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10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guarantee


Colored contact lenses

Depending on what result you want to get in the end, among the rich assortment offered by various major world companies, you should choose beauty lenses:

  • colored;
  • tint;
  • carnival.

Colored lenses will appeal to those who want to transform by completely changing the natural color of the iris. Since this type of model is presented in rich, bright colors, they are suitable even for users with dark eyes who wish to turn, for example, brown into emerald green.

The second look will slightly shade the natural tone, adding a natural shine and sparkle to the look, making it deeper and more expressive. Many models have a dark gray wrap-around rim, which will visually enlarge the eyes and emphasize your attractiveness.

Optical products of the latter group (also known as crazy lenses) will be a catchy and unique accessory at any costume or theme party. Extravagant drawings and patterns will complement your image and will certainly attract the attention of everyone around you.

If you decide to buy colored lenses, but are worried about the safety of your visual organs, make an appointment with a specialist. Any experienced ophthalmologist or optometrist will explain to you that when creating CL, the coloring pigment penetrates deep into the structure of the product, which eliminates the risk of paint contact with the mucous surface of the eyeball. In addition, all models, as a rule, have optimal indicators of water content, oxygen permeability and elastic modulus, which makes the operation process as comfortable and safe as possible.

You can buy inexpensive lenses in Moscow (colored or any other) in our online discounter, avoiding the extra hassle associated with wasting time and effort in finding the right pair in optics stores or pharmacies.

How do colored lenses differ from ordinary lenses?

Conventional vision correction products are transparent. They do not affect the color of the iris, they are used to change the accommodation of the lens of the eye.

Colored lenses for the eyes enhance or significantly change the natural tint of the iris. The dotted technique of drawing a picture, a darker border around the edge makes the eyes especially beautiful, without a hint of artificiality. There are several types of lenses:

  1. Tint (toning).
  2. Colored.
  3. Carnival.

The coloring pigment is inside the material, therefore it does not come into contact with the cornea in any way. Special colored lenses with a sun filter protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Colored and conventional lenses have more characteristics in common:

  • are made from a hypoallergenic substance – hydrogel, silicone hydrogel;
  • harmless subject to hygiene rules;
  • convenient and simple.


There are two main types of colored lenses:

  1. With diopters. They allow you to combine business with pleasure: they not only correct or improve the shade, but also correct vision. Modern technologies for the manufacture of colored lenses make it possible to completely eliminate the contact of coloring pigments with the surface of the eye, which guarantees safety and health even with prolonged wear. After a professional examination, the doctor may advise which colored contact lenses to choose for vision problems.
  2. Cosmetic ophthalmic products without diopters. Used solely to improve or change eye color.

In accordance with the severity of the effect, all colored lenses are also divided into several types. Allocate lenses:

  • Shading. Helps to enhance the own light iris tone.
  • Colored. They make it possible to radically change the tone of both dark and light irises.
  • Carnival. They have different patterns or a specific color (for example, completely white opaque), they can change the shape of the pupil (an elongated narrow pupil like a cat, for example). Usually used in exceptional cases and for a short time.
  • Beauty. They do not change the shade, but they provide the iris with a special radiance, make the look deeper.

Rating of the best colored lenses

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best colored lenses for beginners and teens one Ophthalmix Butterfly 515 ₽
2 Bescon All One-Day 1 100 ₽
3 Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Define
Best colored lenses for dark eyes one FreshLook (Alcon) ColorBlends 736 ₽
2 Adria Crazy 1 250 ₽
3 OKVision Fusion 890 ₽
four ADRIA Glamorous 760 ₽
Best colored lenses for bright eyes one ADRIA 1Tone 760 ₽
2 Belmore Illusion Colors Shine 700 ₽
3 DREAMCON Hera 440 ₽
four Air Optix (Alcon) Colors 890 ₽

Term of use

In terms of replacement time, colored lenses are one-day and long-term. One-day ones are more hygienic, do not require special care, but are usually more expensive, they are sold in packs of 30 pieces. Long-term lenses can be used from two weeks to several months. They are removed overnight and stored in a special container with a cleaning solution. Over time, fat and protein particles accumulate on them, therefore, after the prescribed period, they must be changed.

10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guarantee

Wearing mode

  • daytime – optics are put on in the morning and removed before going to bed;
  • prolonged – lenses are put on once every 7 days, they are not removed at night;
  • flexible – worn for up to two days without taking off;
  • continuous wear – it is possible to wear contact lenses continuously for up to 30 days without removing. This mode is allowed for optics made only of certain materials; for the use of optics, an ophthalmologist’s consultation is required.

