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Getting your feet ready for summer: talking about SMART pedicure


What is SMART pedicure

This is a new type of foot treatment in pedicure. Everything happens with the help of a smart disk, on which removable files of different abrasiveness are glued. Unlike the classic hardware pedicure, SMART allows you to process the feet faster due to the larger nozzle area. For the treatment of the foot, discs of different diameters are used:

  • S – suitable for treating feet from cracks and dryness on the fingers.
  • M – considered universal, great for foot processing
  • L and XL – suitable for men’s pedicure

Source: @kristinails_pnz

Benefits of SMART Pedicure

1 One of the most important advantages is speed. In the modern rhythm of life, you want to do everything quickly, but at the same time get an excellent result. Using 3 removable files and 2 disks, the master can process the stops in 10-15 minutes. 2 After polishing, the skin is treated with a special oil, thanks to which the heels become smooth and the skin is moisturized. 3 Processing with SMART discs is more economical than disposable sand caps. 4 The procedure is safe. Discs can be processed in dry heat, they are metal. Replacement files are disposable. 5 The abrasive does not tear the skin, but delicately polishes it without forming microcracks. Unlike caps, they do not heat the skin. 6Long term result. Treatment without soaking the skin and the use of keratolytics, after which the skin quickly grows and coarsens.

Getting your feet ready for summer: talking about SMART pedicure

Source: @lily.gais

How is the SMART pedicure procedure performed?

1 The master prepares the toes for the procedure by applying a special composition to them. These tools help not to disturb the structure of the nail and avoid damage during the procedure. 2 Next, the specialist begins grinding the feet, carefully processing them with a nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees. Nozzles are selected individually for each client, depending on the problems, skin condition and foot size. Processing begins with the fingers, then the sides of the heel are polished. 3 After grinding, the master processes the cuticle and removes it. 4 The last step is considered to be nail polish, but this is not necessary.

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