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All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand


basic information

Cities and main attractions along the route :

one. Chiang Mai 10. Chiang Saen
2. Chiang Dao eleven. Chiang kong
3. Doi Ang Khang 12. Pu Chi Fa Forest Park
four. Fang 13. Pu Sang National Park
five. Tha Ton fourteen. Chiang Rai
6. Mae Salong Tea Village fifteen. Doy Saket
7. Doi Tung sixteen. San Campaeng
eight. My Sai 17. To the Stone
nine. Golden Triangle

Roads of Thailand and refueling on the route :

  • Road 107 (Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao) and 118 (Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai) are good regional roads, albeit mountainous and bend and require attention. and track number 1 (Chiang Rai – Mae Sai) is quite wide and simply excellent, probably the best road in Thailand.
  • Smaller and more provincial roads, such as Highway 1093 to Pu Chi Fa Forest Park or one of Thailand’s most dangerous roads to Mount Doi Ang Khang (1340 and 1249), and the road to Mae Salong 1130 Tea Village will only be obeyed by confident drivers.
  • Rural roads from Mae Sai to Chiang Saen along the Mekong coastline 1290 and 1089 (Fang-Mae Chan) are fairly straightforward.
  • There are no problems with refueling on the roads, except for the mountain roads leading to Doi Ang Khang and Pu Chi Fa (in the villages, however, you can refuel “from a bottle” or from a flask in the village, so it is imperative to keep an eye on the remaining gasoline in the tank). 

Such a turn of the serpentine road came across quite often when we descended with Doi Ang Khang. Here you can only travel on a motorbike with a mechanical transmission or a car with a driver with strong nerves.

Northern territories of the country

Chiang Mai

Although the north of Thailand is not very popular with tourists, it is actually very beautiful here. Moreover, this is the place where Siam was born. Here you can see numerous national parks, rainforests, waterfalls, ancient temples and even cities. All in all, if you are truly interested in the history of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a must-see. On its territory there are more than 300 temples of different significance. First of all, we recommend visiting the Wat Pra-Doi-Suthep temple, which is located on the top of the mountain, at an altitude of 16 kilometers. This is one of the main shrines of Buddhism. Also be sure to visit Pra-Satang-Man, where miniature Buddha images are kept. They are more than 2 thousand years old.

There is also another ancient capital of Thailand, Chiangsen. Near this city begins the “Golden Triangle”, on the border of which three states converge – Laos, Burma and Thailand. It was in this place that the first settlements of independent Siam were formed. It is interesting that ancient settlements live on the territory of Chiang Mai, the originality of which has not changed in any way even in the 21st century. Numerous tourists come here to look at their traditions, to study the way of life. The most popular are karens. The women of this settlement lengthen their necks and ears, making special metal inserts at an early age. It is believed that the longer this part of the body is, the more beautiful the woman is.

Railay Beach

The famous Krabi province offers you some of the most attractive beach resorts in Thailand.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

Railay Beach

Railay Beach tops the list as one of the most stunning. This beach is considered by many travelers and locals to be one of the best in the country. There is wonderful white sand, turquoise sea and a persistent feeling that this is where paradise is.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the beach, you can even conquer the mountains a little. It is a good place to climb karst peaks and search for caves and hidden lagoons. A prime example is the Princess Cave and Princess Lagoon in the southern part of the headland. Or the Diamond Cave, 700 meters to the east.

Railay Beach is famous for rafting and kayaking, snorkeling and diving. And of course you will have the opportunity to enjoy a massage.

Aquarium Siam Ocean World in Bangkok

The renowned Siam Ocean World is another landmark of Bangkok. Here you will see a wide variety of inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, from rare plants to endangered fish species. Also, especially active tourists are offered here to swim in the open sea with sharks and get their portion of unforgettable emotions and adrenaline.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

The main feature is the unusual shape of the oceanarium – the paths are laid right under the water column, so it seems as if a tourist is walking along the bottom, and sea inhabitants swim around him. Also among the inhabitants are penguins, frogs, seahorses, sharks and jellyfish. The territory is divided into 60 aquariums, including several thematic zones – it is not necessary to visit everything at once, but you should definitely go to numerous shows or watch animal feeding.

Walking Street (Pattaya)

Want to know what to visit in Thailand for a vivid experience? A walk along Walking Street, the legendary street of Pattaya, will help you to immerse yourself in the peculiar life of Thailand, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of national color.

