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5 simple hacks to make your headphones last longer by


We all use headsets on daily bases. However, dirt spoils not only the appearance but also the sound of the headphones are easily clogged with earwax and sound muffled. Even worse, the bacteria can cause ear infections and damage your hearing while playing games, working or studying. Dark Project headset’s developers recommending to follow some simple steps to clean and keep your headsets in a good condition which will last a long time.

First of all, every headset has its own specification which is written on the package or in the instruction book. But it is a big cheesel to always clean with the special tools your devices, however, the main thing is not to add unnecessary chemicals, and never use sanitiser.

Secondly, you should have a soft cloth, such as microfiber, with you to wipe the ear pads after each use. It will absorb sweat and grease, which remain on the surface, forming stains and a layer of dirt over time.

One of the important issues is never to use leather polishes, cleaners, or high sodium soaps. This will definitely increase the use of the headsets without replacing components. Never wash the headsets under the water, only some parts might be washed in the water, but for that, you have to check the instruction.

Fourth, if you use any cleaning tools such as brushes, always check for bristle residue in small spaces after cleaning.

Many people just leave the headphones on the table. Our fifth recommendation is not to hang them by the wire and not leave them lying on the table, as the wire may break or stretch, the headphones may be deformed, and if you spill any liquid, it may get inside. To do this, it is best to use a special headset holder such as GLHF or put it in a case, which sometimes comes with the kit.

What to do if water gets into the headphones?

Some people think that after getting wet, you need to put the devices on charge so that they dry faster. This error can cause a short circuit. The contacts inside will melt, and the headphones will not be recoverable. This also applies to drying on a battery, open sun, and using a hot hair dryer.

First, drain the water by positioning the sound output hole downwards, and lightly tap on the top. Transfer to a soft dry cloth with the speaker lowered, and leave for a few days to dry. Use silica gel beads to draw out moisture. You can also contact one of the service centres to fix the problem.

There is nothing complicated in these rules, but they are very effective in increasing the life of the headsets. Then you will not need to purchase a new device or suffer from poor sound quality, and discomfort and of course, it will always be much more enjoyable to play your favourite video games.

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