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Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogs


What it is?

The clicker for dog training is relatively new. In Russia, this teaching method has not yet become widespread, but there is interest in it, and the device can be bought in every major pet store. But at home, in the United States, this method is considered extremely effective.

The very idea to use a specific sound during training came to the dolphin trainers. A whistle was used as a sound signal.

This is a simple device, it does not emit any rays, does not emit ultrasound, and does not shock the dog. No negative impact on the animal! Nevertheless, the use of the device is extremely effective!

What’s his secret?

The clicker is simple, like everything ingenious. It does not emit ultrasonic waves and infrared radiation, and even more so it does not cause pain to the animal. So how does it work and what is its secret?

The secret of the clicker lies in the clicks it makes. These clicks are practically inaudible to humans, but dogs have excellent hearing. There is no such sound in nature, pets quickly get used to it and associate clicks with praise and pleasure.

The method of training animals using sound signals has long been perfected on dolphins. Special sounds help animals understand the requirements of the owner faster than human speech and gestures.

Training methods for your pet

Clicker training is one of the simplest, so anyone can master this skill. It should be borne in mind that such training will bring results only if the classes are regular and complex. The owner should allocate every day for training his dog, trying not to make passes. Exercises form a habit in the dog, and only regular repetitions of the same commands will be deposited in his head.

It’s important not to overdo it. It is better to devote a maximum of an hour and a half to classes a day – more time is unlikely to speed up learning. The dog cannot concentrate its attention on one thing for a long time. He will simply get tired of doing it, and then this process will drag on for a long time.

A holistic approach means that one click is still not enough. No other adaptations are needed. The sound that the device emits is a signal. He explains something to the dog. The signal should be associated with a reward. To do this, you can use a caress or a treat. Better yet, all at once.

The dog takes an action that you approve of. Once you see this, click on the clicker for dog training. And immediately stroke your pet on the head or behind the ear. You can also voice words of praise. He does not understand the language, but he definitely feels the intonation of his voice. You can treat the student to his favorite food. Just remember that there shouldn’t be a lot of food. Firstly, eating will take time, and, secondly, the trainee can quickly get full and he will lose interest in training.

To make the device click sound the moment the desired action is performed. Only in this way it will be clear that the sound refers to the deed.

And remember – one action equals one click. If there are more of them, the dog will be confused.

Sound rewards for something, but does not punish in any way. If you see that the dog is doing something wrong, do not press. This will be your sign of disapproval.

Why do you need a clicker?

Clicker for dogs will simplify the training of the animal everything you need. The principle of the device is to encourage the desired behavior immediately at the time of its commission. Therefore, it is very important to give the signal on time. Then the animal will be clearly aware of what exactly it is being praised for. Clicker for dogs helps to improve the understanding between the pet and the owner. Clicking exactly at the moment of the desired action allows the dog to understand exactly what the owner likes. Another plus of the method is that the dog itself takes the initiative, the influence of the owner is minimized. This allows the dog to remember the action better. The clicker teaches the dog to understand the owner, think, and develops the intelligence of the animal.

Click-training completely eliminates punishment, acts only on positive reward. If the dog does something wrong, then not punishment follows, but ignorance.

Clicker for fast dog training

When to use a dog clicker:

  • to improve the behavior of the animal;
  • for preliminary preparation of the dog for the competition;
  • if it is necessary to train a dog to hunt, or to perform at a show. This device is actively used to train service dogs;
  • suitable for training puppies, as well as older dogs. In a separate case, training is carried out based on individual parameters.

The use of a conditioned reflex is at the heart of clicker training. The main thing is to follow the whole plan clearly:
1 Put food in front of the dog. The smell will cause salivation and a certain reflex;
2 Turn on the signal and place a bowl of food. But only before feeding;
3 Frequent repetition of the signal even without food will provoke a reflex in the dog.
Using a click as a signal will provoke pleasant emotions and joyful anticipation in the dog.

