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New trend: squid games manicure


We are willing to bet that on the eve of Halloween, many of you will think about how to get an original manicure based on the acclaimed drama "The Squid Game". For inspiration, we have collected a lot of cool ideas!

The South Korean survival series The Squid Game took the internet by storm within days of its release on the Netflix streaming service and became the most popular foreign series in the history of the online platform. During this time, the drama has been watched by 135 million users around the world, and it still tops the rating of non-English-language projects in the top of Netflix.

Director-screenwriter Hwang Dong Hyuk’s sensational motion picture has caused a boom on all fronts – from the fashion industry to the beauty industry. So, in the ranges of many brands began to appear themed clothing and accessories, like the heroes of the tape, and the demand for tracksuits from the 2000s among consumers has increased by 145% since September this year, according to the Daily Mail. In addition, after the premiere of the drama, fans began to massively buy the same model of shoes – white Triple White slip-ons from Vans, which were worn by the characters of "The Game" throughout all nine episodes.

In addition, Google searches for similar films based on the story have also skyrocketed. Not surprisingly, the increased interest in the Korean drama has started a new beauty trend – a manicure in the style of "Playing Squid".

An Instagram hashtag called #squidgamenails has already collected more than 2,400 posts with manicure ideas and this number continues to grow every day. We are sure that this year the images based on the series will become the most popular on Halloween. So if you’re also thinking about going to a costume party wearing a bright pink warden costume, a creepy killer doll from the first game, or sporting an outfit with your favorite player number, or you’re just a fan of the drama and want to jump in on the trend, check out the nail design inspired by the bloody ribbon. 

Take pink, dark green, red and black polishes as the basis for the design, and as for the art itself, you can experiment to the fullest here. Manicurists beat in their work drawings with images of characters, recognizable scenes and even scenery. For a more minimalist nail design, abstract motifs with inscriptions, for example, are suitable. These can be player numbers, paraphernalia, the name of the film, or the symbols depicted on the business card and masks of soldiers – a circle, a triangle and a square. 

By the way, if the new Netflix hit has passed you by so far, maybe these seven reasons will push you to watch the drama. In the meantime, we offer you to be inspired by the most interesting manicure ideas for different shapes and lengths of nails based on the “Squid Game".

Manicure in the style of "Squid Games" for long nails

Manicure in the style of "Squid Games" for short nails

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