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The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress


How to buy?

In order to buy headphones in an online hypermarket of goods from China, you need to go to its Russian segment by the link. And then follow the algorithm:

Step 1. Enter your query in the search bar at the top of the screen (headphones, wireless headphones, etc.). Click on the button with the magnifying glass to the right of the row.

Step 2. You can also search by category by going to Categories → See all → Phones and accessories → Headphones.

Step 3. The search results are displayed. Please note that to the left of them there is a set of filters where you can select the type of headphones (wired, wireless), category (sports), body color, and more.

Step 4. At the top of the search results table, there is a set of filters and sorting options. You can set a price range, choose a brand

Step 5. On the left above the table there are sorting buttons – by price, by popularity, etc. On the right, using the buttons, you can customize the display of results (in a list or a table), select the country of dispatch.

Step 6. After you have found the right headphones, click on the picture and the product card will open. To the right of the photo, you can specify the number of headphones, find out information about delivery and payment methods

Step 7. Scroll down the page, there you will see more photos of the product, its detailed description, features. And also here you can go to the reviews section to read your opinion about the product.

Step 8. If everything suits you, click the Buy Now button.

Step 9. A new window with a login form will open. If you already have an account, log into it. If not, go to the registration tab and fill out the registration form with reliable information. Then slide the slide to the left and click on the Create my account button.

Step 10. If you have an active account in social networks, use the buttons below the registration form to authorize with this data.

Step 11. A new page will open – on it you will need to specify the delivery address. Please enter it in English in an international format. And also indicate your last name, first name and patronymic (in accordance with the new requirements of the Russian Post).

Step 12. Check the order details by scrolling down the page. Then, in section 3, select a payment method (card, electronic money), enter your payment details, if available, enter the coupon number, promotional code. Click Confirm and Pay.

The money will be debited immediately. In a few days, the seller will send your product and you can track its status in your Personal Account

How to choose

Before choosing good headphones, let’s take a closer look at the desired model in more detail in order to better navigate among the other brands presented on Aliexpress in 2019.

Selection stages:

  • by going to the Aliexpress website, you should select the category of headphones;
  • then you need to sort the gadgets according to your preferences;
  • there you can also indicate the brand of interest to the client;
  • it is better to choose among the orders to select the ones sold;
  • the menu on the left shows the properties of the gadget;
  • When analyzing a seller, you should be guided by reviews and ratings of sellers. It is indicated with blue diamonds, the more the better;
  • below is a description of the product;
  • when buying wireless models, pay attention to the operating time without recharging more than three hours, the distance of the working signal is more than five meters, the sensitivity is more than 90 dB.

Summary table of technical characteristics

When choosing headphones with a wireless communication channel, you need to consider the following:

  • The battery in the headphones can be either lithium or sodium. Lithium is lightweight and charges quickly. Sodium is cheaper, weighs more and cannot be partially charged (full charge is required).
  • Connection type – IR channel, bluetooth connection, radio channel. The first operates at a distance of up to 5-10 m. Its disadvantage is signal instability. There are also pluses – good sound, low charging consumption, affordable price. Bluetooth is a universal connection system with a range of up to ten meters and high-quality sound. There are many versions of the bluetooth signal, so possible difficulties with synchronization are conditionally related to the disadvantages of devices with Bluetooth. Radio communication operates at a distance of 100-150 m. The downside is the increased power consumption. The built-in batteries in radio headphones are heavier, so we recommend using removable batteries.
  • The volume should not have a negative effect on hearing. Ideal sensitivity is 100 +/- 10 dB. Exceeding this norm is undesirable, especially with prolonged use of headphones or a headset.
  • The optimum range is 15 to 20 Hz. It reproduces a high-quality signal.
  • The impedance parameter also indicates the sound quality. It is good if the wireless headphones demonstrate an impedance of 30 to 120 ohms. Excellent sound is given by headphones with an indicator over 120 ohms.
Name Battery charging Connection type Volume, decibels Frequencies Impedance, Ohm
Bluetooth CSR headset Built-in lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging Bluetooth: CSR4.1 113 +/- 3 20 Hz to 20 kHz sixteen
QCY QS1 Mini Dual V5.0 Built-in lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging Bluetooth: V4.1 108 +/- 3 20-20000 Hz 32
FGCLSY XT11 Built-in lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging Bluetooth version: 4.2 94 Dcb +/- 3 20-20000 Hz 32
Baseus S06 Built-in lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging Bluetooth 4.1 93 +/- 3 20-20000 Hz sixteen
KZ ZS10 BA10 Lithium battery Hybrid, Bluetooth cable can be connected Up to 120 +/- 5 7-400000 Hz fourteen
IONCT i7s TWS Own lithium Bluetooth 4.2 96 +/- 3 20-20000 Hz 32
QCY QS2 Own lithium Bluetooth 4.1 108 +/- 3 20-20000 Hz 32
Bluedio H + Bluetooth Built-in lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging Bluetooth 4.1-5.0 110-118 20-240000 Hz sixteen
Тronsmart Spunky Buds Built-in lithium, 2-3 hours fast charging Bluetooth 5.0 98 20-20000 Hz 32
Mifa X1 Built-in lithium Bluetooth 5.0 98 +/- 3 20-20000 Hz 32


We classified this category as wired headphones at a price of up to 1000 rubles, as well as the cheapest options for wired devices. Such models do not imply active use, but they help to significantly save money.

MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62: aptX enabled instance

Many people get the impression that Chinese headsets don’t sound their best. But in fact, some models even have aptX profile support! In particular, the MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62 has such a great advantage. These headphones receive almost CD quality over Bluetooth.

At the same time, connecting to a smartphone takes a few seconds, for which the NFC chip should be thanked. And if the charge has dried up, then you can use a wired connection. The charging time here is 3 hours – this is the headset’s only serious drawback. Otherwise, this is an excellent device, which has been sold for a long time not only in the territory of the Middle Kingdom.


  • High reliability;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is used;
  • Built-in support for aptX profile;
  • Audio cable connection is possible;
  • There is a microphone;
  • Call control is possible.


  • Long charging time;
  • It is quite difficult to find headphones on sale now.

SOYTO S460: a mix of headphones and MP3 player

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

If you look at the photo of the SOYTO S460 headset, you get the impression that this is an ordinary laptop companion. The earbuds are small in size, have a rather thin headband and a nice appearance. The ear pads can hardly be called large – they are not fully capable of covering even a child’s ear. In this regard, you should not expect good sound insulation.

When you take this headset in hand, a couple of interesting points emerge. The nicest one is the built-in MP3 player. It turns out that the headphones do not need a smartphone – it is enough to get hold of a memory card with music stored on it. The second point is already unpleasant. You immediately realize that the paint used here is not of the highest quality. If the headphones are actively used (especially on the street), then the paint will begin to peel off slowly.


  • Built-in MP3 player;
  • You can listen to FM radio;
  • There is a microphone;
  • There is a noise reduction system;
  • Can be used in wired mode.


  • The old Bluetooth 3.0 standard is used;
  • Talk time – only 4 hours;
  • The perfect look can quickly get lost.

Anchor SoundBuds A3410

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

Anker SoundBuds A3410 seems thin and sleek, but in fact, these headphones have a durable cable and unusual mounts for a better fit in the auricle. The case is waterproof (IPX7), there are magnets at the ends to prevent entanglement. Due to their low weight (only 15 grams), the headphones are practically not felt. It is comfortable to be in them for a long time. The sensitivity of the earbuds is 123 dB, the resistance does not exceed 9 ohms. The battery life can be up to 10 hours.

In reviews on Aliexpress, they note a good signal range and a powerful battery Anker SoundBuds A3410. One charge is enough for the whole day of active use of the device. The sound is pleasant and balanced, although the bass is clearly lacking. If you adjust the equalizer, it is almost not felt. The main disadvantage of the model is that the microphone is very sensitive, so you shouldn’t talk loudly or eat with headphones.