How to choose lenses for your eyes?

There is a huge range of colored optical products on the market today. They can be divided into several main groups. For those who want to radically change the color of the iris or hide some external imperfections of the organs of vision, cosmetic products are ideal. These colored eye lenses are highly pigmented to fully cover the natural hue of the cornea. They are equally well suited to owners of both light (gray, blue) and dark (brown, green) eyes.

If you want to add an original touch to your look, we recommend choosing tinted lenses. These are semi-transparent models that have a weak tint.

The degree of coloring of these products is up to 20% They look great on light eyes, as they enhance the natural tint, and also make the look richer and deeper. On brown and green eyes, tinted lenses are almost invisible.

Carnival lenses are very popular among young people. They can change not only the natural color of the iris, but also its pattern. These products are designed for creative individuals who want to draw attention to their person. They depict emoticons, stars, cobwebs, soccer balls and other original drawings. As a rule, carnival colored lenses are produced without diopters and are used for decorative purposes. This is a great option for creating a shocking look.

Looking for unusual colored lenses? We recommend paying attention to new beauty models. They give the eyes an extraordinary radiance and shine, while maintaining the natural color of the iris. In addition, models with a rim around the cornea are in wide demand, allowing you to visually increase the volume of the pupil to create a “doll” style.

1-Day Acuvue Define Beauty Lenses

10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guarantee

Which colored lenses are best for beginners and teens?

10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guarantee

The most common question that patients ask ophthalmologists is which colored lenses are best for a child or a newbie. Most often, experts advise choosing disposable lenses. They are easy to use, do not require cleaning and are comfortable. A child can also use these contact means, the main thing is to teach him how to take them with clean hands. In addition, each lens is in a separate blister, which means you can use them when needed.

Increasingly, manufacturers are releasing colored contact lenses that are popular.

Here are the most popular lenses to help you understand if you are ready to wear lenses and what color to choose.

  • Butterfly by Ophthalmix – lenses in several shades to suit people with any eye color.
  • Tutti One-Day from Bescon has 4 popular colors in the palette, among which everyone can choose the one that suits them.
  • Acuvue Define by Johnson & Johnson is a daily replacement beauty lens with a pattern that enhances the natural beauty of the eyes.


Tinted colored lenses are completely colored, but they remain transparent (the iris of the eyes is visible through them). They can enhance the natural color of the eyes, make it more expressive, but at the same time do not radically change it. However, these lenses are only suitable for light-eyed users.


Carnival contact lenses (decorative) are opaque colored lenses with various decorative patterns, for example, with the image of a cat’s eye, a dollar, a soccer ball, etc. Such lenses are rarely used in everyday life, but they are great for parties, filming, and various practical jokes.

Best for dark eyes

When choosing colored lenses, it is impossible to predict 100% what eye color you will have in these lenses, especially for dark eyes and if you use tint options. Products that have several tones in the iris pattern, for example, light brown with elements of yellow or green, will look most natural. Especially for dark-eyed people, there are unique shades that allow you to emphasize or, conversely, hide the features of the iris. Among them: gray, cornflower blue, gold.

Beauty is important, but health is always a priority. Lenses can only be worn after consulting a doctor who will confirm that they are suitable in all respects and have the correct fit. Prudence and attention to your health will help you avoid vision problems and maintain its quality.

Colored contact lenses can be purchased at surprisingly competitive prices on our website here.

Lens size

Another factor that should be used to select lenses with the help of an optometrist. The size of the lens significantly affects the comfort of the product. The large diameter causes the lens to move, which makes it uncomfortable. The small size provides a too tight fit of the film and can cause microtrauma to the cornea of ​​the eye. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates the parameters of the product on the packaging.

Medical companies produce models in one size fits all. It is installed on the analysis of the parameters of tens of thousands of corneas to derive the arithmetic mean. One size fits most users.

Features of the

Doctors advise against using lenses for the maximum period (24 hours). The optimal wearing time is no longer than 10 hours, even if the shelf life of colored lenses is much longer. What is the reason for this? Due to the fact that colored lenses have practically no oxygen permeability, unpleasant symptoms can begin quite quickly. In the dark and in rooms with insufficient illumination, a person in one-day lenses will see everything blurry.

You can only perform work that requires maximum visual concentration by removing the product. Driving in them is also dangerous. You cannot wear them if there are diseases such as strabismus, glaucoma, blepharitis, and so on.

