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Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020


Best Versatile Makeup Brush Sets

You can choose a brush individually for each action, but it will take a long time. Or you can order a set of good makeup brushes from Aliexpress once and master the mystery of make-up at any convenient time.

This top has 5 great products that include most of the basic brushes, including foundations, for blush, powder and foundation. There would be cosmetics, and we will provide you with the materials for its application.

Jessup T215

Bad smell for the first few days

Minimum price: 550 RUB

If you want to purchase a set “all at once”, this seller will find a product for any of your purposes. The minimum set includes 6 brushes, the maximum is 20. In the latter case, you are provided with an exhaustive number of brushes for applying foundation, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick and everything else.

The material is high-quality synthetics that does not fluff over time and retains its original shape even after cleaning.

BBL Brush312

  • High quality soft pile
  • Ideally applied to any type of makeup
  • Long comfortable handles
  • Possibility to order a complete storage clutch

Minimum price: 350 RUB

This set offers 15 types of makeup brushes in pink, brown and white, depending on your choice. The tips are synthetic, but the quality is so high that it is easy to confuse with natural bristles.

With their help, powder, tonal base and shadows lay down in an even layer, do not crumble and are perfectly shaded. The set is useful not only for home use, but also for beginner beauty bloggers and owners of semi-professional beauty salons.

DUcare DF2725

  • Thick brushes are tipped with goat and pony hair

  • Firmly knit villi that don’t stick out over time

  • Very fast delivery from China

  • Strong smell of synthetics when unpacking (disappears in 3-5 days)

Minimum price: 1250 RUB

Distinguishing this set from natural makeup brushes is as problematic as a man can understand 50 shades of red female nail polish. The set includes 27 items for applying absolutely any cosmetics. An eyebrow and eyelash comb is also provided.

On the seller’s page, you can read a detailed description of each brush, including hair stiffness and purpose.

Skyline Makeup Brush Set Kit

  • High quality workmanship
  • Complete comfort storage pouch
  • The seller offers another tassel as a gift

Minimum price: 550 RUB

Here is a good starter kit for aspiring fashionistas. It includes 10 brushes: 4 basic tonal and 6 compact, for applying shadows and modeling make-up. Compact size, sleek design and high quality workmanship.

The basis of the brush is a thin synthetic fiber of high quality, minimally differing from natural bristles.

FLD Makeup Brushes

  • Stunning design and wide range of brush colors

  • High quality synthetic bristles

  • Uniform application of cosmetics

  • Brow brush is too wide

Minimum price: 600 RUB

These brushes are eye-catching not only for their high bristle quality, but also for their stunning handle designs. The latter are very similar to the famous Swarovski crystals, iridescent no worse than a rainbow. Also at the seller you will find models with pearlescent or gradient handles and colored “tops”.

The bristles of synthetic brushes look as high quality as possible and do not fluff over time.

Best makeup brushes for eyes, eyelashes and brows

Girls can devote hours to eye makeup. After all, the arrows should be perfect, the shadows should be uniform, and the look should be stunning. To achieve this, cosmetics alone are not enough – you need high-quality brushes that evenly apply the make-up.

And if the previous collection featured the best powder brushes from Aliexpress, then this five is dedicated to exceptionally compact hard brushes that will make your look irresistible.

Do not forget to check out the most popular products for women on Aliexpress, which we have carefully collected in one place.

ANMOR 0112-K

  • High quality materials

  • Soft bristles for even application of cosmetics

  • Very fast delivery from China

  • In rare cases, they may make a mistake with the color of the product

This set is so popular that it has over 14,000 positive reviews, which says a lot. The set consists of 12 pieces, including a double brush for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows.

The pile is synthetic, but of high quality. Nothing sticks out and does not spoil the picture. The brushes are very soft and will not strip.

DUcare DF0601

  • A wide selection of goods from the seller

  • Each brush is individually packaged

  • Great gift option

  • Delivery may be delayed up to 2 months

Minimum price: 250 RUB

Strictly, compact, functional. This is what this set of eye brushes can be called. The seller offers kits of 4, 5, 6 or 7 brushes depending on your preference. The color range is white, black or red.

The pile material is mixed, which allows you to achieve the perfect compromise between synthetics and natural wool. Makeup is applied evenly and does not streak.


  • Fast delivery and quality packaging

  • No extraneous synthetic odors

  • The pile does not crumble even after hand washing and cleaning

  • Parcel track is not tracked

Minimum price: 150 RUB

This is just a klondike for makeup according to reviews of beginners and professional makeup artists. At the seller, you can punish a set of 7 brushes, or select the model you are interested in yourself. At the same time, the product is available in black, white and pink.

The manufacturer claims that its brushes are made from pony wool, and judging by the softness, you believe in it 100%. Perfect makeup application.

BBL Brush 303

  • Over 15,000 positive product reviews
  • Striking and unusual design with a predominance of aluminum
  • Soft semi-synthetic bristle for perfect blending

Minimum price: 100 RUB

If you want brushes that are not only comfortable, but also beautiful, try this set. All 5 models are packed in a compact aluminum tube, which will be very useful in a woman’s cosmetic bag.

