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How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably


How to keep your phone charged longer

We do not always manage to charge a mobile phone on time. There are unforeseen situations when the charge is running out. If you see that your mobile phone is about to go out, and there is nowhere to charge it, you need to take a number of actions.

  • Disable absolutely all functions, including vibration. When the charge is running out, do not waste it on Bluetooth, Internet, Wi-Fi. This will win you a couple of hours.
  • Disconnect your phone. You are not expecting an urgent call – turn off the device. Turn it on when you need to make an important call.
  • Do not expose your phone to the sun. For emergency charging, you can expose the battery in the sun, but if you want to extend the charge on an uncharged device, put your phone in a dark place. This way it will consume less energy.

The methods of charging the phone with the help of improvised means are very primitive. Nobody can give a 100% guarantee that they will be effective. Therefore, do not be lazy to purchase a quality portable charger. It will save you from unforeseen situations. You can take it on a hike, on a trip, or just keep it at home just in case. And then you can always stay connected.

How do I charge my laptop in a car?

If you’re going on a long trip, you can relieve yourself of the stress of charging your laptop at home by doing it in your car. Laptops can be charged in the car while the car’s engine is running. It is well known that phones can be charged in a car, but charging a laptop via a car is rare. The car must have a cigarette lighter. The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is plug the cord into the car port for lighting. The computer end of the card must be connected to the laptop.

Once connected, you may notice that the laptop has started charging. If not, then you have to work on charging. The charging power of cars is only about 5V. It’s big enough to charge phones and tablets, but not laptops. Laptops require power supply up to 220V. Thus, a device should be used that will increase the power of the car charger. To do this, simply plug the inverter into the car’s charging port. The inverter will be powered by the car battery and therefore the laptop can be successfully charged in the car. The main disadvantage of this method is that the car battery is easily discharged.

How to charge a laptop using your phone

Your phone can be your last resort if you are faced with a situation where you need a little power to complete a task with your laptop. Phones with a USB Type C port can be used to power the laptop. The laptop must also have a USB Type C port. The procedure is very straightforward and straightforward. Just plug the cable into the USB port of your phone and laptop. The USB options will appear on your phone screen. Select the first option, which reads “Power up another connected device.”

You will now notice that your laptop has started charging. The phone won’t supply that much power to your laptop, but it will have enough power to power your laptop at critical times. Macbooks come with a USB Type C port that supports USB charging. Thus, it can be charged via the recommended power banks and phones. It is pertinent to provide for the aforementioned methods of charging a laptop without using traditional laptop chargers. Indeed, it can save you stress and make your day. Check out my other article, “How to Make Easy Laptop Data Backups”. Have you ever tried to charge your laptop without a charger? Let me know in the comment section.

When is USB charging possible?

Even some 5 years ago, when asked whether it is possible to charge a laptop via USB, any specialist would answer that it is impossible to charge a laptop without charging via USB, since such a possibility is not provided for by the protocol specification. Charging a laptop via USB came into use after Apple released the Macbook pro 2016, which was equipped with a universal port. The latter made it possible to recharge the device by connecting peripherals.

USB Power Delivery Standard

From all that has been said, it follows that the device can be recharged only through a special Type C connector. One of the specifications enclosed in them is the open standard USB Power Delivery (USB-PD). They provide for the transfer of power between gadgets with similar ports.

To determine the purpose of the connector, it is enough to carefully study the documentation supplied with the laptop. There, the functionality of each port is detailed.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

List of some laptop models that support USB type C charging

Using auto inverter

Many car owners with laptops are faced with the problem of suddenly dead battery. The solution to this problem is to purchase a special car inverter that converts 12 V of the on-board network into 220 V, to which you can connect your own laptop charger.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Car inverter

The inverter is connected in accordance with the instructions attached to it, and the laptop is connected to it through an adapter.

For some laptops, car power adapters are available that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter, as shown in the photo below. Pay attention to the line “OUTPUT” in the characteristics, the output of the device is 19 V, suitable for most laptops, and there is also a USB with support for Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Example of a cigarette lighter adapter

Do not use a higher power adapter

The risk of breaking your laptop will increase dramatically if you connect to a power supply with a higher power than the “native” adapter. Typically, the voltage should be no more than 19 volts, the current strength should not exceed 3 amperes.

Standard methods

It is recommended to try these methods only in extreme cases – for example, when charging is needed urgently – and only for experienced users who know how to work with power supply. In the worst case, you can burn the device and get burned from the mains.

We charge the battery separately

The only way to properly charge your laptop battery separately is by using a 19 volt power adapter. You can make it yourself. This manual is suitable for both non-removable and detachable batteries.


  • standard or equivalent power adapter;
  • socket suitable for the plug of the adapter used;
  • multimeter;
  • several copper wires;
  • insulating tape;
  • soldering iron.


  1. Pick up the laptop battery and examine the contacts. Modern batteries use a complex system of diagnostics and voltage distribution, so the standard number of terminals can reach up to 7 pieces or more.
  2. Determine the polarity of the battery. Often in such devices the same scheme operates: the middle fragment is “plus”, the extreme ones are “minus”.