Are lenses without diopters harmful?

Colored contact lenses without diopters are worn for cosmetic purposes only. With their help, the eyes change color, acquire a special shine. For the manufacture of lenses of this type, high-quality, harmless material is used. The coloring of the inner layer is carried out with high quality pigments that do not come into contact with the cornea and cannot have any negative effect.

For the safety of using colored lenses without diopters, certain rules of hygiene and storage should be observed.

Carnival lenses

The choice of such products is difficult, but only because of their variety. To the place will be the expression “eyes scatter”, the range of carnival lenses is so wide. Some imitate the pupil of a snake, the second – cats, the third – various mythical creatures. You can find models with emoticons, soccer balls, dancing men, stars and snowflakes.

Products with bold designs usually have no diopters. Its area of ​​application is making adjustments to the usual image and creating an original image. These optical products are not intended for long-term wear, so after a party they must be removed and placed in a case.

Beauty lenses

This is a novelty in ophthalmology that has practically no drawbacks. But such optical products have a lot of advantages. They help to make the look deeper and more voluminous, emphasizing the natural color of the iris. By enhancing the contrast between her and the white of the eyes, the eyes appear radiant. The beauty effect combines your own iris pattern with a special pattern applied to the edges of the lens.

The safest and highest quality is 1 Day Acuvue Define. When choosing a model, it is necessary to clearly understand what tasks its wearing should solve. For example, Natural Shimmer will make your eyes shine, while Natural Sparkle will make your eyes look deep and expressive. There is no single shade scale for Beauty lenses. They can be used by people with any eye color.

Visual acuity and colored contact lenses

Those who first decided to purchase colored contact lenses ask themselves: is wearing these products harmful to their eyesight? Experts say that contact 10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guaranteelenses do not have a negative impact on health and visual acuity if you follow the simple rules for choosing, wearing and caring for your optics.

Important! At night or in rooms with insufficient illumination, the pupil expands, exceeding the diameter of the uncolored color zone of the lens. Because of this, the image may be blurry in some areas of the field of view.

Rules for using colored lenses:

  • Do not use lenses for longer than the manufacturer’s specified wear period
  • Do not sleep in lenses unless otherwise specified in the instructions for use
  • It is not recommended to wear carnival lenses for more than 5-6 hours
  • Do not wear lenses in dusty or smoky environments
  • You should buy optics from trusted manufacturers – do not buy colored lenses at too low a price: this is a clear sign of poor quality

Colored contact lenses are an affordable and quick way to change your look without surgery. They do not harm your eyes if you follow the above rules.

Modern manufacturers

Consider colored contact lenses from the most famous manufacturers.

Bausch & Lomb has been making colored lenses for many years. They can be found in many optical stores. For example, Soflens Natural Colors lenses can be with or without diopters (non-corrective). The manufacturer offers various colors. These can be blue, gray, purple, blue, green and brown contact lenses. Soflens lenses enhance the natural shade of your eyes or completely change their color.

The Italian company EyeMed Technologies produces colored lenses using a unique technology of color implantation, which excludes the contact of the cornea with the coloring pigment. EyeMed offers two- and three-tone honey, blue, gray and green colored lenses. All of these lenses can both correct and simply change the color of the eyes.

Johnson & Johnson produces Acuvue clear, tinted and colored lenses. ACUVUE 2 COLORS Opaques lenses are made using the Colors-Wrapped-in-Comfort technology, thanks to which the color layer does not come into contact with the eye and creates a natural effect. The lens colors are varied: brown, light blue, blue, gray and green. ACUVUE 2 COLORS Enhancers tinted lenses will change the color of exceptionally bright eyes. They are offered in three colors: turquoise, green and blue.

Doctors advise Acuvue contact lenses, learn more at this link.

The English company Sauflon produces Optosoft Colors lenses that completely change or only shade the iris of the eyes. Eyes are transformed in green, violet, turquoise and blue lenses from Sauflon.

Reliable and safe colored lenses OFTALMIX COLORS of the domestic manufacturer – the company “Oftalmix”. There are models for every color taste: rich blue, brown, gray, green, as well as violet, cornflower blue and black lenses.

The well-known English company CooperVision produces colored contact lenses in a variety of colors and shades. Users love the natural colors of the Images lenses: gray, brown or green. Unique in their natural beauty, Color Tones lenses with their smooth transitions from a rich color around the edge of the lens to a yellow frame around the pupil, which gives clarity and sparkle to the look.