The pile material is mixed, with a predominance of natural pony wool. Very soft and will not leave streaks on the skin. The color range includes 5 different designs.

MAANGE Makeup Brush

  • Moderately soft semi-synthetic bristles
  • Unusual azure design of some of the kits offered by the seller
  • Fast delivery and high quality packaging of goods before shipment

Minimum price: 100 RUB

This salesperson matches the wants and needs of every potential customer. Just look at the assortment: 20 brush sets with bold designs and great quality.

The kits can consist of 7, 10 or 15 brushes, made of high quality soft nylon that will not crumble or break over time.

The best powder and blush brushes on Aliexpress

In the final five, it remains only to decide on the best powder brush from Aliexpress. And this controversy will be very hot, because each nominee strives to show that he is – ideal for your skin and cosmetics, which you are going to beautify.

This selection contains quality brushes with soft bristles that can evenly distribute powder and blush over the face without the slightest streak. Want an even skin tone? Pay attention to these silent helpers.

Docolor DC08/DC09/DC10/DC11

  • High quality material and workmanship
  • A great option for a novice master
  • Ideal hardness for applying foundation and powder

Minimum price: 200 RUB

The hit parade opens with a brave team of plump brushes for powder, highlighter and blush. You can purchase 4 different models from your dealer, which differ in density, width and tip types.

The base is made of synthetic bristles, which are not inferior in softness to natural. The handle is wooden, fits perfectly in the hand.

FLAZEA Makeup Brushes

  • Atypical brush colors
  • Thick, thin, soft and delicate pile
  • Reliable packaging will withstand any shipment

Minimum price: 100 RUB  

This brush is designed specifically for powder and loose blush. In it literally everything screams “I’m ready to make you irresistible.” There are 4 color options to choose from, including blood red and rainbow.

The pile is very thick, soft and obedient. To pull out a hair, you will have to try hard – done in good faith.


  • Impressive brush sizes
  • Dense high-quality synthetic bristles
  • The brush does not fade after washing in water

Minimum price: 200 RUB

There is a category of girls who want to get the thickest brush for applying powder, foundation, blush or highlighter. Especially for them, we have in store for them such a trump card of impressive dimensions.

The brush coverage is comparable to that of a karaoke microphone. Brush is focused on professional and home use. The quality is so great that with proper care the product will serve you for several years.

DUcare DF19

  • Reliable transport packaging of products
  • Designed for professional use
  • Compact dimensions of the product
  • As a gift a brush for dyeing eyelashes

Minimum price: 300 RUB

Now here’s a compact travel brush. It is made from natural bristles with an absorbent effect and is ideal for applying highlighters, bronzers, powders and blush. The material easily withstands daily washing in water.

The model has a lacquered wooden handle and an aluminum bristle holder that prevents hairs from breaking and falling out over time.


  • Thick, soft bristles without streaking

  • The brush easily transfers the sink in water

  • The seller can find several product options for every taste.

  • Delivery may exceed 1 month

Minimum price: 100 RUB

From this seller, you can order a wide brush with a straight, rounded or beveled end for high-quality application of loose blush or powder. All models are united by high quality workmanship and soft nylon bristles.

The handle is made of wood and the brush is held in place by an aluminum retainer. The bristles do not climb during use, making the application of the make-up as comfortable as possible.

Makeup cosmetics IMAGIC

The store with such a long name IMAGIC PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS Official Store has been on Aliexpess for 4 years and is the official representative of IMAGIC cosmetics. The assortment of the store contains more than 100 products for make-up, among them: face cosmetics, tonalities, correctors, concealers, shadows, body art paints, make-up brushes and tools.
Positive Feedback: 97.9%

… Superrr! I ordered face painting, I waited very much and for good reason, the quality is pleasing, it is very economically consumed, the colors are bright and rich, odorless, dries for 5-10 seconds, the mass is very dense in the palette, it will last for a long time. It does not spread on the skin and does not smudge and does not shine through, a thin application is enough. Gold and silver surprised, they fit perfectly! In MO in 2 weeks. The track was tracked. A makeup brush was included as a gift.

Decorative cosmetics MENOW

The MENOW Official Store has been working for Aliexpress since 2010, has one crown in the ranking and is in the TOP sellers. The main direction of MeNow is the production and sale of decorative cosmetics for the face, lips and eyes – everything for the perfect make-up.
Positive Feedback: 97.7%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… I like mascara very much, this is not the first time I order. Solid packaging, it’s not a shame to give such a gift. A fairly convenient brush, although not small. When applied, the mascara does not dry out instantly like other Chinese mascaras, you can safely tint your eyelashes to the desired effect. Gives volume. Allergy does not cause me, although I am susceptible to it. Delivery 3 weeks. Definitely, I recommend the product

Focallure cosmetics

Focallure is one of the most popular cosmetics brands on Aliexpress and is widely represented in the Focallure Official Store. Especially in demand among customers are: eye shadows, branded lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliners, highlighters, bronzers, powder and of course the famous Gel Polish gel polishes. We have previously introduced this brand of cosmetics to our readers. Positive feedback: 94.6%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… When ordering the powder, I asked the seller to pack it better so that it would not break and the seller packed it conscientiously, everything came whole, thanks to him !!! The packaging is beautiful, good sponge, fine powder, fits well. The only shade 2, it seemed to me redheads. In general, I recommend the product. Track tracked