Mpow Flame 2

Mpow Flame 2 with ear hook is ideal for listening to music and for long conversations. They fit into your ear at a 25 ° angle so that the earbuds will not fall out while driving. This model is available in three colors – red, black and light pink. The sensitivity is 92 dB, the frequency range is 20–20,000 Hz. The 50 mAh battery will provide up to 300 hours of standby time and 13 hours of continuous playback. IPX7 waterproof nano-coated silicone to withstand light rain. Connection to the phone takes no more than 2 seconds, the communication range reaches 10 m.

Buyers praise the Mpow’s workmanship and battery life. Another advantage of the wireless model was the package bundle. The set includes 4 pairs of ear pads, a USB cable, a hard case and a clip. The only drawback of the headphones is weak bass.

Bluedio T2 +: atypical design

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

The design of the Bluedio T2 + headphones can be safely called unique. Round hinges are used here, which is why this headset can be easily folded during transportation – then you just have to use the case. The ear cushions here do not completely cover the ear, but some noise isolation is still provided.

Like the previous model, the Bluedio T2 + also has a memory card slot and an FM radio module. The signal from the smartphone is received via the energy efficient Bluetooth 4.1 standard. An interesting feature of the device is the ability to connect to two smartphones at once. There is also a jack for an audio cable, so you shouldn’t worry about a dead battery.


  • It is possible to install a special application on a smartphone;
  • The headphones can play music from a memory card;
  • Built-in radio receiver;
  • Bluetooth 4.1 is used;
  • Can be connected to two devices at the same time;
  • Large speakers (57 mm);
  • Very decent sensitivity;
  • Almost 40 hours of music playback.


  • For some, the headphones feel heavy (press on the ears or the crown of the head).

Haylou GT1

TWS headphones from the Haylou brand with a cool design, long-lasting battery and touch control function. This means that all control (play, pause, switching tracks, receiving and ending a call) is carried out by simple touches, without buttons. The set includes a case, headphones, a charging wire and a set of ear pads. There are only 2 colors available for purchase: white and black. At a price of 1,400 rubles, this model has about 80,000 orders. Among the shortcomings, we can note the small battery capacity in the case.

  • Sensitivity: 110 ± 5dB
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Supported audio codecs: AAC
  • Memory Card Support: No
  • Resistance: 32Ω
  • Moisture protection: Yes
  • Frequency Response Range: 20 – 20000Hz
  • With microphone: Yes
  • Listening to music: 4 hours (including case 12 hours)
  • Battery Capacity (case): 300mAh
  • Battery Capacity (earphones): 43mAh

Meizu EP51: better sound reception

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

This headset may initially seem oversized. But the sensations change after you take it in your hands. The accessory weighs just 15 grams. Well, the large size allowed the creators to introduce many useful technologies into the headphones.

For example, the aptX profile is supported here, which means that a smartphone equipped with similar support will transmit high-quality sound via Bluetooth without compressing it. Also, the buyer should be pleased with the active noise cancellation system – this will not let you hear a single external sound.

Another important advantage of Meizu EP51 lies in the large number of colors – you can choose the headset for your own style.


  • Implemented call management;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 module is applied;
  • Added support for CD-quality audio transmission;
  • Relatively light weight;
  • There is a microphone;
  • Comfortable to wear around your neck.


  • Tight buttons on the remote control;
  • Not the longest battery life;
  • Charging takes a couple of hours;
  • Poor attachment of the ear pads.

Awei T11

  • Lightweight construction

  • Compatible with Android and iOS

  • Low cost

  • Sounds loud but inconclusive

Another wireless model, but already aimed at a sports audience, tk. The weight is only 13.8 grams, and the user has access to additional attachments to firmly fix the headphones in the sink, which is critical during running and active fitness. The device also received magnetic elements for connecting the speakers to each other while walking.

The headset has a sensitive microphone with a built-in rechargeable battery, which lasts for 4 hours of listening to music or 6 hours of talking. An intelligent noise canceling mode is provided. The speakers have a sensitivity of about 110 dB and play at least convincingly.