Novice trainers and dog owners can gradually follow these steps:

  • Introductory lesson. To conduct it, you need to find a quiet, calm place so that the dog hears only a clear clicker sound. You need to click and give the animal a treat. There should be as short a time as possible between the signal and the serving of the treat. The exercise can be carried out about 20 times, periodically giving the animal a rest or play;
  • Continue training. Do the same as in the introductory lesson, only the food should be hidden either in a bag or in a locker. It is necessary to call the animal closer to you, click and only after that get the yummy. It is necessary to change the time and setting for the classes more often. Also, you can do the exercises at home and outdoors. In addition, take a break for games more often. The purpose of the exercise: to make the animal understand that after the click it receives food. Sometimes it takes several weeks for the dog to get used to the signal and the subsequent action;
  • End of exercise. When the animal understands the principle of the exercise, you can begin to train and learn the commands.

The success and results of your workout will depend on how often you do the exercise, as well as on a properly timed interval. To speed up the process, you should not direct the clicker directly at the animal, the main thing is that the sound is clear, without additional sounds.

Types of clickers

Types of clickers

The most popular types of clickers are:

  1. Clickers with a plate are notable for their low price, ease of use and simplicity of the mechanism itself. This look is classic. In order for the device to start working, you must press the big button with your thumb. This button is the metal plate.

ATTENTION! Dog owners who have tried this type of clicker leave feedback that it is inconvenient for them to use in winter, when gloves or mittens are worn on their hands and it becomes problematic to operate the device. The advantage of this model is the loud sound it makes, which will be heard by the dog on a busy street.

  1. Push-button clickers – they are easy to control, since this type of clicker has large convex buttons that are easy to press with your fingers, palm or whatever is convenient for you. These devices are sold with a special ring, with which you can easily attach it to clothes and not be afraid to lose.

The downside of this type of clicker is its rather quiet sound. For indoor training this sound is enough, but for the street it is no longer suitable. A clicker with a stronger sound is needed here.

  1. Clickers with a target – allow you to teach dogs unusual stances and all kinds of tricks. The device itself looks like a device with a retractable pointer.

This type of clicker quickly became popular with professional dog trainers. Dogs trained by dog ​​handlers using a targeted clicker can easily learn ball games, circus tricks, various commands, and successfully participate in sports.

Dessert with a clicker

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogsThe signal that this object gives, as it were, informs the pet that he is doing something well and correctly. True, if the click is given at the moment when the dog is performing an action. The signal is always the same (as opposed to the same voice, which can change intonation and tempo), so its effect develops a stable association in the brain.

A dog clicker will come in handy in many cases. For example, if the four-legged is not obedient and needs to be taught good manners. The subject will help teach the pet basic commands – sit, lie down. You cannot do without this device when the dog is being prepared for an exhibition or competition. It is often used to teach behavior in the service or on the hunt. It doesn’t matter how old your dog is – this training method is suitable for a puppy and for a dog with an established character.

Unlike other training methods, this one is humane. It is not based on punishment, but on reward. The device will not anger the pet, will not cause unpleasant sensations, but, on the contrary, will bring the owner closer to the animal and help them find a common language.

The item will come in handy in any situation, it is suitable for every dog. The only time the device won’t help is when your pet has hearing problems. You can use a flashlight for training.

Clicker is a kind of communication language. If you are not going to send your four-legged to an exhibition or competition, with the help of this device you can teach him some useful little things in everyday life. For example, bring the TV remote or stop chewing on sneakers.

Every purposeful owner will be able to learn the skill of training with this subject, you need to be patient and take your studies seriously.

What the fixture looks like

Dog training with the clicker will be more effective than without it. But not many dog ​​breeders use this device, many do not even know about its existence.

Those who decide to start using the clicker during pet training need to know what it looks like.

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogs

A clicker is a small, compact box with a built-in metal tongue or button. After pressing a special trigger, the device produces a loud click, or click.

How to use

How to use a dog clicker?

  1. You need to train as often as possible, let the training duration be no more than 10 minutes, but there should be regularity. If the intervals between training are more than 2 days, then the dog will not be able to remember what it was taught.
  2. The animal should associate the click of the device with something pleasant, for example, scratching, stroking, a favorite treat, etc.
  3. When using a clicker, a simple rule should apply, according to which 1 click means 1 promotion. If the dog has done everything correctly, you just need to increase the number of rewards, but not the number of clicks on the clicker.
  4. The first training sessions should start with the use of a clicker in response to simple actions of the dog: if she gave her paw or just came up, touched her hand, etc.
  5. Learning a new command should be done in stages. For example, learning to “sit” should be accompanied by clicks even when the dog is only trying to sit down.
  6. Clicker for dogs can both teach the animal something new, and wean it from bad habits.
  7. The very first lesson with the use of a clicker should be carried out in a room where there is no unnecessary noise. By pressing the button of the device, you need to watch the reaction of the dog. When she reacts, she will turn to the source of the sound. The owner should call the pet to him and encourage him with a treat or scratching.