Cosmetics store O.TWO.O

Since 2016, the O.TWO.O Official Store has been delighting its customers on Ali and has a Top Brand badge in the seller’s ratings. Here you will find: professional makeup kits and brushes, eyeshadow and lipstick, beauty products and many other products for women’s beauty.
Positive Feedback: 97.7%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… This brand, as always, has everything super packed, this is not the first time I order. The eyeliner with a fine marker has already been pulled by Mom. The eyebrow pencil is super resistant, withstood the heat of 30 degrees, I haven’t tried mascara yet, I’ll add a review later

BIOAQUA caring cosmetics

A large selection of cosmetics for face and body skin care in the BIOAQUA Makeup Store. Also, here you can buy: hair care cosmetics, lotions for hair loss, of course, makeup cosmetics, brushes and tools for make-up, anti-aging cosmetics and the mega-popular black mask for blackheads.
Positive Feedback: 97.6%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… Much has been written about the appearance: I join – the design is pleasing to the eye. The box contains a spatula for picking up the cream. Not all expensive creams have these spatulas. It seems like a trifle, but a very important thing. The cream is very well applied to the skin, it is quickly absorbed (some write about the sticky effect after application: I did not have this. The cream is required a little and it is quickly absorbed). The skin becomes fresh-looking, hydrated. The cream showed itself well as a makeup base

Party Queen cosmetics

Large selection of Party Queen makeup products at Duo Ya Makeup Store. You can choose from cosmetics for face, lips and eyes. Other Chinese brands are also represented here: UCANBE, DUOYA, MAYCHEER, MiXiu and Kiss Beauty.
Positive Feedback: 96.1%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… This is the second time I order a pencil from this seller (this time I ordered shade 15). No complaints. They ship quickly. Good quality. Thank you very much to the seller

Care cosmetics SOON PURE

The store with the highest percentage of positive reviews is Lady Hari, which sells SOONPURE brand cosmetics. For the attention of buyers are presented: creams and scrubs for hands and feet, cleansers, face masks, creams and masks for eyes, various rejuvenating and regenerating serums. And most importantly, there are cosmetics for men)
Positive feedback: 99%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… Thank you seller! An excellent, very delicate and pleasant cream with a light herbal scent. I liked both, both for the face and for the skin around the eyes. The jars are gorgeous, the design and execution are at a decent level of expensive cosmetics. Everything is well packed and perfectly sealed. Very happy with the purchase

HailiCare cosmetics and health products

The HailiCare store has been representing the eponymous brand on Aliexpress since 2012 and has one crown in the overall ranking. This seller has a large selection of beauty and health products: digital blood pressure monitors and non-contact thermometers, dental care products and devices, fitness and weight loss products, massagers, caring and decorative cosmetics.
Positive Feedback: 98.2%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… I ordered an electric head massager from this store! I was in China for treatment, where the doctor recommended to do a head massage “eagle’s claw” for headaches. It is not very convenient to do it with your hands! This massager does an excellent job with its function! Vibration is not strong! I am very satisfied! 5 stars for fast delivery and goods! I recommend!

Chinese hair cosmetics PURC

The PURC HairCare Cosmetics store has been operating since 2012, has one crown in the ranking and the status of a reliable brand on Ali. More than 100 products to choose from from the seller: balms, oils, masks and shampoos for hair, lotions, serums for treatment and against hair loss, homemade keratin straightening products, combs, tools and much more.
Positive Feedback: 97.4%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… I ordered butter here, it came in a box, inside it is packed in a pimpled bag – everything is whole. The instruction in Russian is enclosed. The oil is not pure argan, but with the addition of other oils, the smell is good, it can be used for both hair and skin. Recommend

UCANBE Official Store

An excellent assortment of decorative and care cosmetics is presented in the official Ucanbe store. Here you can buy cosmetics for every taste and for relatively little money. Almost 200 thousand people signed up for brand updates. The TOP brand icon speaks of the seller’s reliability.
Positive Feedback: 97.5%

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
… I ordered shadows from this seller and they are super! They do not get dusty, fit well, keep at a level, no worse than professional ones. The quality is excellent, I didn’t even expect it! They are easily shaded, only with glitter the shadows are a little specific, but you can also cope with them, when applying them you need to get used to them.

Of course, this is not a complete list of cosmetic brands presented on Aliexpress. If you have experience buying cosmetics from these or other brands, share it in the comments, many will thank you for this.

In fact, on AliExpress, you can find a large number of high-quality cosmetics, including medicinal

The main thing is to know where to look and how to choose the right one. This article contains 6 of the most popular cosmetics manufacturers that have already established themselves in the European market. Some of the brands presented in this list can be found in Russia, but the price will be with a large mark-up. Some brands are not represented at all on the Russian cosmetic market.

