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15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning


1 Day of jam baby from a year to 5 years

Idea number 1.

If the children’s birthday falls on the summer, then you can invite the little guests to spend a holiday in the country. Inflate a splash pool, prepare a summer menu: fruit cuts, ice cream, sweets, juice. Favorite summer cottage entertainment: swing, hammock, sandpit, many toys that can be played on the water and in the sand, a green lawn with a blanket to play on while lying down, a trampoline, jump ropes. The main thing is that the weather does not disappoint.

Idea number 2.

Take a little trip to the zoo. You can visit it both with your family and with little guests. After the zoo, children will get tired and hungry, so a tea party at home is prepared in advance or a trip to a cafe is planned.

Idea number 3.

A walk to a children’s water park, if there is one in your city, will be a good entertainment for young children. If not, do not worry, any children’s pool is suitable, for babies with mothers. Don’t forget to invite your parents too, in that case. Prepare a table with treats in a nearby cafe or at home.

Idea number 4.

If a child’s birthday falls in winter, building a snow town in the yard will be an unusual adventure. Kids love to spend time with their parents, work and learn something new. Ask adult neighbors for help to fill the slide and ice figures. Dilute gouache paints in jars or bottles to decorate fairy-tale heroes from the snow. Write in close-up with the same colors on the track “Happy birthday, (name of the birthday person).” Such a gift will delight the baby, because he will not only be an active participant in the construction process, but also the creator of such a miracle in the yard, which the kids will use all winter.

After a walk in the cold, invite the little one home to drink hot tea with a cake.

Idea number 5.

The quest “Search for the treasure” is not the easiest, but very interesting idea. A cardboard box is taken, in which various sweets are put. This will be a treasure to be found. You need to hide the treasure so that you gradually come to it along the arrows. It is better to make the arrows bright, made of cardboard, given the small age of the participants. Parents think over light tasks that they will give children at every stage. There should not be too many stages, 10 is enough. After completing each task, the children move along the arrow to the next stage. A sweet prize awaits the children when they complete all the tasks.

Tasks can be as follows:

1 From the blanks make an applique “Seven-flower flower”.
2 Solve the riddle: “He rode away from his grandfather and rode away from his grandmother, but he became dinner for the fox-cheat” (answer: kolobok)
3 Sort the buttons by color into different jars.
4 Arrange the cardboard numbers in order from 1 to 10.
5 Solve the riddle: “His house is the ocean, and on the back there is a fountain” (answer: whale)
6 Tie a bow to the doll.
7 Guess who the mom is portraying (for example: mom grunts – it means it’s a pig, or mom puffed out her cheeks – it’s a hamster).
8 Solve the riddle: “The green bouncy hopper lurks in the grass, it jumps like a ball, it is afraid of frogs” (answer: grasshopper)
9 Spin the spinner on the table so that it spins while the adult presenter counts to 10.
10 Find a way out of the drawn maze. You can make a poster, or you can draw with chalk on the pavement.

Idea number 6.

If your baby was born in the fall, we can suggest a scenario: “Kitchen”. In the fall, there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables in your home. The competition is suitable for the age of 4-6 years, when the child can already hold a knife (it is better to give out a plastic one), a spoon, a rolling pin. Children are divided into 2 opposing teams. You need to come up with the simplest recipes for cooking in advance. For example: “Fruit Salad”, or “Fancy Cookies”, made from dough prepared by Mom in advance. A certain time is allocated, for example, 15 minutes. Participants must work together to prepare the dish. Whose culinary work gets done on time is the winner. Naturally, friendship wins. No one should be offended, especially the birthday boy.

Idea number 7.

Trampoline center. A visit to this institution is possible not in every city. Therefore, you can organize your trampoline park in your garden. You will need armor nets from old beds (no backs). To prevent bouncing from injury, the nets should be covered with a soft blanket or mattress. This is one of the favorite children’s activities, for which they like to spend more than one hour. And parents can calmly rest on the sidelines.

Idea number 8.

For one-year-old kids, many games are not understandable. Children do not yet know how to play together, the participation of adults is required. Mothers with babies can play a quiet game: “Easter cakes”. Special masses for modeling are on sale, which can be laid out in molds. Kids enthusiastically tinker with such a bright and pleasant to the touch material like colored clay. It is quite safe, the main thing is to make sure that the baby does not eat it.