On some models, segment charges are indicated directly. If this data is not available, consult the manufacturer’s information on the battery. No data there – connect a multimeter to find “plus” and “minus”. If measurement is difficult due to plastic overlays in the honeycomb, insert paper clips into the far left and right contacts.

  1. Strip the copper wires and attach to the pins you define as positive and negative.
  2. Insulate the wires with electrical tape.
  3. Attach the prepared wires to the connector pins.
  4. Connect the plug of the power supply, plug it in.
  5. The process of recharging the battery should start.

Power Bank

Powerbank, also known as powerbank, is a portable charger that allows you to charge your computer anywhere. An additional advantage is that when charging reaches 100%, the unit automatically stops supplying current to the device, which will help conserve the laptop’s battery life.

A standard laptop needs a powerful 45 watts or more power bank, otherwise the device simply won’t charge. Lighter Ultrabooks can run on medium power storage.

List of actions:

  1. Charge the powerbank.
  2. Connect a special USB adapter to the device.
  3. Plug the second connector of the adapter into the laptop USB Type-C port.

If you connect the device to the “old” Type-B port, the laptop will also charge, but much slower. In this way, you can recharge your computer from several portable chargers and increase the standard battery life.

How long will it take

It depends on various indicators: battery volume, current strength, and so on. On average, with a power of over 45 watts, the battery will charge from 0 to 100% in 3 hours.

The minimum power of the power supply is 12 V × voltage 3.5 A = 42 W.

What is the main difficulty

The batteries supplying electricity to the laptop must only be charged with a current of certain characteristics. Deviation, both upward and downward, can provoke battery failure, and in the case when charging is carried out through a laptop socket, expensive electronic components burn out.

The permissible voltage range at which the laptop battery can be charged is indicated on its case. When connecting on your own, you cannot do without using a multimeter, which must be in good condition and show values ​​with an accuracy of tenths.

Despite the fact that any wires can be connected with a simple twist, this is not worth doing. In such places, as a rule, heat occurs, which can lead to melting of the insulation and a short circuit. Therefore, to perform work, you cannot do without soldering equipment and materials.

In addition to the listed difficulties, an alternative source of electricity must provide a current of a certain value. If the ampere charge is exceeded, the battery and laptop may also be damaged.

We charge from the cigarette lighter

This device will allow not only to restore the battery power, but also to use the laptop during long trips by car. Even if you do not have a car, you can use this device if you purchase a small 12 V battery and a cigarette lighter socket, the contacts of which should be connected to the corresponding battery terminals.

How can I fail to charge?

But before moving on to working methods, and, unfortunately, there are not so many of them, you need to talk a little about the useless, completely not worth wasting time. The first of these is attempts to charge a laptop without charging through a standard USB connector.

An owner who vaguely understands that when a phone, player or other portable device is connected through the port, not only data is transferred, but also recharging, may conclude: why not try in the opposite direction?

It would seem that this is no more difficult than making wireless charging with your own hands. In fact, charging a laptop in this way will not work for two main reasons:

  • unidirectional streaming – USB Gen 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 ports are designed to be recharged from the carrier according to accepted standards, not vice versa;
  • too low voltage – even if the first limitation were removed (it is basically possible to do this), 5 volts used to connect portable devices and, accordingly, 2.5–4.5 watts are clearly not enough to power a laptop that requires about 15–20 volts and from 40 watts.

Without using a transformer, which for a user who only wants to quickly and correctly charge a laptop left without a charger, it will not be possible to solve the problem – which means that you finally need to remove your smartphone from the USB port and try any of the methods described below.

The second non-working option is to use an incompatible charger from a laptop of another model or from another manufacturer. It’s not worth telling that companies use different power supply standards and external attributes – plugs – in their chargers (even within the same line).

Important: the plug of a third-party charger, even of a suitable diameter, may have a different polarity or a set of contacts, which means that connecting it to a laptop will not give a positive result.

At best, a user who dares to test it in practice will see that the laptop battery is not charging.

Be that as it may, before using someone else’s charging, it is worth looking at what voltage, current and power it provides (the corresponding data is on the “box” in the center of the cord in the Output section), and compare with the recommended manufacturer – they are easy found by turning the laptop over and finding the factory sticker on the case.

Universal charger

If you don’t have the original charger with you, but there is an outlet in the reach, a universal charger will help out – a power supply, to which several “attachments” -plugs are attached.

We use an electric generator

In modern realities, many users resort to using gadgets such as solar panels or any other portable generators in order to charge their personal devices. Such an attitude towards such types of recharging is quite justified, since the battery is often replenished quite quickly.

The main negative feature of such gadgets is their dependence on certain weather phenomena, which makes it somewhat difficult to use at home.

  1. The first thing to do is to purchase the device you need from an electronics store.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

In our case, this is a solar battery, due to the maximum compactness.

