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The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties


Start saving for old age now, without delay

I lived to be 30 without thinking about anything, but after thirty you have to make a big financial breakthrough. Pension savings should not be put on the back burner.

You need to learn how to understand how things like insurance, retirement plans and mortgages work, because now this burden is on your shoulders. – Cash, 41

The most important advice, which was present in literally every letter sent – immediately start building your financial well-being in order to start saving savings for old age.

To do this, the readers suggested taking the following actions:

  1. Make it your top priority to pay off all your debts and loans as soon as possible.
  2. Create a personal financial “stabilization fund” – thousands of people were left without a livelihood due to health problems, lawsuits, divorce, business problems, etc.
  3. Spend a portion of each paycheck on a fast-track loan or save it in a savings account.
  4. Avoid frivolous purchases. Do not buy a home until you can secure the most affordable loan or mortgage conditions for you.
  5. Don’t invest in what you don’t understand. Don’t trust stock brokers.

One reader wrote: “If your debts exceed 10% of your salary for the year, this should be a serious warning to you. Stop unnecessary spending, pay off debts, start saving. ” Another: “I would like to save more money for a rainy day, because unexpected spending literally killed my budget. And I would like to pay more attention to my pension savings, because today they are very small for me. “

Some have had big problems in life due to their inability to save up after thirty. A reader named Jody regretted not starting to save 10% of every paycheck when she was 30. Her career eventually went downhill and at 57 she still lives paycheck to paycheck. Another 62-year-old woman also did not make personal savings, as her husband earned more than her. Subsequently, they divorced, and all the money received after the divorce, she was forced to spend on solving sudden health problems. She, too, still lives paycheck to paycheck with the prospect of ending her days in a nursing home. Another reader said that he was forced to live on his son’s money, tk. he unexpectedly lost his job during the 2008 crisis with no savings in his account.

They all agree on one thing: start saving as early and as much as possible. Indicative is the story of a woman who, at the age of thirty, with two sons, worked in a low-skilled job and still managed to save money for a retirement account. Since she started early enough and successfully invested her savings, at fifty she achieved financial stability for the first time in her life. Her words: “You can achieve anything. You just have to do it. “

Start taking care of your health now, without delay

Your mind considers itself to be 10-15 years younger than the actual age of your body. Your health will go away faster than you think, and you will not even have time to notice it. – Tom, 55

We all know how to take care of our own health. We know how to eat right, how to sleep right, play sports, and so on on the list. But, as in the case of retirement savings, the opinion of the elders is always unanimous: become healthy and stay healthy in old age. Almost everyone who took part in the survey said this, saying about the same thing – what you do with your body has a cumulative effect. Your body does not suddenly break down one fine day; it gradually breaks down unnoticed over the years. Over the next 10 years, you should slow this destruction down.

We’re not talking about the banal “eat more vegetables” advice. Cancer patients, survivors of heart attacks and strokes, diabetics and hypertensive patients, people with sore joints and chronic pain, they all say the same thing:

If I could go back and start over, I would start eating healthy foods and exercising nonstop. Then I found excuses for myself, but did not imagine the consequences.

Don’t hang out with people who treat you badly.

Learn to say no to people, actions, and commitments that are of no value to your life. – Hayley, 37

After the calls to take care of your physical and financial health, the most frequent advice from those who have already lived in their four decades was quite interesting: they would gladly go back in time and erect stronger restrictions in their personal lives in order to spend more time with good people.

What exactly did they mean?

Don’t tolerate people who don’t treat you well. Point. Do not tolerate them for financial gain. Don’t tolerate them for emotional reasons. Do not tolerate them for the good of your children or for your own good. – Jane, 52

Avoid mediocre people in friends, work, love, relationships, and life. – Sean, 43

Usually, people overcome their own limitations because they find it difficult to offend other people’s feelings, or they fall into the trap of wanting to change the other person, to please him or make him feel better about himself. It never works. in fact, it even makes things worse. As one reader wisely noted, “Selfishness and self-interest are two different things. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. “

For twenty-year-olds, the world seems open, filled with opportunities, and lack of experience makes them cling to people, even if they don’t deserve it. But thirty-year-olds have already learned that good relationships are difficult, that there will always be enough people in the world to be friends with, so there is no reason to waste your time with people who will not support us on our path in life.