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogs

How to make training as effective as possible

  • Classes should last no more than 10-15 minutes.
  • The new team should be practiced in a quiet, calm environment.
  • The dog should be relatively hungry and willing to work for food.
  • The tastier the treat, the more eagerly the pet will try to complete the task.
  • It is important for the owner to learn how to press the button in time. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
  • When working with very active animals, sometimes an assistant is required who will click instead of the owner.

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogs

The clicker makes it easier to teach complex tricks

What not to do

  1. Start working out the command until a conditioned reflex to a click is formed.
  2. During training, hitting the dog, pulling it by the leash and showing displeasure in other ways, it will stop trusting the signal.
  3. Click several times in a row.
  4. Use a clicker during an unwanted action.

Basic rules in learning with the device

To properly train your dog, you should know how to use the clicker correctly. There are some rules:

  • Do not start learning commands if the animal does not have a conditioned reflex. First, you need to establish good contact with the animal, devote more time and use additional techniques to improve behavior;
  • With the help of a signal, you need to confirm the correct action of the animal, if the command is performed incorrectly, you need to pronounce it and not give a treat. This is necessary so that the animal does not form incorrect reflexes;
  • Do not use a signal to attract attention. Better not to use the clicker to play or just use the signal. It is recommended to show your dog the device only during training;
  • The dog itself must understand why it receives food. Good behavior will be reinforced with a click, and the animal will receive a treat. For this, a time frame is needed, long breaks in this practice are not desirable. Better to get things done and keep them going
  • If you want results, you need to increase the number of workouts and increase the amount of food. Such encouragement will only improve results, and the animal will follow commands well;

If the dog is showing results, it needs to be rewarded twice. Such actions should be infrequent, but for the animal it is an additional incentive. If the animal performs the wrong actions, you should not focus on this, it is better to use the signal several times additionally. But there is a long pause between clicks.

Using the clicker training method is not meant to be ordered. It reinforces a certain type of behavior, helps to form the correct behavior. Unlike conventional training, the use of clicks is softer and does not overwhelm the animal’s natural behavior.

Once you have achieved the result, the use of the clicker is no longer necessary. But it will not be superfluous to conduct periodic training. If the result was good only within the confines of the house, you can train outside. Create different conditions for the dog and get the commands to be followed regardless of the setting.

Basic commands using such a thing as a clicker

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogsEvery owner wants his pet to be able to sit, lie down or run up on command. It is possible to teach this with the use of this device.

  1. Sit command. The trainer needs to stock up on treats. Take them in a fist and lift them above the dog’s head – she should look up. As soon as the head rises, you need to click the device. Repeat this action a couple of times, and then – take a few steps back and start over again. As the initial action is learned, you need to bend slightly over the pet so that it bends slightly back. The tail will drop, and at this moment you click on the clicker again. Give a treat right there. The trainee should lower his tail to the floor and sit down – again reward him with delicious. That you need to do everything quickly and consistently. Click with every small but correct movement. And yet – do not leave your pet for a long time without a treat – interest in training may simply disappear. The peculiarity of this method of dog training using a clicker is that that the pet must perform the action until it clicks. That is, you divide one big action into several stages. Fragments are gradually glued together in the student’s head into one whole.
  2. The “Lie down” command. You can proceed to such training, as a four-legged student has learned the command “sit”. Again, we need a hand with a treat, for which the dog will reach. When she is sitting, bring your hand to her. As soon as he sniffs the treat and reaches for it, lower your hand lower and closer to the muzzle between the paws. The dog will gradually bend over and he will have to lie down. Click the clicker as soon as he starts bending his paws. – try to achieve that the pet stretches its front legs further forward. To do this, move your hand away when he touches the floor. Wait for him to completely settle down, and immediately hand him the treat.
  3. The command “Come to me!” When you are left alone with your pet, sit in front of him – he will run up, and you immediately click the device and give a treat. Move to another place and repeat all over again. Once this stage is mastered, try calling out the furry from the next room. Will come running – click and give a yummy. When you work out the movements at home, you can go out and repeat all the same in new locations.

