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Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money



Anyone can give to those who are unlucky to help and save lives. You don’t have to have billions to do charity work. You can donate 1000 rubles a month and this is better than nothing. Any input is important, any help is appreciated.

Find a fund who needs help

There are many charities:

  • to help sick children;
  • Disease Control Funds;
  • crisis centers for women;
  • animal shelters;
  • helping low-income people.

You can donate a little to several organizations at once, there is an auto payment system, when you agree that a certain amount is collected every month and goes to charity. You set the amount yourself and choose the funds, a similar function was created so as not to forget.

Help disabled people, retirees with money

Life is hard for people with limited mobility – disabled people and pensioners. They cannot work and fully support themselves for health reasons, and not everyone has relatives. The state does not have enough resources to support everyone, so helping such is a common human duty.

Ask friends and acquaintances, almost every person has in mind a disabled person or a pensioner who needs help. They often stand in walkways or public places calling for compassion.

Be careful, they can be used by various begging networks. Better to help only those who really need help.

Visit all countries of the world

Traveling gives a person new impressions, emotions, memories, broadens his horizons, allows him to get acquainted with other cultures, learn a foreign language and look at the world in a new way.

There are always “hot tours”, they can be purchased with a big discount and have a good family rest. It is better to travel regularly, at least 2 times a year. It may seem like an expensive pleasure, but, in fact, if you follow the tours, buy plane tickets in advance and check into hotels, it will come out on a budget.

Have you ever wondered what you will remember in old age? What will you tell your children, grandchildren? How did you sit at work 24/7, watch TV shows at home and sleep? Everyone needs to be distracted, to have fun, to have fun, let yourself see the world, and the world – you. Spending money on travel means investing in vivid emotions and cool memories.

Set a goal: to leave the city at least twice a year. Let it first be small natural areas in your region, then travel to Russia and the CIS, and then build momentum, visit Asia, East, Europe, America, Canada, Maldives.

Become an investor and invest in a startup

Do you want to spend money to earn even more? Then invest. There are many ways to increase your capital:

  • securities;
  • deposit;
  • Mutual funds;
  • investment in a startup.

There are many ways, the choice is yours. You can buy shares of well-known companies known for stability and high dividends, take bonds, open a deposit at a high interest rate, help a budding startup develop in order to get rich in a couple of years.

Here it is important not to miscalculate and to study in advance the trends in the stock market, the offers of banks on deposits, the business plan of various projects. Studying takes time, but spending money thoughtlessly and spontaneously in such a matter is not worth it.

Buy a franchise

If there are no business ideas and a desire to start from scratch in huge competition, you can purchase a well-known franchise.

A franchise is a type of business collaboration between a brand and a person who wants to become a part of it. That is, you buy the right to use the brand for the business. Let’s say there is an international network of barbershops OldBoy. If you want to open such a barbershop in your city, buy a franchise from the brand owners.


  • brand famous and competitive;
  • there is a trusting audience;
  • the brand is engaged in advertising;
  • design and other technical points are thought out.


  • little freedom of action, the brand has its own vision of the business and outside opinion is not taken into account;
  • you will have to pay a fee to use the company name.


What could be more enjoyable than travel? Visiting new places, cities and countries, you get new impressions and unforgettable emotions, as well as memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Pay attention to package tours (sets of ready-made services, which usually include: flight, accommodation, meals, transfer to the hotel and back). List of operators providing such services:

  • OnlineTours – tours to about 100 countries in Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, North America, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean, Mexico and Central America, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, with departures from more than 50 cities, RF and other states.
  • Travelata – tours to more than 60 countries of the world, departing from 60 cities of Russia.
  • Lavel.Travel – tours to about 60 countries of the world, departing from more than 50 cities of the Russian Federation.
  • Misto.Travel – tours to about 30 countries of the world, departing from 10 cities of Ukraine.

