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How to choose a quality watch


Wristwatches, even at the beginning of the previous century, were perceived as an ornament, and not as a device for showing time. In the modern world, after the advent of phones, wristwatches have become much less valuable, because you can already see the time in a smartphone. A well-chosen watch will help to form an opinion about you everywhere: for example, when applying for a job, to impress your woman or emphasize your uniqueness. In this article, we will figure out which watch is better to choose, what are the advantages of certain watches, etc. I propose to deviate a little from the topic. On this site you can buy high-quality watches from any desired material.

What factors are divided into wristwatches

Watches are divided into mechanical and quartz.

Mechanical watches – the oldest, but still relevant type of chronometers – are assembled from many levers, spirals and gears. The engine here is a compressed spring, which is contracted at the time of winding and ensures the operation of all mechanisms when straightened. So that it does not “shoot" immediately, a regulator (balance) is installed in the case, which stabilizes the course of the watch, as well as an anchor escapement. The latter causes the balance wheel to rotate evenly while maintaining a stable spring preload.
When choosing a mechanical watch, it is important to pay attention to the presence of automatic winding, because it reduces various inaccuracies in the clock, however, such watches have one, but a very big drawback: automatic winding adds a lot of weight to the case, and it is also very difficult to repair.
It is worth saying that with proper care for mechanical watches, they will work for a very long time.

How to choose a quality watch

What materials are best for watches?

  • titanium – watches made of this material will be very light, easy to use and very durable. Looks great on the watch case, does not cause allergies. Titanium chronometers are especially valued in cold countries – due to their lower thermal conductivity than other metals, they do not cool the hand in winter.
  • gold – this has already become a habit, because most of the watches are made of this precious material. Unfortunately, for those who like to stand out for everyday wear, it is not suitable: despite its high price, gold remains a heavy, soft and easily damaged metal.
  • stainless steel is a simple and quite inexpensive choice for daily wear. Cases made of such metal stand out for their durability, although they are also prone to scratches. But defects are polished without problems, and they are not at all afraid of corrosion. The only thing is that the presence of nickel in the alloy can cause irritation on the skin, so it is better to choose surgical steel.


“They meet by clothes, but see them off by mind”, remember this saying, because people at the first meeting pay attention not only to a person’s clothes, but also to the smallest detail, such as a watch. And most importantly: do not be afraid to spend a large amount of time on yourself. I hope that after reading this article, you have learned how and by what factors it is necessary to choose a watch. That is why they often buy several watches to combine with different clothes.

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