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Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York


A bit of history

The formation and development of New York City is closely related to the influx of new residents, the growth of trade, investment, and business development.

Since 1609, the territory of the future city was developed by the Dutch, who bought these lands from the local Indians. Soon the island was named Manhattan (in the translation from the Indian “hilly or small island”).

1624 is the year of the founding of the metropolis, but it was originally designated as New Amsterdam. Only after the capture by the British in 1664, it was given its present name (in honor of the organizer of the capture – the Duke of York).

The development was significantly influenced by the War of Independence and the Civil War. Here in 1789 George Washington swears allegiance to the new republic as its first president. Here a movement for the abolition of slavery was formed, which influenced the fate of all America.

Active growth begins in the 19th century. The Europeans who came in search of a better fate settled here, making up its labor and intellectual strength. Already in 1811, a new general layout of the settlement was developed – the streets were widened, space was freed up for large-scale construction. But the city still only occupies Manhattan. However, this did not prevent it from becoming the largest in the United States by the middle of the 19th century.

The twentieth century continued the rapid development of the city. For the first time in the world, the construction of skyscrapers begins here, which has become not so much a necessary measure due to the high cost of land, but also a symbol of success and an active pace of life.

It is worth noting: New York City skyscrapers became a challenge to the world architecture of previous eras, they outraged the public and art critics. However, most of them now cause delight, and some no longer seem to “scratch the sky”, because even taller buildings are growing nearby.

The ethnic composition is changing and expanding – many whites leave to live in the suburbs, large areas of black and colored culture appear, which persistently and everywhere declare themselves. By the 80s, the city acquired the stigma of a criminal with the dominance of the colored population. In the 90s, this is contested, it again acquires the status of a city of opportunities, here are the offices of the world’s largest companies, fashion houses, centers of culture and art. At this time, the metropolis is perceived as the capital of the world.

The terrorist attack on September 11, 2011 turned the life of the city upside down: the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed, almost 3,000 people died. The memory of the victims of the tragedy in New York City is ubiquitous.

A little about the city

The city itself is located in the state of the same name as the city of New York. The capital of America, to the surprise of many readers, is not New York, but Washington.

New York has 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Each area has its own characteristics, but Manhattan requires special attention. It is in this area that most of the attractions are located. This is where most of the photographs are taken. It is here that you can meet a world star from Hollywood films.

The population of the city is over eight million inhabitants! America itself is a very colorful country, but the flavor of New York will surprise everyone. Not a single city, not a single state (and there are 51 of them!) Compares with the diversity of nations in one city. It is not for nothing that New York bears the unspoken name “the capital of the world.”

Population of New York

It is a highly populated metropolis with a population of about 9 million. Taking into account the suburbs, this figure rises to 20 million.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The territory of the present New York City until the 17th century. inhabited by indigenous Indians. With the arrival of the Europeans (Dutch, and then the British) and by the middle of the 19th century, the population was predominantly white – first Germans, Irish, a little later – Italians and Jews. In the twentieth century, revolutions, political regimes and wars brought immigrants here from Eastern Europe, Asia, the countries of the Caribbean region, Latin America.

The population is constantly growing due to the influx of immigrants, about 36% of those living in the modern city were born outside of it.

This is interesting: today, almost all the nations of the world can present New York City as their home, and their most prominent representatives are the starting point for careers, business, and creative ideas.

The main question when meeting: “Where are you from?” suggests that the historical roots are not erased here, but on the contrary, are a sign of identification. This is evidenced by the regions and national communities – Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Jewish, Russian and many others.

Trinity Church

From Century 21 we walk down Broadway to Trinity Church.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New YorkLandmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York


Subway – the famous New York subway dates back to 1868, the first underground trains were launched in 1904. Today, the New York subway is the world’s largest subway network. It covers the entire metropolis and connects the most diverse parts of the city.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The metro operates around the clock, but not all lines operate at night. Train intervals are associated with congestion and at some time can turn into express trains, stopping at certain stations.

The different routes are marked with letters, numbers and highlighted in color. The fare is paid once, at the entrance. The fare does not affect the number of transfers.

Please note: despite the rapid development of the metropolis, the New York subway often shows us the face of the old city – old trains and dilapidated carriages, a large noise load surprise many who are used to more comfortable transport.

