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How wireless phone charger works: it’s not magic. How does wireless phone charger work


What is Wireless Charging?

The wireless charging technology itself is very simple, based on the principle of magnetic induction. This process determines the force with which the magnetic field acts on the charge, which then moves at a certain speed. Thus, the current directed to a certain area is actually transmitted “through the air” due to the magnetic field. Theoretical developments of such technologies can be found in the documents of the last century. You can understand more clearly by looking at the diagram below.

This function has appeared for a long time and is increasingly beginning to be found in modern smartphones. If we talk directly about the introduction of this technology by Apple into their IPhone phones, then they are in no hurry to introduce new items. Apple likes to add its own “chips.” Therefore, wireless charging in iPhones can only be found starting with the Iphone 8 and above.

  • IPhone 8
  • IPhone 8 Plus
  • IPhone X
  • IPhone XS
  • IPhone XS Max
  • IPhone XR

All these versions are equipped with a miniature coil installed under the back of the phone and responsible for the induction field. The dimensions of the coil are very small and do not significantly affect the dimensions of the iPhone.

It is also wrong to say that only the flagship Apple IPhone models support wireless charging. Because the technology is simple, virtually any smartphone, both iPhone and phones from other manufacturers, can be equipped with new charging technology. To do this, you need to make small upgrades to the device.

What does her device look like

BZU can look differently. Most often, it is a small flat device on which you need to lay the gadget horizontally. It is usually in the shape of a rectangle or circle. There are also stand-like models. This solution allows you to use the gadget even while charging, without leaning towards it at an unnatural angle.

Wireless charging is pretty straightforward. It includes only three main components: a receiver, a transmitter and an electronic circuit. The first two are special coils through which current flows. Moreover, one of them is installed in the gadget, the battery of which needs to be charged.

How wireless charging works

Wire-free charging technology is based on the effect of electromagnetic induction. First, the mains voltage is converted into alternating current, which passes to the coil, then a magnetic field appears.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

If a receiver appears within the range of the transmitter, they are mated. It happens like this: when exposed to a magnetic flux, the coil in the gadget begins to receive an alternating current, then it turns into a constant voltage. The result is charging, and most of these devices require an electrical connection to function. In this case, during the transfer of the magnetic flux, the gadget should be positioned so that the transmitter and receiver are as close to each other as possible to prevent current loss. When the battery is fully charged, the sensor will be triggered, which will turn off the formation of the magnetic field.

The secret in electromagnetic induction

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger workHow can energy be transferred from one object to another? Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This phenomenon was first described in 1831 by Michael Faraday, who discovered that if a source of a magnetic field is moved through a coil, an electric current will appear in it. Michael Faraday found the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

How electromagnetic induction works can be easily explained by performing the following experiment:

  • Take the magnet from the refrigerator.
  • Connect the light bulb to a simple copper coil.
  • Move the magnet back and forth inside the coil.
  • The lamp will start to light up!

Why did the light come on? By swiping a magnet inside the coil, you alter the magnetic field it creates. These vibrations were felt by a coil in which an induced current was generated.

Magnetic induction stations

These wireless stations transmit energy at a distance of 1 cm using a current of 100-357 kHz. Magnetic induction stations have one feature: it will not be possible to charge a device that is made of metal, since the magnetic field cannot pass.

The use of such a device is possible only on devices whose back panel is made of glass or plastic; it is also worth removing the cover so that it does not interfere with the process.

This charging standard is used in the latest Apple models, in Samsung Galaxy S, Xiaomi, LG, Sony devices.

Magnetic resonance stations

This standard wireless station operates at a distance of 4-5 cm and transmits current at a frequency of up to 6.78 MHz. In this case, two coils are used that are not opposite each other. This is the principle used by gadgets that have the Rezence or AIrFuel standard.

  • Rezence. This type has been in development since 2012. Due to the increased charging distance, it is considered more convenient in comparison with magnetic induction stations.
  • AirFuel. This device can be hidden under any surface and work simultaneously with different devices. However, it has not yet entered mass production.

The main standard for wireless chargers

Qi is the main standard for wireless power transmission. It is actively used by all mobile phone and charger manufacturers. At the moment, there are three main indicators of charging power:
1 5W
2 7.5W
3 10W
For comparison, this power is provided by wired chargers:
1 Standard charger for iPhone – 5W
2 Charging unit for iPad – 10W
3 Quick Charge 3 – 18W
For wireless chargers devices, the efficiency is lower due to the transfer of energy through the air. Tests show that the phone receives only 4.2W from 5W (85% efficiency), at 10W – 9.1W (about 90% efficiency).
How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work
How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work
How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

What is it in the photo?