Therefore, in most cases, it may be optimal to purchase goods in a specialized store on Aliexpress. The risks of ordering cosmetics from online stores in China are easily removed by studying the number of orders and customer reviews. Chinese cosmetics have not been inferior to their European counterparts for a long time, the main thing is to know the brands of cosmetics that you should trust. In order not to waste your time searching, in this article you will find a proven list of reliable suppliers of cosmetics.

Top 6 brands of popular Chinese cosmetics

  • BIOAQUA. It is probably the most popular Chinese cosmetics brand. They offer a large line of skin care products. This way, Chinese cosmetics have a large number of positive reviews on the network, both from Russian and European buyers, and Chinese women themselves willingly use this cosmetics in their daily care and make-up.

    This is a good example of the combination of quality products and affordable prices. The peculiarity of this brand is its focus on skin hydration. For example, a cushion of this brand is able to adapt to the complexion, hide small imperfections of its surface, and also preserve its ability to breathe. Another worthwhile product of this brand is the pocket corrector. It is made in the form of a stick, which allows you to use it anywhere. One side of the corrector is intended for contouring, and the other (light) in order to highlight the protruding areas favorably. Such a corrector costs only 128 rubles for Aliexpress. Among the popular products of this brand, one can also highlight Aloe gel, a black mask based on activated charcoal, and Snail Repair & Brightening care series based on “snail extract”.

  • IMAGIC. A truly magical cosmetics brand whose products are capable of creating magical looks. This brand has won the love of not only bloggers and clients around the world, but also professional makeup artists. As an example, consider the rainbow glitter palette. This is just a must-have for your holiday makeup. The eyeshadows have a gel base and are well pigmented. The gel base is the key to even application and long-lasting makeup. In addition, such glitters can be used for nail design.

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020
The cost of the palette is 546 rubles. Another noteworthy product is the metallic powder pigments. It creates a wonderful play of color and has a metallic finish that can create a wet eyelid effect. It is better to apply it on a sticky base or wet. The price is only 190 rubles. The assortment of the store includes more than 100 cosmetic products, including cosmetic products for the face, foundation, concealers, eye shadows, correctors, makeup brushes, cosmetic tools, body paints and face painting.

  • Focallure. This brand of decorative cosmetics also found its fans, both among bloggers and ordinary buyers. The product line contains inexpensive classic and bright shawls of shadows, highlighters in quality that are not inferior to imported counterparts, concealers with a moisturizing effect, mineral powders, eyebrow gels, long-lasting lipsticks of the most incredible shades, matte shine, liquid eyeliners and foundations. Most of these products have long been in the bestseller category on Aliexpress.

  • Purc. The store has been presented on Aliexpress since 2012 and has the status of a reliable seller. This brand in China belongs to medicinal cosmetics and is sold in a pharmacy. Although in the line you can find not only a series for the treatment and restoration of hair, but also a wide selection of care products. The brand gained real popularity thanks to effective remedies for baldness and accelerating hair growth. In addition, positive reviews can be found on dandruff remedies, kits for straightening curly and wavy hair, argan oil. Cosmetics, of course, are not cheap, but you can buy them on sale at decent discounts. There are more than 100 products in the store’s product line.

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

  • Mei King. This is another brand that can be found in Chinese pharmacies. Mei King specializes in the production of natural cosmetics. The cost of products is difficult to fit into the budget category, but thanks to constant sales, you can make a profitable purchase. Moreover, working and natural compositions of the funds are developed in a professional laboratory. Their effectiveness is confirmed by a large number of positive reviews. Especially it is worth taking a closer look at the line of anti-aging cosmetics and products for the treatment of blackheads.

  • Lanbena is a low-cost skincare brand that has already garnered a lot of rave reviews. Particularly popular. Funds are used to remove blackheads and treat anke, as well as moisturizing masks, serums and patches. In the line of decorative cosmetics of this brand, you can find lip moisturizers and primers. In China, this brand is also sold in pharmacies. In addition, the brand’s product range includes baldness treatments, tooth whitening emulsions, eyelash growth serum and many other remedies.

1 Moisturizer with snail extract

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Action: moisturizes and nourishes the skin, has a rejuvenating effect, restores the elasticity and firmness of the skin, softens it, reduces wrinkles, evens out the tone of the face, helps to get rid of post-acne.

In its composition, other than the extract snail include collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerol, beta-glyukant, pectin and vitamin B3. All these substances are essential for youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

Thanks to its texture, it spreads well on the skin and is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky feeling.

Price: 200-250 rubles.

Delivery: free.

2 Gold Eye Patches

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Action: deep moisturizing of the skin, increasing its elasticity, reducing circles under the eyes and puffiness, smoothing crow’s feet, relieving eye fatigue, lifting effect.

The composition of the patches includes floral collagen, vitamin C, vitamin E, provitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid.

They must be applied 2-3 times a week on cleansed skin, keep for about 30 minutes.

Price: 90-130 rubles per set (5 pairs).

Delivery: free.

3 Carbonized Clay Facial Mask

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Its peculiarity is that it is saturated with carbon dioxide, and when applied, it begins to foam. This allows the mask to absorb dirt and sebum well and produce a detoxifying effect.