Urban transport

It is an extensive network of metro, bus routes, and taxi services. In addition, it includes a funicular and electric train connecting Manhattan with the outlying areas. In most types of transport, there is a unified system of payment for travel with special cards (fixed price for one trip – $ 3), transportation rules and penalties.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The New York City bus fleet connects all parts of the city, includes more than 6,000 buses running at different times. The entrance to the bus is possible only through the front door, payment at the entrance is by card or change, change from large bills is not given. One ticket can travel on different bus routes within two hours.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The city’s trademark is yellow taxis, which offer their services everywhere. The cost of such a taxi is quite high (like everything in the Big Apple), it includes getting into the car, the distance to the place of arrival, standing in traffic jams, and travel through toll bridges and tunnels. In addition, the passenger is obliged to leave a tip to the driver.

Please note: there are Russian taxi services in New York City, which are ordered and paid in the same way as taxi services in Moscow and other major Russian cities.

basic information

Here’s what you need to know about the sights of New York before traveling to this city:

  • Firstly, New York is a fairly large city, but visiting its attractions, unlike the attractions of Los Angeles, is quite easy (you do not need to order a special tour, pay money to a guide, or rent a car for this). You don’t have to spend money on excursions at all, but see New York for free. Read about it here.
  • Secondly, all the most interesting sights of New York are located in its center, in Manhattan. Therefore, it is better to choose a hotel here. Read our article on how to choose a hotel in New York.
  • Thirdly, you will definitely not be able to walk around all the sights of the Big Apple in one day. Therefore, if you have to be in New York for only two or three days, then it is better to clearly understand what you want to see before going to the city of skyscrapers., and draw up a route along the streets of New York (where it is better to walk, and where it is more convenient to use the subway, bus or taxi.) We have written a whole article about what to see in New York in the first place, and how best to do it .

To make it easier for you to figure it out, I will tell you with my example how we spent four days in New York during our trip to America, how we built our route around Manhattan and what sights we eventually saw.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Boroughs of New York City

I can not help but say that until now, in the usual view of tourists, New York is exclusively Manhattan. This was the case before, but at the beginning of the 20th century, the neighboring districts of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx became part of the city of New York. They are also of interest to tourists, especially the first three. But to emphasize that Manhattan is the heart and essence of New York, Americans call it New York City, or even just the City.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Ukrainian quarter

East Village is also interesting in that there is a Ukrainian quarter – with a national museum and a school.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

I must admit that our compatriots have chosen a simply gorgeous place in the center of Manhattan. The same cannot be said about the “Russian” Brighton Beach.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

14 Guggenheim Museum

The museum building itself is like a work of art, let alone the collection collected in it. If you want to admire the unusual masterpieces of modern art – you need to visit this place when visiting New York. Be careful, the exposition is updated quite often, and at the time of preparation of a new exhibition, the museum is closed for visiting.Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

St patrick’s cathedral

The building is built of bricks and designed in the shape of a cross. Its external facades and interiors are lined with marble. The huge hall inside can accommodate more than 2 thousand people. The cathedral is active, daily services are held in it, and on March 17, when St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, a huge number of believers arrive here.

Why visit this cathedral? Its interior design evokes awe and admiration. The walls are decorated with frescoes and paintings, and the light penetrating through the huge stained glass windows creates a unique atmosphere. You can get to the cathedral by subway, getting off at 53 Street station. Address: 460 Madison Avenue.


You can end this day by visiting the famous quarters of Chinatown and Little Italy. They are very close.

Come to the area of ​​Canal Street (there are many branches – it doesn’t matter). Canal Street conditionally separates Chinatown on one side and SoHo and Little Italy districts on the other.

In Chinatown you will find many delicious restaurants (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese cuisine).

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

7 The Museum of Modern Art

Not far from the Met is another interesting New York museum. Here are collected modern masterpieces of painting, sculpture and design.

  • Entrance fees to The Museum of Modern Art in New York:
    • $ 25 for adults
    • $ 14 for students.
    • admission is free every Friday from 16:00 to 20:00.

1 Statue of Liberty in New York

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The most popular and recognizable landmark of New York and a symbol of all of America for a century and a half is the legendary Statue of Liberty. The giant sculptural figure was brought from France as a gift to the American people for the centenary of Independence Day celebrations. The Goddess of Liberty holds a burning torch in one hand, and a sacred tablet in the other. At her feet are broken chains, a symbol of gaining independence. The crown has seven rays, this number indicates the number of continents on the planet according to Western tradition. The height of the Statue of Liberty together with the pedestal is 93 meters, and the height of the goddess herself together with the torch is 46 meters. There are two observation terraces on the pedestal and inside the crown. Moreover, inside the pedestal you can move by elevator, but those wishing to get inside the crown will have to test their strength and overcome more than 350 steps. This place in New York is a must visit for everyone, but keep in mind that you need to plan your visit in advance.