The photos show the current and voltage meter that the phone takes from wireless charging. This device shows how much charge the phone takes from wireless charging.

What is Reverse Wireless Charging

There is practically no difference in the operation of a normal and a reverse station for recharging without wires, since it works in the same way. Reverse wireless charging allows your smartphone to transform into a small charger that can be used to charge another gadget without any wires. This feature is supported on the Huawei 20 Pro smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy S10 line.

However, the reverse wireless station is not very fast. It is perfect for emergency recharging of your device or wireless headset.

An overview of reverse wireless chargers can be viewed at the link:

Varieties and types of memory

Wireless chargers have many varieties. This allows the buyer to choose the most convenient model that meets all the requirements. The functional characteristics remain practically unchanged.

Usually the choice depends on the type of intended use of the device. Most often, only one specific variety is considered by the buyer.


It is a classic version used at home. Can be horizontal station or tilt stand. Some models combine both options, and the owner can switch them.

These devices can be distributed throughout the house. This will allow you to charge the gadget wherever its owner is. Such a solution will create more convenience and may become a necessity when creating a “smart home”.


Charging gadgets while traveling can be especially difficult. Wires get in the way if you use your mobile as a GPS. They cause a lot of inconvenience in everyday travel, when the need arises to charge the device.

Touch-sensitive holders with BZU solve all problems. They have reliable locks, with which it is easy to fix your gadget. As long as it is inside the device, its battery will fill up.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

Power Bank

Portable RAMs can be even more convenient. You can always carry them with you. For modern smartphones, this is extremely important, because many of them turn off before the end of the owner’s working day.

Before using the external charger, it is imperative to charge it from the network or a gadget that allows you to do this using a wire. After that, it will be possible to fully use it.

With fast charging function

The presence of the fast charging function significantly speeds up the process of filling an empty battery. If it takes 2 hours with a regular adapter, new technologies will cut this time in half. Some may not support it. Also, some gadgets can use this function exclusively when using original chargers.

Important! If the power adapter is too weak, fast charging will not work.

What devices can be charged

Most modern premium gadgets support wireless charging. This applies to all the latest Apple iPhone smartphones, as well as flagships and some mid-range models from Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Motorola. The technology is expected to be introduced by other manufacturers of Android phones.

Attention! If the gadget lacks support for this charging technology, then you can purchase a special case or a separate module that will help solve the problem.

It’s not just a mobile device that can be charged wirelessly. Many smartwatches with a special module are designed for this. Also, without using a wire, the headset is charged, and with it the case inside which it is stored. Wireless charging compatibility can be determined by the Qi marking on the device.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

How do I know if my phone supports wireless charging?

The easiest way is to look at the price of a smartphone. If this is a budget model, most likely, it only charges using the standard method – via a USB cable. But if you have a current or last year’s flagship in your hands – most likely, these phones can be charged with wireless charging.

To find out exactly if a particular model supports the Qi standard, go to the official website of its developers. In the Products tab, you will see a list of all registered wireless charging models.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

You can immediately type the name of your smartphone in the search bar, or you can scroll through the table and search for the desired gadget manually – the models are sorted by registration date: new – above, old – at the end of the list. There are a lot of gadgets with Qi support, besides, the general table contains not only smartphones, but also charging accessories. If you can’t find your phone, enter only the manufacturer’s name in the search – this will significantly shorten the list.

How to use wireless charging

Using wireless charging is very easy. In most cases, you can figure it out and connect everything yourself. But it is more correct to refer to the instructions in order to exclude any errors.

Charging use:

  1. Connect the charger to a power source – an outlet or computer.
  2. Place the charging station on level ground.
  3. Turn on the charging by placing your gadget on the central part of the BZU.
  4. Wait until the end of the charge, remove the gadget.

It is recommended to turn off the device after use. Some models do not automatically stop converting the magnetic field, which can waste energy.

How to avoid overheating the battery

When the phone overheats, it slows down and the battery deteriorates. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to follow several operating rules:

  • Do not use the device under the sun for too long time. The light and heat from the sun heat up the phone, which could even cause the device to explode. If it is very hot, then you should not use it until it cools down;
  • Close unused programs. Unused background programs consume memory and battery power;
  • Do not use your phone for too long. It happens that a person gets carried away and spent a lot of time on the phone. Without a doubt, this will cause the gadget to heat up.

You can keep the gadget on such a charge until it is charged. As soon as the percentage of the charge on the phone reaches 100%, the transfer of energy stops.

