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Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10


What are the varieties of animated wallpaper

An interactive image that can be placed on the desktop suddenly comes to life and sets everything in motion. It pleases and creates a positive mood. The most common examples are themes with beautiful landscapes, starry skies, or the planet’s rich aquatic world. Complex images, on which animators and 3D specialists have been working for more than one month, allow the user to control its individual elements. You can change the color of the picture, add the characters you like, slow down the speed of movement, and also use other options.

Necessarily there are things necessary in everyday affairs: a calendar, a clock, a notebook, which can be removed or added. There are pictures with funny pictures for children to play as they move them from place to place. On the Internet, there are also three-dimensional images, where the volume of various elements is modified.

How to set live wallpaper in Windows 10

Windows 10 is not able to play animations on the desktop through the built-in tools. Even if you select an animated GIF when setting the wallpaper, you won’t get anything. However, this can be circumvented using third-party apps. Unfortunately, all more or less adequate software designed for this kind of tasks is paid.

You also need to be prepared for some of the negative consequences of placing this type of background image on your desktop:

  • Performance may decrease, especially in demanding applications;
  • Animation can slow down, especially if you have chosen a long animation for live wallpapers;
  • Sometimes various errors will appear in the reproduction of animation, the work of some programs.

Consider the available programs that allow you to implement your idea.

Program 1: Video Wallpaper

With this program, you can not only run the animation of live wallpapers in Windows 10, but even enable sound for them. True, it will rather interfere with work. This program is paid, but it has free support for 30 days. She also has an extensive library with different backgrounds themselves, which you can still customize for yourself, though not all. If among the presented list you have not found a suitable background for yourself, then you can simply download it from your computer. There is such an opportunity too.

Let’s take everything in order:

  1. Download the program installer from the official website and complete the installation. There is nothing complicated here, so we will not focus on this step. It is noteworthy that immediately after installation you will see an animated background on your desktop, selected from the collection of the program. It’s just a demonstration of how it works.
  2. By default, 4 templates are built into the program. You can delete them and create your own. Let’s create our own playlist as an example.

Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10

  1. To create a new playlist in this program, you will need to download animated files from the developer’s main site. The resolution of the downloaded files must match the resolution of the computer screen. The transition to the program gallery on the Internet is made by clicking on the button with three dots.
  2. The proposed items are conveniently sorted into categories. Select the category you are interested in, and then navigate to the wallpaper option you like best.
  3. When you click on the option you like, the site will offer you to save it to your computer. Save to a directory convenient for you.

Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10

  1. In the program interface, already click on the button in the form of two arrows. A context menu will appear, in which you need to select “New” if you downloaded only some file or “Folder” if a folder with wallpaper was downloaded.

Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10

  1. Add a new file using the plus button. “Explorer” will open, in which you need to select the desired file / folder.
  2. If you have added several files, then after a short period of time you will switch between them. To set this time, click on the stopwatch icon.
  3. Select the appropriate time period from the menu.

The animation playback is controlled through an interface similar to the interface of a regular player. There are buttons for switching to the next or previous video, stopping animation, switching to a regular desktop.

Program 2: DeskScapes

This program is a little more complex and expensive than the previous one. However, in terms of functionality, it is second only to the lack of the ability to install live wallpaper with sound. There is no normal translation into Russian, but after the end of the test period, the program will not ask you to buy the full version or write on the desktop that this is a trivial version.

Of the interesting features of this solution, it can be noted that it allows you to position an image on the desktop and add various interesting effects to it.

Installing live wallpaper on Windows 10 using this software solution follows the following instructions:

  1. At the stage of installing the application, you need to carefully look at the checkboxes, as the developer is trying in this way to “push” his other products. Remove them if you do not need these products.
  2. Also, at the registration stage, the program will ask you to enter your email. Indicate the current mailbox, as a letter will come to it with a link that you will need to follow. Without this manipulation, you will not be able to continue installing the program.
  3. After installation, the application is embedded in the context menu of the operating system. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select “Configure DeskScapes” from the list.

Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10

  1. A window will open with a standard set of wallpapers from the program. There are not only wallpapers with effects and animations, but also ordinary static ones. Animated wallpapers are indicated by a film-shaped icon. They can also be filtered by clicking on the filter icon (noted below) and choosing “Show Wallpapers” from there.
  2. The number of wallpapers built in here by default is small, so if you scroll through their feed to the end, you will see an offer to download new ones from a trusted site. To do this, click on the Download more backgrounds from WinCustomize … link.
  3. There are many pages with a wide variety of wallpaper options. You can sort them by category if necessary. Having found the most attractive option, click on the “Download” button, which is located below.
  4. After downloading the wallpaper folder, navigate to the main interface of the program. There, right-click on the white background. Select “Open folder” from the context menu.
  5. The folder will automatically open in File Explorer. In it, you need to transfer the file previously downloaded from the official website.
  6. To display it in the list of program backgrounds, press F5.
  7. Select the previously added wallpaper and click on “Apply to my desktop”.
  8. Using the buttons located above, you can adjust the picture to fit the screen or apply some effects to it.
  9. The new desktop wallpaper will apply. If you need to stop the animation, right-click on the free space and select “Pause DeskScapes” from the context menu. To restart, you will have to select the “Resume DeskScapes” item.