Treat those you care about well

Tragedies happen in everyone’s life, in the circle of family and friends of each person. Be the person you can count on in times like these. I think the interval between thirty and forty years is a decade when a lot of shit begins to happen to you and your loved ones that you might not even think about. Parents die, your spouses die or cheat, children continue to be born, friends get divorced … The list is endless. You probably can’t imagine how much you can help a person at such a time, just by being with him, listening, without judging. – Rebecca, 40

Accordingly, calling for greater personal boundaries in front of those whom we do not want to let into our lives, many readers advise spending more time with those friends and family members who are really close to you.

You will not achieve everything in the world – focus on what you do really well.

Everything in life is about compromise. You sacrifice one thing in order to get another, and you cannot get both together. Accept this. – Eldrie, 60

Twenty-year-olds are full of dreams. They are confident that they have all the time in the world. In my twenties, I myself had many illusions about my site – that it would be just one activity out of many. How could I have known that I would have to spend most of the next ten years in order to become competent enough in this area? And now that I have acquired the necessary competencies, I have tremendous advantages, I love what I do, so why would I give it all up for something else?

In short: focus. You can achieve more in life if you focus on doing one thing very, very well. – Erickson, 49

Another reader: “I would advise myself from the past to focus on 1-2 goals / desires / dreams and work hard for them. Do not be distructed.” And one more: “You have to accept that you cannot do everything. To achieve something in life, you have to sacrifice a lot. “

Some readers have noted that most people choose their careers at the turn of their twenties, and like so many other choices made, this one is often wrong. It takes years to find what we are really good at and enjoyable with. But it’s better to focus on your core strengths and maximize them year after year than to be half successful at something else.

I would tell myself in my thirties to put aside what other people think and define my natural strengths, my passion, and then build my life around that. – Sarah, 58

For some people, it will cost a lot of risks even at the age of thirty. This can mean the destruction of a career, on the construction of which 10 years of their lives have already been spent, the loss of the level of income for which they worked and to which they are already accustomed. Which brings us to the point …

Don’t be afraid to take risks, you can still change

Although by the age of 30 most people think they should stick to the chosen path, it is never too late to start over. Over the past 10 years, I have seen people who most regretted their decision to leave things as they were, even though they thought it was wrong. These are such quick ten years of life that turn days into weeks, weeks into years. And at 40, they found themselves in the midst of a midlife crisis, doing absolutely nothing to solve a problem that they were aware of 10 years ago.

Richard, 41

Most of all I regret what I did not do.

Sam, 47

Many have noticed that society requires us to “decide” by the age of 30 – with a career, marital status, financial situation, etc. But this is not true. In fact, dozens of messages sent in literally begged not to let public expectations of an “adult” stop you from taking risks and starting over.

I will soon turn 41, and I would say to myself in my thirties: you should not bring your life in line with ideals in which you do not believe. Live your own life, don’t let anyone control it. Don’t be afraid to put everything on the line, you have the strength to re-create everything.

Lisa, 41

Many readers were united by the decision to change careers after thirty and the ensuing improvement in their lives. One of them quit a high-paying job as a military engineer and became a teacher. Twenty years later, he calls it the best decision in life. When I asked my mother a question, I got the answer: “I would like me to think more outside the box. Your father and I made something like a plan: to do one thing, then another, then a third, but looking back, I understand that we shouldn’t have done this at all. We have judged our lives too narrowly, and I regret it a little. “

Less fear. Less fear. Less fear. Next year I will be 50 and I have just learned this lesson. At 30, fear was the poisonous driving force in my life. He had an incredible negative impact on my marriage, my career, my self-esteem. I plead guilty to worrying about what people say about me. I thought that I might fail. Worried about the consequences. If I could relive this time again, I would risk more often.

Aida, 49 years old

You must keep growing and developing

You have two assets that you cannot replace, your body and your mind. Most stop developing and working on themselves after 20. Most 30-year-olds are too busy to worry about self-development. But if you are one of the few who continue to learn, develop your thinking and take care of your mental and physical health, by 40 you will be light years ahead of your peers.