High Line (High Line)

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

High Line (High Line)

The railroad viaduct crossing western Manhattan was abandoned by 1980. Trains on this line no longer ran and the question arose about dismantling the rails and the entire structure. However, the New York authorities decided to build a green park with a walking area in this place. In 2009, the High Line was opened. Its length is 2.3 km and it is located 10 meters above the ground. In the center of the park there is a concrete path with gravel, and on the sides are planted plants, shrubs, flowers. From here there is a beautiful view of the Hudson and the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

2 Manhattan District

New York’s prestigious administrative district, home to the city’s main financial offices and cultural institutions. Here are the famous Broadway, 5th Avenue, Central Park, Wall Street, Times Square. Manhattan is literally packed with attractions. Even a week will not be enough to get around it and stay in every interesting place, despite the relatively small size of the area.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

9 Guggenheim Museum

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Once on Fifth Avenue and walking along the famous Museum Mile, it is impossible not to notice the futuristic building in the form of an inverted spiral tower – the Guggenheim Museum, which has a reputation as the most unusual museum in New York. The surreal exterior of the building is fully consistent with its internal content – the richest collection of works of abstract modern art is collected here. The founder of the museum was the coal magnate, gold miner and collector Solomon Guggenheim. He commissioned the construction of the museum to the talented architect Frank Lloyd Wright, a man with an extraordinary creative mind. He designed the original concept of the gallery: upon entering the museum, visitors immediately take the elevator to the seventh floor, and examine the artistic masterpieces, gradually moving down the spiral ramp. The museum’s collection includes more than 6,000 works of art, including paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and other world famous artists. The Guggenheim Museum is a hot tourist spot in New York that will be very interesting to visit.

12 Memorial Museum 9/11

If you want to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11, visit the museum on the site of the Twin Towers. More precisely, on the site of the destroyed buildings there are now two unusual pools and a small park, and the museum itself is located under them.

Union Square

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Union Square

Union Square is a square that appeared at the intersection of two streets: Broadway and Fourth Avenue. Since its inception in the 1830s, it has become a venue for protests and opposition demonstrations. There is a farmers market on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 to 18:00. There is no better place to buy fresh produce in the city. Since the end of November, a Christmas market has been open here, when, in addition to food, you can also buy handicrafts. Union Square is decorated with sculptures by J. Washington and Av. Lincoln.

Madame Tussauds museum

This is the most famous museum of wax figures in the world; there are representations of this museum in almost all large cities, and all tourist forums are full of reviews about visiting it. In New York, he is assigned as many as 10 floors in a large building in Times Square. It is impossible to go around all the exhibits in a day. All the figures in the museum are celebrities. More than 400 copies are exact copies of famous politicians, artists, historical figures and contemporary artists.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a whole block in New York with its own offices, shopping centers, theaters, concert halls and restaurants. Its main attraction is the 70-storey skyscraper, which houses the famous NBC TV channel. In the same building there is an observation deck from which tourists can look at the city.

The complex of 19 buildings was built with funds from the famous millionaire John Rockefeller. The entire construction cost him $ 125 million. A kind of city within a city – this is a place where Americans come not only for business, but also to organize their leisure time.

On the territory of Rockefeller Center there are green squares where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle. The legendary Radio City Music Hall hosts theatrical performances, celebrity concerts and ice shows almost daily. And the premieres of all American films are also shown in this hall.

Rockefeller occupies an area bounded by 6th and 5th avenues and 48th and 52nd streets. Having been here, you can get acquainted with the culture, business life of the city, visit restaurants, clubs, watch concerts and performances.

“A very beautiful cultural and business area of ​​the city. The disadvantage is a lot of people. Pandemonium makes it difficult to enjoy the architecture and calmly look around. Liked the observation deck. The building on which it is located is not the tallest, but still the view is amazing. “

3 Central station

The largest railway station in the world. Trains run on 44 platforms and arrive from all corners of the United States, with an annual passenger traffic of over 60 million. The architecture of the station complex is identical and beautiful, so the building has repeatedly become a backdrop for filming. The station is located in Manhattan and is one of the main attractions in the area.

