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Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models


Criterias of choice

How to choose an electric scooter?

When buying an electric scooter, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Withstand load level;
  2. Power reserve and battery type;
  3. Maximum speed;
  4. Wheel size;
  5. Weight and foldable.

Maximum load

Most of the adult electric scooters are designed for a load of 100-120 kilograms. This average value may deviate in one direction or another. When buying transport for a teenager, you should take a closer look at models with a load of 50-90 kg. Such a unit will be cheaper.


There are two types of motors that are installed on the best electric scooters 2019-2020:

  • Chain driven. The classic version used on motorcycles. The connection of the engine to the wheel is organized using a belt or chain;
  • Wheel motor. The motor is directly mounted inside the wheel, which simplifies the design of the product. Additional advantages are low noise, tightness and better power indicators.

The engine power also influences the choice of the electric scooter as it determines the maximum travel speed. The simplest models are equipped with low-power motors (100-150 W). To ensure comfortable driving around the city, there is enough power of 350-400 W, which provides vehicle acceleration up to 30 km / h.

If an electric scooter is purchased for a child, then it is desirable to have a speed limit function on it. The adjustment can be carried out both on the device itself and through a smartphone (subject to the availability of a special application).

Power reserve and battery type

Electric scooters are equipped with lithium or lead-acid batteries. When choosing, you should give preference to devices with a battery of the first type. Lead batteries are heavier and less powerful. It is measured in Wh and directly affects the power reserve.

Please note that the manufacturer’s specified mileage that a vehicle can cover on a single charge is measured under ideal conditions. If the rider’s weight is above average and is going uphill at high speed, the range will be lower than stated.

Maximum speed

The electric scooter can reach speeds of 10 to 80 km / h. Selection tips recommend staying on models with a maximum indicator of 30-35 km / h. Driving at a higher speed can be dangerous.

Wheel size and material

Wheels are one of the main “parts” of an electric scooter, so it is very important to take into account when choosing the size and material of manufacture.

Wheel diameters are indicated in either inches or mm. On sale you can find electric scooters with wheels from 4 to 14 inches. It is better to purchase models for adults with a wheel size of 8-10 inches – this is considered the most optimal and comfortable indicator for driving. If the wheels are very small, this can cause enormous discomfort while driving: for example, it is very difficult to go around various bumps and potholes, as well as various small stones, etc. In general, you will feel absolutely all the irregularities, and this is not only inconvenient, but can also lead to rapid wheel wear.

True, large wheels have a minus – they are overweight. But, perhaps, this drawback can be omitted if it is justified by the greater usability of the device.

The larger and more massive the wheels, the more stable the electric scooter will be, so choose models with larger wheel diameters.

Also, the tire should be wide – so the electric scooter will be more stable. Unfortunately, the manufacturer usually does not indicate such an indicator, so you will have to evaluate this moment visually.

There is one more point – not so defining, but which is a sign of usability. We are talking about the presence of a “wing” near the wheels – this will protect them from dirt, because it is not known which road and in what weather you will drive. If the wheels are exposed, it is possible that you will have to constantly wash them, as well as often get your clothes dirty.

Scooter platform cover

A quality scooter is a mechanism whose platform is covered with an anti-slip layer. Distinguish platforms:

  • metal (aluminum) – hard and light coating. Energy consumption for repulsion is minimal, there is no spring effect, due to which the speed of such a scooter is noticeably higher;
  • composite (plywood + fiber) – such a platform bends during movement, absorbing irregularities. The presence of such a platform in an adult scooter is great ride comfort.

Computer presence

You can use an electric scooter even if it does not have a computer and a display, but this is not very convenient, because the display will display all the necessary information about the device. These are, for example, the level of charge, speed, total “mileage”, distance traveled for today, etc. If you want a more modern model, pay attention to the one that has a computer – it may cost a little more, but it will pay off later.

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsUsing electric scooters with a display is much more convenient, although you will have to “overpay” a little for this.

You might be interested to know which bikes are worth getting .

Weight and foldable

These two indicators affect the compactness and ease of transportation of the scooter. The weight of the device can vary from 8 to 20 kg. The plus of the big wasa is obvious: the higher the mass of the device, the more stable it is on the road.

