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The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy – tips.


Choosing a place

Ideally, the workplace at home should be by the window. But, unfortunately, there is not always such an opportunity. Alternatively, in this case, you can use an extended window sill, a folding table (an ideal workplace in a small apartment!) Or move your home office to the balcony.

Out of sight!

If you want to hide the workplace from prying eyes, you can use a screen or curtain. Both comfortable and cozy. Another way is to put it in the closet. There are several options. The first is to integrate the table into a regular wardrobe, the second is to purchase a special transforming wardrobe.

Instead of a table

If you do not need a lot of space for work, you can equip a compact workplace in a secretary. There are several advantages at once: saving space, you do not need to buy extra furniture, and you can hide such an office in a couple of seconds

Storage system

The design of the workplace in the apartment must be thought out so that everything is at hand. This means that you cannot do without shelves and racks. The choice is limited only by your imagination and budget: open shelves and wall units, light shelves and dressers, one-piece table + shelves or lockers.

Wall for notes

The wall near the table can take a direct part in the design of the workplace at home. First, you can … write on it. Of course, after gluing a special slate film. Secondly, on the wall, you can fix notes “for memory” or photos dear to the heart. For these purposes, a cork board, a magnetic board or textiles stretched over a frame are suitable.


Magazines, albums with photographs and paintings, books will help you model space on a plane. They can be used as podiums for other decorative elements, or you can put something on them that should always be in front of your eyes: a calendar, a clock, a photo frame, a poster with motivating words.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

DIY desktop decor: posters

Speaking of posters, they are not only hung on the walls, but also simply placed on shelves and other surfaces, both in frames and without. If minimalism reigns in your workplace, but you want to dilute this asceticism with something simple and concise, take a closer look at the posters. In addition, you can change them at least every week and you will never get bored with the design of your table (by the way, we have already told you where to find interesting posters and even how to create your own).

Marble planks

Marble boards are at the height of fashion right now. An uncomplicated accessory, but you can put a cup of tea on it, put glasses on, and pour out a trifle, and business cards will look great on it … If you work at home, then here you can leave beautiful bottles of perfume, and scented candles something decoration.

Stones and crystals

Be sure to pay attention to the ensembles of stones, druses, crystals, agate slices. They can be laid out on the same marble board, or on a stack of magazines, or left just as if they happened to be here. For more information on what kind of service crystals can still serve, read the article on secret feng shui.


Transparent boxes, in which you can store not only jewelry, but also some office supplies, notes, stickers, sweets, will also help to diversify the strict work atmosphere.

Put the wires in order

I think we can all agree that wires can sometimes be annoying with their clutter. We often try to ignore this problem, but it only leads to the worst. So try to find a way to put them in order. This problem can be solved in many ways, for example, by tying the wires together.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Get rid of all cables that get in your way during your work. Also, you can somehow label, sign or find a creative way to organize them.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Set a comfortable temperature

Temperature is one of the important factors. If you get too hot, you will not be able to concentrate properly, and if it is too cold, you will not be able to be productive. You should set a temperature that makes you feel comfortable. To do this, you can use a fan, heater, or air conditioner.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Personalization of style

You can add a few details to your office to keep you inspired as you work. To do this, you can try hanging a poster. It will boost your mood and productivity. Choose something that can relax you for a while, which will give your brain a rest.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

You can also incorporate other elements into the decor. For example, put some personal photos or choose a calendar that you really like to hang on the wall or put on your desk. You can also choose a rug that will lift your mood in the room. Actually, there are endless possibilities to decorate your office!

Comfortable chair and desk

Of course, the most important thing is to have a comfortable chair and a comfortable table in the workplace. There are several details that you should consider before purchasing these of them.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Remove unnecessary papers, books, documents

Keeping your desk tidy will increase your concentration. You will be less distracted by unnecessary documents. A clean and tidy table sets you up for productive work. Ideal if you only have a computer, keyboard, mouse and essential devices on your desk, one notepad and a pen.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Buy a large monitor with a good screen

Large monitors are more convenient to work with because they contain more information. You do not have to constantly scroll the screen in the browser. You can easily place multiple documents on the screen.