  1. Do not forget to check with consultants the power of the gadget, touching on the topic of recharging your laptop.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

  1. With the device with you, use the appropriate adapter to connect the power generator to the laptop’s charging socket.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

  1. Usually the required set of adapters is supplied with the gadget.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

  1. Once connected, make sure the source works without any problem.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

  1. For some amount of time after the start, the energy will gradually transfer to the base battery of the laptop.

Such generators are able to maintain voltage in themselves, being a kind of Power Bank. That is, for example, you can leave a solar battery in the open air and soon it will be able to power all your devices.

The storage capacity depends on the generator model.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

This completes the instructions.

Regardless of the method you choose to charge the battery, you will be able to replenish the battery’s energy reserve. And although all methods are quite equivalent, in the absence of the necessary details and knowledge, it will be much more profitable to get a new power adapter.

Without the use of a charger

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Charging a gadget without connecting a charger

The advantage of such a gadget over a stationary computer is its mobility: a laptop can be easily taken with you and used wherever you are. The disadvantage is its short battery life. Usually after 2-3 hours the device needs to be plugged in and recharged. In this regard, it becomes necessary to search for alternative methods without using a cord.

we charge the battery without the gadget itself

This option is one of the most dangerous, but despite this it is often used at home.

For this you will need:

  • charging;
  • battery;
  • multimeter;
  • insulating tape and copper wire.

First you need to find the exit “+” and “-“. This can be done using a multimeter or according to the factory designations. Then connect two wires to them and fix with electrical tape. Then check for bandwidth availability. If all is well, then you will need to connect the other end of the wires to the charging block.

we use an external battery

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Using Power Bank

The method will fill the battery anywhere. Before you can restore the battery’s performance without using the charger, you need to take an external battery (its capacity can be completely different). It must be charged via the mains power adapter.

In this case, we are talking about a device under the general name Power Bank. It is used to charge the battery of various portable gadgets.


  1. Connect the USB type-c adapter to the external battery.
  2. Connect the wire to one of the USB type-c ports. The device will then start charging.

Solar battery

A solar battery is good because it allows you to get energy without an outlet and without electricity at all. It is mobile and can be used anywhere, as long as there is sun in the sky. The use is very simple: the battery is connected to the laptop via the power cable.

 You cannot use the device while charging, since the solar battery for a laptop does not have enough power to simultaneously provide power for operating and charging the gadget.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

And the sun in the sky can hide behind clouds, or the weather changes suddenly, so it’s easier to get a full battery than to work and be left without power at all.

How to save the battery

Several years ago, when buying any equipment with a battery, sellers in stores advised to fully charge and discharge the device several times in order to “tune” the battery for correct operation. This method went to the Internet and to this day is an unshakable recommendation from “experts”. The truth is that the logic behind these actions was only for nickel-cadmium batteries, which have a memory effect.

That is, having fully charged and discharged the battery, the user indicated – these are the lower and upper thresholds. If the buyer did not take these actions, then the battery “got used” that 30% is the lower threshold (it was at this time that the buyer put the smartphone / laptop on charge), and 93% was the upper one (the user was tired of waiting, and the remaining 7% was not critical). Thus, the consumer independently reduced the capacity of his battery by 37%.

In modern laptops, phones and other gadgets, lithium-ion batteries are used, which have no memory effect, which means there are no recommendations on how to properly charge a new laptop battery. The only thing you need to know about how to extend the service life is the operating rules.

  1. The device with the battery must not be exposed to strong external heat. That is, keeping your laptop near a battery or in the sun is not the wisest decision. When working in hot seasons, consider purchasing a cooling pad.
  2. A similar situation with low temperatures. It is not recommended to work on a laptop at subzero temperatures, and even entering a room from a cold street, you should give the device at least an hour to warm up.
  3. Do not subject the battery to constant charging. If the user is constantly working near the outlet, and the laptop is connected to it, then it is better to remove the battery. At the same time, it must be used periodically, otherwise it will deteriorate.
  4. Do not leave the battery uncharged for a long time.
  5. The optimal charge level is between 30 and 90% percent. These parameters are not critical, you can put the device on charge or remove it from it earlier, that is, in the range of 30-90%, but you should not cross these boundaries. When working, there is no difficulty in looking at the battery level and disconnecting the device from the network and reconnecting at the right time.
  6. It is recommended to calibrate the battery a couple of times a year.
  7. With autonomous power supply, you should refrain from using resource-intensive programs. Obviously, you should not load the device as much as possible when it is running on battery power – you can set the brightness to medium, and choose an economical or balanced power scheme.
  8. If the user is using a gadget while traveling and does not use wireless networks, then it is worth activating the air mode. In this case, the battery will last longer, since it will not constantly try to find an available Wi-Fi.

we charge the battery without the gadget itself

The point is disconnecting the battery from the PC and using other tools to replenish the missing power. In this case, you should still have an adapter from the device at hand. Any other that meets the technical specifications will do.

we use an external battery

This is a very convenient way with which it is possible to charge both at home and elsewhere. It can be used if the charging from the PC is broken, as it is not required. All that is needed to implement this method is the purchase of a special battery.

The dimensions and power of such a device may vary. Chosen in accordance with the requirements of the laptop.