Stan, 48

If someone can change at thirty – and must continue to do so – then he must work on himself to become better. Many readers have noted that the decision to sit down again at thirty is one of the most rewarding things they have done. Someone signed up for courses and seminars. Someone started their own business for the first time or moved to another country. Someone started seeing a psychologist or started practicing meditation.

Your number 1 goal should be to be a better person, partner, parent, friend, colleague, etc. – in other words, to grow as a person.

Emilia, 39 years old

Nobody understands what he is doing. Get used to it

If you are not dead yet – mentally, emotionally, or socially – you cannot predict your life 5 years ahead. It will not go as expected. So stop thinking that you can plan ahead, stop worrying about what is happening now because everything will change anyway, and get over the urge to control the direction of your life. True, fortunately, you can take a bunch of chances and not lose anything – you cannot lose what you never had. In addition, your sense of loss is the fruit of your reflections, which will fade over time.

Thomas, 56 years old

One of the lessons I learned in summing up my 20th birthday was that no one really knows what they are doing. Based on letters from those in their forties, this rule continues to work at a later age – in fact, it works forever.

Most of what you think is important now will look completely unimportant in 10 or 20 years, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is called “development.” Just try not to take yourself too seriously all the time.

Simon, 57

Despite the feeling of invulnerability that has accompanied you for this decade, you do not know what will happen – and no one knows. While it worries those who cling to permanence and security, it gives freedom as soon as you realize the simple truth: everything is constantly changing. After all, there may be times of true sorrow. Don’t numb the pain or avoid it. Sadness happens in everyone’s life, it is the result of an open and passionate soul. Appreciate this. Above all, be kind to yourself and others, because life is a wonderful journey that keeps getting better.

Prue, 38

I am 44 and I would like to inform myself at the age of thirty that by the age of forty my life will be filled with stupid things, varied, but stupid … So, thirty-year-old me, do not judge from above. You still don’t know anything. And this is good.

Shirley, 44

Invest in your family – it’s worth it

Spend more time with loved ones. As you get older, your relationship changes, and how exactly it changes is up to you. Your parents will always see you as a child, until you show yourself to them as an independent adult. Everybody gets old. Everyone dies. Use the time allotted to you to build the right relationship and enjoy your family life.

Cash, 41

I was inundated with letters about my family and overwhelmed by their power. Family is a big new topic for our next decade of life, as it begins to touch us on both sides. Your parents are getting old and you need to think about how you will interact with them as an adult. You also need to think about building your own family.

Most agree that it is necessary to leave all resentments and problems with parents in the past and learn how to interact with them. One reader wrote: “You are too old to blame your parents for any of your own shortcomings. At 20, you could have just run away from home. At thirty, you are an adult. Seriously. Be above that. “

Then each of us is faced with the following question: to have a child or not?

You don’t have time. You have no money. You need to make a career first. This will end your usual life. Stop it … Children are great. They make you better at everything. They force you to push your limits. They make you happy. Don’t delay having babies. If you haven’t done this before 30, now is the time. You will never regret it.

Kevin, 38

The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties 

The “right” time for children will never come because you have no idea what it is until you try it. If you have a good marriage and parenting environment, strive to have one as early as possible, it will give you a lot of joy.

Cindy, 45

Consent between spouses is probably the most important thing in a marriage, provided you have a healthy relationship with the right person. If not, see point 3.

But what’s interesting is that there are many and similar letters:

Everything I’ve learned in the last 10-13 years is just this … bars, women, beaches, booze, clubs, trips to other cities, because I have no responsibilities other than work … I would give every memory of all this for a good woman who would really love me … and maybe my family. I would add that it is better to grow up for real and start a family than to be successful at work. I still enjoy life a little, but sometimes at the next party I feel like the guy who keeps coming to school after graduating (like Matthew McConaughey’s character in High and Confused). Around me, people fall in love and build relationships. “All” of my peers have already got married, and many more than once! Being lonely all the time sounds cool to all my married friends

I would tell myself to stop looking for a prince on a white horse and be grateful for a relationship with a nice, smart guy who really cares about me. Now I am lonely and, it seems, already too late to do something about it.

Farah, 38 years old

On the other hand, several letters expressed the opposite point of view:

Don’t feel obligated to have a family and children if you don’t want to. What makes one happy does not make everyone happy. I have decided to remain a bachelor with no children and I still live a rich, happy life. Do what is best for you.