Action: deeply cleanses pores and removes makeup, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, tightens pores, softens the skin, makes it smooth and elastic, whitens.

Suitable for all skin types.

An allergy test must be done before use.

Itching is possible during application, but this is a normal physiological reaction. Apply a moisturizer after use.

Price: 255-290 rubles.

Delivery: free.

4 Amino Acid Facial Cleansing Foam

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The price of this miracle foam is relatively high, but it is worth the money and here’s why:

  • It is a proprietary Japanese facial cleanser.
  • It is enriched with 11 amino acids, 9 of which are anti-aging and 2 are moisturizers.
  • Alcohol and fragrance free.
  • Produces deep cleansing.
  • Promotes skin hydration.
  • Gently affects the skin, making it soft and smooth.
  • Forms a protective film that gently cares for the skin without causing discomfort.

Price: 420-470 rubles.

Delivery: free.

5 Night pearl face mask

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The mask contains hydrolyzed pearl essence, which makes it soft and pleasant to the skin.


  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin well;
  • makes the skin soft, smooth and elastic
  • normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

How to use: before going to bed, apply a small amount of the mask to the skin, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips, moving along the massage lines until completely absorbed. No need to wash off.

The effect is noticeable after the first application. Can be used daily. Suitable for all skin types.

Price: 260-300 rubles.

Delivery: free.

6 Peptide Collagen Eye Contour Cream

The peculiarity of this cream is that it acts in several directions at once:

  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • slows down skin aging;
  • relieves dark circles and fatty eruptions;
  • reduces puffiness;
  • moisturizes the skin.

The cream has a silky texture, does not create a sticky feeling, is quickly absorbed and retains moisture for a long time.

Before using on sensitive skin, it is recommended to test the skin reaction on the inside of the hand.

Price: 260-300 rubles.

Delivery: free.

7 Blackhead mask

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Possesses strong adsorbing properties, very deeply cleanses pores, the effect is instant. Contains natural herbal ingredients.

The mask comes with an essence that tightens pores, brightens the skin and has antioxidant properties.

The set also includes 60 napkins.

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Mode of application:

  • Apply a small amount of the cream with a cotton swab to cleansed skin.
  • Apply a tissue to the area of ​​application.
  • Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then remove the napkin.
  • Rinse skin thoroughly with cool water for 3-5 minutes.
  • Then apply the essence.

The maximum effect can be achieved on previously steamed skin. The procedure is painless. The mask is very liquid, so you need to open the bottle carefully.

Price: about 300 rubles (for the whole set).

Delivery: free.

8 Magic regenerating hair mask

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

This mask is designed to restore damaged hair. It makes hair soft and smooth, while protecting hair from overheating and UV rays and nourishing it, and also removes static electricity. The mask is made using high molecular technologies using natural plant extracts. Suitable for all hair types.

The manufacturer promises the effect in 5 seconds. We cannot say anything about 5 seconds, but numerous reviews confirm the effect after the first application. Moreover, the effect is quite tangible.

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

After application, it does not leave a sticky feeling, leaving a feeling of freshness.

Mode of application:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Dry your hair a little (you can blot it with a towel, but do not use a hair dryer).
  3. Apply the mask along the entire length of the hair without touching the scalp and massage the hair for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

Price: 330-390 rubles.

Delivery: free.

9 Serum against hair loss and hair growth

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The serum accelerates hair growth by 2-3 times, and also strengthens the roots and stops hair loss.

In addition, it promotes hair restoration, prevents split ends, moisturizes, makes hair smoother and healthier.

The composition of the serum contains extracts of plants such as ginseng, ginger, angelica, and grape seed oil and tocopherol (vitamin E).

Serum can be added to shampoos at the rate of 5 ml of product per 100 ml of shampoo. Can also be used alone after shampooing, applying light strokes to the entire length of the hair, including the roots.

Price: 270-330 rubles.

Delivery: free.

10 Slimming cream with hyaluronic acid

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The ginseng extract contained in this cream is ideally combined with hyaluronic acid, which makes this cream highly effective.

The product has a delicate texture, easily penetrates the skin, contributing to the burning of subcutaneous fat, and has a lifting effect.

The composition of the cream also contains natural vegetable components, such as drug extract of ginger root, Centella asiatica extract, hamamelis Virginia.

With regular use, in addition to burning fat and lifting, the cream makes the skin firmer and more elastic.

It can be used on any problem areas of the body: thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms.

Before use, a sensitivity test must be done on the inside of the hand.

Price: 250-330 rubles.

Delivery: free.

Very soon, on November 11, there will be a total sale on Aliexpress and there will be good discounts for all these funds. Add items to your cart now so you don’t waste time later and have time to buy these quality items at a discount.

Emerging lipsticks

Transparent lipsticks with and without flowers that show color right on the lips are the ones that are really worth ordering on AliExpress. First, it’s beautiful. Secondly, it was the Chinese who succeeded in creating such lipsticks. Thirdly, the effect will certainly delight you: the attractive pink lip tint will stay with you for a long time. Its comfortable texture will make you want to reapply your lipstick over and over again.

