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How shellac can damage your nails


Gel nail polish adds shine and makes manicure last longer. However, there are also disadvantages that you need to know about before going to the master.

Everyone knows about the benefits of shellac:

1 Suitable for owners of a thin and brittle nail plate. It is very convenient for those girls whose nails exfoliate and break, it helps to achieve the desired length of nails. 2Coating durability. With proper hand skin care, a manicure will last about 3-4 weeks. Many choose shellac, as it practically does not spoil the nail plate. Of course, it does not benefit the body, but it does not destroy nails either. In this material, unlike ordinary nail polish, there is no formaldehyde – this is a preservative that prevents the varnish from spoiling quickly, improves its consistency and stability. However, do not forget that shellac is not such a harmless material as it might seem at first glance. To understand how it harms the nails, let’s look at how a manicure is performed with its use. With this variant of manicure, the nail plate is treated quite intensively. This can injure the nails and slow their growth. If the manicure is performed by an inexperienced or unskilled master,

During the processing of the nail plate, it is important to use clean tools that have been previously disinfected. After wearing shellac for a long time, yellow or dark spots can be noticed on the nails. Their appearance leads to infection in the nail during poor-quality processing of the plate. The ultraviolet rays of the lamp, which is used to dry nails, can affect not only the nail plates, but also the surrounding skin. For those who have a high risk of developing skin diseases, this feature should be taken into account and consulted with a doctor in advance. Only healthy nails can be covered with shellac. In no case should you use a coating to mask various formations – this can lead to infectious diseases of the nails.

How shellac can damage your nails

Another important condition is a good and high-quality coating, without detachments and microcracks – pathogenic microorganisms can get into them, which in the future will provoke nail diseases. And, of course, it is worth mentioning the removal of material. It is better to do this in a beauty salon or a nail studio, where the shellac will be carefully removed with an apparatus or chemical agent without damaging the plate. Removing the coating yourself, you can violate the integrity of the nails – they will become dry, thin and brittle. It will take a lot of time to restore them. And one more thing: do not forget that shellac is an allergenic coating. The reaction to it is rare, but isolated cases do occur.

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