Anonymous, 40 years old

Takeaway: While the family is not something that is absolutely necessary for happiness, most find that the family is always worth the effort they put into it, of course, provided there is a healthy and harmonious relationship in it.

Be kind to yourself, respect yourself

Be a little selfish and do something good for yourself every day, something else every month, and something wonderful every year.

Nancy, 60

This point was rarely highlighted in the letters of readers, but, one way or another, it was present in almost every one of them: treat yourself better. Almost everyone has said this in one form or another. There is no one who cares or thinks of you as much as you do. Life is hard, so learn to love yourself now, because it will be harder to do later.

Many used the old cliché: “Don’t waste your energy on the little things in life.” Eldrie, 60, wisely remarked, “When faced with another challenge, ask yourself if the outcome will matter in 5 or 10 years? If not, spend a few minutes on it and move on. ” Most readers agree with the simple rule of accepting life as it is, with all its imperfections.

Which brings us to the last quote from Martin (58):

When I turned forty, my father told me that I would like to be forty, because at twenty you think that you know everything, at thirty you realize that you are not, and at forty you can finally relax and just accept things. as they are. At 58, I want to say that he was right.

Be considerate of those you care about

The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties

A tragedy can happen in the life of each of us. We need those who can understand, accept and help. And we ourselves can be the same for our friends. Usually between the ages of 30 and 40, conflicts begin to flare up between loved ones and problems appear, previously even unthinkable. This can be the death of parents and loved ones, divorce, betrayal, loss of friends. And the support of loved ones is very important at such a moment. Someone just needs someone to be with him, to listen.

Treat your friends with respect, who can support you at the right time. The established strict boundaries of our soul will have to be removed over time. We sometimes take the attitude towards us for granted, but only with the loss of a person do we realize all its importance for us. It is simply not worth bringing to this. It is always possible to return money and work, but people and time are not a fact.

Do what you do best.

The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties

At 20, people are full of plans for the future life. It seems to them that all roads are open and there is time to become what you want. Illusions are an integral part of this age. Over the next 10 years, a person acquires a certain position, experience and knowledge. Having them and a favorite job – there is no point in leaving it all for the sake of something else. Focus plays a huge role in our life. We can achieve more if we do what we do best.

People are advised to focus on one or two important goals and work hard for them without distraction or waste. It is worth accepting that it is impossible to achieve everything. We compromise – sacrifice the rest for something really valuable.

Most people arbitrarily choose their career path at the turn of the 20th anniversary. This choice is often wrong. It will take years to understand your true calling and find something that you enjoy doing. This is where you focus and refine your skills year after year. You cannot follow the ideas of other people and succeed halfway in an occupation that is alien to you. For some people, this approach, even at the age of 30, will seem risky. After all, it can mean abandoning a career in which 10 years of life have been invested, the loss of the usual income.

Don’t be afraid of risk, a person can always change

The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties

The generally accepted point of view is that by the age of 30, a person should have already decided on their occupation, start a family, a certain financial situation. But it’s never too late to start over. Dozens of blog readers have asked not to let society influence you and prevent you from taking risks at your most productive times. At the age of 40, people find themselves in a midlife crisis and realize that they did nothing to solve the problem.

30-year-olds should not build their lives around ideals they don’t believe in. Do not be afraid to destroy everything, because there will always be strength and rebuild everything. Many of Manson’s readers said that they decided to change their occupation after 30 years and were not disappointed in this. They later called this decision the best in life. At this age, fear is a poisonous force, a brake that affects career, marriage, and self-esteem. People are afraid of failure, judgment from acquaintances, consequences. But 40-year-olds are advised to try and take risks.

Keep growing and developing

A person has two assets, the loss of which cannot be returned: our body and our mind. After 20 years, many people stop working on themselves, learn and develop. At 30, we are already very busy and there is no time for self-improvement. Only those few who continue to learn, develop and care for the freshness of their minds will be able to overtake their peers.

If life gives such an opportunity – to change after 30 years, then it should not be neglected. Many people say that the decision to start learning after 30 years has become very beneficial for them. Courses, seminars, trainings, new business will help keep your mind fresh. It is no coincidence that Warren Buffett said that the best investment for a young man is in his own education and intelligence. Money, power, relationships can disappear as quickly as they appeared. But our knowledge will stay with us forever. The main goal of any person is to constantly try to become a best friend, partner, colleague.