Is wireless charging possible over long distances?

Yes, it is possible. The problem is that an extremely strong magnetic field is required to charge at any significant distance of about 1 meter. This powerful field can cause radiation damage to people and pets. Obviously, this is a bad idea for a room. No one has found a solution to this problem yet.

However, several companies are working on a solution to this problem. For example, in 2018, Apple patented the RF wireless charger. However, they haven’t done anything with it yet. We’ll have to wait and see how the technology evolves. New experiments have focused on charging with optical light and other alternative methods. But at the time of this writing, no one has released a long-range wireless charger suitable for home use.

IPhone Wireless Charging Models

Before buying, you should find out which iPhones support wireless charging. At Apple, new smartphones are confidently transferring to modern technologies. The company’s engineers have already got rid of the mini-Jack connector, suggesting that users buy Bluetooth headphones. Obviously, soon the next iPhone will not have a Lightning connector either. In the already presented line, not all iPhones with wireless charging function. The Qi standard is only available on phones older than 2017. Here’s a list of which iPhones support wireless charging:

  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8X;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR.

In these models, the necessary magnetic coil is built inside. By the way, the owner does not feel any inconvenience due to the appearance of an additional part in the case – the phone has remained thin and light.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

Wireless Power Adapter for Old iPhones

Can iPhone be charged with wireless charger if it was released before 2017? Owners of old iPhones – from 4 to 7 versions – can officially charge the phone only in a standard way, using a cable and power supply. Therefore, users are also looking for ways to power without an outlet. To help them – inventions of Chinese engineers, combining removable batteries and Lightning connectors. These devices mimic the wireless charging of the iPhone X.

Plate for iPhone

A plate for phones is the most common option. It is a thin board with a magnetic coil. A Lightning connector is provided for synchronization with the phone. Such a plate is connected to the smartphone and it starts charging.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

However, there is a slight inconvenience: apart from the connector, the plate is not attached to the phone in any way. In other words, it can dangle and generally detach from the gadget and fall. To prevent this, it is recommended to press the plate firmly against the back of the phone and cover it with a removable bumper.

Smartphone platform

Another way to recharge your iPhone is through the platform. Its principle of operation is the same as that of the plate. To understand how to charge an iPhone with wireless charging of such a plan, instructions are required. Most often, the phone is installed in a special holder. And already from the holder, the wire is connected to the mains. Such devices are already used in many cars, and some users simply put them on the desktop in the office. The device has only one drawback: the smartphone must be in a certain position relative to the platform. So you can’t charge and use your smartphone at the same time.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

Like all other technologies, this feature has positive and negative sides. The benefits include:

  • you can use this device anywhere. Even power banks that support the function are now being sold;
  • no need to get tangled up in cables;
  • safe for human health;
  • if the phone does not have a built-in Qi module, the owner of the iPhone can purchase a special adapter or case with a Qi technology module and also use it for wireless charging of the device.


  • the phone can get very hot during the process;
  • expensive equipment;
  • small radius of action;
  • iPhones with a built-in module are large compared to other devices;
  • some cases prevent the phone from being charged using this feature;
  • charging will take longer even with the Quick Charge function.

What to look for when choosing charging

Before you buy a wireless charging accessory for your iPhone, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • power adapter power. Do not buy if less than 29W;
  • familiarize yourself with the technical specifications. There must be an indication of the presence of the “Qi” function. Otherwise, this accessory is a simple device that does not support Qi technology;
  • the output current must be at least 2 A. Otherwise, the device will take a very long time to recharge.

If the phone does not support wireless charging, but the owner still wants to use modern technology, then special cases designed for iPhones are recommended. The only drawback will be the increase in the size of the gadget.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

Best wireless chargers for iphone

At the end of the article – some of the best wireless chargers for iPhones according to IT specialists.

EFIR model

This device is compatible with the following gadgets:

  • iPhone 5;
  • 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus;
  • 7, 7 more.

The power of the device is five Volts, and the output current is 2 A. It can withstand 5,000 charge cycles.

Pros of the device Cons of the model
Compatible with all models above 5 iPhone A cover is required on the phone
Small size Poor quality materials
Power supply included Heats up SE series iPhones
Supports some other smartphones The speed is almost the same as wired

Fuse Chicken Gravity Touch

The body is made of aluminum. Has a large radius of action. Compatible not only with iPhones, but also with some types of gadgets on the Android OS. Has support for Quick Charge technology. The adapter for the power supply has a power of 10 V.

How wireless phone charger works: it's not magic. How does wireless phone charger work

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