The American company Ocular Sciences produces Biomedics Colors lenses made using a special staining technology. Ultra Flex tinted lenses for sensitive eyes are available in green, blue and turquoise.

The Swiss company CIBA Vision is a leader in the production of colored contact lenses. The firm produces rich Fresh Look lenses with beautiful natural transitions and shades (purple and brown, blue and blue, hazel and honey lenses), which are designed for light-eyed and dark-eyed users. Fresh Look contact lenses are very intriguing and mesmerizing. Focus Softcolors tinted lenses allow you to correct vision and enhance / change eye color. These light colored lenses (10% tinted) come in just three shades: turquoise, blue and green.

Care and wearing tips

Colored lenses, like ordinary contact lenses, require adherence to certain rules of use and care. Planned replacement models must be stored in a special container, making sure that the liquid is always clean. Lenses must be removed at night prior to hygiene procedures.

Any product of this kind, in fact, is a foreign body, which, one way or another, makes its own adjustments to the work of the organs of vision. The lenses should be moistened with special drops throughout the day. Do not wear a damaged, scratched, or torn lens. Such a lens can damage the cornea of ​​the eye.

Most colored lenses have a short shelf life: several days, a month, or even just one day. Extending it on your own and using the product beyond the prescribed period of time, you can cause significant harm to your health. 

Possible problems

Do colored lenses damage your eyesight? Not really. Deterioration of vision can occur after wearing contact lenses if it was associated with improper use and storage problems. It is advisable not to buy corrective lenses without consulting an ophthalmologist, since it is he who will help you choose them correctly. Self-selection of a pair increases the likelihood of micro-injuries to the cornea, causing lacrimation, redness of the eye, so you need to choose the size no more, but no less. The deadlines indicated on the packaging must be strictly observed. Otherwise, wearing such lenses will only harm, even cause corneal edema. It can arise because a person, for some reason, cannot or does not want to replace the pair, and the air flow to the cornea is significantly limited.

Diopter lenses

Lenses are conventional hemispherical products. They have an external pattern. Most often, it resembles a natural iris. Lenses can either change the color of the eyes, or enhance the existing shade. Previously, optics were produced only for people with vision problems. Then the lenses could not change the shade. Their task was to enhance the light color of the iris.

Over time, the range began to expand. Color lenses for eyes with diopters appeared. That is, products that correct vision and change the shade of the iris. They are used not only for convenience and refusal of glasses, but also for a change in appearance.

Before buying, you need to consult a doctor who will assess the health of the eyes and the body as a whole, will be able to determine which lenses are suitable, starting from the age and characteristics of the patient. He will also advise on the expiration date, storage rules and use.

Age restrictions

For the manufacture of colored contact lenses, hydrogel is used – a modern material that is relatively safe. It allows air to pass well to all structures of the eye, reliably retains moisture, protecting the conjunctiva from drying out. Therefore, rumors about the dangers of wearing colored products are nothing more than a myth. There is little coloring pigment in them, clearly not enough for the development of ophthalmic pathologies, including myopia.

But manufacturers have not provided data on the safety of colored lenses for children and adolescents. Neither laboratory results nor clinical tests are widely available. So ophthalmologists only allow them to be worn after 18 years. Some blurring of vision plays a role here, especially when using carnival products and those that increase the iris. The child’s visual apparatus is at the stage of formation, therefore, the pattern on the product can interfere with the development of structures responsible for peripheral vision. And how much contact lenses cost, you can find out at any time on our online pharmacy website.

Harmful myths

There are innumerable “fairy tales” and speculations about contact lenses among ordinary people. For many “bespectacled people” such a negative becomes an insurmountable obstacle on the way to “friendship” with a modern device for eliminating eye pathologies.

Prevention measures

Prevention of complications and side effects when wearing contact lenses is as follows:

  • It is only necessary to select optical devices together with a specialist.
  • Choose the type that suits best and use it according to the instructions.
  • Remove, clean, disinfect and replace contact lenses in a timely manner.
  • Store them correctly – in separate containers, completely immersed in a special solution.
  • Do not use lenses and means for storing and cleaning them after the expiration date.
  • If a lens is torn or heavily soiled before the manufacturer’s recommended lifespan, it should be disposed of and a new one ordered.
  • If possible, try to alternate lenses and glasses, give the organs of vision rest.
  • If you are going to change lenses (type, brand), be sure to first consult with an ophthalmologist.
  • If you smoke or work at a construction site, at a chemical plant, in a room with dirty or dry air, you need to change and clean your lenses more often, as they will become more dirty.
  • If the eye is infected, after any infectious diseases, especially those associated with the intake of antibacterial and other potent drugs of systemic action, contact lenses, even if they were bought recently, are better to change to new ones.