Foldable scooters are easy to carry. The handlebars can be equipped with a folding mechanism. In more economical models, they can be unscrewed. In the most compact units, the deck itself is folded.

Charging time

If the electric scooter takes a very long time to charge, it can take a lot of your time and bring huge inconveniences: some models will not have time to fully charge during the night, which means that it will be more difficult for you to use the device during the day. Therefore, check in advance how much your chosen model is charged – usually the manufacturer indicates the time. It is better to choose models, the charging time of which is 4-5 hours. This is the most optimal indicator.

Best kickboards, t-shirts & triders for adults

In recent years, manufacturers have been offering quite unusual scooters – kickboards, T-shirts, triders. All of them have a non-standard design, borrowed a lot from other sports products. Kickboard is a hybrid of a scooter with a skateboard, a football with a bicycle.

3 RIDEX Stark 3D

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Three-wheeled scooter with LED wheels made of high-quality polypropylene and aluminum alloy, has a diode backlight. The maximum load on the RIDEX kickboard is 60 kg. The handlebar height is adjustable in two positions. The weight of the device is relatively light – 3.4 kg. The scooter can be folded in two simple manipulations. The model is distinguished by compactness, stability, reliability and safety.

Users leave positive reviews about the device. They note the convenience of placing the legs due to the optimal width of the deck. High build quality and material, good speed. As a bonus, the kit includes a set of tools. All fastenings of the structure are thought out, they do not allow accidental stuck of clothes when moving.

2 Yvolution FLIKER Air A3

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

The best futuristic modern inertial scooter from Yvolution. The main distinguishing feature of the specimen is the way of movement, which occurs by transferring weight from side to side. Thanks to this, all muscle groups receive a distributed load. The human body is additionally provided with the correct physical activity during easy skiing.

The owners appreciate the build quality of the product. The steering wheel is conveniently adjustable in height, and the brake system is also located here. An interesting design in the form of wings with bifurcated platforms for the legs is securely fixed and protected from spontaneous folding. The scooter does not take up much space during transportation and storage, it can withstand a maximum weight of up to 80 kg.

1 Yedoo TREXX

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

An excellent model of a T-shirt, which is a scooter with large bicycle wheels. Withstands increased loads up to 130 kg, it can be used even by adults “in the body”. Due to the use of durable aluminum alloy, increased reliability and lightness of the structure are provided. Due to the large diameter of the wheels (front 660 mm), the scooter can ride not only on a flat road, but also on cobblestones, forest paths. The manufacturer provides a hand and foot brake, a place for attaching a bottle cage, adjustable steering wheel height.


  • minimum weight – 7.9 kg;
  • patency;
  • withstands increased loads;
  • hand and foot brake;
  • increased strength.

The best sports (stunt) scooters

As the name implies, stunt scooters are designed to perform various tricks. The most common are:

  • jumping;
  • rotation on one wheel or in the air;
  • BMX (technique involves performing cyclocross tricks on special sites).

Stunt scooters are not suitable for children: they cannot develop high speed, often do not have a braking system. But they are ideal for adults who love extreme sports.

Limit LMT 06 Pro Stunt Scooter

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsThe Limit LMT 06 Pro Stunt Scooter is a sports stunt scooter for adults. It is distinguished by its extraordinary lightness and high strength. They were achieved thanks to the use of a special duralumin alloy in the construction.

The wheels are only 11 centimeters in diameter and are completely made of polyurethane. They are very solid and do not have any cushioning, which allows for a better feel of the road surface during stunts.

The steering wheel rotates 180 degrees and has good ergonomics to ensure a secure hold. Also, just below the fork, two steel strips are welded onto the steering tube, which are designed to strengthen it. After all, durability is very important for a stunt scooter.

The maximum permissible rider weight is 100 kilograms.

The Limit LMT 06 Pro Stunt Scooter costs from 10,000 to 11,000 rubles, which is not very expensive for a scooter of this class.

Limit LMT 06 Pro Stunt Scooter


Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsThe FOX PRO V-TECH 01 is another trick scooter from the renowned manufacturer of cyclocross sporting goods. It costs a little less than the previous participant in our rating – about 9,000 rubles.

The main advantages of the model are the following.