It is convenient to purchase a Power Bank, because it can be used to recharge a laptop and other portable gadgets.

Charging process:

  1. Fully charge the external battery.
  2. An adapter is connected to it.
  3. The same actions are carried out with the port on the PC.

we use an electric generator

Now they use devices such as solar panels and other compact energy generators. And this is appropriate, because recharging happens very quickly. There are drawbacks to choosing this method of replenishing the lack of charge. For example, dependence on the weather. It is practically impossible to charge in this way at home.

When buying in a store, you should definitely check the power and ask if there are any features for recharging your PC.

An adapter is used to connect the generator. As a rule, all the necessary items come with a gadget. After connecting, check for interruptions and other problems in work.

This is the most modern and eco-friendly way to charge your laptop without charging over the network.

Screen dimming

The screen consumes most of the phone’s battery and offers you a bright and crisp display.

In this regard, you may be able to save a little power by lowering the brightness level of the screen.

Use of alternative energy sources

During outdoor recreation, far from settlements, you can use alternative energy sources.

One of the newest options is solar panels. These batteries are good for outdoor use. They are renowned for their ease of use and reliability. However, this method cannot be used if there is no sun. In addition, energy replenishment can take a relatively long time. Therefore, it would be better to choose a Power bank with solar batteries for these purposes and charge your smartphone from it.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Solar panels

Another source of energy is wind. To get energy from the wind, you will need to purchase a case with a fan in advance. It will come in handy in windy places with few sunny days. The design is small and fits easily into a backpack.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Fan case

Another model that may be needed in a place where there is no sun or wind is a hand dynamo. This is a relatively inexpensive gadget. However, in order to replenish it with electricity, you will need to physically work with your hand.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Hand dynamo

Which models support wireless charging

You can also use Qi wireless charging to recharge your smartphone. Gadgets starting with the iPhone 8 support this feature. Here is a list of all models that support the Qi interface:

  • 2017 models: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • 2018 models: iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR
  • 2019 models: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

In order to recharge the iPhone with electricity using a Qi device, you need to connect it to the electrical network, and then place the smartphone on it with the display up.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Wireless charger

Speed ​​up battery charging

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

To speed up the charging time and not spend hours fully charging your iPhone, just follow a couple of simple steps:

  • We turn on “Airplane mode” – it will help to save a lot of time for filling the iPhone battery, reduce the time by 30%
  • We reduce the backlight of the iPhone screen to the minimum, the backlight drains the battery of the smartphone great, we must remember this.
  • After we have charged the iPhone battery by 50-70%, we turn off all unnecessary functions, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, it is they, more than all other functions, that consume valuable energy. This will give us the freedom to use the Internet, but still be able to take an important call while we get to the outlet.

Tips for non-civilized people

If you are far from civilization, then you probably prepared and took at least one “miracle” of devices, which will be described below. If you are a novice traveler or extreme, then you should familiarize yourself with a few more options on how to charge an iPhone of any model without a charger, away from home. Technological progress does not stand still, all new methods and devices are being invented for generating electricity from unexpected sources.


  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability


  • Small margin of safety
  • It takes a long time to charge an iPhone or other smartphone

Conquering the winds

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

How to charge your phone without electricity while away from home? consider the use of wind power. A wind generator for an iPhone is a fairly popular gizmo, especially among climbers and travelers to places where the sun does not shine so often. At sea and in the mountains, the scope is extensive.

Alternative energy sources

Another way to charge your iPhone if there is no charge is to use the gifts of nature. Modern technologies are presented today in a smaller, portable version. Mini-batteries, “pocket” wind or solar generators.

From the sun

Solar panels appear to be the energy source of the future. In the near future, gasoline and gas will recede into the background, but for now, provide all of humanity with electricity only with the help of radiation from the nearest star. But in some areas, solar panels have found application. Apple plans in the future to create a hybrid smartphone that could work simultaneously from the electrical grid and from the sun. But so far it remains only a project.

Charge in a public place

In the city, over 200 thousand people, the owner of the iPhone will be able to charge the smartphone without charging. Civilization gave birth to public places, and with them free outlets with the same electricity. Where can I charge my iPhone without charging:

  1. In the mall. Points for recharging the battery are located near cafes, food outlets or in the central part of the store, where a place for mass gatherings is provided. Now there are places for the distribution of electric charge via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi.
  2. You will find the same service in an Internet cafe. In Russia, they are not as widespread as in Europe, most often this function is combined by coffee shops and other food outlets where alcoholic beverages are not sold.
  3. Famous chain cafes: McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and local chain stores will not leave customers in trouble, you eat and charge your iPhone wirelessly. Digital technology stores have included smartphone charging in the list of services. The cost of the order is from 50 to 150 rubles. depending on the charging time of the gadget.

