The film “The Jungle Book” tells the famous story of the boy Mowgli, who was raised by wolves in the jungle from the age of two. In the early days, he encountered the bloodthirsty tiger Sher Khan, but the good inhabitants of the forests rescued him and took him under their wing.

Over the years, the boy grew and improved his skills. One day he will have to face Sher Khan again and fight him back. To protect loved ones, Mowgli leaves the pack and goes in search of adventure.

Ratings: 7.4 IMDb | 7.2 Film search

Papua: The Secret Island of the Cannibals

A lot of scientific works have been written about the life of primitive mankind, films have been made, museum expositions dedicated to our distant ancestors have been collected.

Animals, Nature Travel HD


The documentary series tells about the life of five species of animals. Hyenas, tigers, king penguins, chimpanzees and lions all faced the same problem. Each of them was on the verge of extinction.

Animals, Nature BBC HD 2018

White captivity

Production: USA / 2005 / 2h. / 12+
Genre: Drama, adventure, family
Cast: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Wendy Crewson, Gerard Plunket, August Schellenberg and others
Producer: Frank Marshall
Plot: The events of the next film are based on real events that took place in 1993 in Antarctica. Scientists Jerry Shepard and Davis McLaren go to cold lands in search of a meteorite that fell to the ground.

Arriving on dog sleds, the heroes are caught in a terrible storm and are urgently evacuated, leaving the dogs in Antarctica. They were going to return for them, but this never happened. The animals had to be left alone with extreme nature.

Ratings: 7.3 IMDb | 8.1 Film search


The cutest animal films. Documentary films about animals and nature

Dolphin Flipper is one of the symbols of American television of the 1960s (only the well-known collie Lassie can rival him in popularity ), who was the main character of the series of the same name. In the mid-1990s, the franchise was resurrected and at the same time tried its luck in a big movie. In the full-length version, the main roles were played by the very young Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan, remembered for the role of Crocodile Dundee. The image of the main bad guy in the film was embodied by the character actor Jonathan Banks, who recently gained new popularity thanks to his participation in the TV series “Breaking Bad” (the melancholic hitman Mike is him).

Who pays for the weather?

“The weather is surprising today!” Until recently, such phrases were commonplace, uttered to fill a pause or start a conversation.

Panda footprint

Production: China / 2009 / 1h. 27m. / 0+
Genre: Adventure, family
Cast: Daichi Harashima, Zhang Qi, Feng Li, Yu Zhong, Liu Chang, Sun Xinyu and others
Producer: Yu Jong
Plot: The list of “Best Animal Movies” will not be complete without the thrilling drama “Panda’s Footprint”. In the center of the plot is a boy who found a little panda in a gorge. She fell there while fleeing poachers and was injured.

The main character decided not to leave the animal to its own devices and took it to his village. They managed to become attached to each other when bandits came to the settlement, eager to complete their mission.

Ratings: 6.4 IMDb | 8.0 Film Search

Born in africa

Many people are accustomed to think that it is easier for predatory animals to live than herbivores. In fact, this is not the case at all. The savannah is full of pitfalls and dangers. The fauna is arranged in such a way that every animal does not care. Animals, nature National Geographic HD 2018

Storm boy

Production: Australia / 2019 / 1h. 39m.
Genre: Drama, adventure, family
Cast: Finn Little, Jai Courtney, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Thomson, Bradley Trent Williams, Natasha Wanganin and others
Producer: Sean Sith
Plot: The selection of the best films about animals continues with the film “Storm Boy”, which tells the story of retired Michael, who tells his granddaughter a fascinating story from the past.

As a child, Michael lived with his parents on the beach. One day he noticed a dying pelican and decided to save him. The bird was so grateful to the hero that it did not fly away. A friendship struck up between them, which changed the lives of both.

Ratings: 6.9 IMDb | 6.9 Film Search

Mountain Gorilla (2010)

A multi-part film directed by Johnny Keeling will tell about mountain gorillas. Amazing menacing animals with a peaceful disposition fight for life every day. In their fragile world on the border with Congo and Uganda, gorillas are trying to survive and raise offspring.

Only 700 individuals of mountain gorillas have survived on the planet. They inhabit the forested slopes of volcanoes. Hunting, wars and rapid population growth contribute to the destruction of our fellows.

The film displays a soulful portrait of mysterious creatures. Specially installed cameras filmed the life of gorillas, their habits in the family and in times of danger. Conservationists protect animals from complete extermination. Many of these people told interesting stories about working with gorillas.

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