  • Bearings complying with the ABEC 9 standard. They provide very good rotation and high speeds even on small diameter wheels.
  • Stiffness standard 88A. The high rigidity allows the scooter to feel better when performing tricks.
  • Rough platform overlay. It prevents slipping of the feet and minimizes the risk of falling.

FOX PRO V-TECH 01 is capable of supporting up to 100 kilograms. The model is also suitable for beginners.

Playshion ProWolf

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsPlayshion ProWolf is a budget stunt scooter. Despite the low price, which is about 6,000 rubles, it has quite good characteristics:

  • its bearings comply with the ABEC 9 standard;
  • the frame is completely made of lightweight and durable duralumin alloy;
  • there is a reliable foot brake;
  • the steering wheel is comfortable to hold;
  • the platform is covered with an anti-slip polymer material.

True, I had to sacrifice something for the sake of a low price – the steering wheel of the model is unregulated, so it is not suitable for everyone.

Due to its low cost and decent quality, Playshion ProWolf is suitable for both the beginner in the field of scooter stunts and the experienced rider.

Urban scooters for adults: fast, comfortable and agile

Tired of the daily traffic jams and waiting for the tram? With a city scooter, you will forget about such inconveniences. On a scooter, you can maneuver in a crowd, quickly cross open spaces. Thanks to its compactness, there is no need to look for a parking space, the scooter can easily fit into a closet. Alternatively, by folding your transport, you can take the subway.

Oxelo Town 9 Easyfold: Ideal for short and long journeys

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

This scooter can be used for years and is highly durable and reliable. Transport perfectly keeps speed, easily accelerates, sensitively reacts to the brake. Wide wheels provide good flotation. The steering wheel with rubber grips fits well in the palm of your hand.

The cushioning makes even paving slabs comfortable to ride. The scooter is equipped with a very convenient folding system, so it can be transported in public transport without wasting time adjusting the steering wheel.


  • double braking system: rear wheel fender and a lever on the steering wheel;
  • reinforced deck provides high stability;
  • a sufficiently wide and long platform is suitable for people with large feet;
  • there is a standing mode in a semi-folded state;
  • the steering wheel is easy to adjust;
  • a bell is included.


  • heavy enough – 5.9 kg;
  • high cost: about 10,000 rubles.

Razor A5 Lux: fast agile scooter

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

This scooter is lightweight as much as possible, which allows you to gain high speed while driving and easy to maneuver. Despite the lightness, even under a 100 kg user, the scooter does not bend thanks to the reinforced deck.

Stability is also ensured by an aluminum frame and a well-positioned steering center of gravity. Since the height of the handlebars is adjustable, the scooter will suit both low and tall people. The handles are protected by non-slip pads with stops to prevent the hands from slipping off.


  • the height of the steering rack can be adjusted: from 69 to 90 cm;
  • very light (3.9 kg), you can run up the stairs with it;
  • folds in one click;
  • vertical installation is provided by a footrest;
  • takes up little space when folded, can be carried in a backpack;
  • there is a retaining clip on the steering column.


  • the footrest is short, it is difficult to put two feet with the letter “T”;
  • can make noise, wheels rumble on the asphalt.

Tech Team Huracan 2017: adult scooter with perfect folding system

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Just 2 seconds is how long it takes you to fold this scooter. Compactly nestles the steering column against the deck, the handles are fixed to the bows of the steering wheel and the design becomes super compact. The handlebars are positioned high enough to avoid leaning too far while driving.

Large rubber wheels and a streamlined scooter shape provide ease of movement and fast acceleration. At the same time, the transport remains stable when cornering and braking.


  • the rear fender is lightweight, protects the wheel well from dirt;
  • adjustable foot brake, easily fixes the wheel in a static state;
  • Ergonomically shaped rubber handles – do not provoke the appearance of corns;
  • the surface of the platform is covered with non-slip material;
  • rides quietly, does not vibrate;
  • Comes with a shoulder strap for carrying.


  • no shock absorber;
  • heavy – 6 kg.

The best scooters for toddlers (balance scooter)

A runbike is a hybrid of a scooter and a bicycle. It is great for the little ones. On the one hand, it allows kids to ride happily, and on the other hand, it does not provide an opportunity to accelerate to dangerous speeds.