How iPhone charges faster

The dream of every smartphone owner is instant charging. I urgently need to run to work, a date, and my beloved iPhone goes into hibernation. It will not be superfluous to find out in advance 3-4 ways on how to charge a gadget in extreme conditions. Four popular ways:

  1. Make a secret maneuver – disable “Airplane mode”. Background programs consume most of the power under normal conditions. When you turn off wireless, geolocation, sync and other applications, charging will go 2 times faster.
  2. Turn on Power Saving Mode. The manufacturer recommends using these settings at all times. When the option is turned on, the power of the smartphone is reduced, background applications are turned off, the iPhone consumes less energy. The battery will charge faster and the device will save power later.
  3. Use a powerful charger. A computer or laptop is not suitable in this case, as it gives too little voltage in the network. The set with the new iPhone comes with a charger of low or medium power – 5 or 12 watts. USB adapter 29W or more sold separately at Apple retail stores or authorized resellers.

While the iPhone is charging, our hands are looking for something to do, so we are in a hurry to play a game or flip through the feed on social networks. If you are waiting for a quick charge, this habit should be eliminated, as your actions consume additional energy. Get busy cooking, reading a book, or collecting things.

A smart way to always stay in touch is to carry an extra battery with you, then in an emergency there will always be a way to extend the “life” of your smartphone.

How to charge iPhone without using a special device?

There are several ways:

  • You can make up for the lack of energy with a USB cable – just use it to connect your device to a computer, laptop, tablet and any other source of energy.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

USB charging

  • Using an external battery or powerbank – such devices are able to recharge your iPhone several times for a maximum of one cycle of its own energy supply. External batteries are also charged via the network and are an excellent option for those who often need to recharge the gadget. They take up little space, are produced by many manufacturers – be careful when choosing, do not unnecessarily save on them.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

External battery

  • Cases with built-in batteries. If you don’t like carrying around a separate device, as in the previous case, you can buy a case that can charge your iPhone. It also needs to be pre-“filled” with energy, and when you are on the road, the cover can provide several days of gadget operation. Note that such a result naturally depends on the battery capacity of the device itself.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Case with built-in battery

And, of course, to many, such a device will seem even a better solution than an external battery, since the case additionally performs another main function – it protects the device from damage and scratches.

  • Solar panels. They are somewhat reminiscent of a powerbank, but they do not need to be charged from electricity. All you need to do is connect the phone to the battery, put it in a sunny place and wait a little. This is very convenient, especially in summer and spring, when the days are longer and the sun is shining stronger. In addition, this option is better because you do not need to pre-charge the battery – solar energy will be an excellent way out when you cannot connect to other sources.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Solar panels

  • Fire-burning devices. Yes, you can charge the battery with real fire. For this, there are special blocks that convert heat into electrical energy. True, they are not as effective as other means, but in extreme cases they will save the phone from completely shutting down.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Devices working on fire

  • In the same way, there are wind turbines that can restore charge using the wind. If there is no wind, you can compensate for it with your own jogging, or use the device for walks, when cycling. True, it will take 5-6 hours to fully charge.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Wind generator

It is worth noting that in the future, chargers in the form of a power supply with a cable may disappear, as plates for wireless power supply will become more common. Why? This way you can to a greater extent save the charging connector, which quickly deteriorates due to the constant use of the cable.

Via USB port

If you only have a USB cable at hand, you can use it and your computer to charge your mobile device. For this, USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors are suitable. The disadvantage of this method is that the cable has insufficient power, so it will take a lot of time to reach 100% charge.

If you connect the USB cable to the adapter, you can use a wall outlet instead of a computer. This method will be faster, but it will take up to several hours to wait.

Battery case

The battery case is an innovative development invented for those who constantly need to charge their phone when the network is not nearby. This device works in the following way:

  1. We install the mobile phone inside. To do this, pull back the top edge and insert the device.
  2. We charge. While in the charging case, the iPhone works automatically. In order not to waste extra energy, control the level on the screen of your mobile device.
  3. We remove from the charge. To do this, pull back the top edge and take out the phone.

The charging case also needs to be recharged. It uses a USB Lightning cable and any user-friendly power source. You can use a licensed “charger” for the iPhone.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Since such a case is not equipped with any indicators, its charge level must be monitored through an Apple device. To do this, place the phone for charging in the case, after which two battery indicators will be displayed on its screen – the main one and for the Smart Battery Case.

What is better not to do

Sometimes iPhone users who can’t charge their device go to extreme measures to do so or neglect safety rules. Such users should know in advance what absolutely must not be done:

  • constantly use uncertified chargers. There are hundreds of known cases of mobile phone fires, battery failure, and serious breakdowns. The reasons for these problems were non-original chargers. Cheap counterparts will do your iPhone a disservice, so it’s better to pay more and buy the original Lightning;
  • try to disassemble the phone yourself. You should especially not do this if you are not versed in mobile devices. You can be sure that as a result you will have to contact the service center;
  • Do not leave the mobile to charge after the battery is fully charged. This has a big impact on the battery and shortens its life;
  • follow the instructions. Additional chargers must be used strictly in accordance with it. Do not neglect the safety rules and the battery will serve you for a long time.

Experts recommend keeping your charge at a medium level. It ranges from 40% to 80%. It is better not to bring the charge level to 100% and do not allow it to fall to 0%: this will wear out the battery. Ideally, charge your device more often, but for a shorter period of time.

