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How to get rid of the VKontakte album?


By uploading photos to a social network, you get the opportunity to group them using albums. These are configurable directories for storing your photos.
If for some reason you need to delete an album in VK, then this can be done in a couple of minutes. Now I will show you how.

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Where are your albums on VKontakte?

To find them, go to your page and follow the link “My photos”. You will be presented with a list of all uploaded images. At the top of it, existing albums will be shown. In the upper right corner, you will find the link “Create album”. Use it to add a new one.

To view the photos uploaded to a specific album, just click on it with the mouse cursor.

How to delete a VKontakte album

First we need to go to the album itself. To do this, find it in the list and open it. Please note that you cannot delete the following albums in VK:

  • Photos with me
  • Saved Photos
  • Photos from my page

They are created automatically when you add photos to the appropriate section.

So, we go back to the album that we decided to delete. It should already be open. In the upper right corner, click on the link “Edit album”.

You will be taken to edit mode. Here we need to click on the “Delete album” link. You can see its location in the picture below.

A confirmation form will appear. In it, we need to click the “Delete” button .

The album will be deleted, along with the photos it contains.

Please note – to delete an album in a group, use the same procedure.


Do not forget to make a copy of the photos from the deleted album. Otherwise, they will disappear from VK. It is best to first move them to another directory.

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