The city’s nightlife is concentrated in this place. Local sex workers are employed here, so the street is popular with men.

Entertainment facilities await customers at every step. From traditional restaurants and cafes to gay clubs, sex shows and strip bars. In the early evening, street music sounds here, and after sunset, the street is illuminated with light from a thousand neon signs.

Walking Street is bounded by the entrance arches, at 18.00 it closes off, becoming a walking street. Although the street is known for its main craft, it is worth seeing.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs (Chiang Mai)

San Kamfaeng – home of hot springs

For those who are interested in the sights of Thailand that can improve their health, there is a direct road to the hot springs in the San Kamfaeng area. Situated on 40 acres of greenery, they are renowned for their tonic properties.

All year round, water rises from the ground with a temperature of about 100 ° C, enriched with sulfur. There are separate rooms or pools for taking baths, here you can also get a session of real Thai massage.

In addition to taking medicinal and wellness baths, this park has a variety of restaurants, and tourists often have picnics in the vast areas, planted with grass. If you wish, you can join a bike tour, go rafting down the river or ride an elephant.

Besides the springs, the area is famous for silk factories and an abundance of handicrafts, which are made in the nearby Bo Sang artisan village.

Sukhothai city

The city was founded as a settlement of the Khemer and for a long time was their capital. Sokotai is an open-air monument city. Ancient temples, burial mounds, huge statues, quiet ponds with blooming lotuses and waterfalls await the curious tourist here. Temple Wat Mahatat is the most important and central monument of Sukhothai. Around the temple is a network of mounds, and in front of it is a large statue of a seated Buddha. Remains of the Royal Palace have been preserved near the main temple. The most magnificent statue of Buddha can be seen at Wat Si Chum. Sitting in the lotus position, the fifteen-meter Buddha with gold plates on his nails, weathered walls, an open roof and an enclosed space lead to the silent delight of the viewer.

Kanchanaburi bridge

In fact, it is better known as the “Bridge over the River Kwai”. The Kanchanaburi Bridge is part of the railway between Thailand and Burma. Although in reality this road never existed.

During World War II, Japanese troops planned to build a rail link between Thailand and Burma, and even began construction using prisoners of war.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

However, more than 12,000 captured workers died during the one year of building the bridge. In addition, the bridge was constantly bombed, and it needed reconstruction. As a result, the Kanchanaburi Bridge and its access roads were nicknamed the “Railroad of Death”.

For a long time after the war, the Kanchanaburi Bridge remained closed. But now it has been renovated and is working. Today, 130 km of tracks are in use out of the original 415 km.

There is a military cemetery near the bridge, where numerous prisoners who died during the construction of the road are buried. The Hellfire Pass and JEATH War Museum in Kanchanaburi showcase the history of the railway’s construction and the horrific aftermath of the war in Thailand.

By the way, in Vietnam there is an equally interesting museum dedicated to the echoes of the war of the 60s of the last century. We talked about it in the article about the sights of Ho Chi Minh City.

Phi Phi Islands

An extremely popular resort area in Thailand. And this is understandable – clear blue water, pleasant sand, stunning views that you will remember forever.

Try to visit Phi Phi Don, the largest of the islands. By the way, it is the only island on which there is a permanent population.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

One of the attractions of Phi Phi is Monkey Beach. This is where you will meet many macaques. The very ones who strive to steal from you everything that “lies badly”.

By the way, in China there is an excellent island of Hainan, which is often called the Monkey Island.

Long Beach is another iconic spot on the island. It cannot be called solitary. Usually a lot of people gather here by sunset, as it offers stunning views of the setting sun.

An interesting fact – on the islands of Phi Phi (more precisely on the island of Phi Phi Le) in the Maya Bay, the film “The Beach” was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role.

Of course, tour operators will definitely offer you to visit the Maya Bay, as well as the islands of Phuket, Ko Chang and Ko Lanta.

Ayuthaya city

This ancient capital of Siam (Thailand) is located near modern Bangkok. The historical part of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. During its heyday, there were hundreds of temples on the territory of the city, at least three royal residences, the fortress walls reliably protected from enemy attacks, and the population exceeded a million people. Today, here you can see the ruins of ancient temples, which are 600 years old, and walk along the man-made canals, once dug by order of the king.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is a unique combination of diverse ecosystems. There is a rainforest here that is older than the Amazon forests. In the park you will find a limestone mountain range covered with karst formations, many kilometers of trails and a river where you can ride canoes or bamboo rafts.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

Malay sun bears, tigers and wild elephants live in Khao Sok. The likelihood of meeting them in the jungle is quite high.