A high-quality matrix in the monitor is more comfortable for the eyes. Your eyes will be less tired, which means you can work longer in a comfortable environment.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Everything you need at hand

Think over the placement of shelves, nightstands and other pieces of furniture so that you can easily reach the necessary documents, paper, printer tray without leaving your workplace.

However, if you do not play sports, it is useful to keep some of the items needed for work at a distance. Then you will periodically get up and follow them, which will provide you with some kind of physical activity.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Group all small details

This advice will be useful if you have a large number of elements necessary for work – sewing, drawing, modeling and other creative pursuits. It is convenient when threads and paints are arranged according to colors, and glue, needles or scissors are in place. For this, small boxes are convenient, which can be placed on shelves or in desk drawers.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Don’t forget the fresh air

Timely ventilation fills the room with oxygen, removes germs and regulates the humidity in the room. In the process of work, this is useful, since fresh air helps to cheer up, concentrate and tune in to a working mood. Ventilate the work area at least every 2 hours.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Buy a comfortable chair

A good ergonomic chair is the first purchase you need to make to work comfortably at home. Firstly, a chair with many settings and a comfortable shape of the seat and backrest will provide a comfortable work. Secondly, it will protect your health. Third, you will be less tired and more enjoyable to work.

Do not work lying on the couch, sitting on a backless stool, or sitting on an uncomfortable chair. All this leads to a decrease in performance.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Perfect cleanliness or creative mess?

If a cluttered table means a mess in your head, then what does an empty table mean?

The table is a reflection of your workflow. A cluttered table often sets a person up for a creative atmosphere, helps to feel more comfortable and relaxed. A perfectly clean table, on which each thing lies in its place, is considered a sign of good moral qualities – accuracy and precision, but after all, not every job requires this.

Maybe a creative clutter on your desk is exactly what you need for the perfect workspace?

Closing the open plan

An open-plan office is a large space in which each desk is separated from the other by a partition. This layout is considered modern and progressive, but in reality it has a negative impact on productivity.

Workers are often distracted, get the daily stress of the hustle and bustle, and even get sick more often. You can offer redevelopment to bosses – if it improves work efficiency, everyone wins.

If remodeling isn’t possible, another way to increase your concentration is to surround yourself with familiar things.

Home atmosphere

Studies have shown that when you decorate your workplace with your favorite poster, hang pictures of yourself or simply make funny pictures, your well-being improves by 32% and productivity by 15%.

Psychologist Craig Knight of Exter University argues that when a person surrounds himself with familiar and pleasant objects, his concentration increases – he is less distracted by noise and works more productively.

Curved lines for a cohesive team

Work furniture affects not only your personal comfort, but also your relationship with employees. It has been proven that at a round table, people feel like a more cohesive team than at an office table with square corners. If you have a choice, opt for furniture with smoother shapes and curves – it creates a more comfortable atmosphere in the room.

The power of plants

Green calms, improves memory and tune in to productive work, so a pot with a houseplant will come in handy at your workplace.

In addition, plants normalize indoor humidity and have bactericidal properties.

More plants in the office means less bacteria and less disease.

Try, think and experiment. You spend most of your time at your workplace – isn’t this a reason to seriously concern yourself with its condition?