Bronx Zoo

The Bronsky Zoo is the largest urban zoo in the United States. Usually tourists choose the zoo in the central park, but in terms of the abundance of animals, it is significantly inferior to Bronsky. Animals of all sizes are collected here. From a small fox to an incredible size of elephants. On the zoo’s website every season there is a feeding schedule for the animals, do not miss the chance to see this spectacle.Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

29 Green Wood Cemetery

It is a national historical monument. The cemetery is located in Brooklyn, in a beautiful large park with four ponds. It is considered a good place to walk and relax. The graves and crypts are located randomly – between dense trees. Birds can be heard, and fountains murmur in the ponds. Several crypts are located in the hillsides offering beautiful views of Manhattan.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Chelsea Market

Amazing place Chelsea Market – a large market / gourmet store was opened in the building of a former factory.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The food here is excellent (by the way, you can have breakfast), the coffee is delicious (I recommend Ninths Street Espresso, next door).

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Here you can taste not only sweets, vegetables, fruits, but also seafood delicacies – shrimps, lobsters, oysters.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The prices are absolutely affordable.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Good American California wine.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

The Chelsea Market comes a lot of New Yorkers to buy favorite products.

11 Cloisters Museum

Tourists drop in here much less often, but in vain – the place stands out sharply from other significant sights of New York. On the Upper West Side, in a beautiful building styled as a medieval abbey, there is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The cloisters (covered galleries) contain a unique collection of medieval Christian art, and in the courtyard you can sit at a cafe table (cappuccino – $ 5, glass of wine – $ 12) and watch the play of splashes in an elegant fountain.

Times Square

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

An area where you can feel the spirit of New York. Here you can see happy and self-assured homeless people, millionaire habits and a life for show. And in general, go crazy with noise and a billion lights. Every day on the Square is like a holiday. The place is small, but there is so much room here.

Around the overhanging skyscrapers, brand shops, restaurants, theaters, people in crazy costumes. At the beginning of the 19th century, the office of the famous New York Tames newspaper was rebuilt here. We can say that this Square was named after the newspaper. The place is lit up in many films. Young people and urbanization lovers start to get excited here.

The powerful illumination and the whole TV show from the advertising screens are simply dazzling. At night it is almost as bright as day. And it’s better to come here after sunset, the metro works around the clock. And the real holiday begins closer to the night. People are no longer in a hurry for business, but relax for the upcoming party. Restaurants and shops are also open here at night. America’s frenzied temper is felt in all its glory. Address: Brodway Metro station is called Times Square.

Bryant Park

On the way, we pass by Bryant Park – mass events, concerts, etc. are held here.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

6 Broadway Street

An object that is included in all ratings of ” US attractions “. If you want to make your visit to the city a standout experience, head to a classic or modern Broadway show. The theater district on Schubert Lane houses two of the most famous theaters, which were previously sponsored by the theater-baron S. Schubert, as well as the Sardi restaurant, which is popular with world celebrities, and the Music Box Theater.

New york aquarium

This stunning sightseeing tour is right on the oceanfront in Brooklyn. Throughout history, the aquarium has been damaged many times, once it was almost completely destroyed by an ocean wave. Despite this, it is still functioning, the aquarium has become even more beautiful and modern after the reconstruction.

In addition, scientific work is carried out in it, the results of which can be seen with your own eyes. If you love marine life and are interested in the history of the underwater world, you will not have any questions about where to go.

4 Central Park

The most popular and picturesque New York park, sandwiched between 8th and 5th Avenues. It appeared in the middle of the XIX century, the landscape architect F. Olmsted worked on the project. The park almost immediately became a favorite place of the townspeople for picnics, walks, and sports. Office clerks rest here at lunchtime, mothers and children lie on picturesque lawns, couples in love ride boats on the lake.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Empire State Building

5 Empire State Building – This office building is the most famous skyscraper in New York. Its height is an impressive 443.2 m (the second tallest skyscraper in New York and the fifth in the United States), it has as many as 103 floors and two observation decks at once – on the 86th and 102nd floors. During holidays and significant events, the building is beautifully illuminated.

  • Address: 5th Avenue, between 33 and 34 West
  • Metro Station: 33St and 34 St-Herald Sq Station
  • Best Hotel Near The Empire State Building: The New York EDITION

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

New York’s imperial grandeur – The Empire State Building. It’s hard to look at it from the bottom up, but from the observation deck to the whole of New York it is mesmerizing!

It is believed that one of the most unforgettable impressions of New York can be obtained by looking at the city from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. This is the opinion of many tourists, so the queue for the observation decks is quite impressive.