GLOBBER Evo 5 in 1 Comfort

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsGLOBBER Evo 5 in 1 Comfort is a scooter for toddlers from one of the world’s most renowned bicycle equipment companies. It is a kind of stroller, only the child sits on it – like on a real bicycle. There is a handle on the back with which the parents push the device. But the child can move it and independently pushing off the ground with his feet.

The GLOBBER Evo 5 in 1 Comfort costs about 5,500 rubles.

GLOBBER Evo 5 in 1 Comfort

Funny Scoo MS-936 MIX Light

Funny Scoo MS-936 MIX Light budget scooter for kids. In general, it is almost completely similar in design to the previous participant in our rating, but has a lower fit. This gives the child more freedom of action.

Funny Scoo MS-936 MIX Light costs about 2,500 rubles.

Funny Scoo MS-936 MIX Light

Capella Puppy

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsCapella Puppy is a scooter for the little ones (from 1 to 3 years old). It is completely made of plastic and is more suitable for indoor riding. It is also inconvenient to ride on the street because Capella Puppy does not have a handle for parental control.

The model costs about 2,500 rubles.

Capella Puppy

The best sports scooters

A special class of scooters, which is more appropriate to call not just sports, but stunt scooters, is designed (unexpectedly) to perform complex tricks on city streets and in skateparks. To do this, manufacturers make scooters as lightweight as possible, reduce wheels and increase frame rigidity – all in order to make the projectile easier to control. It is highly discouraged to ride models from this category around the city – you will exhaust yourself and ruin the scooter, and therefore it is not worth purchasing models from this class for everyday use.


Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

High quality inexpensive sports scooter for adults. The frame and deck are made of aluminum alloy, the steering wheel is steel, and its handle is covered with rubberized material. The rear polyurethane wheel has a foot brake. The weight limit for the model is 70 kg. The scooter is suitable for short people to practice basic elements.

Everyone talks about the high-quality assembly of the product, the reliability of the fasteners, the “responsiveness” of the structure when performing the figures. Separately, they note the affordable cost, good maneuverability and grip, as well as the style of exterior design.

2 Limit LMT 01 Stunt Scooter

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

The Limit scooter causes some internal dissonance. You look at him and do not understand why they are asking for more than 10 thousand rubles. However, the price is justified by its very high reliability. All connections are made without frills, but with a large margin of safety. Surprisingly, the weight did not increase because of this – almost the standard 3.7 kg. The only drawback is the low handlebar height, which makes it inconvenient for tall people to ride the LMT 01 Stunt Scooter.


  • high reliability;
  • weight is only 3.7 kg;
  • excellent bearings of ABEC 9 class.


  • low handlebar height – only 55 cm.

1 TECH TEAM TT 404 DukeR 2020

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Sports scooter with a T-bar, for performing tricks, learning the basic elements. The maximum permissible weight is 100 kg. It is positioned as a model for beginners, but in terms of quality, capabilities and maneuverability, it is not inferior to intermediate classmates. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the 24-inch polyurethane wheels have a secure grip on the ground. The sample fully meets the safety requirements when practicing the basics of trick art by beginners.

Users refer to the TT 404 DukeR as a durable and affordable sports scooter. In addition, with its laconic and restrained design, it allows you to emphasize good taste. It is noteworthy that the design is suitable for adults up to 170 centimeters tall.

Rating of the best models

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

The rating of the best models of electric scooters was compiled on the basis of reviews from more than 1,500 owners. Note that this is undoubtedly the most objective and honest rating, with the largest user survey. For this reason, we have chosen to evaluate a wide range of models from more than 20 well-known manufacturers.

The cheapest

In the category of the cheapest electric scooter, there are several winners at once. Prices in stores vary, but, whatever one may say, these are really some of the most inexpensive, but high-quality models. Please note that this applies exclusively to adult options, which at the same time can be used by adolescents. Thus, all the presented “champions” are in the price range of 11-13 thousand rubles.

Kugoo S3 Jilong

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Kugoo S3; – rightfully occupies a place in this rating. First, at such an inexpensive price point, it has a powerful 350-watt motor. Secondly, this transport will take you for a ride at a speed of up to 30 km / h for a distance of up to 25 km. In addition, it has large enough 8-inch alloy wheels that require absolutely no maintenance. The high ground clearance (about 9 cm) will allow you to easily overcome uneven surfaces, and the built-in shock absorber, in turn, will soften the vibrations of the wheels.