Hang your calendar

It may sound strange, but having a calendar in front of you is really convenient. Also place your schedule on your desk to be constantly reminded of important things and events.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Watercolor calendar

If you want your calendar to last more than one year, you can easily make one yourself. There are so many methods on how to do this, just pick the one that works best for you. Materials for the manufacture: improvised.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Hanging wall organizer

The file holders are pretty functional. By hanging them on the wall in front of the table, you will get a lot of free space. And all your papers will remain in a place where you can easily find them.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Pencil holder

We all know that a pencil holder is a pretty useful thing to put on a table. You can make a pencil holder yourself using materials that can be found in your apartment.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Shoe rack

Shoe boxes have become quite popular decorative elements lately. And this trend is not surprising, since every woman has a lot of shoeboxes, but they don’t know where to place them. Thus, placing shoe boxes on shelves or simply storing your belongings in them is a smart decorative solution.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Mouse pad

Often we are looking for a specific design or color of a mouse pad and cannot find it anywhere else. Well, if you know what we are talking about, don’t be discouraged because there is an easy way out. Just create it yourself and decorate the way you want.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Change the screensaver on your computer

We rarely use a computer desktop and usually it is buried under a dozen open programs, but nevertheless, stylish wallpapers on it cheer up as flawlessly as beautiful underwear under a strict office suit. Aerobatics – choose a wallpaper and a screensaver so that they fit organically into the overall style of your workplace. A role model is the workplace of the blog author The trendy sparrow.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Put your little things on a china saucer

We have already shared a little tip for maintaining order: little things put on a saucer or in a small box look neater than laid out right on the table. Give up the temptation to just take the most unnecessary saucer in the kitchen, look for something really beautiful, and then you will be happy to take paper clips or a stapler every time.

Buy a small refrigerator

Summer is coming soon, and everyone will be tormented by the heat, so if the space on the table allows, buy yourself a tiny refrigerator. You can store sandwiches in the general office refrigerator, but it is better to keep a small bottle of cold water close at hand.

The most fashionable workplace decor. How to make your workplace more comfortable and cozy - tips.

Pick up an organizer

A functional organizer is a guarantee of order on the table and in business. You can buy it or do it yourself, the main thing is that it suits you and pleases the eye.

Put flowers on the table

Nothing decorates and refreshes the space like fresh flowers. Introduce a potted succulent or buy a small vase for one flower and change it once a week. It will not take a lot of money, and a living plant will delight more than the most beautiful photograph. 

Throw a blanket over the chair

A small blanket or stole will immediately make the office chair less impersonal and more comfortable. In addition, you can use them to hide from drafts and cold air from the air conditioner, so that discomfort will not distract from work. 

How to arrange a workplace in the office

There are many options for arranging the desktop, starting with the elementary replacement of stationery storage for pens and markers with original cans with multi-colored images, and ending with more significant changes. For example, rebuilding according to the ancient traditions of Feng Shui or taking into account modern, innovative technologies and devices that create comfort for your working conditions.

Unspoken rules

Some offices do not allow deviations from standard interior solutions, they use the so-called interior “dress code”. Therefore, we will give examples that will not greatly destroy the established ethics of the company.

Decorating and taking care of your own health

Consider the health situation first. Modern developments allow to reduce the load on the shoulders, back, wrists and the entire body as a whole, using only a few of them.

Keyboard wrist pad and foam mouse pad


Frequent aching pain in the joints of the hands and wrists is due to the tension in your hands. To reduce the load will help a soft pad for the hands under the keyboard and an original mouse pad with a similar option. They will not attract the attention of even the most strict and conservative management, but they will greatly help in the fight against the professional illness of office employees.

With such a thing, the screen will always be at the right angle.


A bracket designed to adjust the angle and height of the monitor. Fitting “for yourself” will reduce the stress on the eyes, shoulders, back due to constantly tense muscles. It is not only useful from a practical point of view, but also looks impressive and saves space on your desktop.

Stylish stand-organizer for the computer monitor

Source filearchive.cnews.

The next device, on the contrary, takes up a significant part of it, while working as an organizer. It is found in different versions and can be completed with various “bells and whistles”. In this case, it is a built-in box for papers, a tray for discs and a coffee cup.

Portable laptop stand. It has an adjustable angle of inclination, a reliable lock, holes for cooling the device. Supplied with additional smartphone brackets to keep all your gadgets close at hand.