Idea number 9.

If your baby was born in winter and it is difficult to organize a walk in frosty weather, then we suggest that you call the hosts for children’s activities at home. Many kids are afraid of clowns and start crying when they see them. try to invite not a clown, but kind characters from your favorite cartoons: Masha and the Bear, Smesharikov, Luntik, or just cute animals: for example, a kitten and a puppy. Entertainers know exactly how to cheer up those who still can’t really speak. Free up space in the house for round dances, loafs, dances and fun performances.

Idea number 10.

A do -it-yourself puppet theater for kids will be an unusual surprise for a birthday kid. You can make puppets yourself or buy ready-made ones. Scenarios for children’s fairy tales are on our website in the section:

2 Childhood holiday: for a child from 6 to 12 years old

Idea number 11.

15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

Walk to the children’s race track. Don’t think electric car rides are a boy’s hobby. Girls also love to have fun crashing into rivals’ cars. Who will go through the maze faster? Who will get around all the obstacles? Who will be the first to reach the finish line and hit the balloon? You can come up with many motivating goals for the guys. Birthday karting is fun.

Idea number 12.

A fun relay race can become an original children’s holiday if you prepare sports equipment and set up future athletes to win. The simplest sports team games will do:

– knock the pins down with a ball, which can be made from plastic bottles filled with water, painted with gouache in different colors;
– collect scattered colored balls for a while in the basket;
– untwist the knot from the rope, tangled in advance by the parents;
– draw a birthday boy on a poster, each participant draws one part of the body, for example: ears, or eyes;
– ride on one leg to the finish line without hitting an obstacle (the same colored plastic bottles).

Choose a place to compete, preferably with a soft floor – carpet, grass, or special soft flooring.

Idea number 13.

For an autumn birthday boy from primary school (grades 1-4), it will be interesting to go camping with fellow classmates. Several parents should accompany the cheerful company. You need to visit a place known to adults, which is not far from being reached by bus or car. Then go on foot. If you are from the countryside, it’s even easier, you don’t need to go anywhere. You can walk. An excellent children’s party will take place on the bank of the river, on the mountain, from which there is a beautiful view of nature. Bring tents, treats, outdoor games with you. No alcohol! Boat trips are also undesirable, without special equipment, training and lifeguards. It may be dangerous! For the rest, outdoor recreation and the celebration of the junior’s birthday should appeal to the children and be remembered for a lifetime with pleasant memories.

Idea number 14.

If you do not want to collect guests at home, you can relax once and just go with your children to your favorite fast food establishment, for example, McDonald’s, or KFC. French fries, cheese balls, ice cream – this is what children eat with pleasure. And you don’t need to wash a mountain of dishes.

Idea number 15.

Modern kids love animals. We have already written about the zoo before. Now we propose to visit the hippodrome. Communication with animals will be beneficial for all children. Hyperactive guys, communicating with horses, become calmer, and too modest and withdrawn, on the contrary – they learn to communicate, trust, and make friends. Horses mysteriously influence the human psyche, giving peace of mind and joy. Your son or daughter will definitely remember such a birthday forever.

Idea number 16.

To accustom the young birthday boy to order, invite him to invite guests to his home. On the condition that he cleans his own room. Wipe the dust, mop the floor, put toys in their places. Much to his surprise, when the guests arrive, you announce the game “Revizorro”. You will need to sew simple white chintz mittens and 5 yellow cardboard stars in advance. You will distribute these gloves to the children who will check the nursery for contamination. Your birthday boy will be surprised if the mittens are dirty. If everything is clean, then mom praises him and sticks a homemade sticker on the door: “Checked by Revizorro”.

5 stars are given for:

1 Clean floor;
2 wiped dust on the table;
3 Windowsill;
4 Tidy bed;
5 Toys laid out in places.

Idea number 17.

Game “Interview with a star”. For those who have a video camera or a phone with good video quality. Children are assigned to roles. The star will be your birthday boy or birthday girl. One of the children is a cameraman, he will shoot a video on the camera. The guest children will be interviewing the celebrity. They have to come up with 1 question each and ask them to the star in turn.