The park is famous for its eco-camps, where the tents even have baths, great beds and great views of the surrounding area.

Of course, in such a colorful and diverse country like Thailand, there are still an incredible number of attractions. In this article, we have just noted a small part of them.

White Temple (Wat Rong Khun)

The youngest Buddhist temple among the most beautiful in the country. The White Temple is only twenty years old, but during this short period of time it managed to become a favorite among both the local population and among tourists.

The temple is absolutely snow-white, from a distance it resembles a palace of ice. To enhance the whiteness effect, mirrored plates were used in the construction to reflect the light. Around the temple is a whole complex of statues depicting formidable warriors, and monsters, and fictional animals.

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Even if you only come to Thailand to lie on the beach, be sure to visit Bangkok, the capital of the country. There are also many attractions here. But first on the list should be the Grand Palace. This is the main attraction of the city.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

In the palace, you will see a whole labyrinth of halls and temples. And from the ancient relics it is worth noting the temple of Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). Rumor has it that a bundle of hair (according to other sources, a bone fragment) of the most enlightened Buddha is kept here.

Take a few hours to explore the Grand Palace. And if there is still time, visit the famous temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun.


All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

One of the best places in Thailand, but Western tourists have not yet mastered it. Located in the east of the country, on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Almost 100 kilometers of beaches, small bays, where you will be completely alone if you wish. At the same time, the prices here are quite low. The sand on the beaches is white, mountains rise in the background. In the period of tropical rains, vegetation grows violently, fruits ripen. You can come here for durians and mangosteen and pluck them yourself.

When the rains end, the storms subside, the water becomes crystal clear, you can bask on the beach as much as you like, or dive, admiring the fish and corals. There are also waterfalls – in a word, there is a lot to admire. Here is the island of Ko Samet with its unspoiled nature. Another advantage of Rayong – here you can not only relax, but also be treated with mineral water and geothermal springs.

Flora and fauna

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

Khao Yai National Park: flora and fauna

In total, several thousand species of plants grow on the territory of the park, including age-old trees. Since in Thailand, in principle, it is never cold, there are evergreens, among which there are palms, date trees, orchids, ferns, mosses and other vegetation. The reserve is inhabited by tigers, elephants, porcupines, bulls, monkeys, deer, felines, bears. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you can observe their life. Among other things, the park is home to over 300 species of birds, reptiles and insects. Bats nest in the grottoes and fly around the park after sunset. Before you go for a walk in the park, you need to wear appropriate clothing and use special repellents to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Also, be careful to avoid contact with snakes.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

This is the oldest temple in Bangkok. The central figure of the temple is a statue of Buddha, who is in anticipation of nirvana. The statue is over fifteen meters high and forty-six meters wide. On the feet of the reclining Buddha, one can see an intricate mother-of-pearl ornament. It is believed that it was in this place that traditional Thai massage originated.


A vacation in Krabi will especially appeal to connoisseurs of wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts.

The visiting card of the resort is picturesque rocks, which are good not only in photographs. Krabi attracts climbers from all over the world with a large number of routes of various difficulty levels. A popular climbing destination is Tonsai Bay. Those who just want to try their hand at conquering the peaks can hire an instructor and rent the necessary equipment.

Another active recreation option is trekking in Tab Kaek Hang Nak National Park. The almost 4 km long hiking trail is not only endurance training, but also an opportunity to make an unforgettable jungle journey, observe the local flora and fauna along the way, and admire Krabi from above.

It is impossible to leave Krabi without visiting the Wat Tham Sua temple complex (literally “tiger cave temple”). The temple is located in a cave at the top of a mountain. According to legend, once a monk and a tiger lived side by side in it. At the top there is an observation deck, to which 1237 steps lead – it is believed that each step passed cleanses the soul from sins. For those who manage to overcome this test, a giant golden Buddha statue and a wonderful panoramic view await at the top.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand
View from the observation deck of the Tiger Cave Temple

In the province of Krabi on the island of Phi Phi Le, there is Maya Bay, which became famous after the filming of the film “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. To appreciate the beauty of this place, it is best to come here early in the morning, before the arrival of the bulk of tourists.