Feng Shui arrangement

If you believe this East Asian teaching, there are no trifles in life. Especially when it comes to the desktop, location in space and what is on it.

First of all, attention should be paid to the zoning of the office desktop space:

  • Career zone. There should be a free zone between your hands on the keyboard.
  • Family area. Left, between the keyboard and the monitor. This is the best place to place a family photo.
  • Knowledge Zone. Left extreme corner of the table. In this place, paper documents, books should be stored. Something that is used extremely rarely, but is of material value.
  • Wealth zone. Top left corner of the table. Territory for a money toad, tree or other living plant.
  • The health zone is in the background, to the left of the monitor. This is actually a place to store the documents you are currently working with. It is understood that they are located where they are easy to reach without changing the position in the chair. This saves energy for improving health.
  • A zone of fame and reputation. On the opposite side of the screen. This place is the object of your pride: a sports cup, medal, certificate or just a picture of a person you consider successful.
  • Zone of love. Farthest from you, right corner of the desktop. A place to install a valuable souvenir, presented by a loved one, an amulet, flowers.
  • The creative zone is located just below, where documents are stored, the work on which has already been completed. It is strictly forbidden to put those in development.
  • A zone of useful things. Here, under the right hand, a telephone is traditionally placed, a smartphone lies.

Important! Chinese wisdom emphasizes: keep your office desk cluttered. You can get used to it, but blockages and debris negatively affect efficiency and can accumulate negative energy.

How to equip an office in an apartment

It’s great if the size of your living space allows you to equip a workplace in a separate room.

 A private room is the perfect place for productive work

Where to start the design and what should be taken into account?

  1. Choose the most neutral colors for arranging the work area: beige, white, milky, diluting them with bright accessories.
  2. Make sure there is sufficient light in the room and that the area is well ventilated.
  3. Choose furniture according to the principle: “the more things you can store in it, the better”, this will help avoid chaos on the desktop.
  4. Consider the location of the sockets, they should be near the table.

 The chair should be comfortable and as beautiful as possible

Decorate your workplace at home using Feng Shui. According to this teaching, the front door should be in sight: from the front or from the side. Do not place your desktop near a window, as this will interfere with concentration and can distract from the workflow. It is recommended to arrange objects so that each of them can be really reached. And the most important thing is lighting. Install the lamp to your left, your eyes will be much less tired.

Niche workspace design

Is your balcony modest or not insulated? There is always a way out. The desktop will look great in a niche. The main thing is to clear it and get rid of the trash that has accumulated there.

 The work surface will be a countertop installed in a spacer.

The vertical is used as much as possible. A great option is to put boxes with important trifles on the shelves, which are often already in the niche, and hang several small but roomy shelves on the wall. They are suitable for storing folders, books and more.

 Small workspace in a niche, decorated in the spirit of the 30s

As for the pantry doors themselves, it is possible to arrange a real organizer for scissors, scotch tape, pencils and other useful little things on them. This is a good idea if you are doing handicrafts and you have nowhere to put your tool. Ready-made organizers that hang on the doors are sold in stores. If you wish, you can choose beautiful nails, hammer them into the doors of the niche and hang the necessary items there. As for the table itself, you can make it yourself from solid wood or make it to order.

Installing a table on a windowsill

This type of desktop design is very popular. It does not require a lot of free space, and it is also inexpensive. Basically, there are narrow window sills in apartments. But they can be easily lengthened. To do this, you need to use a tabletop that is installed on the windowsill and fixed to the wall at the sides. If the tabletop is long enough, it needs to be fixed at the bottom in the middle. For these purposes, a cabinet installed under the table is suitable.

 Even a small window can be used to organize a comfortable workplace

When organizing your work area, take care that the battery does not interfere with you. Better to move it to another place. Considering that you will be working in front of a window, consider how to protect yourself from the sun. A light curtain or blinds will work great.

 Window sill table in the children’s room

Nail the shelves onto the side walls. So you save precious square meters from the need to install a cabinet, and everything you need will always be at hand.

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