Unfortunately, some computers may experience a black screen or animation due to compatibility issues. The problem is solved as follows:

  1. You need to open the folder where you installed the program. If nothing was changed in the path settings during installation, then this will be the following address: С: Program Files (x86) DeskScapes
  2. Right click on Deskscapes.exe and select Properties.
  3. A window will open in which you want to move to the “Compatibility” section.
  4. Now check the box next to “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”. For example, we will indicate “Windows 8”. You also need to check the “Run this program as administrator” option. Click “Apply” and “Ok”.
  5. Similar actions need to be done for the Deskscapes64.exe and DeskscapesConfig.exe files.

Animated Wallpaper Maker

Unlike previous programs, Animated Wallpaper Maker allows you not only to install existing animated wallpapers on the “Desktop”, but also to create animations yourself from any images. There are both free and paid versions of the program. You can buy the latter for $ 35. The utility window is an editor that adds animations to ordinary pictures.

Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10

Animated Wallpaper Maker window is like photo editor

You can download the program from the official website. You can use the free trial first.


VLC is essentially a video player that can be installed on many operating systems. It plays various types of video files as well as streaming video. However, the utility is interesting in that it allows you to include any video in the live wallpaper mode.

Installing live wallpapers on the Windows 10 desktop. Adding live wallpapers to Windows 10

The function of watching video on “Desktop” is available in VLC

VLC is free to use. She has an official site from which it is recommended to download the installation file.

Third party utilities offer many live wallpaper options. Each user can find screensavers to their liking in the libraries of these programs. Wallpaper Engine uses computer graphics, while DeskScapes and Video Wallpaper uses real frames and computer graphics. DeskScapes and Video Wallpaper are paid utilities, but they are free to use for a short period. Wallpaper Engine has its own wallpaper store, where the user can purchase the themes he likes.

Interactive desktop with Wallpaper Engine

The next live wallpaper installer worthy of the user’s attention is Wallpaper Engine, you can download it at This application is notable for the fact that it consumes very little PC resources during operation, much less than the utilities described above. Another difference is the use of abstract animations instead of realistic videos.

Standard installation:

  1. Downloading the archive from the official site and unpacking it;
  2. Launching the installer intsaller.exe;
  3. Following his commands and waiting for the installation to complete.

Next, the setting follows:

1 Language selection, let’s go button.

2 Selecting the quality of the wallpaper, the “Next” button.

3 Connecting autorun and choosing the color of the windows, the “Next” button.

4 Confirm the completion of the setting by clicking on “Ready”.

To change the design of a desktop to a live picture, you need:

1 Click on the down arrow on the right side of the “Taskbar”.

2 Apply to the command “Change wallpaper”.

3 Select the design option you like and click OK.

Each wallpaper has its own settings, such as playback speed and others that are displayed on the right when a picture is selected. The Workshop tab is responsible for downloading new animations. You can buy premium options by going to the developer’s store by clicking on the corresponding button.

One of the most downloaded live wallpaper apps is the VLC media player. It has a number of advantages over other utilities:

  • distributed free of charge, you can download it here (official site);
  • suitable not only for “dozens”, but also for older OS versions;
  • works not only with WMV, but also with all video formats supported by the system, of which there are a lot;
  • allows you to set any video as a background, even from your personal library.

Installing the media player:

  1. By clicking the “Download VLC” button on the official resource, start downloading the installer (you can select the system version from the drop-down list next to the button);
  2. The download will start in a few seconds, during which the user can decide to donate to the project for support of 4 or 5 dollars by clicking on the corresponding buttons just below (optional);
  3. Select your language, accept the license, and follow the rest of the instructions until you fully install the product.

To make an animated desktop you should:

1 Download the media player and launch it.

2 Open any video from the catalog on PC via VLC.

3 Turn on the looping (repeat mode) by pressing the middle button in the leftmost group of three.

4 Call the context menu by right-clicking on the screen of the media player, where the selected video file is being played.

5 Expand the contents of the “Video” item.

6 Select the command “Desktop background”.

VLC has one drawback, which for some will be decisive, but for others it will seem insignificant. Moving wallpapers played by the media player cover the entire desktop along with shortcuts, leaving only the “Taskbar” and the contents of the “Start” visible.

There is a way out – you can use shortcuts from the desktop by going to them through the explorer. Another small drawback is the minimum display customizability. Turning off live wallpapers in VLC is done in the same way as turning it on (by unchecking the box “Desktop background”) or by simply closing the media player.

Other programs to set live wallpaper in Windows 10

Now you know: what are the live wallpapers on the desktop for Windows 10, how to install them quickly, and find the necessary tools to set personal parameters. It remains to choose the optimal application, if there is a desire to learn more about new programs of a similar type.

  • Pictures with animation from the DeskScapes company. The program will offer 40 special effects, uses the “Dream” format, which is designed to work with interactive pictures of various types, including hybrid ones – compiled by the user personally. The app costs $ 5, however, there is a 30-day trial version.
  • Abstract 3D images from Wallpaper Engine manufacturer. The program is notable for the sparing use of resources of physical memory and CPU load of the computer. Recommended for use on windows 10 and gets along well with this operating system. The creator is a German engineer, and the cost of the application will be 100 rubles.
  • Alternative utility VideoWallpaper. Using the presented tools of this program, you can easily create individual playlists. The compact and functional interface will be clear to any user. The app quickly adapts the video or animation to fit the screen. A shareware version for one month is also available.

Summing up

Before you start using the application and update the desktop, you need to check the performance of the computer, and then the correspondence of its capabilities to work with it.

Having understood one program, you can easily learn how to put live wallpapers on Windows 10, and master new useful features of other applications. Be sure to take the opportunity – take test versions of these programs. Over a thirty-day period, the minuses and pluses of the utility will “open up”, and there will also be confidence in whether it is worth giving money for licensed software.

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