Liquid matte lipsticks from specific sellers

What is in abundance on AliExpress is matte lipsticks. But be careful! Read the reviews carefully: despite the similar packaging, their quality may vary. Therefore, it makes sense to order proven cosmetics from trusted sellers.

Useful beauty gadgets

AliExpress is just a storehouse of useful things, looking at which you ask yourself a question: how did I live without it before? A mini bottle for your favorite perfume, simple and silicone makeup sponges, hair curlers, light tweezers, a brush for cleaning brushes, a stencil for arrows, a sponge for washing konnyaku – just a small part of the list of really cool beauty gadgets.

Lip balms, glosses and tints

On the site you can find many pleasant and easy lip products. For example, a balm in a silver case with a lemon scent nourishes the lips no worse than an expensive analogue; glitters contain a large amount of fine glitter and look just incredible; and tints in their original packaging will give you a natural finish all day long.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel perfectly moisturizes and soothes the skin. When choosing a product, pay attention to the percentage of aloe – the higher the better.

Shiny eyeliner and pigments

Everything related to sequins can be safely taken. Shiny eyeliners, shadows and pigments will delight you with quality and effect. Shine and be trendy!

The way to get the cream on Aliexpress

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020I confess that I have never ordered household chemicals, cosmetics, and even more so for face cream on Aliexpress. But that all changed when I had to look for a cream for my mom.

My mother is a very beautiful woman, well-groomed and neat. From her youth, she was used to taking care of herself and her appearance. She taught me to do this too. But about a year ago, we noticed that skin care products became more expensive than before, and it became almost impossible to buy them without sacrificing your pocket. Therefore, we decided to buy face creams at Aliexpress. At first, we doubted whether it was worth ordering such products on a Chinese website, we even searched the Internet for reviews of the best creams from Aliexpress.

On the forums, in discussions, different women shared their experience of purchasing skin care products with Aliexpress:

“For over a year now I have been using the same whitening cream from Aliexpress, it is in no way inferior to those creams that I took earlier in the stores of our city. I just once made an order for Ali, took a jacket and decided to buy a cream. I looked for the one I needed, ordered and did not regret it. Now I periodically make an order there, I don’t want to overpay, it comes out cheaper, but the quality is on the level! “

That’s great, such a review inspired me, especially since I did not want to be disappointed in my favorite site, because I am also a supporter of the principle: a penny protects the ruble. In the afternoon we met with mom and chose creams that are suitable for us by age and skin type. The order promised to be not small, since we chose for two. Therefore, we focused on choosing a product.

How to order cream on Aliexpress

So, I’ll tell you everything in order: what creams we chose for mom and what is suitable for women of her age. By the way, my mother is only 54 years old. She wanted a snail cream for herself, so we ordered it. By the way, I had the Achatina snail, once I heard that the mucus that it produces is added to creams, and these creams are expensive. In the salon, they told me that you can smear this mucus on your face, then rinse it off. Well, or put a snail on your face, so that it crawls and lubricates the skin. But, in my opinion, it’s creepy! I tried to put mucus on my face, but the feeling is not pleasant. Still, the cream won!

Snail Day Face Cream

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

This cream is whitening and anti-wrinkle. Contains snail extract, immortelle, almonds, algae and avenin. Together, all these components of the cream should help with such problems:

  • dry skin;
  • an abundance of freckles;
  • acne and wen;
  • dehydration;
  • wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores.

Here is such a cream with a snail on Aliexpress, I decided to order. Its price is 416 rubles, it is even very acceptable, so I sent the product to the basket. But still I decided to look for more professional reviews about this cream.

“One of the most expensive facial rejuvenation methods is the snail procedure. The secret secreted by snails is rich in beneficial properties. However, despite all this, not every woman is ready to endure the presence of shellfish on her face. Therefore, I recommend using a cream that contains snail mucus. From my own experience, I know that such a cream is not cheap. I would advise my clients to buy snail cream on the Aliexpress website. I can say with confidence that there is no difference between such a cream and a cream bought in a specialized store “

Rejuvenating face serum

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

We also chose an anti-aging face serum. The manufacturer promised that after use the result is obvious. Serum helps to cope with such problems:

  • bags under the eyes;
  • crow’s feet wrinkles;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • keep the skin young;
  • reduces sagging;
  • rejuvenates and nourishes.

My mom doesn’t have many wrinkles for her age, and she would like them not to grow, so she clung to this serum with a death grip)).

We ordered her too. The price for 5 pieces was 580 rubles. It seems to me that the price is not high. The composition of this anti-aging cream is not simple, the main thing is that it contains collagen. As you know, it actively fights wrinkles. Great, there are some creams for mom.

For myself, I decided to take a lighter cream, my skin is normal, there are no special horrors on my face. I decided that it would be better to refrain from heavy artillery for the time being.

Moisturizing & Whitening Face Cream

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020I threw in the basket night and day face cream. With these creams, the moisture balance of the skin should have returned to normal, and the pores should become cleaner. Bonus – it is still from wrinkles, but lighter. The price of the cream is 447 rubles. We began to wait for our parcel, it arrived within a month.