Syllable D900P

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

Excellent, completely wireless headphones of very high autonomy – they can work up to 14 hours, while charging for only an hour. Equipped with a case for 4 full charge cycles.


  • Excellent autonomy.
  • Compact charging case.
  • Good sound quality.


  • Works only with bluetooth 5.0 and higher.

Sound Intone B-6

The Sound Intone B-6 bluetooth headphones initially attract attention with their design. They are decorated in pastel colors and look bright and stylish. The most popular was the rose gold model. Also available are orange, gray, black and light green headphones. On the “ears” themselves there is LED illumination, iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow. The frequency range is standard here, from 20 to 20,000 Hz. The sensitivity is 105 dB, the resistance is 32 ohms. Thanks to the built-in noise cancellation, the sound is very clear, while there is volume.

The seller did not indicate the exact capacity of the battery, but the description says that the wireless headphones can work up to 36 hours continuously. Reviews confirm this information, the battery is really powerful. Buyers were able to find fault with only one Sound Intone B-6 – you can not listen to music while charging. But all models with Aliexpress have this feature.


The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

The most popular model on Aliexpress and the most budgetary one in our rating. With a price of 800 rubles, these headphones have been bought more than 20,000 times. The complete set is minimal: a headset, a charging cable and instructions. At the same time, 12 different colors are available to you.

  • Connectors: AUX
  • Active Noise Cancellation: No
  • Memory Card Support: Yes
  • With microphone: Yes
  • Resistance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 70dB
  • Charging time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Working time: 6 hours
  • Effective working distance: up to 10m


The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

Wireless full-size backlit headphones from the Hanxi brand. With a cost of 1,400 rubles, more than 8,000 orders have been ordered. The set of functions is standard: support for memory cards, radio, microphone, volume control buttons. There is even a 3.5mm jack if you need it.

True, the seller did not bother to write down the battery capacity and the operating time of these headphones. But in the reviews they write that it is enough for 5-6 hours of listening to music.

  • Active Noise Cancellation: No
  • Volume control: Yes
  • Sensitivity: 93 ± 3dB
  • Memory Card Support: Yes
  • Resistance: 98Ω
  • Moisture protection: No
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
  • With microphone: Yes

Nisheng MH7

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

Budget Bluetooth headphones from the Nisheng brand. They also have more than 8,000 orders, and their value does not exceed 1100 rubles.

These headphones can also be used both with a player, smartphone or pc, and as an independent player for listening to music. Everything you need for this is there.

  • Volume control: Yes
  • Memory Card Support: Yes
  • With microphone: Yes
  • Resistance: 16Ω
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Moisture protection: No


They differ in a wider frequency range – up to 20,000 Hz. The impedance is much lower – 14 ohms, so the sound is clearer. Waterproof housing. Battery capacity – 50 mAh, which provides 6-8 hours of operation. The capacity of the charging case is 600 mAh. Recharges a little longer – 1.5 hours.


  • the ear pads are perfect;
  • the sound is smooth, clear;
  • the connection quality is normal;
  • easily connect to the phone;
  • good functionality;
  • battery life is sufficient.


  • no volume control;
  • no active noise cancellation.

The price of AUSDOM TW01 headphones is 1390 rubles. According to reviews, 91% of buyers highly appreciated their functionality, reliability of construction, convenience, quality of connection to a smartphone. In terms of sound purity, they surpass Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, and in terms of the reproducible frequency range, they surpass Bluedio T-elf.

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

ROMIX X2 headphones have the usual plastic headband. But it is attached to the cups with metal frames – this is a distinctive feature of this device. The ear cushions on the cups are of medium size – they will not completely cover the ears. The design of the Chinese turned out to be foldable, which greatly simplifies transportation.

Headphones are connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. But, as is the case with many other Chinese headphones, a full-fledged media player is built into them. The memory card slot is located at one of the ends.