Historic city of Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya)

The majestic ancient city of Ayutthaya

Like the two-faced Janus, this capital of the province of the same name appears to tourists in different guises. Half of Ayutthaya, filled with ruins after its destruction, is included in the UNESCO heritage list and is a historic city-park. Modern city life is quietly taking place in its second part with limited infrastructure.

A stay in Ayutthaya gives an idea not only of modern Thai life, but also of its glorious historical past. Once it was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam, today it is only a modest city included in the excursion programs. There are no numerous bars, vibrant nightlife, trendy spas. But there are plenty of people who want to look at the ruins left over from ancient Siam.

The vast territory of the historic city contains the ruins of many temple complexes, palaces, Buddhist statues, and other buildings. Of interest are the summer royal residence “Ban Pa Yin”, impressive ancient temples that give an idea of ​​the culture and history of the country.


All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

The shape of this island reminds the locals of an elephant, which is why it got this name. And, of course, beautiful palm trees, spacious beaches, picturesque sunsets are also available here. It is especially good here at low tide – it is pleasant to walk along the coast, admire crabs and other animals. In the interior of the island, you can see waterfalls and observation platforms. It is easy to get there on foot or by jeep. But many tourists prefer mopeds for independent travel around Chang, which are rented here and there. You can settle on the island either in an elite hotel or just in a tent – if you are young, picky and want to save money.

It is also convenient and cheap to buy groceries in chain stores and cook on your own. Don’t you want to? There are many cafes and restaurants on the island. You will taste exotic dishes, enjoy local fruits, you can even pick them from the trees yourself. There are also night markets where food is sold, so you can dine at any time of the day. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the periodic influx of tourists and the increase in prices at this time.

Chiang Mai Night Market (Sunday Walking Street)

Delicious and cheap food is exactly what you can find in abundance here. On Sunday night, this pedestrian street in Chiang Mai is a food frenzy. Fried bananas, popular Thai salads, fruit cocktails and more are on sale at every corner.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

But that’s not all. In addition to a variety of food, they sell an incredible variety of unique products. Paintings, essential oils, natural handmade soaps, carpets and an unreal number of all sorts of necessary and not so things.

If you suddenly couldn’t get here on Sunday, and you want to look at the cheerful chaos, then visit the Saturday Night Walking Street (Saturday Night Walking Street) Wua Lai Market or the Chang Klan Night Bazaar. By the way, this is a daily event here. Or just visit the regular Warorot day market, near the Ping River.

Dream World amusement park

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

Dream World amusement park

Entering the park, many people involuntarily compare it with the famous Disneyland. Indeed, on its territory there are many attractions, shows, there are thematic zones. However, Dream World has its own flavor, which is expressed in the design. Once in Bangkok, be sure to visit this park, especially if you are traveling with your family.

There are 4 themed zones for your attention: Adventure Land, Dream World Plaza, Fanatsy Land and Dream Garden. Dream World Plaza is located at the entrance. All carnivals, holidays and show programs take place here. Nearby are replicas of world landmarks on a small scale. The most extreme rides are located in Adventure Land. In particular, here you can ride a roller coaster, glory along a stormy river, a room of fear, a flying carpet are available. Entering the territory of Dream Garden, you will find yourself among lush and beautiful vegetation. It took a lot of resources and energy to create this territory. It is pleasant to walk here, enjoy beautiful views, fountains, ponds, sculptures. This will make a great photo shoot. It is especially pleasant to come here after hectic entertainment to relax a little.

Fantasy Land will interest children who are fond of fairy tales. In this themed area, Snow White’s house, the Sleeping Beauty Palace, the Giant’s hut and many other structures are built.

Wat Chalong Temple

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

This is perhaps the richest temple complex in the entire Kingdom. The temple gained fame among pilgrims and local residents at the end of the nineteenth century, thanks to the activities of the monk and abbot of the monastery – Luang Pho Chem. He is famous for performing miracles of healing that came for help. Here and today you can ask for help from him. Locals believe that even after Luang Pho’s death, Chem hears their prayers. It is noteworthy that the temple is open around the clock and in this place you can find out the future by going through a special ritual.