Take care of your health

If you do not know where to spend money, then remember about your health. When was the last time you went to a gym or fitness club? Of course, money cannot buy health, but this is not at all a reason to save on it. Pay for a gym membership or buy a pair of home workout dumbbells. You can be sure that these funds will definitely not be wasted.

Solve problems right away

Don’t put off solving problems until tomorrow. Even if they are not serious and do not promise big trouble in the near future. Over time, all small problems turn into large ones, if you do not pay attention to them in time. Naturally, their solution will require much more time, effort and money than at the very beginning.

Educate yourself

Once a well-known businessman and entrepreneur was asked: “What is the best way to spend money?” The answer surprised many. He said that it is best to invest in yourself. That is, engage in self-education.

More often attend various trainings, courses and seminars that are related to your work or hobbies. Read more literature. These are the most profitable investments one can make.

  • Wikium – improving brain performance and the development of cognitive functions: attention, memory, thinking with the help of cognitive online simulators and specialized courses: Perfect Russian, Sherlock Thinking, Profiling, Speed ​​Reading, Brain Detoxification, Mnemonics, Critical Thinking, Think Like an Entrepreneur and others.
  • 4Brain – teaching supra-professional skills of the XXI century (soft skills): Storytelling, Speed ​​reading, Mnemonics, Invention, Building relationships, Psychoregulation, Russian language, Profiling, Time management, Continuous learning, Self-knowledge, Modern rhetoric, Cognitive science, Communication techniques, Language learning techniques other.

Decorate your home

Where do you spend most of your time? Surely many will answer that at home. And this is not surprising. After all, your home is the place where you feel comfortable and safe. Make sure that it becomes the most comfortable place for you on the entire planet. Of course, this will be expensive. But they are all absolutely justified, since all the money spent will return back to you in the form of a feeling of comfort, warmth and coziness. And this, you see, is worth a lot.


If you have the amount of money that you have enough for a comfortable existence, then the best that you can get is time. You can hire people to do things for you that you don’t like: wash your clothes, clean up, answer calls. At this time, you will be able to do what you enjoy.


I bought it for $ 100. She spent five months in a filthy, cramped and poor orphanage. She found owners three times, but for various reasons (children, moving) she was sent back to the same orphanage. She is eight years old and spent two years in a 2 square meter cage. I still have anger and hatred towards those people who abandon their dogs in such places.

When I picked it up, it was in a terrible state. Skin disease, infections, damage to the digestive system, pus in the ears – they don’t live with this, but she survived. I spent several thousand dollars on her treatment, using the services of one of the most talented veterinarians in our city. Not the cheapest purchase.

She does not leave me when I work.

She loves to be in company.

But she knows that I am the one who saved her life, and she will always be grateful for that. Can’t buy love for money?

Long life

Research by Linda Mars showed that the difference in life expectancy between rich and poor people is more than 12 years. Why? For several reasons:

  1. Better quality food.
  2. Expensive and, as a result, the best body care.
  3. Less stress.

Therefore, having made a lot of money, take care of your health first of all!


I know what you are trying to say. “Money can’t buy happiness.” However, it is not. Of course, if you decide to satisfy your whims and buy expensive toys, you will soon get tired of it. But try helping someone who doesn’t have enough money to meet their most basic needs, or feeding someone who hasn’t eaten in days.

By spending money on charity, you are buying yourself a piece of happiness for each person you have helped. Think about it.

Self-improvement and self-development

What else you can spend your own money on is self-development. This choice becomes another equally successful investment. After all, the knowledge that people receive in schools, secondary and higher educational institutions may not be enough to build a successful career or ensure good earnings. Therefore, people tend to get them from other sources:

  • attendance of additional courses;
  • registration for trainings;
  • banal purchases of books of a certain profile or specialty;
  • even ordinary fiction is also a good contribution to self-development.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

In the age of modern technologies, you can find any publication on the Internet, but still some people feel much more pleasant to feel a paper book in their hands, to smell new pages.