Contact lenses do not harm the eyes, their operation will be completely safe and even useful if the doctor selects high-quality medical devices for you and you do not violate his recommendations.

Lenses do not irritate the eyes

Answering the question whether modern lenses are harmful, it is necessary to mention their effect on the eye. New generation contact lenses are made from biocompatible materials. They do not irritate the eyes, maintaining the natural environment.

The lens material is oxygen-permeable and maintains an optimal level of moisture. All this makes them comfortable without causing eye redness.

Microtrauma when wearing contact lenses

When wearing contact lenses, the cornea experiences stress every day, microtraumas appear on its surface, accompanied by pain symptoms, sensation of a foreign body in the eye, lacrimation and redness of the conjunctiva. To restore the tissues of the ocular surface, after injuries, as an auxiliary therapy, agents with dexpanthenol, a substance that has a regenerating effect on tissues, in particular, the Korneregel eye gel, can be used. It has a healing effect due to the maximum concentration of dexpanthenol 5% *, and its carbomer, due to its viscous texture, prolongs the contact of dexpanthenol with the ocular surface. Korneregel stays on the eye for a long time due to its gel-like form, is easy to apply, penetrates into the deep layers of the cornea and stimulates the regeneration of the epithelium of the superficial tissues of the eye, promotes the healing of microtraumas and eliminates the sensation of pain. The drug is applied in the evening, when the lenses have already been removed.

Avoid exposure to any harmful or irritating vapors and fumes while wearing your lenses.

* 5% is the maximum concentration of dexpanthenol among ophthalmic forms in the Russian Federation. According to the State Register of Medicines, State Medical Devices and organizations (individual entrepreneurs) engaged in the production and manufacture of medical devices, as well as data from open sources of manufacturers (official websites, publications), April 2017
There are contraindications. It is necessary to read the instructions or consult a specialist.

Is it harmful to break the lens wearing regime?

Modern lenses have high levels of moisture content and oxygen permeability. But these indicators have their own resource. However, do not forget that MCL is a “film” that is located on the cornea. Therefore, if you break the wearing regime, get ready for hypoxia and dry eyes, and in the future for deterioration of vision and more serious consequences.

10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guarantee

Care rules

In order for colored lenses to last as long as possible, you need to properly care for them. Basic rules of care:

  • It is necessary to put on colored lenses before applying decorative cosmetics, and remove them before removing makeup.
  • All lens handling should be done only with clean hands, which reduces the risk of loss or damage.
  • Do not wear colored lenses in smoky, smoky or dusty environments. This can damage and cloud them.
  • Store colored lenses in a special container of moisturizing liquid between wearing periods.
  • At least once a week, lenses should be treated with special cleaning tablets or solutions that remove all plaque from their surface.

How many hours can you use?

10 best colored lenses. Online store of colored lenses with a guarantee

Do colored lenses damage vision if it is 100 or more? With proper care and wearing, you will be fine. In addition, the wearer’s appearance will be transformed. But first things first. The main concern of people about the dangers of lenses is the fear of paint getting on the cornea. This, of course, will not happen. The time of wearing them will directly depend on the air exchange with the eyeball. The recommended wearing time is no more than six to eight hours, sometimes up to 24 hours, but this depends on the manufacturer.


Visually changing the image is the main goal of colored lenses. Unexpected effects are achieved when wearing different types of carnival lenses:

  • neon;
  • mirrored;
  • beauty;
  • patterned.

Decorative films can make an image look like a doll, demonic. The most incredible drawings help you to become like your favorite movie hero. Spectacular colored lenses complement the look for a theme party, photo shoot. Lenses with the effect of enlarging the eyes are gaining in popularity. Using them, a person becomes like an anime hero.

Image, carnival lenses do not affect the quality of visual perception. It should be remembered that they can only be worn for 3-4 hours. This is due to the denser texture and reduced oxygen permeability.

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Contact lenses can be worn by pregnant and lactating women, children, pensioners. The product can be used in any weather, there is no need to remove them before taking a bath.

Modern optics are absolutely safe for the health of the organ of vision, if you follow the doctor’s recommendations and follow the rules of wearing and use.

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