In addition, he has an on-board computer. Although it looks like a Soviet device from the last century, it nevertheless has quite a lot of functionality. Since the wheels are cast, and not inflatable, this scooter is comfortable to ride only on flat surfaces. Forest paths, etc. he can’t do it.

Pros: price, power, speed, mileage, high ground clearance, on-board computer.

Cons: cross-country ability.

IconBIT Kick Scooter TT

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

IconBIT Kick Scooter TT – slightly inferior to the previous competitor in power. It has a 250-watt motor and, as a result, the speed is limited to 20 km / h. However, the weight of such a device is only 8.5 kg. Nevertheless, the frame is very strong and can withstand loads of up to 100 kg. In addition to the throttle and brake levers, there is also an indicator panel on the steering wheel. It folds in half in one movement and is no doubt easy to carry.

As a result, this variant became the favorite of teenagers from 14 to 18 years old. You can move around on it at night thanks to the built-in LED flashlight. It is worth noting that it has a built-in e-ABS system that helps the battery charge during braking.

Pros: Price, frame strength, e-ABS, light weight.

Cons: speed, mileage, cross-country ability.

Digma HF5.5-6

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Digma HF5.5-6 – Similar to the aforementioned challenger. It has exactly the same 250 watt motor, average speed (18 km / h) and mileage. However, the weight is even less (7.8 kg ). Of course, its frame is just as strong with a load of up to 100kg.

Nevertheless, for this low price, the electric scooter received a bright lantern, a foldable body and puncture-proof wheels. It also has a neat, pager-like on -board computer located on the steering rack.

Pros: price, frame strength, light weight, on-board computer.

Cons: speed, mileage, cross-country ability.

KUGOO Max Speed ​​500W 13 Ah with seat

  • load – 150 kg;
  • speed – 50 km / h;
  • power – 500 W;
  • there are shock absorbers.

Model with a seat that will fit a grown man. It has a 500-watt engine that develops 50 km / h. The scooter can carry 150 kg. The 13 Ah Li-Ion battery is fully charged in 4 hours and allows you to travel 40 km on a single charge. Weighs 23 kg.

The foldable frame allows for reduced dimensions to fit in the trunk. Installed shock absorbers, disc brakes, there is a footrest. Tubeless rubber wheels have a diameter of 254 mm. The design of the electric scooter provides for the protection of the deck from water, which allows you to keep all the components intact.


  • capacious battery;
  • develops high speed;
  • you can drive 40 km on a single charge;
  • withstands a lot of weight;
  • there is an alarm;
  • disc brakes.


  • heavy.

Best off-road scooters

Off-road scooters are designed for traveling over rough terrain. They have the following differences from the usual ones:

  • a more reliable braking system, complemented by hand brakes;
  • larger diameter wheels;
  • full cameras and bicycle tires;
  • a platform raised higher above the ground;
  • a more durable frame that can be made not only from aluminum, but also from stainless steel.

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsThe Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot is an adult off-road scooter. It has rather small wheels with a diameter of only 20 centimeters. This will allow you to ride on a dirt road without going there, but you will not be able to overcome more serious obstacles. The disadvantage is compensated by the lightness of the scooter (it weighs a little more than 5 kilograms). It was achieved with an aluminum frame.

The maximum weight that the Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot can carry is 100 kilograms.

The average cost of a Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot is about 20,000 rubles.

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot


VELOLIDER COOL 12 ″ is a children’s off-road scooter with a duralumin alloy frame for toddlers 4-6 years old. On the one hand, this somewhat reduces the strength, on the other hand, it makes the device so light that the child, if necessary, can easily carry it in his hands.

These are the main features of the VELOLIDER COOL 12 ″:

  • large inflatable wheels (their diameter is 12 inches, or 30 centimeters, which is reflected in the model name);
  • anti-slip polyurethane foot platform;
  • rear handbrake;
  • side stand.

The maximum weight that the model can withstand is 50 kilograms.

The scooter has pretty good customer reviews.

VELOLIDER COOL 12 ″ costs only 4,000 rubles.