There are large firms and companies that have a separate item of expenses for training, professional growth and employee improvement. But in other organizations, employees sometimes have to invest in it themselves. You should not save on this, since such investments will always be able to justify themselves 100% in the presence of the desire and aspiration of the person himself.

Leisure contribution

You also need to be able to rest. Unfortunately, most people get used to constantly work, and instead of rest, they have household chores or other concerns, everyday life, grocery shopping and other tiring things. There is absolutely no time left for a normal full-fledged pleasant rest. And this is completely wrong.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

Rest is not necessarily long trips, you can arrange it even at home. It is enough to take a few days off at work or even a week and spend an active weekend.

You can consider the following options:

  1. Go to the cinema in the evening.
  2. Visit the pool, skating rink, amusement park.
  3. You can try to spend the evening in a restaurant in a pleasant company or go for breakfast in a cafe.
  4. It will be useful to visit a theater, opera, philharmonic society, go to a concert of your favorite singer or group, to an exhibition.
  5. Someone, on the contrary, will find it useful to spend fasting days at home with a loved one while watching their favorite movies.

But sometimes it is much more useful to radically change your lifestyle in order to feel a second wind, a new burst of strength. It will be much more effective than going on vacation to a sanatorium. It doesn’t matter how much money this weekend costs. What is the point of making money without the ability to spend it profitably on yourself.

Buying smart technology

Technical innovations not only improve life, but also keep you updated with the latest news. For example, you can purchase:

  • a new washing machine, which will run quietly and silently, will allow the use of new updated functions;
  • a modern laptop will also save the user’s time thanks to fast work and advanced features;
  • modern robotic vacuum cleaners allow you to keep your home clean without any extra effort.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

You can afford not only the necessary electronics, but also interesting ones.

The game console will allow you to create a fun, relaxing, favorable environment in the house for people of all ages. A huge flat-screen TV with speaker system will turn an ordinary living room or hall into a real home theater.

Contribution to food

Saving on food is wrong and unwise. First of all, health suffers from low-quality cheap products and semi-finished products. Preference should be given not necessarily to expensive, but high-quality and natural food.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

If there are certain dreams or desires in cooking, then you can try some exotic fruit, an extraordinary dish, a delicacy. The time has come to invest in food, to get gastronomic satisfaction.

Buying clothes

There is never a lot of clothes – any woman will agree with this. Well, so what if it does not fit in the closet, there is nowhere to store it – there is always nothing to put on. A banal wardrobe update can magically affect a person. If a certain amount has accumulated, you can check the availability of basic things in the wardrobe, such as jeans, white shirts, a pencil skirt, a sheath dress, several T-shirts, T-shirts, a jacket with a jumper. You can always invest in fur, buy a new fur coat, update your boots, buy branded shoes and an expensive dress for going out.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

Sometimes it’s better to spend money on one quality item than 10 cheap ones. Good things will last a long time, complement a stylish and elegant look, and give you self-confidence.

How to spend money correctly so that there is enough for everything and even more

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

To keep costs under control and spend money correctly, you can use a few simple tools:

  • Splitting expenses by week. Set aside money from your monthly income for mandatory fixed expenses (food, utilities, travel passes, etc.). Divide the remaining amount into 5 parts. During each of the four weeks of the month, you can spend no more than one part. Use a fifth for the remaining days of the month and for saving.
  • Analysis of expenditures by budget line.The Excel table, where all expenses are broken down by item, will help you to spend money correctly. Such a table will subsequently be easy to process and analyze. Enter the types of expenses in the columns: utilities, groceries, clothing, entertainment, etc. In the rows, draw out the dates. If necessary, you can always filter the table by the desired month. It makes sense to enter expenses for meals or travel separately for each family member, since one of you may be spending money correctly, and the other may not. You can insert a simple formula at the top of the table to see what percentage of the total amount of your income. At the end of the month, analyze which items of expenditure are the most expensive and think about how you can reduce them. The good thing about this method is that you will have a clear understanding of where all the money is going.

