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How to get rid of the unpleasant smell in the car?


The appearance of an unpleasant odor in the car interior can be caused by various reasons: from some kind of malfunction, to smoking in the car or accidentally leaving products in the car.

If the smell in the car haunts you, then we will try to get rid of it. Having omitted the reasons for the appearance of the smell, let’s talk about how this can be done without resorting to expensive means.

First, let’s clean the interior. We will remove the rugs, vacuum the seats. It is better to rinse and dry the rugs.

Let’s not forget to shake out the ashtray, clean it and wipe and dry it thoroughly.

If necessary, change the cabin filter. It is usually recommended to replace it every 15,000 km and there is a reason for this. The filter element perfectly absorbs even the smallest particles, so the smell may not go anywhere without replacing it.

Perfectly removes odors from the car interior.

Consumption for a car is usually from ½ to 1 pack.

We clean this way: sprinkle soda in a thin layer over all cloth places: visions, upholstery, even the ceiling. To apply baking soda to the ceiling, use a sponge.

We leave the salon covered with soda for 30 minutes. Then we remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner. No more smell!

  1. Spray a vinegar solution.

We take 9% vinegar, pour it into a spray bottle, we will process all the fabrics in the salon.

Naturally, you will immediately smell the pungent vinegar smell. Do not be afraid! The vinegar will quickly evaporate, and with it unpleasant car odors.

Excellent odor absorption. Therefore, they take a crumpled newspaper and leave it in the salon. The smell will be absorbed into the newspaper after about 2-3 days.

We take 5-10 grains and lay them out in the cabin. Unpleasant odors disappear in about a day, leaving a pleasant coffee aroma.

Don’t forget to change your coffee beans!

By the way, it perfectly removes odors and ground coffee. It can be scattered throughout the cabin. However, it is difficult to clean up afterwards. Therefore, ground coffee is poured into small plates or lids and usually placed under the seats so as not to interfere.

Grind the tablets into powder. And then we act as with ground coffee: we pour it into containers and put it in places where it will not interfere.

  1. Filler for cat litter.

Cat owners can take litter, put it in a container and leave it in the car overnight. Usually, the unpleasant odor disappears in 6-8 hours.

  1. Apple cider vinegar with ground cinnamon.

Combine apple cider vinegar with ground cinnamon until a thick enough paste is formed and place this mixture in a container with a lid, then make several holes in it and place it in the car under the seat. This fairly simple method will save you from unpleasant odors in the interior of your car for a long time.

  1. Homemade gelled air freshener.

Need to:

  • small empty jar
  • 1-2 teaspoons of gelatin
  • 1 teaspoon glycerin
  • water
  • 5-6 drops of any essential oil

If you want to achieve a tonic atmosphere in the car, add oils with citrus scent; for relaxation, mint or pine aromas are suitable.

To begin with, pour gelatin into a jar. Fill it with water and wait for dissolution. Add glycerin and essential oil. Mix the oily mixture well and refrigerate for 20 minutes. The cooled flavored mixture will turn into jelly, which can easily be placed in a beautiful jar. It’s so easy to do, and the result is great.

We often see them in the store. These are various figures made of dense fabric, impregnated with strongly smelling substances.

To make such a freshener yourself, it’s tedious to take felt, drape or felt. Cut out the figurine. For example, a herringbone.

We saturate the fabric with essential oil, the smell of which is pleasant to us. (In the pharmacy, you can buy any oil inexpensively)

For impregnation, 5-6 drops are enough. Let’s hang the figurine in the car.

If the pleasant aroma begins to disappear, then again put a drop of oil on the cloth. So put the bottle of oil in the glove compartment of your car.

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