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Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover


Service description

Canva is an online graphic editor with a wide range of photo editing and graphic design features. The service offers the ability to process uploaded photos, as well as create graphics from scratch.

Service functionality:

  • photo processing: applying filters, color correction, changing transparency;
  • adding stickers, frames, text, geometric shapes to images;
  • creation of social media posts with adaptable sizes;
  • work on the basis of ready-made templates for various topics;
  • adding professional stock photos to designs;
  • design of printed products: flyers, business cards, menus, booklets, mood-boards and others;
  • collage of photos.

While working on a design, you can give access to colleagues or friends for co-editing. If after downloading any flaws are found, the work can always be continued, since the designs are saved in the service itself on the main page.

Canva also offers a post planner if you need to post regularly on social media. To immediately send designs for publication, it is also convenient to use the version of the editor for smartphones based on Android or iOS.

Canva benefits

Working with graphic design on Canva has many benefits:

  • no need to download and install the program on your computer;
  • no special knowledge is required in the field of design and work with graphics;
  • the service interface is intuitive;
  • extensive collections of photos, graphic elements and objects are available;
  • you can immediately publish your work to social networks;
  • progress is saved and designs are always available for editing even after downloading;
  • there is a convenient version for working with a smartphone;
  • the ability to save the design in any convenient format.

With Canva, you can create a unique music album cover design without the help of professional designers, putting your own creativity into the seamless creation of your product.

Where to start with your cover design?

To create the cover yourself, log in to the site. This will require an email or social media account. On the main page of the service, in the search bar, start typing the word “cover” – a drop-down list will appear, from which you need to select the appropriate option – CD cover.

After selection, the work page will open in a new tab. In the center, you will see the layout, and on the left, the viewport and main toolbar.

Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover

You can immediately choose the most suitable template or any one you like – any elements and colors can be edited in it. You can also edit from a blank template by adding elements and modifying them. We will use a simple path and select a template on the basis of which we will create the cover.

Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover

Images and photo editor

If you have a prepared cover image, add it via the Downloads section. If there is no prepared image, you can select any of the Photo or Background section on the left toolbar. In the Background section you will find images in a minimalist style, patterns, gradient pictures.

There is a drawing in our design, but it is copyright and protected by watermarks. If a paid image suits you perfectly, you can purchase it by lowering the protection. However, most of the images have a free alternative, so let’s use a keyword search to find a more relevant photo. The search can also be carried out by the concatenation of keywords, in our example, “summer music”. Some results show a photo of only one of the keys, but in principle, the search copes with the task.

Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover

After adding to the layout, notice the toolbar above it. Additional settings of the photo editor will appear here: filters, color correction, brightness, contrast, transparency and others.

Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover

Attract attention

There are hundreds of books on the shelf (or in the digital marketplace), and if you want a book to be successful, it must grab your reader’s attention.

But how to do that? There is no unique answer. The correct cover design for a business book will be completely different from the cover of a historical science fiction novel aimed at a more mature audience. Thus, the key to designing a book cover is understanding who the ideal reader is.

Take some time to define your audience.

  • Who are they?
  • Why would they be interested in this book?
  • Are they attracted by fun illustrations or typography?
  • What are they looking for in this book?

Once you know who your ideal reader is, you can figure out which design suits them.

Well balanced

Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover

There are many elements to include in a book cover design, including typographic elements (such as your name, book title and recommendations), colors, and graphics (such as illustrations or photographs). But it’s important to avoid a situation where the design can become overcrowded and visually cluttered.

Pay special attention to balance and spacing; this way, you can convey the correct message without getting lost in the crowded, visual clutter.

Making Stickers: Everything You Need to Know

“Print” typography constructor allows you to draw stickers online. This means that you need an internet connection to work. A nice moment – you don’t have to download and install any graphics programs on your computer. After the layout is ready and you send it to print, you can close the site and forget about it until next time. The editor is so clear and easy to use that you can either make stickers with your own hands or entrust it to any other person. Without a doubt, even a child can cope with this task.