What to do if the iPhone does not charge from the original charging

A lot of people face this problem. An original wire made by a major American company can break for a variety of reasons. This can be incorrect handling, common technical problems, inoperability of the connector itself on the phone, and much more. Consider solutions in cases where the standard factory charger does not charge the iPhone:

  1. Software error. Sometimes there are malfunctions of the program that sends signals to a special charging controller (microcircuit). If the software is in a “frozen” state, then the phone will not be able to recognize that the current has already flowed. There is a simple solution – simultaneously on the iPhone, hold down and hold the Nome and Power buttons for about 30 seconds before restarting. After that, the smartphone should start charging.
  2. Contamination of the port that helps to charge the smartphone. A common problem that arises for those people who like to carry a mobile phone in their pocket. Debris gets into the lighting hole and obstructs the current flow. The solution is simple – take a simple toothpick and use it to get out the dirt, and then blow it thoroughly. Everything, you can connect / charge.
  3. Faulty USB port. If you do not know how to charge an iPhone without charging and use a cord connected to a PC or laptop, then you should definitely check all inputs for operability. The problem is solved like this: just plug the wire into another USB port or use a regular 220V plug – you can charge.
  4. Faulty cable. It so happens that when the wire is connected, the phone does not show any signs. This means that somewhere in the cord there is a gap that can only be repaired by a specialist. The best way out is to buy a new charger for your iPhone.

Charge your phone with another charger

If none of the above methods turned out to be useful, then there is one option that is better to resort to as a last resort – to connect the iPhone battery directly to other chargers. You should immediately make a reservation – using this method is a dangerous occupation both for a person and for a device, which in any case will have to be opened. Observe safety measures – carry out the operation with rubber gloves, do not touch the bare wires with your skin. Diagram of how to charge iPhone 4 without charging (original):

  1. Disassemble the iPhone, disconnect the battery.
  2. Take any device for charging, cut off the connector to connect to the phone.
  3. Connect two exposed wires of different colors to the contacts on the battery, on which there are polarity indicators (blue to +, red to -).
  4. Press the wires firmly and secure with electrical tape.
  5. If you did everything correctly, then when you turn on the iPhone will show signs of life.

Via computer USB port

Without the original charger, the iPhone can be charged via the USB port on the work computer. All you need is a suitable cable and a USB 2.0 or 3.0 connector. The phone connects directly to the PC for charging. The main disadvantage of this option is low power, and the phone will receive 100% for a long time.

With fire

There is also an option to charge the iPhone with fire, but the device is weak in power, but it helps to restore the smartphone for 2-3 hours of operation. Food is carried out only during the combustion of any materials (firewood, cones, leaves, etc.). The design includes a plate that heats up from a fire and a vessel where water is used. The temperature is different, so a current is generated that allows power to be supplied to the iPhone.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Options for the resourceful

Resourceful people can use non-standard methods, but they can become dangerous for any technique. For example, there is a direct charge option, and to implement it, you will need to disassemble the iPhone and remove the battery. After that, perform step by step:

  1. Find any charger from an old mobile device and cut off the plug.
  2. Cut off some winding from the cord to separate the wires.
  3. Strip the insulation layer by about 5 mm.
  4. Connect the positive and negative wires to the battery, and secure with insulating tape for reliability.
  5. Plug the device into a power source.

Using the described option, it is forbidden to touch the battery with your hands when powered, since it will get very hot and not leave the device turned on for more than 1 hour. If the battery begins to swell or smoke appears, unplug it immediately.

The described method is extreme, and to restore performance for a few minutes in order to make 1-2 calls, more humane options are suitable:

  1. Remove the battery, stick tape on the contacts and insert it back. Sometimes this allows you to make a short call.
  2. Heat up a small piece of metal and attach to the battery. Due to the rise in temperature, the charge will increase, but it is enough for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Remove the battery and knock it a little on a table or other hard objects, keeping it intact.

If it becomes scary, there is no confidence in the effectiveness of any method, then it is better not to use the recommendations, but to use safer means to restore the charge. The video shows 10 proven methods for charging a smartphone:

Connect the battery

Next comes the hardest part. After all, the fact is that there are not two contacts on the battery, but several 6-7 contacts at once. This number is due to the fact that modern lithium-ion batteries are assembled from several batteries. If they are charged unevenly, it will cause fire or other serious defects. For this, additional contacts have been created: they are responsible for the safety of battery operation.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

When connecting, it is important to observe the polarity

We only need the negative and positive poles. As practice shows, they are located as follows: two on one edge and two on the other. You can determine what charge they have with a multimeter. With a positive value on the device, it will be displayed with a “+” sign, with a negative value – with a “-” sign. The tester probes may be too thick, so for convenience, you can tape metal needles to them with electrical tape.

The wires must be connected to the power adapter and to the battery itself. Moreover, a resistor must also be included in this circuit. We connect the adapter directly through the connector that plugs into the socket on the laptop. We attach the positive wire to the inside, and the negative wire to the outside. It is important to ensure that the wires do not cross. Otherwise, your circuit will be closed.