To start drawing up a financial plan, you need to understand where all your savings go:

  • Record how much each family member contributes to the family budget.
  • Calculate how much money each of you spends on your hobbies and entertainment (going to clubs and cafes, sports, hunting and fishing, knitting, drawing, etc.).
  • Calculate how much you spend on groceries per month.
  • To spend money right, only one family member needs to visit the store.
  • Do not get carried away with semi-finished products. It is much more profitable and healthier to cook homemade food.
  • Calculate how much your family spends on car maintenance, health insurance, Internet connections. Look for better options.

How to spend money correctly and plan your budget for the month

To plan your family budget, break down all the upcoming expenses by line items:

  • Obligatory expenses are spending on basic products, household chemicals and hygiene products, medicines, utility bills, payments for kindergarten, mortgage or rent payments, etc.
  • Secondary expenses – additional training, fitness and sports sections, hairdresser services, basic clothing, vacation, savings for a rainy day.
  • Optional expenses – trips to cafes, restaurants and clubs, salon services, buying toys and new gadgets; foods that you can easily do without (desserts, alcohol, gourmet cheese, etc.).

In order not to commit unplanned expenses, it would be right not to take extra money with you: you should only have the amount you need for today with you. Here the question is pertinent, how much money can you spend per day and, accordingly, have it with you? There is no universal answer to this question. This amount is individual for each family. You will need to calculate the daily budget for operating expenses yourself.

If you are a shopaholic, do not take your credit card with you to the store and strictly follow the pre-compiled shopping list.

Where else can you lower your expenses in order to spend money correctly:

  • on payment of utilities when installing meters for water and gas;
  • when buying home appliances, buying models that are simpler in functionality;
  • on clothes, purchasing it out of season or at a sale;
  • on products, if you reduce the amount of meat and sweets in the diet, buy products in wholesale stores or for promotions;
  • you should not skimp on fresh vegetables and fruits, as they are a source of vitamins and minerals useful for the body.

How to spend money correctly (on groceries, utilities, etc.), not forgetting to save

Considering all types of spending separately, you can see the obvious picture: you cannot do without some, others can be reduced, and others can be eliminated altogether. There is always an opportunity to cut costs. At the same time, you can easily save the amount for a year, which is enough for a summer vacation abroad.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

  • Savings on food.

Food is not only energy and building material for our body, but also a source of happiness hormones. Apparently, this is why we buy food in much larger quantities than our body requires. To spend money on groceries correctly, follow these guidelines:

  • Visit grocery stores exclusively with a shopping list and don’t stray from it.
  • Stick to your monthly / weekly grocery budget target.
  • Create a monthly menu with simple, inexpensive meals.
  • Eat only at home. Try not to waste your money on canteens, cafes and restaurants.
  • Use the app with discounts on products.
  • Don’t snack on the go. This is economical and good for your health.

2 Saving energy.

  • Use only energy saving bulbs.
  • Remember to turn off the light behind you.
  • Use a home appliance class A, AA or A +. Such devices save energy.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer regularly. Do not place them near heating appliances or radiators.
  • Remember to unplug appliances after use.
  • Saving on bad habits.

Most smokers, beer drinkers and fast food drinkers are interested in cutting back on their spending. And it is right. After all, the cost of tobacco, alcohol, pizza and hamburgers can reach several thousand rubles a month. Thus, by giving up bad habits, you can save a lot of money and preserve your health.

Where to spend your money profitably. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough money

3 Savings on shopping.

Recently, not only the weaker sex, but also the strong half of humanity is increasingly fond of shopping. If wardrobes are bursting with clothes and shoes, and you still have “absolutely nothing to wear”, analyze whether you are approaching the right approach to buying new clothes. For this:

  • Take a photo of each item of clothing and footwear from your closet and place these files in a special folder on your computer.
  • The next time you want to update your wardrobe, try to compose a fresh look with what is available first.