And there is also an FM radio. But the main advantage of the headset (and this is it, since there is a microphone here) is the minimum cost. Even if it breaks, then you will not have much pity.


  • There is a microphone;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 module is applied;
  • Built-in noise reduction function;
  • You can listen to music without a smartphone;
  • There is an FM radio;
  • Can be connected to a smartphone with a cable.


  • The case doesn’t look solid;
  • Operating time in active mode – no more than six hours.

M&J i7s

  • Perfectly copy AirPods

  • Fits comfortably in your ears

  • Poor sound quality

  • Noise canceling system does not work

  • The battery lasts only 3 hours with the declared 5

Here is a complete clone of the reference Apple AirPods, from which the total hype to wireless sound began. The device looks identical to the original and has similar functionality. The only difference is the different shape of the case for storing and charging the headset.

The device connects to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.2. 15 mm drivers produce sound with a sensitivity of up to 96 dB at a resistance of 32 ohms, which for some inexpensive devices can be an overwhelming task (they will not swing). The microphone is quite sensitive, but there is no noise cancellation, so you should not use it for conversations in a crowded place.

Customized wireless running headphones with high sensitivity and wide frequency response. While other manufacturers are trying to improve the external component of new models, the developers from DACOM are betting on high-quality “stuffing”, which significantly increases the technical characteristics. So, for example, in terms of bass, the G06 is the best example of miniatures: the receptivity of the speakers to frequencies from 5 Hz contributes to this in many respects. High frequencies of reproduction are also “not offended”: the resolution up to 25000 Hz creates a solid groundwork, so that the headphones do not lock up even at maximum volume.

The second important factor in the success of the DACOM G06 lies in the maximum convenience. Bluetooth headphones do not have temples, but provide a near-ideal fixation of the tubules and the device itself on the ear. Actually, for users (including athletes) this is quite enough, and the only serious problem when buying is a long delivery process and a high percentage of damage during transportation.


Miniature wireless headphone model that reproduces the standard frequency range – 20-22000 Hz. It features high sensitivity (123 dB) and very low impedance (9 ohms), so the sound is very clear. Provides CVC6.0 active noise reduction system. Communication is provided via Bluetooth. Supports almost all smartphones on any platform. The range is 10-15 m. The battery capacity in the headphones is 60 mAh. A case with a capacity of 600 mAh is used for charging. Working time – 4-6 hours (in a case – up to 200 hours). Charging time is 40 minutes. They are controlled by one button on the body. Includes a Lightning charging cord and storage case.


  • lightweight, comfortable;
  • good sound;
  • there is no extraneous noise;
  • connect normally to a smartphone;
  • good working time;
  • good equipment;
  • low price.


  • no moisture protection;
  • not a very capacious battery.

i9S TWS costs only 500 rubles. Taking into account the price, you should not expect high quality, but they reproduce a fairly smooth clean sound, without extraneous noise, they work with almost all modern smartphones. 82% of buyers consider the product to be worthy of attention.

Tomkas Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking for wireless headphones specifically for sports, then we recommend paying attention to the products of Tomkas. They do not stand out at all against the background of other budget gadgets in most technical characteristics (sound, autonomy, frequency range, etc.), these “ears” are the best fit, for example, for jogging or any other physical activity. This is facilitated by two factors:

  • The earbuds fit well and hold tight. It will be incredibly difficult to accidentally drop them, no matter how much you shake your head.
  • The presence of dust and moisture protection allows you not to worry about the gadget in the event of an unexpected rainfall and other troubles of this kind.

Despite the fact that the headphones themselves come in only one design option, the case is available in four different colors at once.

Tourya B7

  • Foldable headphone design
  • MicroSD card connectivity
  • Convenient volume switch and equalizer on the body
  • High-capacity battery

And here is the first full-size model with overhead drivers. Although it will no longer work to call the device headphones, it is rather an MP3 or FM player with the ability to connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0. The device has a slot for microSD memory cards and its own track control unit (forward, backward, equalizer).