We connect the resistor to the cable with the “+” sign. It is advisable to solder the wires for this to the device. The set resistance should be 30-60 ohms. To begin with, for the sake of safety, you can make it higher, and then subtract it. In fact, the resistor here only serves as insurance. You can do without it, but if you do not want the battery to burn out during a power surge, it is better to install it.

Having completely connected all the elements of the circuit, we connect the adapter to the outlet. During the entire charge, you must monitor the condition of the battery. If it overheats, it is better to stop this “experiment”.

Charging with third party power supplies

There are many accessories on the electronic market that can be used to successfully recharge your battery. This can be PowerBank from various manufacturers and a variety of portable drives. The system of their work is extremely clear – you connect the gadget to the phone and enjoy the result.

1 With the help of a portable battery or as it is called in another way Power Bank, you do not have to worry about how much percentage is on your phone, because you carry a “second battery” with you. At the moment, the choice and pricing policy of such devices is very large, and you can find exactly the one that will suit you in terms of color, price and characteristics. How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably2 Portable batteries powered by nature. Not so long ago, devices that have appeared on the shelves have already won the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts. If your phone is down, and you are high in the mountains, on a sunny beach, or maybe just in the country, power sources are suitable for you, which will help you charge your smartphone with fire, wind or the energy of the sun.How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Charging in public places without charger

It so happens that you went shopping in a mall or decided to have a cup of coffee with friends, and your smartphone suddenly gives out an ominous red battery. Even if there is no charger at hand, there is a way out. In addition to a variety of accessories, there are very convenient and effective ways to charge an iphone or other smartphone if you are in a public place. We can offer you some of them:

1 Special terminals for charging devices. These are special cells, inside of which there are several types of charging cords, you can leave your phone there for a while and return for it whenever you want, and it will already be waiting for you with a full battery and ready for further use. Such cases are only gaining popularity, so you can find them inside the buildings of the airport, railway station, large shopping centers and cafes.How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably2 If you are in a cafe, then most likely you can ask the bartender at the counter or the waiter to put the phone on charge for a while. Almost every cafe has such a completely free service. 3 Walking around the Mall, you can go to your phone’s brand store or any other electronics store and ask to put your phone on a little recharge. You are unlikely to be refused, since such stores have chargers for almost any phone model. 4 If you are driving, do not get upset by stopping in for a gas station while your car is refueling, you can ask to recharge your phone a little while you yourself have a cup of tea or coffee. This service is also free.

iPhone is dead but not charged: 5 tips for what to do

Many of us have found ourselves in situations where the iPhone is about to run out of power in the middle of the day, the smartphone shows only 10% charge and flashes threateningly red, and there is no charger at hand. And while we are in the city center, there are no friends nearby who would borrow a charger. What can be done in this case? Here are five helpful tips.

It makes no sense to give such obvious advice, how to always carry a charger or a portable charger that does not require an outlet. Moreover, in megacities, every second smartphone owner always has a charger with him. But it also happens that we can simply forget to take this vital item with us, accidentally leaving it in another bag or on the nightstand. Therefore, we will try to decide what to do if neither charging nor portable charger is in your arsenal.

Here are some simple and effective ways to charge your iPhone when you don’t have a charger. Namely, we will tell you about the places where they can help you solve this problem.

1. If you are in or near a shopping mall, find a store that has charging lockers. Usually in some stores of well-known networks there are small cabinets with chargers for various connectors. And while you try on clothes, your phone will be charged.

A similar service is available, for example, in the Moskva bookstore on Tverskaya Street. Contact the information department with a request to charge your phone – you are unlikely to be refused.

2. Another easy way is to go to any cell phone store and ask to recharge your phone. The likelihood that you will be refused is very small. But it is best in such cases to contact the salon of one of the operators – in some such services are taken for granted. Besides, in the salons of cellular communication there are chargers for all models. You can also go to an electronics store with the same request.

Whether this service will be paid depends on the seller. However, if you have to pay, then a little – 50-100 rubles maximum.

3. There are special terminals for charging phones. Unfortunately, there are not as many of them as ATMs and payment terminals. They are usually found in large shopping centers, cafes, waiting rooms at train stations and airports. There are several wires in the cells of the terminal, which are suitable for all models. This pleasure costs about 50 rubles per hour.

4. Smartphones are known to drain faster than regular phones. This happens for various reasons. We want to tell you about a few more life hacks that will speed up the charging process and save energy on your smartphones.

If you have very little time to recharge, then turn on Airplane Mode on your – and charging will go much faster. Alternatively, you can simply turn off your phone while charging. The smartphone will not use up energy, but it will receive it much faster.

5. If you do not have the opportunity to turn off your phone or activate Airplane Mode, since you, for example, do not want to miss an important call, then try disabling unnecessary functions. It can be GPS, Bluetooth, LTE. All these functions take on some of the energy. By disabling them, you can speed up the charging process a little. When using your smartphone, keep these features turned off when you are not directly using them. This will make your smartphone drain more slowly. There is also a classic useful tip for saving energy – reduce the screen brightness and the screen auto-off time in the settings.