After you make your stickers online, you can save the layout or send it to print by Print. The calculation of the circulation will be done automatically.

There is no need to worry that you accidentally press the “Print” button and the circulation will immediately go into production. Before this happens, you will be presented with a warning text and the editor will prompt you to approve the layout. So you are 100% insured against accidents. However, do check the spelling, grammar and correctness of the logo before sending us a request.

Note! Our program draws stickers and stickers for free. The cost of this service is zero and does not depend on where you decide to then print your products – in the printing house “Print” or in some other company. However, we advise you to opt for our organization, because we can only vouch that the finished layout ideally meets all the technical requirements of our printing house.
We hope this article helped you master our editor and soon you will be able to send us a layout made with your own hand. If you need to print other printing products, we will be happy to help you. A complete list of our services can be viewed on the main page (

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Choose a color palette

People have strong emotional reactions and associations with colors. This concept is called color psychology. And if you understand the psychology of different colors, you can use it to grab the attention of your readers.

When choosing a color palette for your book cover, stick to colors that create the emotional response you’re looking for in your audience; for example, if a book is about meditation, you want people to feel calm and serene – blue and green are fine here. If the book is about sales, you want people to feel passion and excitement – and you can achieve this by incorporating red into your book cover design.

If you want your book cover design to really appeal to people, you have to think about the wrong colors (“I like purple, so book cover should be purple!”). Instead, you need to use color psychology and choose colors that will speak to your readers.

Select additional graphics

You don’t have to include graphic elements in your book design (such as a background, cover photo, or funny illustrations), but in most cases it can make your design feel more alive.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing graphic elements. The best strategy? Think about what you are trying to convey with your cover design, and then experiment with different elements until you find one that works for your book.

For example, have you written a study on the history of your city? Then the background with your city skyline around 1900 makes sense. Have you written a children’s book? The illustrations of the characters are obvious. The point is that graphic elements can help improve the messaging in your book, so choose graphic elements that not only look great, but also match the vibrations of your book.

How the sticker maker works

Our sticker maker contains templates for just about any occasion. There are abstract patterns or themed plots here. Funny or serious. Each of them you can convert to one of the four available formats (A4, A5, A6 and A7) and perform both in horizontal and vertical orientation. This means that almost a hundred templates actually translate into several thousand use cases.

Once you have chosen a sticker design, specified its format and orientation, it’s time to edit the layout. In most cases, you can change the following:

Add logo

Replace or remove background or main images

Edit and replace sticker text.

Change font, spelling, size, and more.

Thus, you can either make a sticker based on a ready-made template or transform it beyond recognition. We have provided all buttons and functions with intuitive icons or supplemented them with accompanying text, so you do not have to learn this tool for a long time before getting started.

Murder of a Magpie by Anthony Horowitz

Create designer flyers online. How to design a book cover

Why it’s good: Sometimes just one or two powerful elements affect book cover design. The cover of this book by Anthony Horowitz allows two key elements, an illustrated black magpie and a red background, to take center stage. Everything else is simple, so the key elements hold the attention.

Free Flyer Maker – No Design Skills Required

Create flyers for events, promotions, parties, advertisements and more with ready-made templates. Add labels and edit elements – and you’re ready to download!

Choose a template from the collection

In Crello, you can find and personalize professional designs – use simple editing tools and additional visual content.

Huge photo library – at your fingertips

Browse through the images in the Crello library and add any of them to your design – very handy if your visual content is not enough.

How to make stickers part of your design

Stickers and Stickers are a fun and quirky way to spice up any template or design. The Crello team is very pleased to offer many different sticker packs. These elements will make your project even better and more varied.

We are constantly expanding our collection with new stickers. The choice is large, and you have a chance to find those stickers that fit your design perfectly. Just go to the “Objects” – “Stickers” menu, select a sticker pack and click on any sticker to make it appear on the artboard. To change the text on a sticker, click the Ungroup button and edit the sticker elements. After the text is ready, click “Group”. Your sticker is ready! You can create a design with it, for example, it will be an advertisement. Then you can download it and share it on Facebook or other social networks.

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