What I noticed after using the cream

Girls, I will not open America for you if I say that the cream should be applied to cleansed skin, to avoid the area around the eyes. Rub it into the skin of the face with light massage movements. That’s basically it. The main thing is to enjoy the process and yourself after the procedure.

I can say one thing: the creams on Aliexpress are in no way inferior to those that are sold with us. Mom is pleased with the result, the wrinkles are less noticeable, the skin is tightened, and it feels great. My dad does not take his eyes off her! About myself I can say that I got what I expected. The skin of the face is hydrated, elastic and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the Chinese site!

So that you don’t have any problems with the purchase, study the seller, see the payment terms. We paid by card. May you be happy!))

The best day creams for face with Aliexpress

Day cream is designed to protect the skin from the adverse effects of the external environment and create a base for makeup. Quality products do not clog pores, they protect and moisturize the skin. They should be light in consistency, not too greasy. Otherwise, decorative cosmetics will not fit well on such a basis. The day cream usually contains up to 60-80% water.

Manufacturers use organic oils, herbal extracts, algae, and vitamins as active substances. Since the Chinese have a cult of fair skin, they often add whitening ingredients to the cream. Plus, these creams are good at protecting the skin from the sun. Before using the product for the first time, it will not be superfluous to conduct a susceptibility test of the components. After all, any cream can have contraindications and cause allergies.

5 BIOAQUA 060571

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The most budgetary option
Price for Aliexpress: from 108 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.6

BIOAQUA 060571 attracts attention due to its extremely low price and original texture. The product is a cross between a cream and a translucent shiny gel, the manufacturer also calls it a mask. The composition contains hyaluronic acid, the volume of one jar is 38 g. The main task of the cream is abundant hydration and smoothing of mimic wrinkles. Immediately after application, a feeling of freshness appears, the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Aliexpress customers advise using this cream not only during the day, but also at night as a moisturizing mask. The gel is absorbed in about five minutes if applied in a thick layer. It is not felt at all on the face, there is no stickiness. The aroma of the product is sweet and unobtrusive. The reviews note that BIOAQUA 060571 will not cope with age wrinkles, it is more suitable for daily skin care. The disadvantages include the lack of protective foil.

4 MeiYanQiong Freckle Cream

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The best remedy for freckles
Price on Aliexpress: from 1156 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.7

Caring cosmetics MeiYanQiong with Aliexpress is known for its products for problem skin. This brand produces the popular hyaluronic acid with snail extract and the best acne creams. The top-rated face cream for freckles and age spots is also in demand. The product contains substances that can whiten the skin. They reduce the activity of melanin, protecting the upper layer of the epidermis from ultraviolet rays.

The main ingredients of the cream: lingonberry extracts, avocado, olive oil. The consistency is dense, absorbed well. The first signs of lightening become noticeable after a month of use. However, the jar is very small, it may not be enough for a full course. Product reviews are positive, many recommend using it in the summer as a sunscreen day cream.

3 AUQUEST Anti Wrinkle Cream

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Fastest result
Price on Aliexpress: from 363 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.7

Despite its modest packaging, AUQUEST cream has become one of the best-selling products on Aliexpress. The main reason for this was the loud statement of manufacturers that the product removes visible wrinkles in 5 seconds. It is applied to the forehead, around the eyes and lips. The composition contains peptides, collagen and antioxidants. The effect of smoothing the skin lasts for 8 hours. Due to its weightless consistency, the product does not clog pores, the face will not shine. A nice bonus – every customer gets a small bottle of coconut oil for hair as a gift.

Reviews praise AUQUEST for a quick and noticeable effect: the skin becomes more pleasant to the touch, wrinkles and bags under the eyes are visually reduced. For best results, it is recommended to apply the product with light massage movements. The cream is inexpensive, but the package size is only 20 grams. Because of this, some customers lower the final product rating.

2 Laikou Avocado Face Cream

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Nourishing cream for protection in the cold season
Price on Aliexpress: from 225 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.8

Laikou offers customers an avocado-based face cream. It has a delicate yogurt-like texture and contains 35 g of product in each jar. The main purpose of the product is anti-aging care. The cream helps to smooth wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin abundantly. It can even be used on the sensitive eye area. This product is designed for dry skin, it is suitable for both men and women. The composition contains petroleum jelly, which will effectively retain moisture, so it is often used as a mask at night.

Aliexpress users share positive impressions of Laikou in their reviews. It moisturizes really well, can be used to protect the skin in winter. The product is easy to apply without leaving an oily sheen. The smell is almost imperceptible, but pleasant. The only drawback of the cream is that it is better not to use it in the warm season, as the face quickly begins to shine.


Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Powerful regenerating agent with polypeptides
Price on Aliexpress: from 201 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.9

VIBRANT GLAMOR VG-MB019 – polypeptide face cream. It is designed to fight wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and repair damage. For best results, apply the product to cleansed skin twice a day, massage for 2 minutes until completely absorbed. After the first application, the face looks fresher and more rested, but the manufacturer recommends a full two-month course.