The 320 mAh battery provides up to 7 hours of listening to music and up to 8 hours of talking (a microphone is also included). A standard 3.5 mm AUX cable can also be used to connect to a PC or smartphone. The ear cushions are made of soft leatherette that fits well on the ear, but people with large ears will experience discomfort.

Xiaomi Mi Sport

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

High-quality headphones in a plastic case, made in black and silver, from a popular smartphone manufacturer. Provides a secure fit around the neck with a dedicated arch.


  • Secure fit around the neck.
  • Low weight of the device.
  • Good quality and wear resistance.
  • Large set of interchangeable ear pads.


  • The model is not waterproof.
  • The headphone control unit is very inconvenient – it is located on one of them.
  • Works only with Bluetooth version 4.1.

Swzyor LY-11

  • High driver sensitivity 110 dB

  • Magnetic headphone lock for comfortable fit around your neck

  • Sensitive microphone for calls

  • Active noise canceling function

  • Very low autonomy of the model and long charging

The model is structurally very similar to KZ ED, but in fact it is a completely different product, also wireless. The earbuds are conveniently magnetically fixed to each other to make it easier to wear around your neck. The remote control allows you to switch tracks, adjust the volume and answer calls. The buttons can be pressed easily and blindly thanks to the indicator on the center key.

The sound is loud, bass and detailed, but the small capacity of the 90 mAh battery spoils the whole impression of music. discharges in less than 3 hours. Charges for 2 hours. The rest of the model does not cause problems.

QCY QS1 Mini Dual V5.0

This model is a solid copy of the popular Airpods and the second in the top of Aliexpress wireless headphones. These headphones cannot compete with the leader, but they are worth the money spent. Acceptable sound, presence of bass, speed of synchronization – although they differ from the famous “colleagues”, they demonstrate quite a worthy replacement.


In addition to trying to repeat the success of the “airpods”, the manufacturer pleased with an adequate description of the characteristics. For example, the duration of work from one recharge within 3-4 hours corresponds to that stated in the instructions. The device is charged from the case, which remains operational for 20 hours.


Despite the fact that the company specializes in the production of inexpensive peripherals, the headset is comfortable to wear. The headphones do not fall out of the ears, are ergonomic. The advantage of the budget model, the price of which in the Chinese store is about $ 23, is compatibility with any bluetooth version. The sound in the QS1 model is sufficient for watching videos and movies, but music lovers may be disappointed.

Among the shortcomings can be noted noise cancellation – its level is not enough to drown out a busy crowd. When talking with the owner of the QS1 model, the interlocutor will hear all the extraneous noises. At the same time, the silicone ear cushion prevents the user of the gadget from hearing the surrounding sounds. When you are wearing these headphones in a noisy place, you need to be careful.


The characteristics are similar to the i9S TWS. They differ in less sensitivity – 120 dB. According to experts, if the sensitivity of the headphones exceeds 105 dB, they cannot be used for a long time. Provides a large battery capacity in the case (700 mAh), so it works much longer. Output power – 30 mW. Weigh 250 g.


  • good sound;
  • lightweight, compact;
  • sufficient battery life;
  • fast charging.


  • insufficient noise reduction.

F9 TWS for 930 rubles will be an excellent purchase for users who are not very demanding on sound quality. They provide acceptable sound quality across the entire frequency spectrum. Lasts longer than i9S TWS.

Xiaomi Mi Fresh Edition

  • Classic headset design
  • Comfortable fit in your ears and a set of interchangeable ear pads
  • High sound quality
  • Sensitive microphone and compatible with all Android and iOS devices

And here is the first wired model on the list, which gained popularity immediately after it went on sale. The device belongs to the classic third generation Piston series, but with a slightly updated design. The sound quality remained as usual high, but the low frequencies sagged a little for the sake of a more detailed study of the scene and overall sensitivity in general.

Compact vacuum earplugs come with 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads. The connection is classic, using a 3.5 mm jack. In this case, the type of device is completely unimportant. The headset is equipped with a convenient remote control with a built-in sensitive microphone.