To make it funnier, children should turn to you to the birthday boy, and speak in a serious voice.

The whole process is controlled by mom or dad so that no one gets confused. After the n-th number of years, it will be interesting to see what questions the friends asked and what the birthday boy answered. Laughter will be!

Questions can be both serious and comic:

1 Why did you shave off your beard, disguise yourself?
2 What’s your favorite book?
3 Are you already in love?
4 What are you dreaming about?
5 Do you think it is fashionable to wear socks with holes?

Idea number 18.

The idea of ​​a fun holiday for girls. At this age, the first sympathies appear, girls like actors from films, singers. You can give the girl a T-shirt with a photo print with the image of your favorite character. Arrange a mini-disco at home, or in the garden, so that the songs of your favorite performer are sure to sound. You can make a selection of posters on the wall, or even donate wall murals. If there is such an opportunity, then give the girl a ticket to the concert of your favorite artist. This will be the pinnacle of happiness.

Idea number 19.

Arrange a Fashion Show game. Probably many mothers remember how fun it was in childhood to dress up in mother’s and grandmother’s clothes, put on high-heeled shoes, grimace in front of the mirror, depicting a star. Modern girls also love this game. Help your daughter arrange a birthday fashion show. Guests should sit on chairs and clap when their daughter shows off her outfits. You must prepare a wardrobe for fashion shows in advance. You will also need your help for a quick change of clothes. It’s good if your dad is armed with a video camera and records the entire process of the fashion show. The best shots can be printed and inserted into the frame later. So your girl will gain self-confidence and possibly credibility with her friends.

Idea number 20.

Young beauties need to instill a love of beauty. To do this, you can arrange an educational birthday with a trip to an exhibition, for example, flowers, or paintings. After the exhibition, it is better to go to an ice cream parlor and discuss what you have seen.

3 A cheerful day for a teenager 13-18 years old

Idea number 21.

15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

It is quite difficult for teenagers to please, and even more so to surprise them. Given the difficult age, parents should choose a fun program where their child would avoid the negative consequences of independent partying, namely the use of alcohol, tobacco, God forbid anything worse, as well as hooliganism and fights. Encourage the kids to rent hoverboards so they can have fun doing sports instead of messing around.

Idea number 22.

A school-age boy can have a very cool birthday if you invite friends to play Cybertag (laser tag). In such an institution, the boys will not be bored.

Idea number 23.

For adult children, it is no longer interesting to spend a holiday with their families, they want to communicate with their peers. Invite your son or daughter to visit a 3D cinema on their birthday. Give the child money for treats to friends (pepsi, popcorn, pizza). Make him feel like an adult.

Idea number 24.

Children love horror stories. Horror quests or labyrinths of fear are now popular entertainment. Such games captivate with a mysterious plot, many frightening scenery, sounds. Teenagers will get an unforgettable thrill from a collective game in search of a way out of the maze.

Idea number 25.

If the child is not very sociable and has only one friend or not at all, then we offer a holiday scenario in a cozy home environment. And the scenario is as follows. On the eve of your birthday, you invite your son or daughter to switch roles with you for one day. Make the necessary decisions, how to set the table, what to buy from groceries, how to dress up, hand out assignments to parents, who does homework, and who goes to the store. That is, the birthday person should feel like an adult. It will be fun!

Idea number 26.

Take a small expedition to the forgotten places of the city. The urban landscape of a dilapidated plant, or factory, will arouse genuine interest in the young birthday boy. You can have a great modern photo session there. The main task of parents is to ensure the safety of such an event.

Idea number 27.

Arrange a flash mob for the young hero of the occasion. For example, so that all guests, having agreed in advance, suddenly got up from the table and sang a comic song-alteration, for example, to the tune: “The ice is melting”. By the way, on our website you can order a rework of the lyrics of any song.

Idea number 28.

Give your teen a prank, maybe he is a little violent, but with a happy ending. The theme is this: you agree in advance with all your child’s friends (girlfriends), relatives, so that everyone whom he calls for his birthday, come up with ridiculous excuses why they cannot come. And when the upset child is disappointed with sadness, all the guests should come in a crowd, surprising the teenager.