How the device works

The dog training clicker is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand. It is made of plastic and visually looks like a keychain. There is a metal plate inside the device, which, when a button is pressed, emits a quiet sound like a click.

The device is resistant to wear and tear, does not require recharging and is not afraid of mechanical damage. For many years it has served faithfully, and always remains reliable and easy to use.

What can you learn?

You already know how to use a dog clicker. And for what cases may you need it? Using the device, you can teach your dog:

  • good manners;
  • techniques of agility and obedience;
  • standard commands;
  • prepare for an exhibition, competition, hunting.

The clicker is even used to train service dogs. It will suit both a very small puppy and an adult animal. Dog clicker is effective. Dog handlers say that the method works and is becoming more widespread.

How to use the device correctly

As with any device, you need to know how to use the clicker correctly. For good results, you need to carefully study the technique and have a good idea of ​​what exactly needs to be done and at what moment:

  1. The sound of a click (click) should be associated with a pleasant one – a delicacy, verbal praise, caress, a walk.
  2. Training should start with the simplest – encourage the dog to come up, stretch out his paw, touch his hand.
  3. Use just one click.
  4. If you want to compliment your dog more than usual, increase the amount of the treat, but not the number of clicks.
  5. Exercise should be regular.
  6. It is better to practice every day for 10 minutes than one hour once a week.
  7. Do not punish the dog for undesirable behavior, focus on what is desirable.
  8. For example, in order to teach to observe silence, we do nothing while barking, but we praise for silence.

Clicker for dogs will help you master a variety of actions. For example, you like it when the dog gets up on its hind legs – click the clicker. He will quickly understand that you like it.

How does it work

Most dog owners have never met a clicker and therefore do not understand how it works and what it is for. Many people think that a clicker is necessary in order to punish a dog for disobedience, but this is not at all the case. On the contrary, the clicker is needed to reward the dog.

The clicks box helps the dog remember commands better. It emits a unique signal. When the pet correctly fulfills your command, you need to reward him with a signal, if the dog refuses to follow the command or does it incorrectly, you do not need to do anything, the click should not be heard. Dogs that get used to these clicker rewards try to do all the commands correctly.

ATTENTION! Using the clicker, you can train both puppies and adult dogs. In addition, with its help, you can teach dogs not only the basic commands, but also good manners, teach obedience and agility, prepare for hunting, exhibitions and sports competitions.

You can buy a clicker for dog training at a pet store. Usually, each has some choice, most often a large one, represented by all kinds of clicker models with various bells and whistles. According to pet store sellers, the most popular clickers are silent ones with the ability to adjust the sound from the minimum to the maximum level. The price of simple clickers varies between 100-200 rubles, the latter type of clicker costs much more.

Many people, not wanting to spend extra money, make a clicker with their own hands. Or rather, they just take an ordinary ballpoint pen for training, which makes a click when the rod is extended.

Usage tips where you can buy a clicker

A properly built training system will influence and the animal will quickly learn commands.

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogs

  1. You need to carry out training at a time when the animal is hungry. If the animal is full, it may not want to obey food commands. It is advisable to change the yummy from time to time so that the dog does not get used to it and does not refuse;
  2. The duration of the exercise should be about 15 to 20 minutes. It is advisable to carry out at least 2-3 workouts per day;
  3. When using the clicker, you should only give food that the animal can eat right away without choking. You can buy various treats at the pet store, you can also use your favorite food (cheese, various vegetables). These should be small pieces that are easy for the dog to eat;
  4. You need to work with the dog only in a good mood, the lesson should be a joy to you and your pet. If you are in a good mood, the dog feels it and the desire to borrow many times more. If you feel anger, anger, it is better not to engage in this day with the animal, so as not to cause negative associations in the dog;
  5. If you have problems or if there is no result from the exercises for a long time, contact the dog breeder for help. This can be a trainer or handler who is well versed in the behavior of dogs of different breeds.

Additionally, you can consult a veterinarian and trainer. Only this approach will be truly effective.
The clicker can be bought at any pet store, after making sure of the quality of the device. At the time of purchase, you can also verify the sound quality. If you do not have a chance to buy in a store, you can order on the Internet, where you will get acquainted with the models.

