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Pixie, bob and page: the most fashionable short women’s haircuts 2021


Recently, there has been a clear trend towards shorter haircuts among women. If you decide on a radical change of image, here are the top 7 most fashionable and relevant haircuts for short hair – from elongated variations to extremely radical solutions.

Whatever anyone claims about real female beauty, which is impossible without long curls, short haircuts break this opinion. They look more impressive and sexy, help girls emphasize their individuality and are suitable for different age categories. We’ve rounded up the trendiest short haircuts for women to try this year. Do not forget to save the option you like to show your master.


The undisputed favorite for several years now has been a fashionable bob haircut. In 2021, she remains among the most popular hair trends again. A bob haircut looks very gentle and romantic, gives the image weightlessness and negligence. It looks especially great with volumetric styling. This option is universal and flatters girls with any type of face, as it has a lot of options for execution and styling. That is why she is so loved. A straight classic haircut format is best suited for an oval-shaped face, an elongated, asymmetrical one with protruding strands or oblique bangs will go well with a round one, and an eccentric variation with shaved temples will be good for owners of a square face.


A favorite among those who prefer ultra-short, boyish haircuts has been the pixie haircut for many years. It completely opens the neck, ears and face, draws attention to them, emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and other advantageous features of appearance. Like other haircut options, pixie haircuts come in many variations, so it’s important to find a good stylist who can help you find the best option for your face type.

At one time, the fashion for pixies among celebrities was introduced by a lover of outrageous images, Kristen Stewart. The Twilight star loves this haircut and has been faithful to it for quite some time. And although now the actress has longer hair, in our time, the pixie haircut is strongly associated with Stewart.


When you want to scream to the whole world about your non-triviality and say “no" to the bob and bob haircuts that have become boring and mega-popular in recent years, the page haircut will be the ideal solution. Yes, the same haircut "under the pot" and Christian Dior’s favorite women’s hairstyle, which he introduced into fashion. The page combines outrageous and femininity, French luxury and mystery, it makes its owner very refined, standing out from others, and extraordinarily beautiful.

A bright representative of the retro image is Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. In 2019, the star decided to move away from the bob-car to a more current and modern variation of the “page” – her haircut has a shorter version and does not cover her ears. Experts note the convenience of the haircut, as well as its visual advantages: the page makes the hair thicker, lengthens the neck and seems to rejuvenate the image.

A waiter

Who said that naturally wavy hair and a short haircut are incompatible? Very much! The way out is a garcon haircut, which will appeal to those who want to finally win the daily struggle with curly curls when styling. This rather bold and daring version of a haircut for short hair has some visual similarities with a pixie, but they are completely different, have their own characteristics and differ in technique. The highlight of the garcon haircut is a harmonious combination of boyish courage with French feminine charm. Best suited for fragile girls with an oval or angular face type. This haircut looks, by the way, very seductive!

Bob with bangs

If you don’t want to part with bangs or, on the contrary, want to update your bob haircut, this option is for you. Bangs often give a more youthful, youthful appearance, so this is a winning option for those looking for an anti-aging haircut. Like the classic bob, bob with bangs continues to be a big hit with many women who have already made it part of their signature look. There is a certain magnetism and charm in this combination. You can also play with the variety of bangs, from super-short and thick to long, thin and frizzy. This will help to find your individuality and give zest to the image.

pixie asymmetry

Asymmetric pixie is another trendy version of the popular short haircut for women. It combines convenience, ease of care and incredible style that catches the eye of others, wherever you are. An asymmetrical haircut is good because it helps to hide facial features that do not suit you. For example, to remove attention from a wide forehead due to long bangs obliquely or to stretch the face due to the volume at the crown and shaved temples. An open face, neck and whiskey, average length, layering and enviable volume, as well as asymmetry allow you to create a very stylish and effective haircut that allows you to look younger and more modern. Ideal if you are a little over 40.

shaggy bob 

We are sure that someone very ingenious came up with a combination of two popular haircuts in one – bob + step. Firstly, layering and disheveledness is now in vogue. Secondly, due to the graduation and shaggyness, the haircut creates additional volume, which plays into the hands of the owners of fine hair. And, thirdly, this in itself careless hairstyle is distinguished by simple and unpretentious care. Short hair, shaggy bob in particular, does not require much attention. This beautiful, comfortable, explosive and full of energy hairstyle, reminiscent of a creative bob and textured bob, is suitable for connoisseurs of non-banal looks. It can be worn with the natural texture of the strands or curled up for a more festive look.

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