Comic excuses can be as follows:

– my grandmother was bitten by a bee, I can’t come, I’m sorry;
– today my cat turns 7 years old, for me this is a very important event, unfortunately I cannot come;
– listen, I would have come, but a nail stuck in my boot, it hurts to go, let’s do it another time;
– I will come to you next year when you turn _ years old, because this is my lucky number;
– I would come, but I’m afraid of your parents, they are so strict;
and other fables.

Idea number 29.

Without leaving your home, you can have a theme party in some fashionable style. For example, if your son likes to listen to rap, invite him to have a rap party. Let all invitees come with the dress code in mind. Young people will read RAP in karaoke, compose something themselves. As a treat, sandwiches, snacks, fruits, rolls, cocktails at the buffet.

Idea number 30.

~ Take Away ~ Buy a grocery cart like in a supermarket. Have fun with friends, rolling each other along the paths in the park, on the sidewalks, in the yard …

Planning a venue

The number of invited guests and the budget of the celebration will depend on the venue. This can be, as mentioned above, your own living space, a cafe, a summer residence, a restaurant or a non-club. When choosing a venue for a party, you should take into account the time of year and weather conditions expected outside the window on the day of the celebration. For example, celebrating a birthday, which falls in winter, on the beach is at least uncomfortable. The best option for a winter party is to hold it in some kind of room.

But for a summer birthday, the bosom of nature, a summer cottage or an open-air cafe is perfect. The same applies to a holiday on a boat or liner. It is not very pleasant to be surrounded by water on a cold autumn day.


In the warm season, nature provides excellent conditions without asking us for rent. In any region, it is easy to choose a convenient place for organizing such an event. If you yourself do not have information about the surroundings, you can entrust the search for a site to a friend, a relative who often travels outside the city, knows the area well.

A holiday in nature can be organized according to different scenarios. The choice depends on the preferences of the contingent, personal interests. You can choose a beautiful place on the banks of the river, lake, arrange a fun picnic. The presence of a reservoir expands the possibilities for organizing entertainment. The beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop for memorable filming. A great addition will be a barbecue, barbecue. The aromas of smoke, grilled meat whet the appetite. In addition, we associate barbecue with a good holiday in the countryside.

A full-fledged holiday in nature can be combined with fishing, spending the night in tents, evening songs, conversations around the fire. Of course, this option is suitable if the company has fans of fishing, all guests are ready to give up city amenities for 1.5-2 days.

A birthday party in nature will not require large expenses. But you need to prepare for it:

  • thermal bags for products;
  • barbecue kit;
  • rugs, special waterproof blankets, etc.

If you want to arrange a holiday with fishing and spending the night, you need to stock up on additional items: tents, sleeping bags, fishing rods, etc.

6Sports party

For those who love an active lifestyle, you can choose a sports party. The most popular birthday ideas are paintball, rope park or climbing wall. A large and noisy company will have great fun and spend this day with health benefits. And only pleasant memories will remain in the memory of this day! The main thing is to warn guests about the location of the party in advance so that they dress in sportswear.

Family restaurants “Ribambel”

Botanichesky per., 5, Kutuzovsky pr., 48

Age: from 1 year

Price: from 6,500 rubles per hour for 5-6 children, a deposit of 1,000 rubles per person is paid separately

Rimambel is both a family club and a restaurant, which has over a hundred holiday scenarios, from the mystical Spies to Princess Kingdom. Each program can be supplemented with creative workshops, soap bubble shows, alchemical tricks or performances of robots or trained animals. There is a pool with balls, a magic river, and children’s houses. You can only invite a photographer or operator, everything else is organized by the club staff.

Bocconcino Restaurant

Leninsky prospect, 109

Age: from 2 years

Price: from 15,000 rubles for 10-15 participants, the banquet is paid additionally

There are several programs to choose from with theatrical performances, music concerts and creative workshops. You can invite a children’s DJ, decorate the hall with balloons or flowers, print personal invitations for guests. Treats for guests must be ordered at the restaurant – the Bocconcino pastry chef will prepare a birthday cake.

Creative workshops (for drawing, modeling, cooking, etc.)