What to do for beginners

A dating site for serious relationships from 30 to 40 years old is a specific online space. Unlike ordinary social networks, guys and girls have gathered here, aimed at relationships, a promising marriage, and so on.

As a rule, most sites have similar options, interface and principle of operation, which boil down to a single algorithm.

  • First of all, we advise you to create accounts on several sites from the rating in order to increase your chances of acquaintance. Registration for them is free, and the question of connecting paid functions is secondary. Although it is still very useful to connect additional services if you are seriously interested in finding the other half.
  • The second step is filling out the profile. The questionnaire is a key moment in the field of online dating. Therefore, choose your best photo, think carefully about the description. And more tips are set out in feature articles.
  • Dating sites over 30 years old are usually equipped with search by criteria and city. When you come across an interesting and attractive person, do not delay with the first message.
  • Online dating has long become an effective way to find not only a partner, but also friends. Whatever goal you set (serious relationship, friendship, sex, and so on according to the list), do not be afraid to make real meetings, exchange phone numbers, because chatting will not replace live communication.

If you come across a site that promises dating women over 30 without registering, it is likely that the service is not offering a serious relationship at all. Or a student hiding behind photographs of a very real thirty-year-old woman will devote love letters and beg for gifts. This experience is very common, so only refer to trusted resources.

Rent a country cottage for the weekend

Depending on the area, location and degree of elite, a cottage for a day can cost from 2.5 to 400 thousand. What pleasures will be available to the hero of the day and guests also depends on the equipment of the house and the services provided by the owner. You can find cottages with these options:

  • Bath (Russian, Turkish or sauna)
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Billiards
  • Bowling
  • Ski slopes
  • Paintball
  • Gym
  • Restaurant / cafe / bar
  • Gazebos
  • Rent of boats, bicycles, ATVs, skis, jet skis and catamarans, etc.

Mega cool rooftop party

Why not celebrate the 30th anniversary on a rooftop with a covered veranda and bar? Here you can arrange not only gatherings at the table with family and friends, but also noisy dances to the DJ mix. Enjoy the fresh air and views of Moscow, sunbathe on sun loungers, arrange contests and celebrate your birthday the way you have long dreamed of!

Camping with tents

An ordinary picnic on the outskirts of Moscow is too boring for an anniversary, but a trip for a few days far beyond the Moscow Ring Road, and in good company, is the thing! Forest, lakes, fishing, songs by the fire – a great option for lovers of outdoor recreation!

Can I have a fun picnic?

Easily! The highlight of any trip is a barbecue or, in the best Russian traditions, barbecue. See what a chic space with already prepared grilling equipment can be rented even within the Garden Ring.

A chamber and cozy loft with a summer veranda will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a barbecue party. In addition to grilling blanks, catering can be ordered on the site. It is also allowed to bring your own alcohol without cork collection.

Party in the style of “Thirty!”

At this party, the number “30” is used to decorate all the components of the holiday: dishes on the table (of which, by the way, there should also be three dozen), walls in the hall where you are celebrating, guests’ clothes (you can make themed boutonnieres for everyone or order T-shirts with appropriate inscriptions).

Take 30 photos of the birthday boy with friends and family. Let all the guests write their wishes to the hero of the day before the holiday. When decorating the venue, attach them with paper clips to ribbons, like here. It will be good fun for the invitees to look at these photos and share memories with everyone.

Or here’s another idea: take a beautiful vessel or casket and put there the notes with the achievements of the hero of the occasion for all thirty years. At the party, each of the guests at the table will take out one note and read it aloud, passing the box on.

What achievements can be:

  • Didn’t fight girls in the children’s sandbox
  • I learned to read in kindergarten
  • Graduated from school without a single call to the principal
  • Didn’t skip lectures at the university
  • Participated in the creation of a new life (if the hero of the day has a child)

And so on – come up with humorous achievements or serious ones, or both. It will be fun and enjoyable for the birthday boy.