There is such a technical means for charging a phone battery directly, which is called a “frog”. It has special contacts to which a discharged battery is attached, taking into account the polarity. If everything is done correctly, the signal on the “frog” will light up. It will take up to three hours to replenish the entire battery charge, but the plus is that the charging device will automatically turn off and stop supplying power. The completion of the charging process will be indicated by an illuminated light.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Direct connection to battery terminals

If it was not possible to charge the phone without a charger using one of the above methods, then you can use the laboratory method, for which you will need:

  • mobile phone battery;
  • old charger;
  • electrical network.

On an old charger, strip the end of the cord so that the red (+) and blue (-) wires are exposed, separate them slightly.

To ensure your safety in the future, use rubber gloves. Work order:

  1. Remove the battery from the mobile, find the plus and minus there.
  2. Attach the blue wire to the plus, and red to the minus.
  3. Secure the device with tape or tape.
  4. Set aside the structure on a surface free of various objects and plug it into the network.

With the correct connection, the device will instantly start to charge. It is highly discouraged to charge the battery in this way to the maximum mark. Charge to make a call or send a message and disconnect the device.

How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Extreme ways

There are more extreme “folk” methods for charging, but they should be used only when absolutely necessary, as they can harm the owner of the phone and others. The described methods, if they work, provide a small charge, which is enough for a couple of minutes of a call:

Way Description What is dangerous
Applying a heating element to a battery A knife is often used for this method. It must be heated and applied to the battery for a couple of seconds. After the performed manipulations, the battery is inserted back into the phone. To heat a metal element, an open fire is needed – there is a risk of burns or ignition of the battery itself, foreign objects.
Battery hitting a hard surface If you hit the battery with a swing on a stone, asphalt or other hard surface, you can get a few percent of the charge. There is a great risk of damaging the battery, violating its integrity. If chips, cracks or other mechanical damage form on the battery, then it cannot be used in the future.

Charging lockers in shops

Shopping center stores may have special lockers for recharging phones. There are chargers with different connectors, so it will not be difficult to choose an output for your smartphone.

Also, such terminals can be located in cafes, waiting rooms of railway stations and airports. The service can be paid – about 50 rubles per hour.

Most likely, the terminal will not be able to quickly charge the battery. To speed up the process, you need to disable some functions in your phone that take a lot of energy: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. It is better to simply turn off the phone or not use it at all while charging.

Induction charger

The developers of some models of iPhone and mobile phones on the Android operating system provide a wireless or induction charger. The charger looks like a round or square platform. You need to put the phone on it and thanks to the alternating magnetic field, the cell will receive the energy necessary for work.

Such a charger is sold in any mobile accessory store, but you need to get used to it. The downside is a short range, which means that you need to lay out the gadget in a special way to ensure charging. This type of charger is very popular among mobile owners who have a broken connector.

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How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

Original devices for generating electricity

In addition to classic chargers in the form of external batteries, there are also unusual devices that provide themselves with energy and the devices that are connected to them. Let’s briefly describe some of them:

  1. Solar panels. The device takes energy from sunlight and transfers it to a battery. You can use the device only in clear weather.

  2. “Windmills”. Here the source of energy is wind. When the blades of the device are spinning from the flow of air, the phone is charged. If the weather is calm, of course, you will not be able to charge anything.

  3. Electric pan. An original invention – a pan with a USB outlet, which accumulates charge by heating the surface. It is ideal for camping trips where you need to make a fire. While the pot is on the fire, the phone will charge. So you cook the food and feed the phone. There is also a hiking option with an electric burgers.How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

    Boil the kettle and charge the phone with an electric burguy.

  4. Dynamo. Another option for hiking is a dynamo machine. This device charges your phone while you push the handle. A more advanced version of the dynamo is a bicycle handlebar mount. Your phone charges while you pedal.

  5. Electric T-shirt and electric boots. There are even such things: boots that generate energy due to the temperature difference between the environment and the human body, as well as T-shirts that charge the smartphone with sound – an indispensable thing at music festivals.How to charge your gadgets when there is no electricity. How to charge your phone when there is no electricity nearby: quickly and reliably

    Electric t-shirt charges the phone with sound

  6. AAA charger. This device takes energy from AA batteries and transfers them to the phone.

  7. Schroeder’s mask. Finally, the most unusual charging device is the mask that you put on while sleeping. Your breathing generates energy, which is transferred to the battery.

How not to act to avoid damaging your phone battery

Charging methods that involve heating the battery are unsafe. In the network, you can find a method: you heat up the knife blade and put the battery on it. By increasing the temperature of the “battery”, you will give it a couple of percent of charge. Perhaps you will have a chance to call someone once or send a “text message”. However, this method can generally render the battery unusable – it will simply overheat and burn out. As a last resort, for emergency charging, you can hold the phone in the sun to make it a little warm, but again, you will do this at your own peril and risk.

Another dangerous method is to hit the battery against something solid. Wrongly calculate the impact force and the battery will stop working completely from the word. So don’t risk it. If you urgently need to call, ask a friend or just a passerby for a phone number.

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