Doi Inthanon National Park

We arrived at Doi Inthanon National Park from Chiang Mai in 1 hour. Entrance 300 baht per person. The road through the national park is good, but, as usual in northern Thailand, it consists of some turns. First of all, we visited the Wachirathan Waterfall. Very cool. This is the largest waterfall we have seen in Thailand. We were lucky to be in the north of Thailand in October, after the rainy season, the waterfall was deep.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

The second waterfall, Sirithan Waterfall, is also beautiful, but not so impressive. There are no people. Then we climbed to the highest point in Thailand. Conveniently, you can call in directly by car. It is cool at the top of the mountain, the thermometer shows + 15C, clouds are running along the ground, the trees are covered with moss. There is nothing more interesting in this place. There was even a slight feeling of disappointment.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

We stopped by to see the temple with two stupas in honor of the king and queen. For the entrance, an additional 40 baht was ripped off. This place can have a beautiful view if you are lucky with the weather. We were out of luck, the clouds blocked our view. They did not notice anything particularly interesting there, so there was no need to waste time.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

We go to the Mae Pan Waterfall. The parking lot is empty, we are the only tourists. To the waterfall there is a trail through the roots and stones. We walk 500 meters in 20-25 minutes. The waterfall is spectacular. Would put him in second place after Wachirathan. I noticed a leech on the sneaker in time, did not have time to suck. We went back to the parking lot faster.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

We drove through the park in search of rice terraces. No rice, no tea, no viewpoints were found. Gasoline runs out, I want to eat, so we return back to Chiang Mai. We drive for an hour through the park with endless turns and another hour and a half to the hotel.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

The highest point in Thailand is just a mountain with cool weather and a board with an inscription where everyone is taking pictures. Doi Inthanon National Park left a mixed impression. If not for the first large waterfall, it would even be a pity for the time spent. The road is tiresome, the trip takes a whole day, and the turns can make you feel sick.


All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

A resort island in the province of Krabi, where people come to rest from December to April. The rest of the year is low season, rains and storms are guaranteed, beaches are not cleaned, and there is no entertainment. As a resort, Lanta began to develop in the 90s of the last century, at the same time electricity was installed here. The northern part is the most lively, this is due to the fact that there is a national park in the south. And the closer to it, the fewer hotels, restaurants and shops, the more forests and monkeys.

You cannot go around Lanta on the ring road – you can only visit the national park and admire its beauty. The beaches are located on the western coast of the island, and here tourists can buy souvenirs, withdraw money from ATMs, and sit in restaurants. The main settlement of the island is Saladan. But there are no attractions here, people come here for shopping, excursions, and also in order to rent a motorcycle.

Hua hin

Hua Hin is a respectable resort, where members of the Thai royal family, as well as European tourists, have loved to rest for a long time. To see how the monarchs live, visit the royal summer cottage Marukhatayavan. The gilded teak palace is open to tourists on days when there are no owners.

There are many Buddhist shrines in Hua Hin. Among them are the Wat Huai Mongkol temple and a black statue of a monk, whom the Thais worship as a miracle worker. Also worth a visit is Wat Neranchararama, home to the world’s largest six-armed Buddha statue.

Be sure to go shopping at the Night Market and the Cicada Market. They sell inexpensive clothes, souvenirs, original designer items. Travelers with children will be interested in spending a day at Black Mountain Water Park and Santorini Amusement Park. In the neighboring town of Cha-Am, you must watch the flight of a million bats, which fly out of the mountain caves every evening.

From Hua Hin, many travel to Sam Roi Yot National Park, which is located 50 kilometers from the city. It is famous for its limestone mountains, snow-white deserted beaches, swamps and caves.

Royal Palace in Bangkok (Bangkok)

Royal Palace in Bangkok – a sacred site in Thailand

Thinking about what to see in Thailand, you should definitely plan an excursion to the Royal Palace in the capital. The project of the palace complex with an area of ​​218 sq. m was created according to the prototype of Ayutthaya. The royal family only comes here for the ceremony. Some of the buildings inside the complex are still occupied by government agencies.

What structures are offered to the attention of visitors? Interesting is the Dusit Palace with a snow-white facade, decorated with an arch-shaped portico and a peaked Thai roof. Here you can see the wooden throne of Rama I inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

The Chakri Throne Palace built in the 12th century is interesting. with ceremonial rooms, the queen’s private chambers and urns with the ashes of the kings of the Chakri dynasty.

A masterpiece of Thai architecture is the Aphonhimok wooden pavilion. His design is simple, but when combined with gorgeous decorations, it seems absolutely gorgeous.

To the east of the palace buildings are the Sivalai Gardens with the personal temple of King Rama IV, decorated with light mosaics and faced with gray marble.