Take a look at this site – there is a kitchen and a wardrobe, there is all the necessary furniture for a buffet or banquet. Bar catering can be located behind a spacious bar counter. Host a table tennis or beer pong tournament at a special table, arrange a disco and have fun on this day!

Party in the style of “Chicago 30’s”

It is quite consistent with the atmosphere of those years – a secret place where gangsters gather. Smuggled alcohol flows like a river, despite Prohibition. Young people in costumes from a needle and pretty smart women gather at the poker tables, although casinos are banned … Music, jokes, laughter. This is how the entourage of this holiday should be.

Celebrating at the skating rink

How to celebrate 30 years of a girl in winter? In the event that your thirtieth anniversary fell on the winter month, don’t be discouraged. In this period of the year, you can have a great time, despite such weather. There are many options for celebrating your birthday in winter. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First, you can invite friends and family to the skating rink. A pleasant atmosphere, music will fill your hearts with joy and give you new impressions. You can also go skiing. Such a holiday will remain in memory for a long time.

It will be great to go somewhere out of town on a winter evening, play snowballs, ride down the slides, and in the evening sit by the fireplace over hot and aromatic tea.

We figured out how to celebrate the 30th birthday of a girl, now let’s try to consider in detail the question of where to do it. Of course, I would like to celebrate such a date so that pleasant memories will be engraved in my memory for a long time. Therefore, in addition to a good company, you need to carefully choose a suitable place. What conditions must be met to make everyone happy? First, you should ask people close to you what they want from the holiday and where they would prefer to meet it. After that, it is already worth taking more decisive action.

Cafe or bowling?

So, where to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the girl? The first thing that comes to mind is a cafe. Of course, this is pretty commonplace, but nonetheless.

The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties

If your favorite group or singer comes there on this day, it will make a real sensation among the guests. You can invite your friends to bowling and combine business with pleasure. It will be great to go to a movie together. It will be especially good if the topic is somehow related to your date.


Another place to celebrate the 30th anniversary is the sauna.

This is a rather unusual and peculiar place. Before going to it, you should think about whether such an exotic choice will embarrass your friends.


If your financial capabilities allow you to order a limousine, then you can organize an unforgettable adventure with driving through the city at night. Believe me, you will remember this for a long time.

How do you like the idea of ​​going to a museum?

Are you kidding? Instead of a crazy dance floor and amazing signature cocktails, a dull art gallery? Not necessary. Contemporary art museums certainly cannot be called boring and dull! Amid incredible installations and crazy art objects, you simply cannot get bored. Rather, you will vying with each other to point fingers and giggle in confusion in front of the controversial creations of contemporary artists, filming them on phones.

Even in Moscow, “Walking in the Dark” is gaining popularity – a tour of an unusual museum, where there are several locations: a street, an apartment, a bar, a museum – and not a single ray of light. Feelings sharpen, sounds and smells come to life, tactility is off the charts. Complete rupture of the template!

In St. Petersburg, on the ground floor of the Piterland shopping and entertainment center, a spherical cinema with a 360-degree view has opened and a place where you can experience an almost real spacewalk. 1000 squares of augmented reality! If you want this anniversary to be remembered for a long time, then such an excursion is definitely what you need.

There is only one minus – you still need to “catch up” somewhere, so the issue with a cafe or restaurant is not removed.

And how to celebrate 30 years of a girl?

Firstly, a lady should definitely take care of her evening dress in order to be irresistible on her first adult anniversary. Looking at your photos from this holiday in ten years, you will remember yourself feminine and elegant. And not only you! But, do not rush to waste time on multi-day searches in various showrooms and shopping centers. Studying Instagram in the hope of buying the very same thing can lead to a dead end from the inexhaustible abundance.

Try to consider renting a party dress. Do not underestimate this service, and even more so, confuse it with secondhand. All dresses, without fail, are sent to dry cleaning after each use and carefully stored. You won’t have to go to dozens of shops either. After choosing several suitable options on the site, you will be organized free door-to-door delivery. At home, you can try on dresses and choose the right shoes and handbag from your wardrobe. A good dress can be rented from 2000 rubles per day. With a returnable deposit, you can keep within 5 thousand, which is much cheaper and more practical than buying a new one.