Yedoo One 01

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality modelsYedoo One 01 is an inexpensive two-wheeled off-road off-road scooter from a well-known Czech company. This model looks more like a bicycle: it has large spoked wheels, it has a pure bicycle handlebar, is equipped with full-fledged cameras and tires. This allows you to move around almost any terrain.

Yedoo One 01 has a stainless steel frame, so do not be afraid to damage it – the device will withstand even very serious loads. In addition, the frame is trimmed with an additional bar, which neutralizes the loads on the front of the frame, as well as the loads on the handlebars.

The maximum permissible load on the Yedoo One 01 is 75 kilograms.

The braking system consists of a reliable rear brake that will quickly stop the scooter.

The cost of Yedoo One 01 is about 6,000 rubles.

Yedoo One 01

Comparison of the best scooters for adults

The table below shows the top 10 adult scooters that have shown their best.

Model Weight, kg Bearing class Saddle height, cm Design features price, rub.
SHULZ 200 5.1 ABEC 9 88 – 106 wide handlebars, reliable build 6900 – 7500
Tech Team TT 250 Sport Pro 2018 5.9 ABEC 9 100 – 110 wide polyurethane wheels, anti-slip platform 4900 – 6600
Razor A5 DLX four ABEC 5 69 – 91 RZR bearings, wide handlebars, anti-slip deck 9900 – 11000
Micro Scooter White 4.7 ABEC 5 72 – 103 special small stand, adjustable steering wheel, ABEC 5 bearing 13900 – 15100
Reasphalt Predator 230 five ABEC 7 95 handlebar height adjustment, shock absorption, stand 3900 – 4800
Roadweller Urban 6.1 ABEC 7 86 – 101 anti-slip coating on the deck, ABEC-7 bearings, there are shock absorbers and a special footrest 4100 – 5300
Explore Robo-200 five ABEC 5 98 high-strength wheels, easy folding, there is a footrest 3400 – 4200
Razor A6 4.97 ABEC 7 79 – 100 ABEC 5 bearings, huge polyurethane wheels, mud flaps 11,900 – 13,000
Jdbug MS-130 Classic 2.8 ABEC 5 69-94 steering column made of steel, carrying strap 3100 – 4400
Yedoo City New (2014) 9.5 ABEC 5 104 double rims, wide handlebars 12500 – 13500

Adult electric scooter: fast movement without physical activity

A scooter is one of the most convenient types of electric transport for a person who loves mobility. On an electric scooter, you can quickly get to work without spending any effort. The main thing is just to be able to maintain balance on the deck and steer, and the rest will be done by the transport in accordance with the given mode.

Ninebot Kickscooter ES2: modern electric scooter with cruise control

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Luxurious individual transport is suitable for both women and men. Operating this scooter is very easy to figure out. All functional triggers are located on the steering wheel: there is a brake button, a gas trigger. Thanks to the built-in cruise control function, you do not need to keep your finger on the gas trigger all the time; after a few seconds, the scooter begins to independently adhere to the set pace.


  • wires do not stick out;
  • shock absorption of the rear wheel is provided;
  • develops a speed of up to 25 km / h;
  • charges quickly, in 3.5 hours;
  • can travel 25 km without recharging;
  • compact, can be placed in the aisle of the bus, near the seat in the train.


  • downhill reduces the speed of movement;
  • high cost: 22,000 rubles.

Airwheel Z8: a budget electric scooter with simple controls

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

A very simple and convenient scooter suitable for both students and office workers. This transport is undemanding to maintain, it is enough to charge it in an hour and you can ride for 10 km without being connected to the network.

The functions of the scooter provide not only riding on the battery, but also acceleration on their own. Since the foot brake does not require power supply, you can safely ride even on an uncharged scooter.


  • there is a bell on the steering wheel;
  • the height of the steering wheel is adjusted for the user’s height (up to a person’s height of 220 cm);
  • the scooter folds, can be transported in a compact state;
  • controlled from a smartphone: the speed is limited, the driving mode is set;
  • the rear wing is decorated with LED;
  • rear wheel drive;
  • double cushioning system.


  • not the highest speed – 10 km / h;
  • the history of restrictions in the application is not visible after the connection is broken.