Doi Inthanon National Park (100 km from Chiang Mai)

Park at the King’s Pagoda and Queen’s Pagoda

What to visit in Thailand at its very top? Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in the country, with a height of 2565 m. This iconic place is called the “roof of Thailand”.

400 sq. m, on which the Doi Inthanon National Park is located, are replete with waterfalls and tropical forests. Anyone who is tired of the heat should come to this coolness, saturated with extraordinary aromas and clear mountain air. In the thick of the jungle, there are huge trees, dense thickets of rhododendrons, large bushes of unknown flowers.

The beauty of this Thailand attraction is the opportunity to contemplate nature surrounded by developed infrastructure. To services of tourists – comfortable bungalows, restaurants, shops.

At the top of the mountain there are two stupas: Brown – for the king and Gray – for the queen. Located opposite, they look into each other’s eyes, and there is something mystical about it. Needless to say, how colorful are the photographs taken in this place from this height!

Pai town

As a rule, most tourists travel to the southern part of Thailand for beautiful landscapes and beaches. But few people know that in the north of the country there is also something to see. But in the northern part of the country you will see equally breathtaking landscapes.

The northwestern region of the country, near the border with Burma, has a mountainous area covered with dense jungle.

All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

Pai town in Mae Hong Son province is a great start for a hike inland. You will have the opportunity to see almost pristine natural beauty. You will get acquainted with the famous Thai hospitality and exotic cuisine.

This small town has become a magnet for hippies and many tourists. From here you can reach several Buddhist temples, waterfalls and the impressive Pai Canyon.

Chinese mountains

Also in the National Park are the Chinese Mountains. These mountains are very high, and early in the morning in the fog it seems that the tops are hanging above the ground. And those who carefully watched the film will remember that there were flying islands, similar to the Chinese mountains. And after the success of Avatar, tourists from all over the world began to come here. The tour guides were able to make good money on the film and expand their business. And one mountain was even renamed in honor of the film.


All the attractions in Thailand. What you can see in Thailand

Small – about 20 km2, and the very picturesque island of Tao from Phangan is separated by about 35 km. The name translates as “Turtle Island”. Although at present there are few of them here – the animals did not like the influx of tourists. During the rest, you may not see a single turtle, but you will definitely take a picture with their sculptures. And also admire the pristine beaches, green forests, scuba diving among the corals. There is where to stay – there is a wide choice: from hotels to guest houses. There are also enough shops and cafes, there are pharmacies and ATMs.

Some tourists like Tao so much that they rent houses here for several months. It is best to come to the island during the dry season, which lasts from early December and ends closer to May. But you can look here in the summer. The main thing is that your vacation does not fall in November and December – the period of heavy rains and heavy storms. Of the sights, it is worth noting the observation deck, the monument to King Rama the Fifth, who visited here, as well as the Fisheries Museum. Tourists also visit the Diamond Caves.

Things to do

Thanks to the abundant vegetation, here you can hide from the scorching sun and heat. The layout of the park has been carefully thought out. Be sure to visit the local ponds where the breeze blows. There are no attractions on the territory of Lupmini, but it was created for other purposes. Every day it is visited by hundreds and thousands of people to retire, to be in silence, to walk among the beautiful vegetation. This area is also inhabited by turtles, large reptiles, squirrels. Among other things, there are grounds with exercise equipment, tennis courts, an area for playing basketball, a swimming pool. Children have fun on swings, slides and gazebos.

Lumpini is prohibited from littering, drinking, walking dogs and even smoking. In general, everything is aimed at a healthy lifestyle. There is a cafe at the main entrance where you can have a delicious snack.

Interesting Facts

  • Avatar producer James Cameron planned to release his film back in 1999.
  • In total, the preparation and the filming itself took more than 8 years.
  • In the process of filming the film, Cameron created many new techniques that his colleagues later began to use.
  • It was originally planned to make the foliage of the plants blue. As a result, this decision was revised for the sake of realism.
  • The film was so successful at the box office that the box office was more than 10 times the film’s budget: more than $ 2.5 billion on a budget of 237 million.
  • The director filmed several parts at the same time.
  • In an interview, Cameron admitted that the most difficult thing for him is writing scripts.

Thanks to shooting from location, Pandora looks so realistic. The entire film crew traveled to remote corners of the planet to delight viewers with incredible views. For many years the director and more than 700 people worked on “Avatar”. So in 2021, viewers should expect something incredible.

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