The Aliexpress website claims that the Bluetooth signal provides high quality audio transmission for the XT11 model. Consumers are generally satisfied with the sound, as well as the charge of the product, the power of which is enough for 2-3 hours of continuous operation.

The secret of popularity

XT11 is compatible with iPhone mobile phones. There is no need to talk about the sound at the level of the original headsets. But in general, bluetooth provides a high-quality signal from the iPhone. There is a volume control in the headphones, which also pleases the buyers of the popular online store.

Dear S9100

The first fully wireless earbuds on this list. They are completed with a special charging case, in which it is convenient to store them, and which simultaneously charges them. The case itself must be charged from an outlet, and when fully charged, it can recharge the headphones placed in it for four full cycles.


  • Fully wireless design.
  • Very lightweight headphones – 5 grams.
  • Convenient charging case for storage.


  • The earbuds are very small and easy to lose.
  • Not suitable for sports.
  • Not too secure and firm fit in the auricle.

Zapet LPT660

  • Foldable model design and compact dimensions

  • Slot for microSD memory cards up to 16 GB

  • A large number of model colors

  • High autonomy

  • Not enough high frequencies

The headphones visually copy the Tourya B7 (4 in the list of our rating), and the cost of the models is about the same. But in this headset, the battery capacity is higher, which indicates greater autonomy. The sensitivity is also slightly higher (115 dB).

The sound quality is not bad, but there are not enough stars from the sky. In some scenes, high frequencies are missing, which are overlapped by low ones. The device supports a wired connection to the audio source using an AUX cable.


  • Attractive headphone design
  • Connects via 3.5 mm jack and does not require charging
  • High quality and strong cable

The second wired headphones, perhaps known to every visitor to Aliexpress. Despite the very low cost, the model provides high-quality sounding of mid and low frequencies, but falls slightly short of high. The peculiarity of the model is the sheath of the wire with transparent insulation, which adds distinctive features to the design.

The headphones (not the headset) are quite loud because capable of providing sound with a sensitivity of 120 dB at an impedance of 18 ohms. The kit also comes with 2 pairs of replaceable tips for different types of auricles.


The HUAWEI Honor AM61 headphones are similar to the first two models in principle of operation, but they have a diameter of 11 mm dynamic emitters. They differ in the presence of moisture protection of the case and a more acceptable level of sensitivity – 98 dB. The impedance is greater – 32 ohms. But the indicator is in the norm to ensure the purity of the sound. The built-in Li-Pol battery with a capacity of 135 mAh provides 11 hours of operation (in standby mode – 240 hours). It takes 80 minutes to charge.


  • ergonomics;
  • Beautiful design;
  • compact;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • sensitive microphone;
  • Ease of use;
  • keep charging for a long time;
  • great sound;
  • long working time.


  • no clothespin;
  • background noise.

Headphones HUAWEI Honor AM61 cost 1250 rubles. They are suitable for young people and people involved in sports. Thoughtful design provides maximum convenience. Sound quality. Almost twice as long as TWS models.

Bluedio H + Bluetooth

Bluedio H headphones with wireless playback system last up to 45 hours on a single charge. This parameter makes them unique in their group.

Advantages and disadvantages of the gadget

The disadvantage of the gadget is fragile plastic. The sensitivity of the equipment is average. The owner of the gadget has to cover with the palm of his ear in noisy places in order to hear the interlocutor well. The sound quality according to various reviews – from mediocre to acceptable. All users note the excellent volume and bass performance, mid and high frequencies play with criticism.

The model is ideal for playing simple audio files – tracks with music, audiobooks, recordings of programs.

WaveFun X-Buds

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

Classic wireless headphones in a black case, connected by wires, with a loop for attaching to the neck. The hallmark is premium waterproof performance and great sound.


  • Light weight, compactness.
  • Waterproof to a high standard.
  • Very high quality bass sound.


  • Poor quality built-in microphone.
  • No drop protection, not shockproof.
  • Not the most comfortable fit around the neck.