The volume of one jar is 30 ml. The package contains instructions for use and a list of ingredients, however, only in English. In the reviews they write that the composition of the cream is not bad, although there are harmful substances. The product is quickly absorbed, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It has a fairly dense texture, but does not feel sticky and film after application. The shelf life of each jar is normal. Buyers recommend VIBRANT GLAMOR VG-MB019 for owners of dry to combination skin.

The best night face creams with Aliexpress

The night cream “works” when the body is resting. It restores the functions of the skin after a long day. Its task is to start the processes of skin regeneration. At the same time, he nourishes her, saturates cells with oxygen, useful substances. In terms of consistency, the night cream differs from the day cream in a denser structure, and its composition is much richer. Its fragrance is mild. The product is applied to previously cleansed skin just before bedtime.

5 LANEIGE 0000201

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The best remedy from a Korean brand
Price on Aliexpress: from 1178 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.6

LANEIGE is a well-known Korean brand, whose products are officially sold on Aliexpress. The cream from this manufacturer effectively moisturizes the skin of the face and neck, suitable for application under the eyes. A 70 ml jar will last for at least a month. Another feature of the product is that it can be used as a moisturizing mask. To do this, apply the cream in a thick layer to dry skin areas, leave until completely absorbed. After a while, you can rub your face with toner to get rid of the shine.

Aliexpress users were satisfied with the quality of the goods. The LANEIGE cream is securely packaged, the jar looks solid. The consistency and smell are beyond praise, there are no complaints in the reviews. The product works great as a moisturizer and night face mask. The skin looks rested, smooth and pleasant to the touch. The only drawback of the product is the high price.


Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

A budget remedy for pigmentation and mimic wrinkles
Price on Aliexpress: from 523 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.7

Those looking for an inexpensive face cream that restores the skin’s ability to heal itself should pay attention to CAICUI products with snail extract in the composition. This moisturizer actively fights against the visual manifestations of skin aging. It is effective as a skin-smoothing agent. The cream really fights acne marks and other irregularities. The best proof of this is customer reviews on Aliexpress.

The composition of the cream is noteworthy: snail mucus extract, almond oil, cereal sprouts extract, chrysanthemum, glycerin, propylene glycol and many other components useful for the skin. The product whitens the skin well. Its consistency is pleasant, not too greasy. Owners of dry skin can use the cream as a day cream.

3 RtopR Egyptian Secret Magic

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The best composition. The largest volume
Price on Aliexpress: from 974 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.7

The most interesting thing about RtopR is its composition: manufacturers claim that the recipe for the cream was invented in ancient Egypt. It contains honey, olive oil, propolis, royal jelly and other potent plant extracts. Natural ingredients provide intense hydration and nutrition to the skin, help restore its elasticity and firmness. Also, the product should visually reduce acne marks, wrinkles and puffiness. The volume of the package is 118 ml, which will last for a long time. In terms of consistency, the cream is thick, a little greasy, you should not use it during the day.

Buyers from Aliexpress think the price of RtopR is justified. The packaging of the product is solid, it is not a shame to give it to a loved one. The cream smells good, perfectly moisturizes and brightens the skin of the face. With regular use, bruises and wrinkles become less visible. There is a slight shine after application, but the product is quickly absorbed.

2 Laikou Lanolin Face Cream

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

Unusual lanolin-based night cream
Price on Aliexpress: from 491 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.8

Lanolin is the main active ingredient in Laikou cream. It is released during the digestion of sheep’s wool and contains fatty acids. It is often used to moisturize, nourish and restore natural balance. The auxiliary ingredients in the face cream are aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. The formula has been specially developed to fight wrinkles, restore, brighten and moisturize the skin. The jar is large, it contains 90 g.

The site does not indicate that Laikou belongs to night creams, but this is obvious from the reviews. The consistency of the product is thick and oily, it will not be very comfortable to use it during the day. In terms of effectiveness, everything is in line with the manufacturer’s claims: hydration is felt for a long time, there is no stickiness, the skin looks fresh and radiant. There is only one caveat – parcels do not always reach buyers.

1 MABOX 001

Cosmetics from AliExpress: what to order and what to avoid. Best face creams with Ali Express in 2020

The most convenient dispenser
Price on Aliexpress: from 690 rubles.
Rating (2020): 4.9

MABOX 001 is a moisturizing cream with retinol (2.5%), vitamins E and B5, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Each jar contains 50 ml of product. Manufacturers call the product universal, suitable for use day and night. It can even be applied to the delicate skin around the eyes. This cream softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, evens out the complexion. One of the advantages of MABOX is the availability of a special dispenser. This makes the application of the cream more convenient and hygienic. To squeeze out a sufficient amount of the product, it is necessary to tilt the bottle.

The consistency of the cream is quite light, it is perfectly absorbed without leaving stickiness. Many people prefer to use products with a denser texture at night, but those with oily skin will love MABOX. The box is sealed in a film, it contains information about the composition in English. The only drawback is the crumpled packaging.

Doubtful beauty gadgets

Vacuum pore cleaners, dangerous needles for removing skin imperfections and other strange gadgets are best avoided. For example, using a “vacuum cleaner” for pores not only will not bring the desired result, but also can damage blood vessels, spread an infection or leave bruises.

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