Sometimes there is a desire not to turn the name day into a celebration, but to do on this day what I have long wanted, but there was not enough time for this. Many of us have creativity and talents dormant. They only need to be woken up in order for the most real hobby to be born, and, perhaps, the work of a lifetime. In the cities there are creative workshops in which master classes in modeling, painting, cooking, sewing, etc. are held. You can take the opportunity to get the basics, acquire a wonderful hobby.

Trampoline arena “Saltus-Sport”

Mussorgsky, 3

Age: from 4 years old

Price: 15,000 rubles (for a group of up to 10 people)

During the holiday, an experienced instructor (among the employees – former Cirque du Soleil artists) will give a master class, a fun relay race and teach you how to jump. The trampoline arena also has separate rooms where you can eat cake and blow out candles.

Darwin Museum

Vavilova, 57

Age: 6 to 12 years old

Price: for a group of up to 20–35 people with no more than 16 children – 10,300–12,500 rubles on weekdays, 10,900–12,500 rubles on weekends; there is a discount in summer

The Darwin Museum’s Birthday Celebration is an interactive tour and tea party to which you can bring your own cake and treats. They offer a choice of excursions on different topics: about animals from different continents, about birds, about dinosaurs, about insects or about zoogeography. You need to pay for the children’s party in the museum, where you can buy cute invitation cards for guests.


Quests around the world have become one of the most popular entertainment. You can use it to organize an original birthday celebration. A good idea for a birthday can be found on the Internet, it will be suggested by a company that specializes in such events. Relatives and friends can organize a quest for the birthday person. You can contact a specialized company, where they will offer a scenario to choose from: horror stories, adventures, mysticism, historical, films, etc. Such a birthday will be remembered for a long time by the hero of the occasion and guests.

Sailing training at the Wind Force base in Strogino 12+

 17 2894

Equestrian club “Izmailovo”

Enthusiasts sh., 31v

Age: from 4 years old

Price: depends on the program, rent of a cafe or a banquet hall – 200 rubles per hour, menu – from 500 rubles per person

During the celebration of the birthday of the milestones, the horses are decorated with ribbons, and the celebration is held by specially invited hosts. On the territory of the club there is a cafe, a banquet hall for 70 people and a forest glade for a picnic in the warm season. If you wish, you can order a chocolate fountain for the holiday.

Dacha (country house)

The owners of summer cottages can arrange a wonderful birthday outside the city, eliminating the inconvenience. The details of the organization depend on the area of ​​the house, plot, and their design. It is good if there is a recreation area on the territory where you can put a table, barbecue, arrange dances. Comfortable conditions for organizing a holiday will be provided by a spacious summer cottage with water supply and sewerage.

The advantage of this option is the privacy of the event. The holiday at the dacha will not cause complaints from the neighbors, it can last as long as you like. You can arrange a themed birthday party, arrange a quest, sports competitions, etc. In a heated dacha, a house with a stove or a fireplace, you can spend a holiday in winter, arrange a snowball game, taking a fortress, skiing, etc.

Recreation center

In the immediate vicinity of the city, you can find a recreation center, rent a banquet hall, rooms for guests. This will provide an opportunity to celebrate your birthday in nature, while enjoying the comfort. Entertainment can be arranged at the banquet surrounding the area. Recreation centers located by water bodies have beaches. Sports grounds and recreation areas are being equipped on the plots. They can be used for a variety of entertainment.

Climbing gyms in Moscow

Cafe “Anderson” on Strastnoy Boulevard 0+

The most romantic establishment of the Anderson chain is located on Strastnoy Boulevard!

 5534

 st. Khodynsky Boulevard, 4, Aviapark shopping center, 3rd floor (yellow sector)

Airport, Polezhaevskaya, Sokol

9 Walk above the clouds

An option for those who are tired of boring gatherings and want a little extreme. Take a couple of your closest friends or your significant other with you and book a helicopter flight. Enjoy the beautiful views of Moscow! This is not as expensive as it might seem – you will pay many times more for a dinner in a good restaurant or a get-together in a country cottage. And here are such memories! Don’t forget to capture them15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

helicopter flight (10-60 minutes) – from 8500 rubles.
master class (from 15 minutes) – from 19,000 rubles.