Blitzwolf BW FYE5

They differ from the previous two earbuds by more reliable protection against moisture (IPX6 standard). They reproduce a wider frequency range – 18-20000 Hz. The sensitivity is lower – 97 dB. A more capacious battery (50 mAh) lasts for 3 hours. The 400 mAh case allows you to work for 20 hours. Charging takes 120 minutes. The headphones are very lightweight: one weighs only 4g.


  • compact, lightweight;
  • normal fixation;
  • good smooth sounding in all frequencies;
  • work on the case for a long time;
  • convenient case, can be carried in your pocket.


  • short operating time without a case.

BlitzWolf BW FYE5 cost 1900 rubles. They work less, take longer to charge than the QCY QS1, although they are superior in sound quality. Decent model with a comfortable fit and good sound.

Baseus S06

The model from Baseus with support for the iPhone platform is lightweight, comfortable, demonstrates high-quality sound. You can control the work of the gadget from the ergonomic remote control.

What you need to know

The S06 wireless equipment has a drawback – the charge power and the operation of the battery indicator. The latter does not give an accurate picture during operation. It is very difficult to navigate when a sudden shutdown of the device happens from time to time, when the battery charge shows 50%. In general, the battery lacks power. It can quickly fail.

Mixcder E9

In terms of structure and characteristics, Mixcder E9 is similar to the Ausdom ANC8. They differ only in a larger battery capacity (500 mAh), so continuous operation reaches 30 hours. Thanks to active noise cancellation, extraneous sounds are practically inaudible.


  • foldable reliable design;
  • clear microphone;
  • decent sound;
  • good noise reduction;
  • excellent pairing with modern gadgets;
  • convenient storage case.


  • at first, out of habit, ears hurt (although the ear pads are soft);
  • control buttons look cheap, flimsy.

Mixcder E9 price – 3000 rubles. They deliver an even, clean, deep sound across all frequencies. 91% of people using them have no complaints about the quality of work and reliability.

Rockspace EB30

The best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. TOP Most popular TWS (wireless) headphones from China with Aliexpress

Quite expensive headphones with high sound quality, but an unfortunate price-performance ratio.


  • Fast charging.
  • Secure fit in any shape of the auricle.
  • High quality sound.


  • Arbitrary desynchronization.
  • High price.
  • Low autonomy.

KZ ZS10 BA10

The hybrid 5-driver ZS10 model from KZ company in conjunction with the original wireless module reproduces a balanced open sound. The device performs especially well when listening to acoustic compositions at low frequencies.

What attracts

Despite the bulky size of the case, the anatomical shape of the earbuds provides a comfortable fit for the device. For reasonable money, KZ presents a model without backlash, squeaks, monolithic, with an attractive design. If desired, you can use the wired cable that comes with the kit. It does not get confused in pockets, does not microphone, and consists of a flexible braided wire.

Samsung EHS64

In-ear dynamic wired headphones without attachment with a microphone on the wire. They have an optimal resistance of 32 ohms. Straight plug, standard 3.5mm mini jack. Round wire, with a double-sided lead, 1.2 m long. A control panel with the ability to adjust the volume is provided. They work with a phone or a player. Small weight – 12 g.


  • comfortable;
  • good microphone;
  • remote control;
  • normal sound insulation;
  • acceptable sound quality;
  • low price.


  • silicone tips fly off easily.

In the Samsung EHS64 model for only 150 rubles, the sound quality is acceptable. The ear pads are not very secure, but they can be replaced. The quality of the wire is also questionable.


We have offered 20 of the most popular headphone models that are now in great demand on Aliexpress. However, we strongly recommend that you study the product reviews in detail, because hearing is different for everyone, and preferences are also individual. However, we can guarantee that the goods from the above-mentioned sellers are always of high quality and 100% correspond to the description.

Surely most weren’t surprised by so many wireless models on the list. Today, even KOSS has moved the legendary Porta Pro to Bluetooth rails because trends rule the market. The main thing is to choose a device to your taste and enjoy listening.

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