If you are an incorrigible lover of new things, a birthday in the style of “Fashionable Sentence” can please you and your friends. A podium party combined with make-up lessons, contests and shopping, all this can be ordered in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Depending on your budget, you can invite an eminent stylist to lead you by the hand through the world of fashion and glamor. Will create your irresistible, unique image that will definitely be appreciated. You can be sure that your friends will “squeak with joy”!

Minus, if for you it is, of course, minus – cost. In order for everything to be real, gorgeous, you will need to invest – from 55 thousand rubles and more. It depends on the level of the invited stylist and boutiques. And, of course, guests should also be ready to spend money if this is not an all inclusive party.

The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 tips from a 40-year-old to all 30-year-olds. Ten tips for 30-year-olds from those in their forties

How about a “City Quest”?

Fans of active and intellectual recreation will find a stunning birthday in the style of “City Quest”. It can be held in any city in general: 2 – 3 hours of walking with stories, riddles, selfies. You and your team can have a lot of fun, show off intelligence and resourcefulness. And also – to work up an appetite. All you need is smartphones with Internet access, the right shoes and good weather. You and your friends will be able to take a fresh look at the familiar city and visit the hidden corners of local streets.

For large companies, you can organize a “Battle of teams”. All participants in the quest are divided into small teams of up to 6 people and perform tasks, depending on the route, for time or for the result. Do not hesitate, everyone will definitely learn something new and pump up their team spirit. You can (and should) include a cafe in the quest. This is a budget option, it will cost 7-10 thousand rubles.

Of the minuses: if there is no professional quest team in your city, you will have to compose the route and riddles yourself. Ready? Also, the weather can suddenly spoil plans.

How to celebrate 30 years in the summer?

Arrange a birthday outside the city … A picture immediately appears in front of my eyes: a fire, a barbecue, “Kindzmarauli” made of plastic cups and an inspired joint burying of trash. For those who do not want to travel far, there are specialized places for summer vacations in megacities, with verandas, conversations, barbecue areas and sun loungers. If the weather permits and there is a desire to get closer to nature, consider Serebryany Bor in Moscow or the shores of the Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg. It’s fun too!

But it can be done differently! Jeep tours on selected and high-quality off-road in the style of “go, get stuck, get out, go on”. Now there are many companies that organize such a tour for a company from 2 to 50 people, on UAZs and Toyota Land Cruisers, with shoe covers, food, a photographer and a safety instructor. Instagram after such a birthday just explodes with likes!

Minus: all invitees must have a driver’s license or simply be eager to mix dirt in the suburbs, around Ladoga, or in any other place where it is available.

Invite a popular host

Regardless of whether you have chosen the theme of the party or not, you should think in advance how you will entertain yourself. Amateur performance is certainly good, but it is much better to leave it to professionals. You have thirty! On this occasion, you can invite the host (not to be confused with the host). Here guys who are close in spirit and have a great sense of humor are most suitable. Consider KVNschikov or Stand-Uppers!

Depending on the fame of the host, the cost for the event varies from 15 to 200 thousand rubles. But you can be sure that no one will be left out of attention and will definitely not get bored. Funny contests and funny tasks for invitees will keep everyone in good shape until the end of the event.

Do not worry about the excessive obsession of the artists, as well as about the boring, dull contests like “pencil in a bottle” or “burst the ball”. It was before, now everything is different! A sea of ​​positive emotions is guaranteed for you and your friends.

Photo with your hashtag on the big screen!

Great idea for a note! We are sure that you and your friends are very fond of taking pictures and posting posts on Instagram. Why not make a whole entertaining show out of this, and also please the birthday boy and all those invited? It’s about coming up with your own unique holiday hashtag, for example #MashaToday30 or # 30yearsPeteVictory (limited only by your imagination) and showing on the big screen a slideshow of all the photos posted on the network under this hashtag in real time! Sounds great!

We need a projector or large plasma, a computer, an installed application and dozens of smartphones of your friends. Just take any photo (preferably related to the event), post it on your Instagram, indicate the desired hashtag and your photo on the screen. An original way to express your feelings, say a couple of kind words, unusually congratulate and wish something good to the birthday boy.

We assure you that during the evening you will have accumulated so many cool photos that you will smile for a long time looking at the endless carousel of funny pictures.

For such a performance, lofts with large projectors are best suited. The site administrators will help you set up everything, just ask.

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