Razor E300S: a comfortable electric scooter with a seat

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

The most convenient scooter is suitable for people who do not tolerate unnecessary travel costs and at the same time are committed to environmentally friendly transport. Here, the manufacturer has thought out the most comfortable design for the user: the steering wheel is straight, slightly tilted back, the platform is wide, accommodates two legs placed side by side, if you are tired, you can sit on the seat fixed above the rear wheel.


  • withstands a load of up to 100 kg;
  • maintains maneuverability even at high speed;
  • you can drive up to 15 km on a single charge;
  • the steering wheel and seat are removed;
  • can be used by adults up to 2 meters tall;
  • there is a hand brake on the rear wheel.


  • you can’t put your feet with the letter T on the deck, there is little space;
  • the cost is quite high – up to 27,000 rubles.

Features of the operation of scooters for adults

Before using the scooter, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic conditions for using the vehicle. Characteristics:

  • Before and during operation, it is required from time to time to check spare parts, fasteners, brake system, wheels. Various breakdowns must be eliminated immediately.
  • Be careful when assembling, otherwise fingers will be injured.
  • Dirt is removed with a soft cloth and detergent.
  • Scooters should be stored in a dry, ventilated room. This will prevent corrosion and paint flaking.
  • The bearings are changed with a wrench.
  • It is not recommended to use the scooter on mud, sand, in water.
  • You should not make changes to the product design yourself.
  • If any part breaks down, you must stop using the scooter.
  • Before riding, you need to check whether the vehicle is comfortable.

How to charge correctly?

Battery failure is one of the most common electric scooter breakdowns. Most often this happens due to improper charging. To avoid such problems, you need to carefully consider this procedure.

The main thing is that charging, if possible, should be full (100%). To do this, the connection to the mains must last as long as indicated in the instructions. The charging time is different for each model, so it is impossible to say exactly how long to wait. The minimum battery charge should be 80%.

You can recharge the battery from any outlet, but only if you use the original charger, which provides the battery with reliable protection against voltage surges and optimal current supply.

When connected to the mains, all elements involved in recharging must be dry. First you need to plug the charger into an outlet and make sure that it is ready for use, after which you can connect it to the vehicle. Do not disconnect until the battery is fully charged or at least up to 80%.

Electric scooter prices

Rating of the best electric scooters 2020. How to choose an electric scooter for an adult and a child for the city: the main parameters of high-quality models

Prices for electric scooters, of course, vary and start at about 11 thousand for inexpensive and high-quality devices. The limit, as usual, is unlimited. They can even cost hundreds of thousands. But now it’s not about that. We are interested in the answer to the price-quality question available to most Russians.

First of all, the price depends on the two most important factors – battery capacity and engine power. They directly affect the speed and, naturally, the load of the electrical device. In addition, the second most important point when choosing is the wheels. The larger the wheels, the easier the scooter can handle uneven surfaces, but it requires more power. Do not overpay for this if you are going to ride on asphalt.

Plus, add-ons such as the display and on-board computer, Bluetooth connectivity and, of course, the brand name will certainly affect the cost .

If we do not want to overpay and buy with maximum profit, then we should decide on a store that sells exclusively originals at competitive prices.

Additional selection criteria

If you want to choose an electric scooter for an adult, then you should also pay attention to the presence of the following elements:

  • Wings. They are necessary to protect against splashes and dirt while driving;
  • Suspension. Its presence provides smoother and softer movement;
  • On-board computer. When installed on an electric scooter, the rider gets the opportunity to receive up-to-date information about the state of the device (energy balance, speed). So, the presence of advanced computer systems is distinguished, first of all, by the models of Xiaomi electric scooters, which can be controlled using smartphones;
  • Telescopic steering wheel. With this option, it is possible to set the height of the steering wheel depending on the height of the rider and thereby select its optimal position;
  • Lighting system. If you plan to ride in the dark, then you need powerful headlights, as well as additional lighting elements (turn signals, brake lights, etc.).

It is also desirable that the scooter be foldable. This function makes it easier to carry and transport the unit.

If you correctly approach the choice of an electric scooter, then the vehicle will serve for a long time and will provide the ability to ride in various conditions.