The Aviadukh company offers its clients to fly on a modern powerful helicopter under the control of an experienced pilot. A professional aviator will provide detailed instructions before the trip and share the secrets of simple air maneuvers. You will get an excellent opportunity to fly at the controls of a car under the strict guidance of a specialist. During the walk you can: ride a modern maneuverable helicopter; enjoy views of the historical and cultural sites of Moscow; see the city or natural parks from a bird’s eye view; fully experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush and feel a sense of freedom; take video and photographs to show off the adventure on social networks.


15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

Another exciting option for a holiday is to arrange a real quest for yourself and your guests. You don’t have to bother with the preparation, but simply choose one of the quests that are currently running in your city. Or create something unique and conduct a quest right at home or in a restaurant. Then you have to write a script and prepare a real adventure!

Excursion to another city or country

A trip on a birthday can become a memorable, eventful and emotional trip. The route depends on personal wishes and possibilities. Some rush to the capital, St. Petersburg, to fully enjoy the entertainment of the metropolis, to see unique objects. For others, the best birthday present is a trip to the Oceanic Islands, to European cities.

8 Quiz

Quiz is an intellectual team competition that consists of several rounds. A party like this is a great reason to wiggle your brains and have fun!

Guests will have to answer questions from a variety of areas, and not only erudition, but also wit will come in handy. And some riddles will be impossible to solve without a sense of humor!

You can conduct a quiz in a loft, at home, and in your favorite restaurant. Invite a professional presenter – with him the event will be much more fun, because he will find a couple of jokes even to the most “serious” questions and tasks.

15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

Invite a professional presenter – with him the event will be much more fun, because he will find a couple of jokes even to the most “serious” questions and tasks.

Moscow Zoo

st. B. Gruzinskaya, 1

Age: 3 to 7 years old and 6 to 12 years old

Price: from 12,000 rubles for a group of up to 15 people

The smallest (3–7 years old) are invited to the “Magic World of Fairy Tales”, the program of which includes acquaintance with the heroes of Russian fairy tales in their natural habitat in a petting zoo. For older children (6-13) there are several other programs: “Your birthday at the zoo” with a play, excursion and animation, “Aibolit’s Surprise” and “A trip around the world for wild animals” (quest). The birthday man is presented with a birthday cake in the banquet hall.

In sauna

A birthday party in the sauna will give you a wonderful experience. These establishments will provide an opportunity to arrange a traditional banquet, perfectly relax, enjoy the steam room, enjoy a swim in the pool. Modern saunas provide customers with excellent conditions for relaxation. The advantage of such a celebration is the absence of the need to prepare luxurious outfits. All you need is swimwear, swimming trunks, towels. You don’t have to spend money on a plentiful table. Enough simple snacks, fruits.

Cafe “Sea inside”

Sand alley, 7

Age: from 3 years old

Price: animators – from 2,000 rubles, an entertainment program according to a script – from 15,000 rubles, a banquet – children under 8 years old – order from the menu, children over 8 years old – a deposit of 1,000 rubles per person

For the birthday boy, the Sea Inside animators arrange an adventure quest. You can spend your holiday in an animation studio or in a creative laboratory. The Sea Inside Children’s Hall can accommodate up to 40 children, but another hall can be allocated for a larger celebration. You can bring your own cake for a birthday, provided that a deposit of 2,800 rubles is made for each adult, and a thousand rubles for a child over 8 years old.

6 Karting

Guys, if you think that speed and adrenaline are only your prerogative, then you are so wrong! Call the girls with you and start worrying about your first places in the races15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

And if you are a girl, then surprise your friends with a non-standard choice of a birthday celebration option. And don’t stop there – invite your guests to a bar or cafe and have fun! It would be great to choose something in the subject – a bar where racers or bikers hang out, for example, BarForBikers (

15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

“House of the main Victoria”

Troparevo-Nikulino, business park “Rumyantsevo”

Age: from 5 years old

Price: from 12,000 rubles

The House of the Main Victoria is a project of Victoria Novikova, curator of the Kartonia art project, which helps children create cities and worlds out of cardboard. Their master classes can be ordered at home or in kindergarten, or you can come to them for a shadow play and take part in an animation master class. For children’s parties, you can rent a half-meter chocolate fountain, as well as order homemade sweets for the table.