Attractions of New York, which are near the Empire State Building:

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Another famous New York skyscraper is the Flatiron Building, or Iron

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

I really liked Madison Square Park – a very cozy place

Yankee stadium map:

A multinational and densely populated city, with extraordinary and smiling people. Rigid urbanization and soft islands for outdoor recreation. Improvement for the convenience of people and high technologies. New York City, whose sights do not leave anyone indifferent, excites and attracts millions of people with its beauty.

9 High Line Park

An unusual square in Manhattan, which is laid out on a section of an abandoned railway line. It appeared thanks to the efforts of the enthusiastic architects R. Hammond and D. Joshua. They collected donations, developed a project and turned a nondescript place into a real oasis in the stone jungle. The High Line is located 10 meters above the ground, and in 2009 it became the second most visited city attraction.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

4 Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue has a reputation as one of the most respectable streets in the world, it is famous for an abundance of luxury boutiques, company stores, large business centers and interesting museums. Important sights for New York are located here: the famous Empire State Building, the large office complex Rockefeller Center, the neo-Gothic masterpiece St. Patrick’s Cathedral. On one of the sections of Fifth Avenue, called the Museum Mile, there are world-famous cultural gems: the Metropolitan Museum, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, the Goethe German Cultural Center. This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in New York, which will be interesting for everyone!

Memorial 9/11

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

Memorial 9/11

In 2001, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center killed 2,977 people. Among them are aircraft passengers and people who were in the attacked skyscrapers. The 9/11 Memorial was built to commemorate the victims who died that day. It is a double pool with a base that exactly matches the size of each of the collapsed towers. The largest artificial waterfall surrounds the entire structure. And the names of all the dead people are inscribed on the parapets. It’s hard to imagine what New York and its residents had to endure in 2001.

New York Public Library

Founded in the late 19th century, the New York Public Library today is an entire architectural center and one of the city’s main attractions. Its funds contain more than 20 million printed publications, about 30 million photographs, as well as manuscripts, manuscripts and video materials.

New York students come here to find the necessary book and prepare for the exam. The public library is a cult place visited by tourists as well. Anyone can take a book here for free and read in complete silence, without being distracted by anything.

The library also contains unique exhibits, for example, a letter from Columbus to the Chancellor of Aragon, which is dated 1493. The architecture of this landmark of the city is also fascinating. The huge halls are decorated with luxurious stucco moldings, paintings and magnificent chandeliers, the light of which creates a special atmosphere.

Interestingly, the New York Public Library has been the location for several films, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sex and the City. You can visit this attraction for free. The library is located at Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street.

“There is an incredible feeling when visiting this library. There are a lot of people, everyone is reading or looking at something, tourists are walking in silence, taking pictures, there are a lot of people, but there is no noise. There are both ancient bibles and handwritten documents collected from all over the world. It is absolutely harmless to visit here to broaden your horizons.

To make a city trip to New York, you can come to this bustling city at any time of the year. You can significantly save on travel during the winter months, when there are few tourists and prices are accordingly cheaper. Most people come to the metropolis in spring and summer. In April and May, New York is especially beautiful, as if it comes to life, covered with greenery.

Station Grand Central

And now – you are inside the Central Station. By the way, he is more than 100 years old.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

We return to Bryant Park and turn onto 5th Avenue – this is the most expensive street in New York, where the most prestigious offices and shops are concentrated.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

5 Times Square

A square where you can feel the spirit of the city, touch its traditions and history. The place got its name thanks to the New York Times newspaper, which placed its office here back in 1904. Times Square is an area where famous shops, cinemas, hotels, restaurants (including the legendary “Hard Rock Cafe”), and music halls are located. The square is full of people 24 hours a day.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

12 Bronze Bull on Wall Street

The main symbol of Wall Street, in shining bronze. There are always so many people who want to take a photo with a huge statue that a whole line gathers on the street. It is believed that taking a bull by the horns or muzzle can become a financially successful and prosperous person.

15 Brooklyn Bridge

Suspension bridge over the East River connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. The length of the bridge is more than 1800, the width is 26 meters, the maximum height above the river is 41 meters. The engineering structure has been a symbol of US technological progress for over 130 years. And one of New York’s most iconic landmarks. Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge for a tourist is like performing a sacred ceremony, without which a visit to New York cannot take place.

Landmarks of New York. The most popular attractions in New York

15 Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn

If you’re in New York in the spring or summer, be sure to check out the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The most beautiful place, the gardens are open to the public all days except Mondays. Although admission is usually paid, it is free on Tuesdays. You can also go for free on Saturday from 22:00 to 00:00 if you want to take a romantic night out.

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