DIY clicker

Fans of tinkering with their own hands can make a clicker with their own hands. To create it, use a ballpoint pen, a jar with a lid or a lighter. There is a plus in homemade clickers: the cheapness and availability of the materials used.

There are more disadvantages:

  • fragility of the device;
  • its impracticality;
  • the dog may not respond to the sound of a homemade clicker.

Better to spend a little money and get a dog training device at the pet store.

Review of popular clicker training models for dogs

Today in specialized stores you can find a wide range of devices in question. The most popular ones are:

  • device with a plate and a button from Trixie. The sound can be adjusted, its volume allows you to use it outdoors and in a quiet room. The clicker has a lace, which is very convenient when wearing;
  • DeLuxe clickers are made of ecological material. The convenient form will not allow you to miss when you press the button. The device is also equipped with a spring bracelet. It is suitable for home and professional workouts;
  • Clik-R produces models with an organic design, practical shape. The set includes a special strap for attaching the clicker to your finger or wrist. Ease of use and attractive appearance captivate professionals and novice dog breeders. 

Due to the presence of a rubber strap, the clicker can be worn on the arm or fastened to clothes

In what cases will it be useful?

A dog clicker will be a useful helper if:

  • you need to teach your pet to good manners;
  • there is a desire to teach the animal standard canine commands;
  • it is necessary to train the dog before participating in the competition;
  • service dogs are trained;
  • the dog must be prepared before the show;
  • there is a desire to start training a small puppy.

Clickers are often used by dog ​​handlers.

Magic box myths and legends

The popularity of the method is growing, which means that new myths about clicker training appear.

Here are the most common ones:

  • The first myth: clicker training is universal. Any dog ​​can easily learn everything that his heart desires!
    In reality: only a properly built relationship between a dog and an owner is universal. Only then will training be effective.
  • The second myth (exactly the opposite): clicker training does not allow you to achieve trouble-free work from a dog, because in the arsenal of actions there is only encouragement. Household tricks are the limit of what a dog can learn.
    Really: Clicker training is not just a reward! It provides for the punishment: ignorance. In favor of clicker training and the facts: in many countries, assistance dogs, sport dogs, whose training included clicker training, work with enthusiasm and tirelessly!
  • The third myth: the clicker is a “talisman” for life. The dog will not work without this device!
    In fact: quite the opposite! The learning stage is when the clicker is needed. He is only needed as a translator and interpreter for the dog. Once you have mastered the skill you need and passed the explanation stage, there is no need for a clicker.
  • Myth the fourth: My praise to my beloved dog will be replaced by some kind of mechanical box without a soul? Never!
    In reality: the clicker is not a substitute for praise, but an addition. When you praise your dog, it is the highest value for him, you tell her that you love her. And clicking during clicker training is a sign that the dog is doing everything right and will be rewarded for it. If there is no reward, the clicker click value drops. Every click needs encouragement. Whether it is food or play depends on what the dog is more interested in.

Where and how to find a good option

Basic rules for working with a dog clicker. Clicker training for dogsThey can be found anywhere. For example, at pet markets or pet stores. There you are presented with a large selection of different colors and shapes. Most visited pet stores:

  • “Zoomir” Phoenix “,
  • Zooexpress
  • Beethoven.


Everyone who has been training, from their own experience, knows that problems often arise when the dog does not understand the owner’s requirements.

As a result, the person starts to get nervous and raise his voice. Then the nervous state is transmitted to the animal and the learning process does not give positive results.

The fact is that a person is able to change the intonation of speech and he gives the same command to the animal with a different timbre of voice. In addition, the trainer’s emotional state can influence the training process.

Come to me, sit, lie, place, next – all these words people often say in everyday life and the dog, hearing them, begins to not understand when they relate to her, and when they do not touch her.

The clicker always makes the same sound. It unmistakably helps to convey a sound signal addressed to a specific dog. The dog will not confuse the click sound with any other sound.

Using a clicker, a person does not need to waste words and nerves, and the animal quickly catches a logical connection between its actions, the clicker sound and reward. Clicking becomes a positive incentive for her to obey.

The main benefits of a clicker include:

  • high learning rate;
  • consolidation of the results obtained;
  • lack of methods of punishment in the training process;
  • the ability to have contact with the dog from a distance.

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