15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

You can role-play to turn your holiday into a theater stage! The birthday boy will have to try a little, but then the evening will only become unforgettable. You need to agree on a list of guests, choose a scenario and assign roles. And it is better to let it be a surprise for the guests! For example, you can act out a scene from your favorite book or find a ready-made script on the Internet.

Hello Park multimedia amusement park 0+

The Hello Park multimedia amusement park has opened in the Riviera shopping and entertainment center. This is the first digital park in Moscow for the whole family. The creators have combined favorite children’s games, vivid interactive video projections and innovative technologies. The result is a unique space that is interesting for both modern children and their parents!

Climbing wall “Rock City”

ave. Kutuzovsky, 36, bldg. 13/14

Climbing wall and rock-climbing school for children “Rock Zone” 0+

ave. Andropova, 22

See all

On the beach

In the summertime, relaxing on the beach is the favorite pastime. You can use this area as a venue for a celebration. The proximity of the water provides an opportunity to diversify entertainment. You can play beach volleyball, organize dances, outdoor games. The only drawback of this option is the crowdedness typical for the beaches. It is necessary to choose a place where there are not too many people and to exclude unforeseen random interference from outsiders.

5Fulfilling a Dream

15 Cool Birthday Party Ideas How to celebrate your birthday: ideas and planning

Once a year, you can arrange a real holiday for yourself and do what you could only dream of. For example, go skydiving, go to the dolphinarium, attend a creative workshop, have a day of shopping, or go horseback riding! In general, everyone has their own dreams, so it’s better for the birthday man to know what to do on this day in order to fulfill his dream!

Amusement park

The amusement park is a great place to celebrate a child’s birthday. Each such facility has special themed halls, sports grounds equipped for such events. Preparation, organization of events is carried out by professional specialists. They have creative ideas for their birthday, special equipment, costumes, props. Professionals arrange fairy tales, exciting adventures that leave a lot of impressions.

10 Riding a tank

If your soul requires drive and adventure, arrange a ride on a real tank for your birthday! Gather a team of equally brave friends and embark on an extreme cross-country ride in a formidable combat vehicle. You don’t even have to go out of town to do this – look where you can ride a tank in Moscow.

Birthday can be organized in the format of a tank battle, military quest or special forces show. Also, many excursions include a photo session in military uniform, a visit to a shooting gallery and lunch in a military field kitchen. Such a birthday will definitely be unforgettable!

At karaoke

Karaoke clubs provide excellent conditions for such events. Every person has the desire to sing at the holiday. But it is quite difficult to implement it at home. The karaoke club, equipped with high-quality modern equipment, will provide conditions for a cheerful, bright holiday that will delight the birthday person, all guests. Often, the companies in these establishments unite to create an unforgettable evening. Many karaoke clubs offer an extensive menu and reasonable prices. Therefore, you can celebrate your birthday without much hassle or expense.

Home holiday

The most budgetary option for celebrating a birthday is a house party. But then a dilemma arises of what to do at a birthday party at home and how to do it with the least loss of finances.

So, we offer you some interesting and fun games and contests that will make you laugh all evening:

  1. Pantomime or crocodile. This is the name of the game in which the participant is given a word. He must portray it without the aid of sounds. The one who guessed it comes out and shows a new word that the previous pantomime will say to him.
  2. Sticker. A very exciting game where a badge with some word or name of an actor, singer, character from a movie, cartoon, fairy tale, etc. is glued to the forehead of each participant. Further, leading questions are asked, and you have to guess what is written there. At the same time, everyone sees your word, except yourself.
  3. Break your tongue. This competition is held among the most intoxicated guests who are given tongue twisters. They should speak them as quickly as possible. For example: “I am driving along a pothole, I will not leave the pothole” or “I see a hill with coolers in the field, I will go out onto the hill, I will correct the sack.”
  4. You can hold a contest with eggs, adapting it to your home conditions. That is, you need to quickly run through a certain area of ​​the room with a spoon in your mouth, on which the egg is located. But instead of real chicken eggs, you need to take chocolate products from a kinder surprise.
  5. If the birthday person is a woman or a girl, and there are many men among the guests, then let them compete in pronouncing compliments. And the winner is chosen by the hero of the occasion.

Before holding contests, it is worth choosing one person who could become the host of the evening. Ask him to be your master of ceremonies and control the course and results of competitions.

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