Tip: photos of the elements of the image will help you save time and not go through all the cabinets every time. To draw up a new look, it will be correct to use a graphic editor or an application for creating collages on a computer or smartphone.

  • Divide all your things into two parts: those that you wear constantly and with pleasure, and those that you used just a couple of times. Analyze what clothes you like more, what less, and why.
  • When buying a new thing, think about how often and in what situations you can wear it.
  • Think about what items of clothing are missing in your wardrobe to create complete looks.
  • Before you go shopping, decide what exactly you will buy and in which store.
  • Do not buy clothes of the wrong size, even if you are sure that you will soon lose weight or, conversely, increase in volume. If this happens, you can always return to the store for the item you like.
  • Your wallet should contain the amount you plan to keep within, and no more. It will be correct to spend money on the basis of this limit.
  • When purchasing a new thing, think over what your things and shoes can be combined with.
  • Don’t buy accessories that don’t match any of your looks, even if you really like them. Such a new thing will either remain unclaimed, or may lead to additional spending on clothes.

We draw up a budget plan

On a note! To plan your budget, you need to have a special notebook. You can enter information on the expenses that took place this month and were necessary for life or turned out to be unnecessary.

It is constantly necessary to spend the budget only on certain categories of unchanging goods and services, the rest can be called a luxury that may or may not be affordable.

Food, clothing, medicine, utilities are special items of expenditure. If you look closely, it is easy to find that often a person buys things for his own pleasure.

Of course, you don’t have to deprive yourself of pleasant little things, but everything should be consistent with your monthly income. It is important to correctly calculate the costs. The best way is to always pay with your card and keep your receipts. Using the online bank, you can sort your spending according to different items.

The next point of analysis will be the reduction of income and expenses in one table. Investments in education and business, as well as the purchase of cosmetics are mentioned as expenses. Transport, food, pleasure are always celebrated.

After counting all the columns, it will become clear that not all costs were inevitable and it would be possible to spend money wisely.

Optimizing costs is a creative process. For example, if it turns out that a lot of money is spent on education, you can order language courses on the Internet instead of traveling by transport every week.

If a person goes to a fitness club for a small amount of exercise, you might wonder if you can do them at home by purchasing dumbbells or a treadmill once and for all.

You can just listen to your inner voice and, before buying a thing, think about whether it will spoil the atmosphere at home and whether unpleasant emotions come from it (in the east, this has long been taken into consideration). It would be useful to get acquainted with the concepts of beauty in different cultures.

Give preference to homemade meals

It is advisable to minimize sausages, sausages, ready-made salads, dumplings. The largest part of the diet should be healthy food. You can learn how to cook delicious mashed soups, make cottage cheese casseroles, cut salads, independently cook cutlets from meat, fish, carrots, beets, etc.

Reduce your intake of animal protein

Animal proteins are useful in a certain amount, but their intake should be reduced. Sometimes, instead of meat, it is better to eat fish, taste dairy products and taste cereals. This will save a tremendous amount of money.

Save resources

Reducing resource consumption means benefiting the planet. It is necessary to buy energy-saving light bulbs, install water and electricity meters at least in order to delay the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources.

Don’t indulge any urge to buy clothes

You can spend your money quite wisely. You only need to buy the things you need. There is no point in buying a blouse that will soon be forgotten. Don’t just walk around department stores. Sometimes it is better to have your shoes repaired than to buy new ones. It is advisable to buy things on sale. It would be more correct to buy one high-quality item than one that is constantly torn.

Conclusion how to spend money profitably

We spend our whole life, but someone spends it more efficiently than others. For such people, today’s expenses, which in the future will have their return and are spent money for the benefit of themselves and their future. The simplest rule of how to spend money profitably for yourself is to acquire those things and services that give results not only now, but will also give them in the future.

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