New modification of the self-rolling device. The foot bar is located between the wheels not in the longitudinal projection relative to the movement, like the deck of a scooter, but in the transverse one. The steering rack is located in the middle of the bar, between the wheels, and the person while driving stands with both feet, which are located on both sides of the steering wheel. The segway is controlled by a microprocessor, which receives signals from liquid and gyroscopic sensors that respond to changes in body position. When the body is tilted forward, the device shifts from its place and goes straight, when the body is tilted back, it moves in the opposite direction, when it is shifted to the side, it makes a turn. In order to stop, it is necessary to straighten the body exactly along a vertical line relative to the center of gravity of the earth. The segway, like an electric scooter, works on electric rechargeable batteries.


This is a segway without a steering wheel, in fact, this device has gone far from the classic scooter and looks more like a skateboard, but with electronic control due to built-in sensors. The gyro scooter is controlled in the same way as a segway – due to a slight tilt of the body and pressing the legs. When pressed with the fingers, a movement occurs forward, when resting on the heels, backward, and when the weight is moved to the right or left leg and the toe of the corresponding leg is pressed, a turn is carried out.

Main structural elements:

  • body with footrests;
  • two wheels;
  • two motors powered by batteries;
  • gyroscopic sensors;
  • a control device that reads information from sensors.

What should you look for when buying? First of all, on the power of the motor and the capacity of the battery. And also on the size of the wheels and speed characteristics. With a small wheel diameter, the distance between the platform and the road will be small. This means that it will not be possible to overcome irregularities and holes. Also, the larger the wheels, the higher the speed that the gyro scooter develops.

Which company to choose

Now there is no doubt a huge number of electric scooter companies. There are those that have already proven themselves on the positive side, but there are also beginners. As a rule, you will buy from lesser known and well-known brands for 20-30% cheaper with similar characteristics. But, in any case, do not make spontaneous purchases if you do not want to make a mistake with the choice.

Archos Cactus CarCam
War Hold Hyper
Xiaomi Tribe Hoverbot
IconBIT Jintech Child power
Kugoo Carpenter Ninebot
Novatrack Razor SpeedRoll
Thin TechTeam Urban

How to choose a scooter for adults

Before making a purchase of a scooter, you need to familiarize yourself with the main parameters of the vehicle. The main selection criteria are:

  • Maximum load. Most city scooters are designed for a weight of up to 100 kg, but there are products that can withstand 150 kg of weight.
  • Handlebar height. It is important that the purchased product has the option to adjust the steering column. This will give the opportunity to use the scooter to relatives or friends.
  • Coverage and type of wheels. It is necessary to find out what kind of surface the scooter is supposed to be riding on. For off-road use, it is recommended to use models with inflatable wheels. For walking in the city – with polyurethane.
  • Wheel sizes. Adult scooters have a wheel diameter of 200 mm. They are durable and can reach high speeds.
  • Braking system type. A classic brake in city scooters is a foot brake: you need to press the brake pad / rear fender with your heel and the scooter will start to stop. When high-speed riding is a priority, it is better to buy a scooter that is equipped with a hand brake.
  • Folding mechanism. Adult models are divided into folding and having a rigid frame. Rigid products are designed for heavy loads and are reliable.
  • Weight. An adult scooter for city walks has a weight of 4-6 kg. This parameter will be important for those who wear it on the shoulder. In such a situation, you should pay attention to models made of aluminum alloys.


An overview of the features of electric scooters makes it possible to understand which model to choose for an adult, child or teenager. Please note that transport for a child should not reach high speed, otherwise the ride will become dangerous.

• KUGOO ES2 8.8 Ah for the city. Withstands 120 kg, develops a speed of up to 30 km / h. It covers a distance of 30 km on a single battery charge. Foldable frame, disc brakes.

• ZAXBOARD EL-8 for a child. A device that weighs little, but without any problems gives out a speed of 15 km / h. It has thermal protection, waterproofing, high-quality brakes. Installed a 150-watt motor.

• KUGOO Max Speed ​​500W 13 Ah with seat. A powerful scooter for those who love speed – accelerates up to 50 km / h. A seat is installed, and there is also a 500-watt engine. The cruising range on a single charge is 40 km.

Electric scooter is fast, light and environmentally friendly transport. If you choose it correctly, you can solve many of the problems that arise when trying to get from one point in the city to another.

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